Random Hero

Author: Tycoon Games

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Random Hero – Fair tower defense PvP game!

Detailed info

File size: 55M
Update time: August 20, 2021
Current version: 1.2.8
Require Android: 4.4W and up
Developer: Tycoon Games
Price: Free
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Customer review


The best game. There is a random outcome even when your odds are good.

Sarah Bell

Just realised the game ain't been updated for yonks and the tournaments don't work,I want my money for my season pass refunded

Christian Shelley

I am so irritated, and disappointed... This game was basically flawless (as far as Random Hero (Dice) games go). The game doesn't function properly anymore. The Tournaments are currently broken, as they don't save your placements, for just taking a break (even for 5 minutes). I have spent hours+ on this game, and even paid some premiums... and now I can't even enjoy the game anymore. DEVS, please fix the issues. I have submitted multiple tickets about these issues.

Karl Angelo

Please update the game and add the teams and other events

Brandon Jarrell

Decent game I would like it a lot more if it didn't have all the bugs I have already been cheated out of 2 random mode legendary chest it let's you open everything but when you get to the last chest it says operation failed


This game is a lot of fun, challenging for sure, although alot of people don't read what the cards do, so they struggle, and think it is too hard apparently

Sarah Smile

Worst game I've ever played. I won once and never again. Waste of time. Slow sp gain, awful characters. Would never ever recommend.

Daniel Sharp

No update since last year, which was the only update. As a level 20 player it's annoying getting 19s and 20s on pvp, but on coop I haven't seen a high level player since I was level 5. I'm tempted to say that all opponents are bots, with the option to play pvp or coop with a friend.

Raistlistin Spellscar

There needs to be a way to communicate with other players, or remove the "play with a freind" option. There isnt actually anyway to play with specific people, and most of the "people"(they play like bots) are so stupid you cant earn a good reward. All that on top of the buggy code that dosent even give you the reward you just earned half the time. And you will never get any good units unless u spend money....i could write an essay on whats wrong with the game, but these reveiws are too limited

Kenny 420

Totem, star and music cause the game to lag and slow down up to 98%. The more of these 3 units there are on the field, the worse it gets. It is persistent and is ruining the fun one can have playing this game. More guides and tips needed as new players struggle to beat the bots. There are NO REAL PLAYERS that you can verse. You ONLY AND I REPEAT ONLY verse a.i bots


Unable to open game after installing. Just crashes

Serge Pelletier

Game would be so much better if enemies didn't have so much health. My weakest character is level 7, and yet I've never been able to get past stage 10 simply because enemies will not die. It's also damn annoying how the game prefers to give you the same one character to fight with. All 5 should be equally balanced, but instead you only give us one or 2 per match. How the hell am i supposed to defeat the waves of enemies, if I can't use my ALL my characters potential?

Bujo Trys!

Two years in on this freaking game and you still don't give me any units that can help me get past the freaking fish

John Crossley

Liking it


This was the first game in this genre for and I had fun, but as the other says I don't seem to match with real players. Little tip, if you play a match and you feel like loosing close the internet, nothing happens and it works for arena very good since you don't get a lose.

Fugahlee Jenkins

Unable to log in for 2 days.

delaram rostami


Amirul Amri

Thiss game soo best

Colton Baker

Sooer fun

Kyle S

Great game

Marko Nestorovic

1.Connection problems (had 45 combo of wins and lost it cause of it) 2.no way to connect acc so 3. Everytime you reenter the game it resets your tournament progress 4.co-op is basiclly rigged that your lvl is in team with lvl 1 to lvl 5 computer so good luck gettin past lvl 20 This is a good game...but this problems are to much annoying to look past them

Johnathin Wilcox

Love the game very fun just some minor bugs

Friest Ace

I like it.


Nice game but needs some balancing... ranked system doesnt give you reward even if you are at 1st place you wont get any reward ( it shows 500crystals for 1st place)

Greg Schaaf

Very basic maps, need different paths. Almost impossible be pass wave 20 in co-op. There is a bug where you open a chest, it says you can level a card up, but when you look at the cards you still need more of them. So it either doesn't give you the cards or it lies. App uses a ton of battery power.

Kerri Deeley

I am winning battles in pvp mode but am not received any trophies or rewards...😕update: 2 months later and still has not been fixed. haven't heard anything back from support either... very disappointed

Ray Elliott

Absolutely By Far The Game In Google Play Store , Excellent Grafics ! I give it an easy 5out of 5 ! Unbelievably Incredible work developers !!!!!

Andrejs Legacy

When will be available to add friends? And some guild or clan??? Nothing new in last 12 months start be very boring

Jared Gardner


Melonie Yawger

PvP- matches higher level or equal level. CoOp-matches with level 1 thru 12... NEVER even matched. I am level 19. Call "co-op" what it is: Solo Match. The bots all play the exact same. I NEVER play against real players. needs zero star option.

