Remixed Dungeon: Pixel Art Roguelike

Author: NYRDS

1,000,000+ install
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Remixed Dungeon: Pixel Art Roguelike – This is an open source roguelike game with pixel style graphics

Detailed info

File size: 20M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 30.1.fix.33
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: NYRDS
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tripp and Linds

Worth the price. Would be nice to show the date of last update for each mod. That way we know if a mod is very old, or even abandoned. Mods are a great aspect of this version, but I still can't tell which are even still maintained.

Supreme Wizard

Waiting for more updates

Dark Wolf

Came back because I was bored at the other Pixel Dungeon Mods were all sub par to the original. Even Re Remixed was awful. But this one seems to have gotten worse than before. Trap Rooms treat the floor as a wall. If you have Levitation, you have pick a cell and mash the arrow until you arrive at the chest and repeat to get out. If you trigger even one of the traps and you become Perma Stuck. The AI for summons has become completely broken and never assist you with combat.

Fatima Cox

Has alot of potential but it is really unfair. I got stuck in this room and it had the sign beware of goo and I just starved to death, I had really good stuff too. The only way you can even kinda fairly play this is by watching ads that I shouldn't need to do in the first place


Really? You make a paid mod? Pixel dungeon is supposed to be a free ad free game andto change that is just greedy and wrong..

Jess Turner

Shattered pixel dungeon is better imo Edit to dev, you kinda right so I'll add another star

Niño Danreb Dela Cruz

Add a cheat character to unlock you must unlock all caracters ok pls pls pls pls 😔😔😔😔😔😔 update pls 😔😔😔😁😁😁

Aditha Aroshana


The Outcast

I would give this a 5 star review, but there are a few things that bug me. The first is that it gets laggy, very very large. I have to get off the game and back on to be able to play again, but somehow it still lags. The second is that I wish you would make it to where we can exit the town and explore more outside of town and maybe even get new stuff/quests. If you can, please fix the lag, I would appreciate that. And also if you can add on to the game! That would be great!

Christopher Naaz



Lag after 5 min in offline mode. Impossible to play

Richard Greco

Love a good rouge game.

Mad Editor Myanmar

Well I love playing this game but there is problem and it so anoying. like I was playing for a 3 or 2 minute and the game start lagging and freeze. Then I have to restart it. once I was killing a boss, The boss is almost die but yet it freeze and I have to fight it agian. so pls you must it.

why hello there

am still in the early parts of it after some shenanigans of dying i defeated the goo boss good game although I did notice this thing it appears after i play too long in the game the game itself will like lag it fixed itself when I restarted the thing dunno if it will return would be nice if that was fixed though

ant keeper

I think that the water elementals are too strong. I can't even kill one when I'm two floors away from the end of the game. Edit: I usually just freeze'em and run

Kyle Andrei Barlao

Wow this is so good pixel dungeon mod But I want more weapons like Katana -tier 3 weapon needs 14 strength and deals 4-25 Single sai -tier 1 weapon needs 10 strength and deals 1-9 damage Cutlass -tier 2 weapon needs 12 strength and deals 3-15 damage Zweihandler -tier 5 weapon needs 20 strength and deals 10-60 damage Claymore -tier 4 weapon needs 16 strength and deals 7-45 Broadsword -tier 3 weapon needs 16 strength and deals 5-20 damage

Sun Jara

I've encountered a glitch where if there's a locked door on a level, the key might not exist. I had to use magic mapping to see what if there were any secret rooms I missed that held the key, but no. Nothing. Otherwise a really fun game, if a bit difficult.


25 trackers, 12 permissions, ads and in-app purchases up to 75 euro... Not exactly in the spirit of Pixel Dungeon now, is it? Avoid like a plague, get re-remixed, even though it is outdated.

charles martin jr

Great dungeon crawler one of my favorite! This adaptation is excellent..!!!!!

