《Random TD》 is an online competitive strategy game, which uses HD modeling. This game consists of a variety of features with different Defense Towers. Here in Defense Tower you can arrange your troops strategically, gather and create your own unique and exclusive Defense Tower team, face monsters with different styles and skills, use your own Defense Towers and strategies to defeat your opponent and earn a huge amount of rewards. We have completely reinvented the traditional idea of towers being static, and have made towers into versatile and mobile weapons, along with a unique style of animation. Carefully plan and arrange your army strategically. With the amount of playing modes available and strategies possible in this game, the combinations of game outcomes are simply endless! This is an all new yet authentic Defense Tower game, everything you thought about a Defense Tower game is here in order to give you the best gaming experience! Battle anytime anywhere! Defense Tower is sure to provide you with a nice and easy gaming experience. Invite your friends to battle together!

Game Features and Mechanics

Dozens of Defense Towers with different abilities all waiting to be unlocked!
Bosses with different skills, which need to be defeated!

Build Defense Towers with different features and stop those monsters from advancing.
Merge identical Defense Towers to evolve them into an even better Defense Tower.
Although keep in mind when merging, the Defense Tower evolved into will be a random one.
Battle against or side by side with other players from all over around the world.
Store that refreshes daily, here you can more easily obtain powerful Defense Towers, thus making yourself become a more formidable opponent.

#Crazy PVP dual mode

Battle with different players online!
The more monsters you kill of the other side, the more the enemy’s monsters will increase in numbers!
Tactically analyze your opponent’s towers and come up with your own unique strategy to swiftly bring them down!
With your varied group of Defense Towers, create your own unique Defense Tower team.
Climb your way to the top in Point Rankings.

#Cool PVE coop mode

Invite your friends to battle along side one another!
Work together, back each other up and challenge stages together.
Even obtain rewards and unlock new Defense Towers together!

# Random arena mode

Select from a multiple rounds random set of Defense Towers,battle with a combination of strategy and luck, create your own unique Defense Tower team.
Defeat your arena opponents, always strive to be the best and fight for the best rewards!

Customer review

Diana Pujianti

1. Pay to win game, hard to win if not paying 2. My phone heating up like crazy, I play 5GB++ game and have no issue like this 3. Repetitive so you got bored quickly

William Proffitt

It's an outright copy of another game. Not quite as good as the original


It is a good game

Akira Putra

Pls explain why spaceship have faster attack speed compared to ion?????? What a empty mind you are! Ion should be more powerfull

Ruthless Villain


Trần Bảo Lâm

very nice game

Charles Pearson

Way more fun than anticipated, seriously. Started as a task from a different application, and although I have yet to be able to accomplish the given goals because of the difficulty of leveling up orange towers, so I was assuming that it was going to be just another generic clone of a similar game. Turns out that I was mistaken. Premium content while available is unnecessary to maintain fair level's of competition. 👍👍

Daivd Perez

Fun game and they pay what they owe from other games 👍

Mohd Poji

Game penipu nk buat game biarlah betulklu orang asyik menang di akan buat orang tu akan kalah je terus


It was actually nice, until you play with someone with that has that stupid tower that destroys your towers which messed the whole game balance. Uninstalled and played a better TD instead.

الامين محمد

Good app

Shawn johnstone

Great game. Lots of fun and good spin on the everyday td genre

Tezzu Sahoo


kristian o neill

Is an awesome game. But crashes wayyyy to often. Like sometimes mutiple times per fight. Which makes you loose more than you should. And some events you have limited tries too. A pity would be a brilliant game otherwise.

Robert Duran

It's a scam.

Rafael Morales

It's an ok game but the odds of getting really good towers is low. Not to mention the spaceship tower u don't even have to get a high dot count to reach its max damage...the creators should have made it so it gets stronger not locked on a set damage output....

Reyes Anthony Betancourt

Super addicting , my girlfriend feels neglected ever since downloading !

michelle Zywicki

Pretty damn good.

Azwan John

I love this game so fun to play

Phyo Lay

I like thus game

Jackson Curtis

P2w big time

Frank Palomares

It's a badass game I enjoy it do far I'll update if something doesn't feel right

jasdin sadin

Love the concept of this game. The animations are very good.the way this game work is unique.But i think it should be more smooth it lags a little.

Jesse Davis

Fun game, but why the F*** is the rng so bad. How many times am I gonna lose in a row to someone who is constantly getting 30 volcanoes in a row, while im stuck with 30 magnets in a row. Fix your F***ing rng.

lawrence davis

Matching up the weapon to upgrade. No info on how to do it.

j Chigur

The game is fun to play. It's pay to play which is unfortunate. Matches are not equal and can be frustrating due to how different the levels of players are when matched. I feel like the game is rigged. I've never played another game that I question whether I am playing a bot or another person so often. The game is expensive to play and all the responses to the reviews seem as disingenuous as the "random" nature of play. Like I stated, it's fun, but I'll keep my money and play other games.

