Random Clash – Epic fantasy strategy mobile games

Author: 101XP LIMITED

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Are you ready for Random Clash? Build towers, dominate the battlefield, and crush your enemies in this thrilling strategy game. Employ tactical thinking and devise the ultimate strategy to annihilate your foes. Pick combos in gripping PvP battles or team up with your friends in PvE games.

Become a brilliant tactician
Choose your units wisely and upgrade them to make them even more devastating. Choose from over 50 different towers to customize your unique loadout. Craft unstoppable kits for various combat situations. Outsmart your opponents and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Co-op game
What’s more fun than blasting hordes of baddies? Teaming up with a buddy! Design your own combo attacks – one player can weaken the enemy by slowing them down, poisoning them, setting them on fire, or freezing them while the other player moves in for the kill.
Who ever said you had to pick one genre at a time?
Immerse yourself in a heady mix of fantasy and sci-fi games. Smash skeletons and robots on the same battlefield. Trick out your base with magic towers and mechanized killing machines.

Power up!
Merge your towers to get even deadlier weapons and exterminate your foes with extreme prejudice.
Move up in the world
The more battles you win, the higher your rank. The higher your rank, the better your rewards. Ranked games will help you unleash all your strategic talents!

Collect ’em all
Collect as many towers as you can so you have lots of options when building your base. A good collection is a huge asset in battle.

Detailed info

File size: 52M
Update time: July 30, 2021
Current version: 1.3.9
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: 101XP LIMITED
Price: Free
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Customer review

red pine

If i could i would give 0 stars bad gable

Joseph 'i_2aaa'

I like the game. But new update stops at .02% so it's unplayable. Don't bother

Infp Gamer

Looks cool but won't do initial launch, after I select google play sign-in option gets stuck loading at 35% followed by (failed to connect) message- "no GS adress configured for protocol tcp...". I have 5g so I'm not sure why that's a problem

Thant Zin

good game

Dexter Holland

Excellent game, by far best of its kind

Jared Gardner


Ionela Ianos

I used to love this game, I played it for hours every single day, fulfilling all quests. After the last update, it is rubbish. Why take out the co-op chests? Now we can't obtain units anymore (except the very few in the battle pass - which are even harder to obtain now). Why is there a quest to play 7 games with a friend and NO option of playing with a friend? Also Gladiator mode - I am level 18 and I am only matched with 37, 40 level players which I have NO change of winning against.

Dessie G

Good addictive game. Good design and balance. I like how simple they are keeping it.

Tn N

Visually Better than competition but audio (fx) isn't very dynamic (check out competition (random dice, for starters)), unbalanced matching from the very beginning (inability to progress from lvl 1 will discourage long term playing), and daily market refresh extremely limited (add at least 2 more advertisement enabled daily rerolls (it maybe incremental but revenue is still revenue) might slowly kill the game

Phillip Jurss

Its so close to being unplayable because of the lag problem. I lose matches because the lag is that bad.


Great tower animations. Was only able to play the tutorial though tried 2 coop games and just watched as my ping went up by 100 every 5 seconds. Got all the way up to 3000

Cpt. Smoke

Great game , keep up good work. Reward your players with some promotion codes !

Silly Rabbit

Yeah keeps freezing on me can't start it...

Jen Delaney

This game is a joke. There are far superior td rush games with better management, AI, mana regen, and far more balanced. Dont waste your time playing this drivel.

Matthew Friend

Give it a shot, you won't be surprised. This game is a lot of fun.

Matthew Faught

Turning into a great game. Keep up the good work Devs

Adi Petrescu

Fair but somehow disappointing.. in pvp battles and co-op as well you play against / computer(bots). The pvp feeling is not there once you realise this thing so that's a big minus from me. Otherwise the game is pretty enjoyable

Gytis Janauckas

game is not even launching.. error code comes up

Frank Morgan

Probably the best looking game turned absolute disaster on the whole of this store. I mean, no people at all really, why use emotes. PVP is a scam to force purchases. Real players maybe only in co-op, but usually can't get past 10 waves with bots. Prices are outrageous for what the game has to offer. But the biggest thing is, not copy/pasting other games then making them worse. Clash Royale, Potato Smash, Random Royale, Random Dice, with towers tho? Cool! But it sucks losing always.

Joseph Bentley

Continual error on load up. Never got to play

Chuck Smarr

still puts me back to google play on loading

cody packer

Love it.

Lenin Oliver

I like the game and the graphics are really nice, my main problem is the time it takes to get matched in PvP. Other than that, the game is nice.

Aaron Hinkley

Really, really cool game. It's really, really hard to find someone to play with/against. More people need to play this!!!

Habisreitinger Jeffory

I love the game. A lot. But I'm having issues with the bonus chest. I've got over 2000 star medals, but it isn't allowing me to redeem them. Can I get some help?

Tank XDX

Love this game!!!