Angel Acevedo

Love this game I always go necromancer but I'm still confused on how to get new spell for him when ever I search it up it shows the old version or just the other games version of the necromancers that's all I really am confused about. edit:thanks for replying

Christian Periú

The game is great but the necromancer is too op all you have to do is summon red souls and you can beat the final boss. But otherwise is one of the best pixel dungeon hope you can make it 100% rpg because is not bad as a rogue like but is but they all are and this one is more like a diablo2.expecting more heroes in futures updates

Jean Paulo Dos Santos

This game is good! (Reduce the ads to make it better, maybe more donations would remove it.)

Sara Hayati

This is a really good game . Dear developers , great job 👏

sa V i o Si b I

Great game! Just a question , How do you get invitation into peoples house?

Michael Martin

I fixed my previous problem now I can only make it to floor 20-23 before it kicks me out

Simon Kiszka

It's a good game I remember playing the original years ago and this adds a lot to it,my only complaint is there should be a fast way to leave the dungeon and sell your stuff back at town.

bIoody sw0rd

Great game but there is a glitch if you leave the game in the middle of playing, even if you saved all your progress get deleted

Rayan Rohel Khan Vasquez

Since I played this for two years, it was an astonishing work for you developer, new enemies, snails are the easiest for roguelike beginners, new bosses, new classes, especially my favorite Gnoll class, and everything is quite improved from before, I think this game is much more challenging to play and an isometric mode is perfect. I liked to give it 5⭐+ and I hope you glad I played this for a while ago, keep it up for the future! No worries, I am fine with it, there are no bugs at all.

Secret Service

pixel dungeon but with the portal and a "save"

Eddie Roosenmaallen

Fun and highly replayable roguelike. RD is under active development, with new features and content being added all the time.

Joshua Lim

The developer always improves this game, must try and never delete this! 👍100% how ever there is a bug where you can't step into well, certain plants and disabled traps.updated the bugs still there


this game is absolutely FUN FUN FUN and... AND... i can save my game!! THANK YOU DEV AND GREAT JOB!!💪🤜🤛🤗👍

John Murrie

The Valerie sucks,,having to constantly to eat sucks,beat enough bosses for the elf but still can't use him,I doubt I will ever download this again

Justine Fher Espiritu

Sorry i didnt grant my promise about the dozens of ideas but im working on it, and im hoping for a good update because ya know... this is one of my most favorite versions of PD. And at least im not the only one who's waiting, of course the whole community is waiting! 😀

The X Crafter

Like I said maybe when you get to pick the final class selection or if you pick the right combination of classes it'll allow your gnoll to start learning uow to read because there are shamans and elders and stuff so they can be smart and I know it's difficult lol I mm currently beating the game with him and it is harder than the others

goutam roy

I love pixel dungeon games I played it when I was 5 and great update you made an awesome game this game earns a 5star review from me and great graphics love your game

Al-Frizah Makalunsenge

"Remixed Dungeons" is the second hardest pixel dungeon game ever. i play a lot of pixel dungeon and i can clearly tell you... the difficulty in this game is way higher than Shattered, and Thou. it's almost as hard as skillful, st kill you slowly But sf kill you instantly. Bro, that crab damage is insane af, and why does our character have to use mana =_= and why does it doesn't regenerate on its own. Elf's is weak af, the moment i met a craps it's triplehit me and we know what happens next.


Please unlock achievements for mod use after completing first gameplay. Ty

Marissa Stevens

Solid Roguelike.

Storm Sith

Crab is way too overpowered.

Milos Uzelac

👍 Very entertaining, enjoyable and fun casual gaming experience with a lot interesting mechanics and witty, creative plot twists, points. Very fun to say the least to give proper feedback 😁👌Giving me Titan Quest nostalgia with those portals 😁

Elad Harel

Pls fix bug where character does not avoid visible traps


I decided to download this again and I like it a lot! It's pretty fun' but I don't like the ads and stuff, but that's how (Free Mobile game) devs make money, so I get it. Anyway it's a good game and a really good pixel dungeon.

Kennon Añabieza

What happen? Why is there so many bugs!! Now!!!!

