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Recurrence is a game where SWAT units are called to takedown hostiles and to get the situation under control

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Update time: Jun 7, 2022
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Developer: Srioz
Price: Free
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Hiro Vien Cusi

this this is sooooo good the grapec is good do ur job!


Great game. Problem is it gets laggy and it still has bugs

Rico Chan

This is the realistic shooter game in my life, I suggest They Add A feature Where they Can Add Swat Shields For Protecting yourselfs.

Zaijan Flores

Can you make bots be able to arrest and report and can you fix flashbangs because they hit a invisible wall and bounce off

mahmoud mangil

Nice game .waiting for updates

King Jay

Awesome game guys, I finally found a game worth playing on my mobile device guy's, the graphics is epic and we'll optimized. It would be nice to have a LAN multiplayer features and have players talk to each other over the headset but this is epic I love it🔥🔥🔥

Veil Iann Anticamara M.

Good game but need some improvement more maps, gun, mission and ai movement

Paul Okeke

The game is quite impressive , good shooting experiences, weapons and maps. It's ok but could be better if adjustment were made on the night vision(it conflicts with the scope target and makes it difficult to get a clear shot), bullet penetration ( the bullet are mainly effective only on the head). I guess if more commands,guns and maps are also added it would give a better shape. But Nevertheless, it appears to be one of the best anyone can get on Android with such great experience and realism.


Very good game, just needs better optimization


Wow hard work and game 😜 thank you for your time 😊 from maroco Africa 🥶🥶


Mobile ready or not

Kedar Mohammed

Can you make the AI smarter ? Like having them go towards gun shots or actually take cover. Honneslty if this game had good AI it would become a horror game. Every gun fight would be heart pounding. Also there are no ejected shells when guns are being fired. Not only that but I can equip different color camos on my person. I really hope the developer don't give up on this game. It has massive potential. It's not perfect but it's getting there.

Mohamadreza Sadeghian

Hostages are not leston to me , many times im in their face to say Police !!! on your kness ! And they just looking !!!! Some times enemies give up and then im saying Police they start shooting !!!!!

dasbas Gaming

I love swat type games like this. Thank you for making this game for mobile. I hope you get a lot support and attention

Andisya Chesta Perkasa

Great game,fun,and hard, but the reason l give it a 4 stars because its hard to tell which is the robber / criminal or the hostage please update the game and give the robber a mask or something thank you And please keep updating the game so far im loving it <3


This game is awesome

Niño Jesus Bustamante

Thank You devs for making the night mission good work and the new graphics too😄👍🏻

Virant Galkola

I like it but when you shoot the enemy when you are covered they don't take any damage. Can you put more guns plz like primary rifles you can add LMG ( m249,RPK ) , SMG ( mp7,p90,) AR ( Hk417,AK15,TAR21) if you put this gun it would be an insane game take care brother 💪🏽

CornHole Patrol

Very very good game.I like this game because this game really like 'ready for not'I love realistic fps games and this game very good!I want give 10star but I can't :D EDIT:I think we need online mode.


This game so good,need more map and items

DiAmonda Amore

It won't let me in the game it just gose black and glitches can someone help?

Yasuo Nazucc

Decent game but u need to add more contents need optimization because I got so many games with better graphics but still running smoothly at max meanwhile ur game is kinda laggy and also the NPC fix there movements and improve their AI also add interactive environments and wall bang also allow us to kick the door by our self and add LAN and online multiplayer and a discord server for ur game for easy communiation with players and sneak peeks, add shadows also.

Ryan Bagus

Cool game

Yousef Tamer

this game is a PERFECT GAME and the best is the gameplay like READY OR NOT ON STEAM this is 100000 0/0 100000 ready or not mobile thanks game creator for this game I give it 5 stars

Amir1386 Qwe

It's very good fps game

Sadekul islam tushar

This game is good, not so bad, but the control should be a little better. And sometimes the arrest option does not come to the hostage arrest. And its performance needs to be improved. I gave 4 stars for this.