Doni Ariawan

I don't know why, but when I play this game on my phone it's hot. Please do something. or add feature to reduce the graphic. and please add auto game mode.

Jesse Jarvis

Great game to play and fantastic mechanics... until you face someone with the Spaceship tower. Then you just lose repeatedly until you either buy one or are lucky enough to win one...

Bo Ro

The game promises gifts for reviews. Pretty sure you can't promise compensation for a review...

Jagger Jones


william honaker

This a petty fun

Jean Prénoveau

10/10 random =)

Earl John Miñoza

Completely cash grab game. It always give you opponents that already have lots of good cards during battles.

Jac Klag

Amazing game

Henk Lab

Ok so far

vps dudley

Fun game

NoNsToP Zas

Very awesome game but loads of bugs and the turntable game rigged to counts not random, it seems every time you spin for free, even if a whole month still just crapy rewards always! Like common cards

Aldwin Lomibao

Nice game. But lag, many bug, froze game, error, same reward.

ABD Beanman

Its literally just a clone of Random Dice

kurosh naruie


Quasar Elder (Quasarul SSJ4)

Cel mai TD tare :D

Mr. M

It is funny, but not my kind of game. Pay to win, and to many poster that says BUYYYYY HERE BUY THERE BUY SOMETHING PLEASE. Mega nope for that

Antonis Kelekis

Although the concept of the graphs is pretty good the fact that it's almost completely pay to win is so annoying. I've played this for a while and the rng of the game, even if there is in it, feels like it's made to want u to spent money just so you can progress. I've seen a bunch of adds only to get the same again and again legendary, while spending everytime 2.5k gems on the legendary chest to get already owned legendaries (which doesn't go over 10) that and only makes it annoying

Donovan Loreman

It is ok. But nothing special. I watched an ad for a better version and started that one.

Dwane Kinlock

Excellent game

John Scott

Huge pay wall. After so long you will only face people with the couple towers you can not obtain without paying. The roullette/slot machine gambling they have is a blatant scam. It lands on the same 3 spots 100% of the time. You will never win anything useful unless you just pay to spin 12 times in a row. I really wish these types of games weren't such ripoffs because they are genuinely fun.

Alexander Rode Nielsen

To get ad free you have to pay monthly. Very expensive for everything and in my opinion very slow if you don't want to pay to win.

Rennoc Knights

Very easy to get into also can get legendary turrets without make in game payments


Rip off of rush royal... try harder to make a game of your own and stop stealing concepts. Its lazy!

Kevin Adair


Adi Putra

Pay to win game

Anselma Acala


Alexander Bathrick

I like the game. But I cannot read all of the text for the towers in their bio. It just cuts off. I dont know what the tower does because of this. Please fix the issue with the missing text and I'll rate higher


Well the game is fun and addictive but can be frustrating at the same time.. if you don't spend some money.. 9 times out of 10 you're gonna lose a lot of matches.. I'm basically just grinding the event stuff / party battles and dailies and hope to get something decent enough to stand a chance against the p2w players..

Srdjan Malinovic

Ok first of all, i like where this is going, but game got allot of bad thing and sad things nonetheless. First thing i noticed is that matchmaking balancing sucks. You get ppl with full legend deck + allot more higher lvl then you. Second thing i really dont like is that you are scruved if you eant to enjoy COOP game play, because you can play only 5 before you have to wait 8 hours that sucks allot, usually i uninstall the game right away when i see something like thus but ill keep it for now.

Wayne Lanham

I think It would be nice if there was more guild activities and guild perks

Jon Solomon

I love love this game it fun has great graphics and gives good bonuses

Stefan Ilić

Although it's pay to win it was fun for a while. You have some fun with the various game modes but you quickly realize exactly how extreme the predatory pay win aspect is. You will get 20 legendaries and not a single one of them will be a damage tower that can carry your games. The only thing you get is support towers that can't function without a damage tower.

Chris Taylor

Lots of fun

rio agcopra

Good and chill Game..

Jarel kirby Aguilar

Pay to Win

Steven Kenyon

It's a fun game takes a while to get going

hafiz jumahat

Lost 20 battles in a row. Somehow all my opponents have full legendary towers. Pretty much pay to win. No balance at all.