Angelika The Radiant Southern Sun

Can you add new more Character Classes please for more updates please. 😀🙏 Also Add Enchantment info for weapons, armor and accessories please.😀🙏🏼

Jared Martinsen

Wasn't for me. Pixels

Fallen Angel

Nice game

Benjamin Harper

donations don't remove all ads :(

Septian Putra

Cool game. I like this more than the original pixel dungeon Nice dual wielding sword and concept of RPG. Keep up the good work.

Mike Lakner

A most excellent diversion from life. Keep up the good work.

Evander Prodigo

the game is fun addictive and challenging however i can't see what's the meaning of my enchant effect on my armor please add an analouge so that we or i can see what is the meaning of my enchant, also the save and load option is not a good thing to add in the game like this save and load feature feels like a cheat to me and cheating is not a good thing on a game save and load feature can use even if its offline so there's no adds and can be used as an advantage, i hope you can fix this.

Darius Firoz

there seems to be a clone called Shattered Dungeon... in not sure if this is the clone or the other game but someone has copied someone and that makes this game less unique. it is however very fun but i just thought it might be important for you to know about Shattered Pixel ans their game called Shattered Dungeon that has alot of the same skins, dungeon details, gameplay is even super similar.

Emily Carl

73 deaths until I made it through. You may lose your sanity, but you will gain monk-level patience.

truong nguyen

this game cool

donggon Celeste

I love this game keep up the good work

Gerome Edward Cristobal


Callie Cantrell

I love playing the game

Rishod Boynton

10/10 it's very fun you especially in the epic bmod with takes likesecond to add you feel like a god then BOOM your basically nothing makes the player use a lot more tactics I doubt people are using the base game


In terms of a pixel dungeon game, it's meh. I really dislike the whole cinema and cosmetics thing. The original, shattered, yet another, etc., pixel dungeons pride themselves as being only fundable directly with no real rewards. I understand why you would do it differently, but still. Other than that, I like your ideas and consepts. It just could be a smudge better.

William Johnson

Longest game played... Also I gave it one star because one morning I woke up all my progress was gone and I'm pretty big on backing it up🚌🚌 to the cloud.... Can't access any of it ☹️ 2 years (almost) of progress gone 😭😭😭


The game is very fun but the elf class feels unplayable, you start with too few arrows and arrows are too expensive to buy in the beginning of the game, most of the combat is with the dagger he starts with, but due to his lower proficiency with melee weapons he ends up missing most of his attacks and does not do reliable damage. His magic arrow spell would be a good fall back, but mana isn't easy to get once it's spent and it costs half the mana bar to use the spell once.

Brett Cromer

Really fun game with some good modifications of the original. I'd like it a lot better if I didn't randomly lose my save data(I really like playing as the Warden, but have to unlock it again) and there are some minor bugs here and there. If I lose save data again I'll just try a different modded dungeon app.

mark stine

A damn fine game

nurul aqma fahida

It good game but there a bug when i drink ivory potion near shopkeeper and shopkeeper is dead not spawn again but ok i give you 5 star

Onat Efe Özkeskin

Adds a lot of great stuff to the original: Weapons actually visible on character, surface village, optional dungeons (Spiders!), more equipment, more classes, difficulty levels and, most importantly, hats. 10/10

Moose Man

I love this game, even with ads, but for some weird reason the ice boss won't spawn no matter what I do. I'm hoping I don't have a corrupted download or something, even with the update downloaded I remain stuck in the locked boss room with no way out. Any suggestions? Reloading the save does nothing. Edit: I closed the app and reopened it, reloaded the save. For some reason it worked this time. Changed to a 5 since it wasn't game destroying, but I still want to bring the glitch to your attention

DAVE dave

This game is just hard to put down

dog from the purple zone

I like it but the thimb nail of the app the r on the chest bothers me so can you remove the r and just add the chest

si66_ dizzy

I think dmg on expert lvl that gnoll is getting by starving is way to high. Edit on 02/09/2021 I noticed bug with necromancer. Undead servants don't leave lower lvls with you but instead they spawn again on next lvl so if you go back using stairs they double. I ended up with 9 servants on lvl 6.

Jaron T

Game keeps removing my post. The game is copying Shatterd Pixel Dungeon check even the assets. They are copies


Drools me dont know game... but funny noise when i slam hand on phone, and so many pretty colours bye

John Popp

Rating this a 2 star now instead of a 3, since they removed my post. The game had been having lag.