Diana Lou S. Tenebro

fix it with low end phone

Min Mon Khant

I love this game very much

GabrielPH Official


Bennet Alexander Mangabat

Nice game,but i wanna reccomend that this game i want it to be offline/online. And it might be fun if we can play with friends

Lucid x Zelda

I didn't gave it 4 stars since the enemies aim was so perfect even thru walls, if u make them like less good it would be perfect and the 1 big problem is the fps drop I have 90 HZ on my phone and it can't take it so can u fix it? It would be a pleasure.

rowyn hufana

Expecting more update to this game.

Sean Estrera

Good but need more update fix the bugs and multiplayer mode

Shweta Godara

This game has amazing potential, its a little clunky sometimes but i still want to play it. Do you guys have a discord for it tho?

chipuge123 why not?

It's so good and so cool! It would be better if it had multiplayer in it! Can you please add multiplayer?

SR-Denmarc Dieta

Need more updates

Scou1yy Does Stuff

Great game! But needs optimization, it runs like a dumpster fire.

Gabriel lian Catubay

The gameplay is pretty good but the problem is the fps drops i cant even play or enjoy it, plz fix. And another problem is the enemies are too good at pointing a weapon on me, so make them a 4% bad at aiming and accurate. Also basic idea make a selection wheel for opening doors and squad commands. Make an easy weapon selection so you can get the fire arms easily

Aiman Akmal

Good game , But Pls add custom Weapon and Mission

pro kob


Secure Info

Works well on the SS22 ultra but 120fps mode possibly?


the animations are really good, but the game looks unpolished and theres not really alot of glitches, but i have been experiencing 2 annoying glitches, i cannot open any door myself and i cannot arrest hostages/hostiles

Manasa Koti


tadashi mmk

I think day and night mod will be more unique


Your game is awesome....!!! Your game ha everything that a swat team do breach and clear.To make your game more interesting and fun to play please add more maps and bring continous updates and work on your game more and more. 1. Add more maps 2. Add more missions 3. Add more details to your game 4. Make the counter attack team bots more realistic and incerease their team size 5. Make the game multiplayer 6. Add proper lobby and start, customization portions Add these things in ur game please..!


Nice boi


Game is good controls need some updates need some automatisation

prince liam gilles

night vision needs animation when using and muzzle flashes should be a thing and music,ambience would be aswell with some footstep noise and should be more gadgets like pepper spray and team tactics the flash bang should be able to blind u and ur teammates and a option to split up ur team the ai should be aware of their surroundings and not stand in one area and wall penetration and voice lines for downed,injured suspect,convenience store,more weapons change the gun sound,change terror map

Evelyn Hernandez

This is a great Game. It's just that I lost all my progress after the update.

Maikie Chaves

Love It keep on going

Safia Raza

ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL GAME! I really get the ready or not vibes from this! All it needs is an online co - op mode and maybe PvP your choice! Also! More maps, guns, Characters!

Keane apil

Common W,Keep updating the game cuz it have a huge potential


This Game has a hella lot of potential, please keep updating, optimizing and adding more content to this game and please do add a co-op mode on this game. Cuz it'll be so cool and so much more people will play this. More power to the devs of this game we wish you all good luck! ✨💗🔥

Justfor Anime

Nice game


Add Blood gore ,night vision,laser


Its good but the sometimes i experience lag spike out of nowhere even in the middle of the gunfight i have helio g88 processor with 4gm ram idk what the problem is maybe its in the game. I think you forgot to add NPC/Bot when u update the game the game is empty

Gopal Mondal

Game is good please update the game more The game will be like Rainbow Six.




Refix this game..


Nice game

Kia hoo

it keeps crashing

Luis Fernando Almeida

The game is pretty good, in the next updates please put a multiplayer online mode for us to play with our friends. And also put the ads for us as a way to win coins to buy the in game stuff and not to appear every match that we restart or leave.

Kawaii Kimochi

Well I can't play it


This game is awesome the environments are great and very challenging but Im going to ask is it going to be a multiplayer game in the future?


Guys don't mad at this because this is beta. There is lot more coming up.

Jericho Santiago

Best game (。♡‿♡。)

Venus Agent

Fantasic games it has Ready or not vibes on the game but The Hospital map takes so long to finish Like you gotta clear 30 doors i think to finish it Also it's hard to identified if Those A.I standing at the rooms Hostage or Not since both hostage and hostile doesn't hold weapon Just make like espicific clothing on hostage or make the hostile just hold their weapons so it's easy to know which one is the target

When the channel is sus

Its a great game!

