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ReFactory – Do you want to build an amazing world that will work according to your laws? Then welcome to ReFactory, a sandbox strategy game where you have to build an automated factory on an alien planet.

Play the first mission for free! A single purchase unlocks the full game with all the ingame missions and Custom game options.

(Free first mission gives 1-2 hours of gameplay, you can replay as many times as you like, plus “Puzzles”. After purchasing the full version, you can go through all 4 missions of the game and activate the “Custom game” mode. All subsequent updates will not require payment.)

The navigation system was destroyed and the spacecraft crashed. The crew is scattered throughout the unknown planet, most of the equipment is broken. You are the artificial intelligence of the ship. Your task is to build a city and restore equipment to find a team and return home.

LOOK FOR RESOURCES. Copper and iron ore, timber and crystals, granite and oil … The extraction of these resources is only the beginning of the journey. You have to build equipment, conduct electricity, improve the performance of systems. With each step you will develop the city, although it will all start with a few granite stones.

EXPLORE NEW LANDS. Expand your boundaries! Gradually, you will open more and more territories, and this is a great opportunity for the construction of new factories and the growth of your city.

BUILD AND AUTOMATE FACTORIES. Produce more complex things in your own 2D world. Every resource, every new invention and building gives you tons of opportunities. Copper ore can be used to make wire, then make an electrically conductive cable, and then an assembly machine. So keep progressing!

DEVELOP TECHNOLOGIES. Move from simple technologies to microelectronics, chemical reactions, explosives and plastics. Build a factory and then a whole network of factories. More technology means more opportunities and a higher chance of finding a crew.

DEFEND THE CITY FROM ALIEN INVADERS. Fight with them on your own and upgrade your skills. Building solid walls is the first step in defense. Create mines and powerful cannons, fight with chemical weapons and arm drones — your faithful assistants.

CONSIDER YOUR ONLINE STRATEGY. ReFactory is not just about building production sites. This is a world that lives by your rules and knows the cost of every mistake. Misuse of resources will stop development, and outdated technologies will prevent an attack from repelling. So think a few steps ahead and keep your factory safe.

Consider many factors to design your interaction processes: electricity conduction, copper recycling, plant acceleration, economic strategy. New information is introduced gradually, so you quickly get used to it and begin to navigate intuitively.

The main features:

– There is no manual labor in the game: everything is automated, drones work for you.
– Depending on the mode, the player is assisted by a digital assistant, but if you understand the gameplay, start building a city without it.
– Choose the type of land, the degree of danger of the planet and the amount of resources. If you are not interested in repelling attacks, remove the appearance of monsters in the settings and solve engineering problems.
– Play puzzles when you’re comfortable: develop infrastructure without using conveyors or in tight spaces.
– But here you do not need to “drive” the rendered character across the screen — you are watching the process from above.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at strategy: start with the easy level and gradually progress to the hard! On the subway, on the way to work or at lunchtime — build a city and enjoy the game. All you need is a phone for you to develop strategic skills, develop multitasking and enjoy it.

We will wait for feedback, improve the game and release updates.

Your ReFactory Team.

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Update time: Jun 30, 2022
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Price: Free
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Customer review

Dan Silverman

The positives: the game is free to try without any ads, the UI is clean and actually rather intuitive. The negatives: constant alien attacks, aggression against the player FAR exceeds defensive capabilities, meteorites destroying your equipment, resource nodes expiring faster than you can establish new ones, absolutely brutal learning curve that demands you excel or find a different game. Thank you for the free trial, but this isn't the pace I'm personally looking for in a time-wasting game

shi225va gamer

Plzzzzz add more resource yield .... Is run out of them so fast....that's the only problem I faced while playing the game.. even if I upgrade the miners I still run out of them very fast.

Stacey Sheppard

The game is 10/10but they is onething whch is makeing me angry is the drones that biuld the stuff u put down vut for some reason my dronesctake ages to realise they need to build something and thanks to that all my conveyers always get clog up meaning i cant get the stuff to research and build important stuff for your factory

SarfraZ Ssr

Very best game. But. Campaign mission 5. Very. Hard. And. Very different. A like bad. Experience mission 5.