Wil Son

I'm downloading a few time can't play the games.... If have problems plz quickly soft the problem

sergio cazares

Good game to keep

Fang & Zo Siblings


Auke Compaan

Love the type of game play. However I'm un installing because this game is very rough on phones ram and batery.

Samantha Vidler

You didn't let me be Joe mama

Matt Adams

Had fun until my data got randomly deleted. Tried contacting the developers who just ignored my emails. They'll proceed to ignore this review as well.

Evil Cake

After months of waiting for this game to improve, I'm disappointed to say that it feels like it's abandoned game. It really sucks cus' i paid for this game.

Tamir Groisman

This game is atleast partially fake multiplayer, not sure if everyone but atleas the majority of opponents are bots who behave the exact same way.

Davon Barber

Cool game 😎😁👍👍

Robert Leinweber

Really expensive and really poorly designed blatant rip off/reskin of Random Dice.

#ello Cruz

I cant login uaing facebook..domain or something isnt right with your provided link to connect to fb..do something

JJ Stark

Edit - unplayable. I don't know how much you have to spend to beat even a single boss but it's more than I'm willing to pay. If you like this game just go play Random Dice. They're also money grubbing pay to win scumbags but at least you can play the game.


many things need to be fix on the game.. *boss skill is too much.. (specially lion boss) *mobs gives little sp.. need to increase mobs sp every round. *its kinda impossible to pass round 2 *need to atleast put some skills to help pass every round

Phan Phú

Good game

Arthur Waller

Bugged to oblivion...stole three rounds co op rewards from me, and just a second ago stol my co op chest. Refused to let me open it when I had 45 so I closed the app figuring it was the lag spike I had experienced beforehand. Reopen the app and its telling me I only had 25... really gone downhill since I last played.


It's a good game

Double Popo


Joseph Charron

PVP is just bots. Just hit a 40 game win streak with a Phoenix build. Every single "player" has an Indian name. You don't lose rank when you lose a match. Just play Random Dice instead.


You should inform the players that dice can b moved to any space instead of just swapping spaces with existing dice. This would alow them to do better on coop and pvp when they know they can set up the field how they like. I've tried to teach them but without a proper way to communicate most don't catch on

Kar Hoe Zenn Ow

All the dice soo weak compared to other type of dice defense game

A Google user

I love this game I have for a while. But with the new update it keep dropping my connection, doesnt register my completed matches or quests, and idk if it's a bug but recently it hasn't shown anything new in the shop at all. Been the exact same options for the past 5 days. Doesn't change just refreshes it. I'd love to give a 5 but something need fixed now i wasted 5 add boosts where I won and got no rewards at all.

Deshawn Watkins

I would like a refund for all the money I've put into this game, I've put a lot of money an time into playing this game. I'm sure I can't get the time back but can I at least get my money back? I couldn't play with out the new update, so after updateding the game now I can't get into it until I log into Facebook. I'm not on Facebook nor did I link my account to it, but every time I try to log into the game it keeps trying to connect me.

Pipay chua

Thank you for the game, i play everytime!!

Trevor Patterson

I like this game. But for some reason it gives the basic dies to battle with when it should be a different die. For example the rainbow die is one of the 5 dice I choose but when it comes time to battle. I don't have the rainbow die and instead I have a different die.

heather graham

When we open the random arena we are reverted back to our pvp deck and when we win it doesn't give us any creditwhat so ever

Games World


Jamie Wiggins

Love it! Just make it a way to get legendary cards without paying cash for them!!!

Adi Petrescu

I have 10 wins in random arena and i can't claim my rewards, or start another arena. What is this ??? I'm so done with it....

Syahrul Cuckoo

It always disconnected during game and i ended up losing the game even when i was clearly winning. Please resolve this issue asap.

Alexander Lyday

Dead game.

Xnoudoto Provataki

(Edited review) nice game and good support from developers

Jan Leedy

I will gladly give a 5 star but a 1 star will draw your attention Lord of hell Arch angel Snowman Butterfly Reinforcement By level 30 my game lags a ton (galaxy s9) also there are multiple graphical artifacts from the cards. For example there are golden sword remnants, the flash balls from archangel, etc. I would love a setting to disable battle effects so I can play your game. No other deck causes these problems.


It good game

Nabeel Basheer

Game is a buggy mess having played the original random dice and destiny child this game is far the worse after winning coop or pvp sometimes fails to give rewards and one time using play with friends I ended up in another person's game like it wasn't my deck 100% would not recommend till they get there things fixed they do have a nice concept but the bugs destroy the game completely Edit changed to 3 stars because I like the concept of the game and devs response was quick regading the issues

Shadow Jr

Theres more games like this that are better and enjoyable😅. But overall good game and they tried there best to make their own, so props for that.