Mohammad Saeed Taleghani

The game won't open unless i use VPN

dan f

Won't load past 90%

Adam Bennett

Won't load. Reaches 90%, vibrates then doesn't go any further.

vladimir ristic

Why when loading game freezes in 70%.I cant start the game.I tried everything....😠😠

Richard Garmon

Won't load

Rpageiii The fourth

Really good game! I recommend this over the real random dice game! I think you guys should add a secret rarity or singular tower that you can unlock by doing a code or surviving to a certain wave and doing something specific in it. And if you guys really do this,hit me up,please. I have an addiction to this. I can't stop grinding.

Kat Rodes

Similar to Random Dice, but just enough different to be it's own game.

Midnight Terror

Great game. Should add clans. Different challenges.


Alot of hacker, all card unlock finish


Matching broken badly. At lv 8 you have to pvp lvl 13 - 17 Too bad. Game looks nice.

Peachy Moonz

Cant connect to server. Loading screen stuck at 20%. Dev are just a bunch of idiot. Stop making games please

Romdhoni Al Fajri

Edited... Good game after update

Bryan Syms

I have been playing for 4 months and the game is good fun but the ladder needs to be reset at the end of the season as the top 2 players have millions of trophies and then everyone else is between 20k to 60k in top 100. I am currently 72 but losing interest as top spot is unachievable!!!

Ian Fernandez

Best game in this genre.


Fun while the servers are actually working. 261mbps down internet speed with 1000-7700ms ping in game. Yea... fix that connection.


This game is not good so lags in philippines sad i cant play

Wil Son

Why already upgraded... I'm play the game the game will lag it suddenly my site loses the game... Can soft the problem quickly

mohammad rakhshani


hector jesus

This update mess up the game everything is on blue

Rose Brockman

Games fun, but getting new turrets is almost impossible to get. it says you get them at level eight but never got one.

adam liszewski

Great game. Glad to see it working again

George Tyndall

If you're looking for a good game to get into this is a great way to go. A lot of the games of this jonra are dice based oh, this is a great break from that and it doesn't seem to be a pay-to-win game which is great

John Gofourth


Albert Blaauw

Game is lagging alot lately.

music mixed

boring when the game is over in just 60 sec bucause the shocking balance.

Aaron Blustein

This game is alot of fun when it works. It has been off for days on end. It won't connect to server and I have spent alot of money only to deal with the developers who took 2 days to resolve my first issue. This game is very stingy with rewards and I am level 14 and have never once received one legendary chest in the Special Chest and I have played at least 300 coop games

Craig Mackinnon

Since update game doesn't work, won't find matches, shame

Kee yeong Tan

Unable play due to server problem

A Google user

The creative game and storyline attracts players. good job!

Rod Nickerson

It would be nice to have an option to reset the co-op mode by spending gems.

A Google user

need more soldiers and all is good

greg hardy

Giving 2 stars cause graphics are good and UI is good. However I don't believe I'm being matched with other live players. I being being matched with both NPC players. It's pretty easy to tell. Please confirm and fix this issue I ibwould like to play with actual people and not bots

Chris Lockyer

Remove the limit on co-op mode, pvp is full of spenders with means unfair match making, I'm losing way too much, needs some major balance adjustments, more sources for tower cards and coins

Alexander L

Игра затягивает) Целую ночь просидел когда скачал.

Lyubomir Miloshev

Full of hackers after rank 13! I deal x7 dmg crits(700% crit dmg) and my opponents deal x200 dmg(40-50k hits). Not even mentioning the match macking system... I am with 10k points and all my opponents are with 20k +++ points...(several hundred games more than me or even thousands) GG, next game!

Richard Campbell (Symbiosis)

I love how the towers looks evolve during battle when increasing stars and the graphics are quite good. That being said there are some major balancing issues. Ill have a full board of 5 star level 5 towers and my opponent will have a full board of 1 and 2 stars at level 3 and I still lose. Not to mention I have legendary towers and he is using common. I'm also not positive I've ever actually played against another real player. Seems like I only face AI opponents.

justin farris

It won't go past 35 percent on loading screen

Henry Bruemmer

I love the game but im stuck at the part where it says let's check your collections. I wont allow me to proceed from there and I'm unable to play the game

Vyscen Koh

Utter trash, fake comments

Jason Evenson

Good game

Ryan's Reynolds practice world

Amazing fun love tower defense but Vs ppl what a idea very rewarding also

Tim G

Trash.. all bots.

Anna Davydchenko

It's fun and pretty addictive, art-style remind me of American animation of 90th, like Biker Mice from Mars or Skeleton Warriors. Nice

Noah Levi

why did it delete my account ? you cant select a account sign up.

Real Racing

Все отлично Но было бы неплохо иметь возможность общаться с соперником или с союзниками в Co-op режиме

Olga Shepovalova (Lenivets)

Surprisingly fun! Played during the weekend. Super cute artworks, and the graphic overall is nice. Having a few issues though, the most annoying one - timers aren't working, both the daily quests and shop. Time goes round, from like 15 hrs left to 5-10 minutes, and then again to 12-15 hrs left. Kinda hoped for a new daily quests daily haha

Stanislau Skorb

Good game, very addictive!

Dheeraj Dj

Loved this game, has great potential... Expecting more game cards.

Florencio Pante Jr.tuyyunjnnm me l ok hon I'm lol

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