Sean Mushrush

I retract my previous rating, I do enjoy this game but it could use some improvements such as gathering resources, killing the monters, getting rewards for completing tasks, plus other things, you did a great job designing/making game, I will improve my rating when or if improvements are made.

Charles Nichols

Great game so far! I have found no glitches and the campaign does a good job of explaining things


Not bad so far, StarCraft vibes. Not the greatest dialog but it's got my attention

Justin mark Ducosin

I love this game but what is the next update in this game

Daniel Jordan

An exceptionally good game with amazing gameplay and no timegating or paywall!!! This is NOT a trashy mobile game bombarding you with a ads, currencies or timers but an actual strategy game inspired by factorio (I assume) and similar titles. The free download is essentially an extended demo of the full version, and the free content is gigantic with no advertisements. After buying the full version you get custom maps and the remaining campaign missions, well worth the price of £3 ish.

Ardalan H

I liked the game until I didn't. after I paid to unlock the rest of the missions, the game became extremely difficult even for EASY level. I appreciate that there is no ads but if you have a lot of time in hand and nerves of steel to NOT get frustrated by numerous alien attacks, meteors destroy your buildings, running out of resources pretty quick and too many complicated research, building material, ... then feel free to throw your money in the drain.

Joe you

Actually £3.69 You won't find this out until you try to start the third mission. Aliens are strong, guns are weak and yet still easy and inconsequential. Limited resources on the mines and forests. No coal. Forget everything you research between missions so every start will be the same (no splitters or filtering until researched) thought the game was going to ripoff creeper world too but seemed like just a scripted blob.


This is by far the best mobile factory game available 👍. Exactly what I was searching for. Please get the team together again and continue to update 😢🙏.

Matthew Williams

Super cool game.

Reapers Dream

Reminds me of the starcraft games from the 90s

Lauren Cannock

Giving me satisfactory vibes🦾

Scott Eubank

Nice nano update but need a mass dismantle of mud please

Jonathan Loomis

Fun for a little while, but VERY frustrating and unbalanced after the tutorial mission. I am very experienced with strategy games, but I found myself grinding my teeth in frustration at how quickly you run out of resources trying to build a mine or mill to get more resources. The defense weapons are insanely weak, and take so many resources to build, you are almost better off just letting everything get destroyed and rebuild later. It has potential, but a LOT of work needs to be done balancing.

Beverly Draper

I like your game and wish i could play it but constant astroid hits to my base 15 hits, 15 and lets throw in few alien attacks and limited supply of resources. The last hit kill most of my base so i quit. Why did we leave our last base to start all over. Let me build an astroid destroyer thats the biggest threat!!!!!! I changed my last review rating but still issues 3rd campaign maybe new update fix massive issues from 2021🤣

Chandigarh Guy

Game is good but little bit confusing for new players, kindly add simple solution for this.

canadian guy

Lvl 3 of campaign no oil resources even tho its required to beat the level.

Pat Bohne

This is actually a fun game. No ads, no forever waiting for things to build. Rare anymore it feels like.

Brad Hickling

This game really isn't very good but to be fair, I only tried to play it got a couple of hours. I've sunk more time into other games that were terrible, but they were more engaging and afforded you more freedom.

Mc nugget Simpson

neat looking game, cant play it though. cant even begin the tutorial because it wont let me click on the ship wreckage. unfotunate, but thats what i get for playing a mobile game on a chromebook.

Steven Tames Jr


Bryce Wright

Great Game! If you enjoy Factorio then this is a great variation designed for mobile.

Adapas Fitzper (CageFreeFuneral)

Greatly Entertaining but a bit too in depth for younger kids

Eladio Jose Abquina

Just like Factorio



mam oli

Its not easy game and i love it

Exequiel FromPH


huynh Quoc phong

Game rất hay, chơi lâu dể nghiện đấy

Daniel Jhon Fernandez

Mvu ncu gsv uyto bpob bfwq John Bvjg jtt,🤫😱

Jahid Hasan

Gameplay is stable & so good 89.06%.


Very challenging keeps you occupied.nice game

Sean B

Awesome! A mobile version of Factorio!!!!