Nwabunze Good luck

It's probably the best cqb game on Android. Please add more features to it, love you guys and thank you all.

John Matthew Castro

Hello can you answer me?

Renato Cabeyas

Please update dis game

Giorno Giovanna

It's a good experience but delivers awfully sometimes, i keep on getting sudden frame rate drops even though I'm using a highly capable phone that can run several games with higher graphics.

P Jainish J 10-b

Disappointed me make it like ready or not don't make it like zero hour.this game successor breach and clear was much better with realism as it has moving targets, bullet shell ejecting animation, proper gun recoil animation, but this one has nothing like that.

Your Depressed Boi

Fun small game if only there were more maps and game modes tho


Ok I'ma be honest the game is quite good it gives ready or not vibes but their are lots of problems first Graphic is ugly as f then the control are just annoying this game needs a lot of work


I can't wait for more updates for this and it has amazing potential. But you need to make it so you can move the UI, and add bottoms for certain actions (switching your guns, use of tactical gear and a couple more.) Rather than going into you backpack for everything and in this time I get killed or injured. But keep up the good work and update it as much as you can. And do you have a discord for the game???

Indian Gamer

Hell nice


The gameplay is smooth, also hope you guys do a hard work fot may a co op mode, since this is a project yet, i hope this game shall be in the list of best cqb games in the future

Recker86 Gaming

This looks good. Hopefully there's more features like weapon customization additional points for reporting proof. But I worried about no crosshairs. Plus that it's bit hard to try arrest + report while aiming it please fix it a bit.

Jeny Dela rosa

Its a cool game u should add a multiplayer mode and microphone

Aj Aquino

Smooth gameplay I like it hope you make more maps and guns


Really love this game ma bro keep up the pace I've always wanted to play a swat action game legit this is my new favorite game

Yeet Gamer

Dang, this is Ready or Not Mobile, pretty good, I'd rate it 10 out of 10

Thant Zin

Four stars for gameplay but the control are not easy . I hope there will be more weapons and attachments

Joseph R. Dollente

This game is so awesome I love this kind of game I would suggest u add a night mode and a night vision goggles on night mode

Jhonterrance Villanueva

Best game i ever played in my life could you add more squads and maps and some helicopter missions?


Wow what a amazing game boy I wish we can customize our HDU and costumize our guns and can you add 4 or 5 bot teammates because there is only 2 but it was good you know i think you can update the game you know i experience are so cool i wish all mobile players recommend this the best offline cqb that's my only review on this game i this game get popular see'ya

Rehan Rai

Nice add more mission and make graphics like unreal engine 4 or 5 plz and big map and more ncps like cod modern 4

ahmad adib

It's not great, but is decent. Now focus on stability and game performance. Second shooting button. The game runs not great for now. But this is definitely worth to keep in watch. Basically, 4 star.

Vasteane Santiago

I see that this game has a lot of potential... Just needs more content and be more realistic


Awesome game. Just need button customization for now. And reload button.

Jeremias Belale

this so freaking awesome guys. please optimize the game more so the low end device users can play well

fahad mohy

Game is good need graphics improvement customer hud need more interesting and multiplayer support more guns and map $ optimism




This game is great, need more content

Jayden Velez

It's actually not that bad! The graphics are a bit ugly, and the controls are terrible, but the gameplay is good and even with the lack of content, it's kind of got me hooked. The game is a bit challenging and that's usually a good thing, the levels are very big, and it's a bit satisfying to kill or arrest the terrorists. If you like small games and challenging enemies, this is what I recommend.

Kyle Darryl Paragas

Very good

bruno ramirez

This is probably my new favorite game, it's like ready or not but with low graphics and a bit rude game play, but it's still great for a mobile version, I love it, needs a little bit of polishing but it's still great👌

Ralph Raven Santos

The game quits by it self when in select the the map plss fix this

Jerome Retuta

Very nice game, hopefully you add night mode where you use night vision, it will be awesome