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Ratropolis : CARD DEFENSE GAME – Ratropolis, the greatest of all mouse metropolises,
corrupted, infected.
The survivors fled from the once glorious city,
but the danger did not let them rest.
In this great danger, the survivors await a savior. Who will defend the new homeland and build the great city Ratropolis with exceptional skills and strategy?
* Real-time strategic tower defense card game!
Keeping the city safe requires focusing on choices. Hungry zombies will never let you rest. With over 500 economic, military and construction maps, choose wisely to protect your city.
* Various leaders with remarkable skills
Merchant, General, Architect, Scientist, Shaman and Navigator 6 rule the city with their own style. Build a suitable deck for the leader and rebuild Ratropolis.
* Very addictive! When you play, you want more!
Around 100 events give you a new experience every time you play. Focus on what your advisors recommend. Get new powers and cards to defend the city. The more you experience, the more interested you become.
* Adventure, Challenge, Combat and Survival! Make a plan!
Keeping a settlement safe is not easy. Enemies attack harder over time, and sometimes a challenging boss follows. This foundation may break, but don’t worry. Ever-surviving rats wait with new hope.
* Easy, fun and free to play
You can play the game wherever you want, whenever you want. The surviving rats live under your control. Defend the city from destructive enemies and build the biggest Ratropolis in history.
Ratropolis can be played on PC as well as on Steam.
Enjoy real-time deck building with tower defense!
Play now for free!
* System Requirements *
CPU Dual Core

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Update time: 2022-02-09T04:31:18.000Z
Current version: 1.086
Require Android: 6.0
Developer: 카셀 게임즈
Price: $Free
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