Joe Mama

Literally a factorio clone, like factorio, but dogshit

Joe Palzer

Love it!!! No problems at all, very time consuming!

Edward Elric

Production and factory, my kind of favourite game. It has story and this the only thing I know, need to continue explore the game.

Aabid Ali Baker

It's a great game and it's worth paying for the full pack

Sopnil Morol

G g

Josh Morrison

I can't stop playing this game, it is sooo much fun.

Ajay Thiruvasakan

Can't move objects around ( editing) Hard time placing objects

Sergio Russek

Great game!

Joshua Southgate

The GOAT right here boys...

Ken smitley

Love this game I'm still kinda new but I like how it's easy to link items together

Rick Petty

Excellent graphics, gameplay

tyler beer

Very fun and Worth it. It keeps you on your toes and always thinking about the next steps and space management

Jeremy Klobas

Game is not optimized for the z fold 3

david hardman

Amazing game


This game is very very fun and kills time very fast, the missions are awesome and custom is a load of endless fun, also I would reccomend adding some recoil for the turrets because it's pretty weird to see it only shoot without any Recoil, also reccomend to add a ranged attack drone. Overall great game, reccomend to whoever is reading this to get it and play.

Wesley Thomas

All you really need to know is that it's a nearly full-fledged game on mobile without microtransactions or ads (Two story missions free with the rest behind a paywall is more like the Freeware model ID Software games had back in the 90s. It *is* $6.49, but you'd pay at least $30 for a similar game on "STEAM"). The fact that it's an absolute joy to play (except when you accidentally place a through-put chute on your conveyors that contaminates a proccessing line) is gravy.

sollor stance

Fun game, took me a while to figger it out but decent game. Not a pay to win or adds

Lachlan Milburn

I've come back to this game after a couple months and still one of the best mobile games ever love the amount of work put into it

Jade Galatis

Certainly different to any other game I have played. A lot thought involved in terms of layot and positioning of stuctures, powersource, defences ect. Been playing for a good few hours now and...... shock horror !! NO ADDS, No promts what so ever apart from a thumbs up symbol to rate the game . Over all, realy enjoying this game thus far and appeals to my logical train of thought.

vince aivan betic

Great game for now keep up the good work devs...

M. Brinkman

I would prefer Factorio. The GUI doesn't work nicely for me, progress is forced into a certain direction making the game uninteresting and the graphics are mediocre. Three stars because it's still enjoyable if you have lower standards.

Giorno Giovanna

Good game but the first gun you get to build and place should the energy based because the ammo would take longer to make and how often the animals attack the base it would take up your resources rebuilding the stuff that they destroyed instead of going to make more buildings and you would have to go repair those they destroyed it's annoying so having an energy based weapon as the first weapon you have would be great you should also add solar panels to be able to get in the early game

Karl tagle

Its fun

Ahsoka Tano

Amazing. Factorio for mobile phone! Controls can be a little finicky at times, but it's very enjoyable.

Jonathan Sauder

Fun factory game for mobile, and their business model is very generous.

Nicholas Guyatt

Too hectic. You spend all your time micromanaging ridiculously complex production chains in the face of constant, overpowered, monster attacks.


It is quite fun but very tenuous

Derek Moore

Nice Factorio-esque game, I like it a lot. Only issue is that recently I can't open it, it just shows a blank white screen.


Very fun! Great time killer!

Business Android Games

Very nice game, but buildings description not enough, this game to create power full you can create description any buildings

Eric Regan

Do you like frustrating games? Do you enjoy supply chain woes? Then this game is for you. Simple enough to start, but quite challenging pretty quickly. You think you're doing fine, then you run out of resources and it takes the next two hours to finish the last quarter of the mission. The story isn't great, and it gets grindy, but it's also a decent time suck.

Will Mulder

Finally a decent game on Android that is also finished and polished

Jamy Boy


Cpt Kirk James t

I cant play this game. I tried 4 times 2 try and play and all i get is a white blank screen


ill have to play a lil longer

Frank Amorth

Just started this game ... definetely a high learning curve ...very little as far as tutorial concerned... trying to do something click the show me... ok my question is what are you showing me not really any help at all really... I play a little while longer...right at the moment it's more frustrating than fun... update to come...

randy jenkins

Hidden gem , wonderful game!

