Raid & Rush

Author: Overmobile

50,000+ install
Role Playing


Raid & Rush – Assemble your squad and start a treasure hunt! Cool battles are waiting for you

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: August 9, 2021
Current version: 1.1.2
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Overmobile
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dan And Carol Hyde

Pretty interesting and fun game. Just started playing but so far so good. Good graphics, easy play so far.

Alireza Torktaz


Jerry Brock

Love it

Zander Natzke

Its a nice strategy game to play when you need something to do. And need a break the character design is good. Great game so far looking forward to updates!

Sheila Smith

Glad i found this fighting game. 1 of the best ones i have tried. Love it!!!

Nyan Tun

good 👍

Pesan tidak dapat dikirim

Hilanglah takhta Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre

Ol Boi

just started playing but so far it's got me engaged. ready to see wuts next

Van Alaban

Too much over power start from stage 77 and up

Thatoe tayza



I've been playing long time this game... Suddenly today unable to play it, after opening game blank screen nad immediately goes to desktop... 👎

Sergii Kulyk

Advertise shows absolutely other game process. App must be banned for such demo

David Kiefer

So far it seems like a decent game to pass time...

sam turner

cool game

Chris Gedling

fun fun fun

James English

just start3d this game , have only played a lil bit but it seems an ok game so far .

Luke Ferridge

Another cash cow game that looks like its had all of a week of development so it can flesh out its store and offer no content. Daily quests requiring purchases, tons of "deals" that are random shard loot boxes you can buy for the cost of monthly rent. Levels are just puzzels with no diversity of strategy to be had because character selection options are non exsistant. Play how you're expected to or fail. Trashy concept still being mimic'd. Paying these people supports more trash.

Ernest Russell Strong

this game is a lot of fun for you to play on your phone and on your iPhone also.

Paul Jo

play, keep going, sleep

Barbara Grover

I love it

هانیا باقری


Edward Wilson

the game's fun but it's a little slow

Mark Hesselrode

sweet game

Lotfi Sahnoun


Chadd Harper


Mike Nelson

Says it needs to be updated when there is no update for it. Uninstalled and reinstalled it and no change.

Kristopher Holbert

wow this is really fun so far definitely looking forward to seeing this game grow I absolutely love the fact your hero's get better skins as they grow.. graphics are great too..this game is still awsome a must play if you like strategy games...

Khashi Titan

really good game is new play for android pls just need to upgrade graphic

Tony Chavez

very fun cat complain

Mike Haage

so far pretty cool. not a bad game thankyou devs

Katie and Aaron Parker

Doesn't work

lee smout

Great game But it had gone down and no answers if and when it's working again

Jeffrey Aubin

Game refuses to start

Justine Nelson

Couldn't play. Kept saying connection error and I'm sitting 2 feet away from my WiFi. UGH!! 🤬

Andre Ford

pretty decent helps pass the time.

Jesus M Perez

🇲🇽🤣🇻🇨🥰🥰🤣🇲🇽😅🥰🤩🥰🇲🇽😍🥰🤩🤩🇲🇽😆🤣😇🥰😚🤩😍😆🇻🇬😍🥰🥰🤩🤩😍🥰🥰🤩🥰🥰😚🤩😚🥰😇😚🥰😍🥰 Raid & Rush

Shane Williams

great job

Zeoku Naraz

I'd like to know how the gameplay and mechanics work, so I can enjoy the game. However, I've uninstalled the game several times and reinstalled, cleared the cache and did everything possible yet it forces close the moment I open the game. 0/5 due not even being able to try it out.

Matthew Fusco

Just started. So far, so good. Let me play some more for a full review.

Jay Harvey

For a "birds eye view" game it's graphics are nice, can feel somewhat repetitive but still enjoyable.

Brian Black

very fun so far

DanielJ Failing


Frank Chico

great game all should play it

Anthony Backe

Awesome thanks 🔥🤗

michael bertsch


Kevin Guidry

more options?

zosimo jr cabahug

nice game plsss suport

the hole

Great game

Dan Paruta

I just started. it is ok so far

Richard Kessler



very fun game I see some depth in it too. unique idea for a change. I suggest to give it a try.

