Rainbow Friends, Craft Rope

Author: Zego Global Publishing

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Rainbow Monster Craft Rope – Rainbow Friends Monster Craft 3D, Rope game is an epic third-person superhero gangster fighting game with everything you want & all features you can ask for at craft world 3D.

Your Craft 3D City is under attack by dangerous and angry zombies. Want to be the Rainbow Friends Monster Craft 3D the world wants and save the city using your crafty senses and real superhero powers.

Follow, chase and kill the crazy zombies by using your rope, throwing climbing, and swinging superpower.

Live the character of the most amazing and powerful superhero by playing this craft rope hero man game because, in this Rainbow Friends Monster Craft 3D, Rope game action-packed fighting game, your character possesses many great superpowers like superhuman strength and the ability to stick to and climb walls and buildings. Shoot web-shooters to fire and swing from sticky webs, special spider-sense of this rope craft hero man warns of incoming danger instantly. The Rainbow Friends Monster Craft 3D has an amazing super rope which is an important weapon of this superhero character. This Rainbow Friends Monster Craft 3D has the capability to move around the city.

Rainbow Friends Monster Craft 3D, Rope game Features:
Best rope climbing/swinging experience you can get
AmazingRainbow Friends Monster Craft 3D action experience
Cool Super Powers with the best action
Shoot Super Laser from Eyes
Super Smash Jump Effect
Powerful Punch Super Power
Super Sprint destruction run
Kill angry zombies and save the craft 3D city

All the above features with best High-quality graphics and Smooth controls of fighting, diving, running and swinging.

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Update time: Oct 15, 2022
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Require Android: N/A
Developer: Zego Global Publishing
Price: Free
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