Loretta Terry

Third world trash 🤣

Im not giving my name to a machine

Idk if this is the same dev but it's pretty much a shameless copy of random dice

roberta herbel

Love I

Rukasu Hebi

Best Game ever

Daniel Sharp

This game is so overly pay to win, it's ridiculous. At level 6 most of your opponents bot or player, they are whales with awakened towers that you can't beat. The rng is very unbalanced. Random arena will not let you get more than 4-5 wins before the rng makes you lose. I've been stuck on around the world 1-10 for 2 weeks. It's like once you hit level 6 all you can do without awakened towers is co-op. And on there people would rather throw a match than pair with a low level.


Purchasing using wise doesn't work pls fix

WOLVERINESS!!!! (Ihurtfeelings21)

Gonna be honest , it's a 5 star but I'm putting three due to the fact the prices for these towers are ridiculous . Other then that love the game

Amir Hossein



Matchmaking sucks by placing higher level people with full legendary lineups against low level/new players, i get that its a free game and its gonna have microtransactions but the fact that you want to charge £20 for 3 copies of 1 tower is insane, heck charging £9.99 is mental as well, I'd pay £0.99 for 1 legendary tower as a first time purchase sort of thing but thats not even an option. Also tower merging doesnt seem to do anything since someone can beat you with level 1 non merged towers

Tash'n'Vic McMafi

Another trash td game. P2w! Best part is always playing against higher opponents, which means losing everytime.. I love it🥴

Yea No

Games good looks great my problem is if you get first place in a event you should be getting more rewards not less it's best just to stay in second then try to aim for first witch is opposite

Kevin Hoglen

Cool can play with friends and play against your friends anytime😎😎😎


The game is really pay to win. I got to around 900 trophies and got put up with people with full legendary decks nonstop (which are significantly better then even the purple items).I would be angry at this if there was a way to get legendary cards but there is no unless you want to gamble your gems away of pay £10 for a single card

Free fire tiktok

Nice game and sounds

Sophak Killer

It fan I give u 3 star

Canty Adam

Love it


A really fun game, with only two downsides: -in the end, legendary towers are the only ones worth anything, as anything under that has a better legendary version -limited number of coop plays per day. Id love to be able to keep playing it more than 5 times a day even with no reward. Out of these the game isnt too stingy with legendaries, and the randomness comes out as fun instead of frustrating. A good game

Mr Green

Exactly the same as random dice td. Serious issues with balance if you dont pay up for waves tower you will get crushed by everyone who has it. Dont waste your time with this unless you are willing to pay to win.

Shardul Adhikari

2star 🌟 🌟 for being easy to play if you know what you are doing. My 5th day as free to play player, I am at 2588 trophies, have 10 legendary towers. Quick match making most I had to wait was 35seconds. -3 stars 🌟 🌟 🌟 for being a clone. Having 22 common, rare, unique towers vs 28 legendary towers. Super expensive shop. If you want to go past 4-5k trophies 🏆 it is gonna be extremely difficult and frustrating.

Jacob Smith


Ti Cu


Marcus cruz

Dont play this game its pay to win like you can just buy the lazers and win all the time

Mohammed como


Jason Atkinson



Looked promising. Played few rounds then game suddenly started reloading something every 5 or 6 seconds. Screen would dim and little loader in the middle would show up. Restarted game and that didn't help. Uninstalled.

Mijea Basco



Turntable the same price every embarrassing

Devin George

Just a really fun battle tower game. Best one I've played.

Poision Paws

Extremely fun

music mixed

Apart from the polish of this game it is uter garbage. Poor game balance you can't really enjoy the game because you know who is going to win based on who has the broken towers. Towers that spawn tones of minions that non of your towers can kill. Because they are spammed on to the map. Leaders that are op With zero counter. Take all the bad things from all other games like it and this is what you get. Message the developers about balance problems they respond with pay to win pretty much Shame.

Benno Nicholls

The games great

CallMeKY (CallMeKY)

The intro/tutorial is supposed to seem exciting, but the handholding and getting dragged around is just annoying. I've played at least 10 of these clones and they're all exactly the same. Needs a way to skip the tutorial and certain animations.

Alvin Villanueva

nice game

Incognito Channel

Just uninstalled the game. Game at first is good until you meet those players who have good towers like the sun, plant, spaceship. Legendary towers that i mentioned are too hard to acquire. The game should at least give one of them to newer players. I wanted to restart with new account as well but when i uninstall the game, it always came to back to my old account. Annoying


Good but minus one star because event coins does not count when you lose the pvp which is not fair if you want balanced game play

jamie cross

Fun Lil tower game check er out

Madeline Murphy

Downloaded a few hours ago. But the app only worked for one round. The whole game freezes if I try to do anything like start a round. Very annoying, just plain doesn't function.