They've just updated the game and my account was reset/deleted. Class 20 all but 1 card collected. I put money into season pass and a few deals, then they do this. Unless they undo it I'd advise you don't spend money on the game


The game itself is good, but I don't think it matches you against real time players. Your opponents always play the same way, they cannot move their units to a different position and they always use the same 2 emotes. I reached almost 40000 trophies and I still don't face real time players. Maybe they're bots or some form of asynchronous multiplayer, but it's definitely something and the devs are not transparent with this at all.

Kiban Kun

Game pelit

Derek Lehman

So, the game's enjoyable. My problem is that the company effectively stole my money. I paid for their season pass, and it wasn't activated for my account. When I went to go and get a refund for this, I found I wasn't allowed to.

Jonathan Gauthier

Came here from random dice and rush royale, it's taken some good notes and improved on those games so far. I like the changes.

Jake Geary

Very buggy, trying to get the arena rewards is an absolute chore as it doesn't line up the reward images so you're tapping endlessly to get it

Tyler Somers

Wouldn't be bad but every chest I open it gives me the gold and nothing else. Characters cards are never there after opening. Might give a better rating if I could upgrade my characters, but kind of hard to when I only get to keep the gold from the chest.

Diego Stryker.

I've never seen a game push their "deals" the way this game does.

Sammy Swope

Miss the past should reupdate to the past where you can get the chests the legendary ones or i will quit

urthebest personintheworld

Dab kinda fun but not that fun I was researching for a unlimited client to play but didn't work

James Nichols

Cool bike man the birds sing sing in the hall but ya good stuff in the could my trees

bradly steward

Daily quests can't be completed. You do the quest but it never completes. If not fixed I will stop playing.

Barry Boy

AMASING!!! This game is absolutely my favorite game, no questions asked. It's the only game I play on my phone and I've been playing it so so much. I punchased the VIP pass and I did not regret buying it. I wish the very best for the company and I can't wait for a new update! I am waiting patiently for the new teams feature to be added.


Is fun to kill time. Wish there was some type of community (discord, reddit) but there's none. No clan system yet. For those who don't know, you can relocate your units freely, just slide them to another square. Do this with your buff cards or cards like element.


To much lag

Josh Townsend

Going down to 3 stars I really like this game but I have to ask has anyone gotten pass the 3rd boss in co-op I run a crit build and I can almost crit up to 10k and I am running in to a problem were the enemies will not take any damage and I losing rounds because of this.

Ronald Joseph Fabinski

Hello game is working better, still no team event. Curious as to how trophies are given. Red, blue, I average 30-60 per match. How does the leader have 5000?

Billy IsPrivate

Why is every single person i play, level 13, when im level 20?

Harold McPherson

Fun easy and enjoyable

music mixed

Just stick to defence war. Much better game. Better heroes better art. Removed. And will never be coming back.

justin macatangay

I played for one day and the second day i cant seem to tap any options(whe i open it)

william mulvihill

Potential but bugs and balance issues. I like these style games and this one can be a top tier game if they fix some things. Co-op should not start so hard. Also, damage to monsters is heavily delayed resulting in early deaths to the players in co-op and battle. Abilities don't proc correctly when using combination/merge style cards. Promotion card should count as a merge. Will update rating if/when these and other bugs get addressed.

Rod Nickerson

This game is way better than that other dice game. Being able to adjust your cards helps create different strategies for taking out your opponent. Awesome game! I'm excited to see team battles; looking forward to this!

Kristie West

Every time the boss(Ghost) comes into play it freezes all of my heros meaning im not able to merge. Then I end up losing the game which in return I lose my place in the tournament. So frustrating! Please fix😪

Stephen Whittemore

Love the game. I bought the VIP package. That's it. I get to stage 15 or 20 on co op consistently. I win a lot of pvp games too. Just need to play and see what works for you.

Will Bond

Great game ghost boss sometimes glitches game and makes it so I'm unable to move or merge any cards

Gregory Escobar

I knew lost connection game! My phone fine! Game error lost connection!😢

kory rackel

Ausome game

Trent Woodman

Its a good game

Aaron Manning

It's a good game but I have a few issues. One being rainbow. Normally in a game like this I would use it to upgrade my ninja summoner or necro but if you use the rainbow for them they will not proc their effect making it a useless card just to be merged since it has no damage or abilities


Just a worse version of Rush Royale, with energy restraints to boot. Uninstall

Tony Kitchen

KMatch making is appalling, you get slapped with someone who has all the best towers when you're only lvl1

Matthew Faught

[new review 5/24/21] Went down to 3 stars, here is the reason. The monsters are way too strong in the early stages. I acquired every hero, and tried multiple set ups, and it is a struggle just to be able to make it too level 10. There should be no problem getting to level 20 with a full board of level 2 heroes. Please consider fixing this. I play 4 different games like this one, and this game by far has the best graphics, and is my favorite too play

Jeremiah Bates

Really fun but a bit hard.

Drew Slade

GOD has given you all for one 🙏 Hero and a good guy that can help me get the job I am working for and he has been very successful with it as I do