Duvan K

Its good game

Rob Malon

You should rename the game with "demo" in the title. Bait and switch tactics

Daniel liles

so fair so good

Kevin Golding

Does not launch.

Mr Italiano

5$ to play the entire game? Scam p2w

Jakal Lucifer

First chapter can't be finished, i was at the task of building platforms. Is it bug or what. Nice game hope to pay in the future. from 3 to 5 star i just played the game again its still so good. hopefully there will be a short tutorial on new buildings and etc. map editor more add ons. add more buildings please and more bigger map. content its simple and can be played offline.

Anime Lover

Amazing game for Android. The first ever.

Archon Toten

It's a good game, factoio like but I enjoy the conveyor belt through the building idea. Can't solve puzzle 5. Either I'm not seeing it or it's bugged.

Andrej Filimonov

How can this game have 5 stars after reading all reviews I see either it is a bug or Google is corrupted

Cody King

still in the beginning stages but so far this is a pretty well designed crafting/survival game. the interface is extremely well designed and fluid and I'm not fighting the controls in the slightest like I have in the past. even the design of the actual structures relieve the stress of building yourself into corners and making you redesign the most basic setups which of course makes it proportionately harder later on. it's reminiscent of factorio in its top down design but not stressful.


What a bummer, in-app purchase to unlock the full game, is this what devs are doing now? yikes.

Matt Ortman

This game is exceptionally difficult to control. Zooming in and out is almost impossible, even though it is a GAME CRITICAL NECESSITY. Even using my stylus for extra accuracy, the game will still select conveyor belts beside the thing you're trying to select AND THEN REFUSES TO DESELECT unless you move away and specifically select a grassy tile to force it to let go. Online help is pointless since the only results you are given concern REFRACTORY. Good game ruined by poor control.

Kyle Baril

Great game so far! I enjoy building the production chains, there is enough going on where it isn't too simplistic and keeps you thinking.

Mr. Llama

So far this game has really scratched the base building itch I've been looking for in a mobile game for a long time now!

Erik Cadieux

Very nice game. No ingame currency also a big bonus

Natan Br

So far so good

Mark Jones

Quite enjoyable so far. Reminds me a little of factorio, though not as polished (yet)

Robert Lee

Looks like could be fun.... if could skip the story mode everything told to do makes it talk more to do more to make talk more. The missions seem broken wants to build literally everything in a specific spot and then when wants a container for parts it's in wrong spot can't build at so reset and listen to talk allllllll over again. Worse the tutorial repeats build mine this is how build a mine I know already made 20 but let me explain over and over and over. It's extremely hard to get into

Nash nicole Noel

The game is great but has more room for improvement like solar panel harnest the sun heat in subnautica you can build a bio reactor to power the reactor you must build a garden and harvest the fruits as fuel to power the reactor so in the game there should be trees that have fruits also wind turbine in other games and big hero 6 wind turbines can fly like balloons starcraft 2 diamond back has a railgun cool laser while this game railgun is kinda lame they are billions has a machine gunturr

jason bailey

Great game very interesting, restart a couple of times before you go through as it is all about organization

Ken Frisbie

Cool game

William Davies (Mandalore668)

The resources run out too quickly


Game have Lot of fun I got very good experience (suggestion make level 4 building for Petroleum with 2 input ways for water , light pole move only 4 ways make 8 ways , need some some type of teleportation building for rss , make research increase lightpole coverage area also big light pole , make some new type of monster ,make new building for water pump like maga water pump ,etc .)

Keith Gillespie


Kyle B

I play a lot of satisfactory and factorio. This is a good one to play away from my pc.

Isaiah Stahls

I will say, it's pretty fun. It's similar to Factorio which is the reason I like playing it. Though something is possibly broken on the second level, and I still haven't figured out how to fix it. Aside from that, it's fun.

Joseph Curia

Very fun. Am considering getting the whole game.

Zaka Khan

Great game design, and a fun story to provide backdrop for your play. Loving Sylvie's wit.