James Melton

I love this games challenge

James Melton

so far this game is pretty interesting

geno cammon

awsome kool beanz

Dayne Keith

I am definitely having fun with this game.

Dennis Mckinney

Great game hope to see more updates soon

John Obyrne

so far its not bad first day playing will rerate later

Ray Hardin

well just your super hero's movies by themselves when the player should be controlling them then u will have a game

Jun Ghale

Ad video doesn't play and there's no reward... for gold and box

Mariusz Fijołek

Charged me twice for 1 premium pack, no response from support. Aggresive adverts

David Crnkovich

I love this game. I have been playing it for a good minute now. Even created a Guild. What it has to offer is alright but it does lack in a few areas. Hopefully future updates add a lot more content. I would like to see me team based modes too so the Guild can work with each other. The suggestions could go on for days. But I hope more is coming. No plans of leaving anytime soon.

shiv narayanv sharma shivi

I am facingissue after update app yesterday, since it not responding

Md Nasir

Good game a new experience.

Rob Roy

Ein einfaches Game, was anfangs Laune macht. Grafik OK und ein neuer Ansatz (Beschütze dein Gold). Ohne Echtgeldeinsatz wird man allerdings wahnsinnig, vor lauter Werbungschauen. Man kann es natürlich auch lassen, nur dann kommt man kaum bis gar nicht weiter. 7€ für den Werbeblocker (man bekommt aber die Vorteile, als ob man die Werbung geschaut hätte) sollte man auf jeden Fall einplanen. Update: Nach ein paar Wochen spielen, wird das Spiel langweilig, ausserdem wirkt es unfertig. Es kommen keine neuen Helden (obwohl sie angezeigt werden) und Fähigkeiten dazu. Nach 2 Tagen hat man seine Truppe komplett und danach loggt man sich am besten stündlich ein um ein paar Minuten zu spielen.



Solomon Samari

nice concept, it's cool

Arman Taheri

Very good

pouya kuhi

very good



mzn loki

good game

Adam Missner

great game. simple and fun.

Suleman Khan.

osm gameplay

Mark Pearce



Note 2 self. It's a baby game. You simply watch a guard that melee the same clone over and over.

Akhilesh Yadav


Jennifer Campbell


Richard Hale

Enjoying the game so far, looking forward to the new characters. Few connection issues but overall great work guys and gals keep it up.

Glen Zarembski


Prasanna Pathirathna


George Angelopoulos

simple yet complex.. good game

Matthew Pride

don't know enough to go 5 yet. should ask later!


Failed but successful.

Amos Clark

so far fun with cool hero abilitys

bradly steward

This isn't right I make it through the second level and beat it just to lose connection and I'm connected to my home wifi. Fix your damn game.

Marc Long

If I pay for no adds will I get x3 energy every playrhrough?

Sherrie-Skye Brooklynn Winterz

Your game's telling me what to do and when before I can even put my name in. If I need help, I'll ask (Gods, I hate how games do that!) And on top of it, after forcing me to play-out your tutorial, but NOT letting me play on my own is when you want me to rate your game without any way to X out? Sure! ONE star! Now, how about I go try it out for myself and rate when I'M ready? Thanks!

Dominick Pacileo

It's a little like Darkfire Heroes.

Shan Lum Malang

Shan Lum Malang 💞 Nan Nanmarip

Pahang Man

Ok I guess, game to play on a rainy Sunday if you have nothing else to play.

Hossein Dastpak

best game 🎮🎯

Tony Uribe

fun,your gonna like it

jermaine curry

Loads of fun.

Hosein Morvariyan


Alexander Atanasov

Game was going quite well until recently it started crashing my phone whenever i tried to watch a damn Ad. It ia unplayable and as i can see plenty of players have complained for the same since a month ago and no fix has been provided. Poor technical support.

AJ Evans

oooga booga



Mirza Muaz

nyc beautiful 😍❤️ game

Gautham Rock


Salo Melgares

The best of the best!

Naing Aung