Joshua Cuevas

I really like the new content and it fits in well. My biggest complaint is the UI. Shattered Pixel Dungeon has an amazing feel. However, if you're unwilling to change it to feel like shattered, at least make enemies and allies wait if you order them to go somewhere instead of rerouting a new way around! For example, if I was in a narrow hallway, a snail on my right and my deathling on my left, if I would command it to attack the snail, it would go around a new way, which is very frustrating.

Taha Hachim

Chitty ess game, do not get it.

Mayor K

Love it, but after plaing shattered its not the same. There is old, boring brewing system and gui(checking buffs etc.) Edit: Can't wait for QoL updates, because I'd love to play again, because I love necromancer.

Water sheep

It's been a while since the last grand update. Most updates are hotfix and bugs and after months it finally had something again which Is why I'm coming back. Hope to get more updates soon. It's a perfect game but can become better still. Keep it up

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level gen makes me want death... Too big

Fgxhjinj Hcybbk

Great game. There's just 1 little problem. Whenever I scroll the screen to survey and I touch somewhere to move, the screen instantly teleport back without any animation. This make my head hurts after a while. Pls add some animation


This game has poor optimization ngl when you move around its like forcing you to move again because the he giving you stress while moving each tile. I recommend shattered pixel dungeon than this


really bad, there's no skill just luck... You need to die over and over to learn all the stupid traps they made and it's just a bad experience overall... I recommend playing - Shattered Pixel Dungeon - It's a lot better

1K Gaming

A great take on the original, which I personally prefer now. Not really sure what else I should put, it's just a really good game.

The Insomniac Bunny

How can you even play a game that simply won't let you enjoy it for a few seconds without getting ganked, starving, starved of equipment, and practically just screwed over every possible way within the first few areas?? If you wanted a challenge that's actually possible, just go play classic.


Would be a 5, but the latest update added a bug where enemies can hit me no matter where I am on the map, even when there are no enemies in sight. [EDIT] (This was in the area with dwarven monks) UPDATE: The bug has continued even without the mod, on pretty much any level enemies sometimes are able to see and attack me from anywhere on the map

Caleb Stringer


Pako Coy Masole

Very great game ,wish there were more levels 😭,and I love the mods too!!

Aloe Moe

It's been fun I have finished the game even on easy mode It feels like normal mode

Nouman Daud

Nice mix and match of mods. Save ability is a game changer.


Great version of pd

Morgan St4f

Very good roguelike and good version, a lot of equipment and ways of improving, highly recommend it for pixel art and roguelike enjoyers.

Richard Coles Jr.

I enjoyed the game.

Malcolm Lloyd

Good game but leveling up abilities and difficulty need to be tweaked and fixed. Gladiators 8th and 10 attack is glitchy. The spell Book is faulty like it doesn't give you your ability until you reset. There should be more minion items(like a rat and ghost scepter)

Persona 5

This game is the best game I've ever played , very challenging and fun, Please add more levels and bosses😁

Shady Slim183

This is one of the best rpg dungeon games i have EVER played. One of the best pd games next to shattered

Harry Faversham

The game seems a little laggy on my samsung S21 Will there be an update for remixed additions ?

Atticus Drot

Best version on pixel dungeon i've ever played


One of the best Rogue-like Dungeon games! But the huntress may have a bow but still, a great game!

Mantas Zdanavičius

Degraded versions of the original, trying to make something out of the original while losing the spirit and the feel of the real one. Also littered with ads and options to buy stuff with real money.

mori gaju

one of the best game

Jessica Schneider

Da Baby

cuting glass

This (in MY OPINION) is the best pixel dungeon. it has a lot of new fings and they have been working hard on it and if you have never played a PD game the plz do start with this one cos unlike any over one (that is good any way) there is a difficulty setting and a ability to save. Which can help you learn the game whit out needing to kill several runs just to find out what's good or bad. (Or if your lazy go to the wiki) but I give this a 10/10 Thx for all the work you put in👍