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The long horn of the fantasy war is blowing, mighty defenders around the world are girding themselves for endless battles! Get ready for this brand-new tower defense RPG in 3D graphics, take command of powerful heroes, arrange effective strategies, design your own defensive lineup to fight against terrifying invaders and bosses.
Darkness shrouds the whole kingdom while people standing in the cold silence. The lord needs you to use tactics to defend the tower and save the kingdom! By being a guardian of the realm, you will customize your own defensive lineup with different tower upgrades, deploy legendary heroes to protect the lord away from invading creatures.

-Command 34 powerful heroes with unique abilities and upgradeable options.
-Over 300+ exciting levels with various game play modes.
-Customize your own defensive strategy to protect the realm.
-Waves of enemies offer multiple challenges: use your tactics to destroy dark force.
-Compete in Arena to display your combat power and win amazing prizes.
-Upgrade lord’s level to play great defense in intense battles.
-Beautiful graphics and special effects

Overcome your fear and walk over to the dark force! Get ready to become the best tactician to defend your realm from invading enemies in this most engaging TD game. Join NOW and be the mightiest defender ever!

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Customer review

Ff Ff

Problem server time out. Not open game

Qendrim Isufi

qendrim isufi games Realm Guards

AdityA Pam

Why you shutdown server


I don't get it. You terminate such a good game for Lodrs Watch? That one suck. Characters looks way too cartoonish. Graphics are terrible. Realm Guard is much much better. Its really disappointing this one is shutting down for Lirds Watch.

Marto Veselinov

Става да се играе 1-2 часа, но не е от игрите, които си заслужават да се наливат пари. Леко скучна, бавно се развива действието и си трябва повече време за развитие, ако не сте от хората, които могат да играят 1 и съща игра 1-2-3 години, то тази не е за вас :)

Saad Dema

Attack rune 4 is in chapter 16 hell I like it very much but how can anyone obtain wu kong and dakki?

perty samonte

Very good graphics nice game

Muhammad Hassanein

Amazing game, why there are no events or updates for the game don't let the game be down

Mark Anthony Queliza

It's actually a decent game. The only problem is the diamond for summon. I'm already in chapter 8 but I haven't summon yet. New players will leave soon just like me. Unstalling.

pasala satya

Please release red attack runi Or all are leave after lord 45 level , I am also waiting for two days, if you don't release it my guide will quite this game, after Ward's your wish buddy

sajad eliassi


Alya Andy

Good game

Jamalee Bashah

Nice gamr


idk why reviews are that terrible because the game is good alot of free rewards

Ralph Yves Benz Bueno

Ohhh I love it this is good game I love it real Good im happy I found this game coll I love this game ❤️❤️❤️

Mary Giroux

Good game

Tomasz Bogaczyk

Nice td game

xela osioc


S Ma

Great game

No Name

The game is good but have many bug

eneruh vidal

Still not working, this is my 7th reinstalling, its all black!!!

ambiorix Caceres

Looks pretty fun. Give it a try

Mehran Iraji

Perfect game

fire lord

The servers has problem after 1 week it said server timeout



Hendra Wijaya

I can't even log in to the game

TopWin Thunwin

alway server timeout any time

Afid Rozianto

Why i cannot enter the game..always pop out server out...

Goupiang Thomte

Cant even open the game.... Server timeout window is there for the past one day... The whole day...

Silver Wolf Predator

So far so fun! Need some epic design characters in future

Shajal Ahamed





The game was good but then when getting longer theres the problem, first is theres no many option to do in a day, second is the arena log sucks I WIN but they record it a LOSE fight even though i really WIN that fight even though you replay it it will show i WIN but the LOG still says i LOSE

م عصام الدين سيد

You will never get sss hero if you play for free bb game thanks for bad experience

terence pineda

Its a good game

Jedi Kasep

Like usual..

Hạnh Đàm Quang

Good game

Stephan Zievinger

Im liking this game already 😎👍

Ferdi Lantze

Good but still needs work

Flora Madzorera

My word I have never been sucked in this much a game, I'm really loving this game


The game is good but there are several problems regarding those players who are f2p 1. Obtaining potions for skill unlock is really hard it's nearly impossible to get skill upgrade potions to unlock skills for heroes because to challenge boss again we don't get those keys and without challenging boss again we can't get potions2. Stamina runs out too fast and takes forever to restore. Stamina limit is too low it is just 80 which makes hard to progress on levels .

Gobed Gaming

Great game, please fix hell mode ch.1 to 9, why no lv.4 attack shards?. And arena bugs, Auto reply wont solve problems. Please assign someone to responds issues. From 5* to 3* for bad and unresponsive CS

Zendrix Decena

Really love it. Time killer

Jaypee Henry


Thu Thu Tun Thu Thu Tun


Hitam Black


iBox ;


chogsomjav dashdorj


Franz Anton Irizarry


Sai Lom


Tareq Rahman

Good game for playing.

anita pun

This game is awesome

Ervis Shkreta

Why not available on IOS ?!

Paul Dearing

Love it

Prabesh Tamang

Best game

lolfirst 07


Shaianne Danica Barrientos


Suwdaa Soyloo& Undarmaa Dolgormaa


Mostafa Mahmoud

Ok game is good and everything but come on guys dont force a religious act in the game most of the ppl who play games got a religion that they are believing in and you put a button says WORSHIP in the game to a high rank guy in the arena thats insaulting to any who have the slimmest faith in their religion im leaving the game till you correct your methods thanks for nothing you ruined it.

Sunday 1990

Good Game



Adham Gaming YT

Hard to get gems when uou guys update that I might give this cool game a 5 stars

su rf


Shwe Thway


Abz H

Nice & simple td but one hell of a long tutorial!

Florin Bogdan

A good game, nice animation, you can make geams alone


Nice game

Rose alarabi


x Cade

Its an amazing game, but there is some notes here and there . First thing when the lored lvl up why the stamina dont refill again, lvling up.juat give u some atamina back and thats not enough. Second thing some items should have more discussion on them there is some items i dont know how should i use them . But in general its an amazing game. Thank you


Good game fun and so cool love this game so much

nguyen Thanh hoang


zwe nyarna

Nice and fair game. ...... enjoy it

Triệu Duy


win zaw tun


Praise Gold


Benjamin kym

Cool game

Sơn Trường Bùi

Game này chơi cuốn hút. Hình ảnh đẹp. Mang đậm chất thủ thành. Đồng thời có cả PVP. Rất đáng chơi nhé mọi người.

chit chit


Tuấn Anh Bướng


Uchiha Haruto


thuya ko


Raju Gole

It's fun to play

Muhammad Uqbah

Good game for past time..

Cory Jarvis-Stewart

Hard for f2p to make gem


Nice game and enjoyable

Lysander Yap

I cant login. Need refund from this

Wimosh Relente

nice game

Alaa El-alkhtiar

Nice game

thet aung htut


KUSHAL Neupane

Nice game



Quincy Joe

Nice game :^)

Nyik Ko


Rashad Mammadov

Include other languages, example Turkish

Danielson Carvalho

Good game but full of IAPs: You can pay to get the best heroes AND equipments right from the start, allowing for some whales to have 500k+ power just a few hours after S2 launch. Unfortunately i am tired of these money sinks.

Zain Butt


Ariuka CSGO5

good and stupid

sajib sharma

Good game

Derron Ettienne

Love this game

Ma Ma