Ragnarok X: Next Generation

Author: Nuverse

5,000,000+ install
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Ragnarok X: Next Generation – Official Ragnarok Online fantasy adventure RPG, a new journey in 3D

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File size: 103M
Update time: August 30, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 4.3 and up
Developer: Nuverse
Price: Free
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Customer review

Irgit Prasetya Misbach

1st birthday gift so such, event colab so scam n so useless, too much bug, inconsistent event, and i feel like everyday is update day. So sorry RoX but for this moment, U doing so bad

Jade bryan Gonzalo

iam bored to your event. only one card made a mistake in choosing because the details were different and could not be understood. and I won't be playing for a few months.

RheyJhun Latigay

Very good game

Lukman Hakim Aliansyah

Cant login from handphone for almost 1 month. Always crash app in opening screen. Please fix this issue in samsung series s10

Randitya Angga

I've played this game for a week now. But today, after i opened the game and there there was 90MB-ish update notif, i click download and after the game won't load. I've tried to clear the cache and restart my phone, but now it won't open at all. Only black screen after i clicked the icon. Pls FIX THIS ASAP. I am using S22+ Update : Now I totally cant play on my S22+ , bcs it wont launch at all. When i clicked the icon, it only showed black screen, all the time. PLS FIX THIS!

Jasper Tamayo

Unlucky, as in super unlucky

Yuri Angga

the game is fantastic but now it's crash everytimes i open the game, so can u explain????


I just downloaded the game and for some reason the app wont start and all i see is a black screen. i've tried re-installing the app but it still doesn't start up properly. Please fix this devs.

Lance Ravin Urgelles

Why is it crashing on my phone I can play it last month now it is crashing on login screen

Yongky Setiadi12

Give me refine awaken +8 pleeease dev

Baron Amiel

Hey every time i tried to download the game it always says mobile ocur or something pls fix it


Money money money

Thomas Tan

The game is fund but keep crash after the big update. I'm using Samsung s22. No issue on other game. ROX keep crash and unable to load

reuben sismondo jr.


nurul shafira jaafar

Aaaaaaa!! Boring this game not good! I die Many time! Why😭😭😭

riou genkaku

Rom vs Rox vs Roo vs Rov ?

Ronald Republica

Great game


Worst anniversary and event ever(AOT). In almost 1 year playing it not even once get gold drop from MVP/MINI/INST. Super duper lag when that clocks turn to 7pm-12am(event like KVM,GVG, SHOWDOWN) can even enjoy. KVM gap matches imagine im 92 but my enemy are 99 or 100 whales with gold equips. Out of 999 box of purple, i claim almost 200-300+ already not even once get Blue card or any card from event. Gacha sucks almost doing equipment gacha for 4 months can even get what your character needed.

Webhost Tamago

Good graphics, good story, GUI is awesome the problem is its so heavy on upgrading. the level gap on monsters are very hard. If you cant upgrade your weapon you totaly get left behind... I was a lvl 70 LK with gold equipment and i switch to MONK the problem is that my gear is low level i cant even kill a level 50 monster and im level 70 pve build. You guys gata do something about it my odins is already 15k and i cant even burn my odin. The only way for me to get crystals now is thrue top up.

Ayam- Rox

Always crash force close on samsung device. Even after reset all the setting. I have to uninstall the reinstall again every time i want to play.. what a very convenient game.


So so awesome 👌

Walter Aliniabon

I think the game is not optimized well for Android 12. Im using S22 Ultra which is the highest end of Android phones and I cannot start the game. Freezes at the loading part. Need a lot of restarts, clear caches, install-unistall of the app and its really annoying. When I am lucky to start the game, it will crash while you are in the middle of something like KVM or Instance etc and your party members will be annoyed at you. Pls fix this so that I can play well.

Jasmine Ormides

I love this

Khairul Anuar Glow

My character ban without any valid reason

ian benedicto

After I downloaded the game. Its just a black screen. Doesnt load on character screen. But sometimes, it does load but freezes at some point in the game and goes back at black screen. Other games im playing are working just fine. Im using samsung S21 Ultra.

12-Banatao Jhon Clarence Garcia


Nur Hayati

Gg seru banget sih

christhereaper z

It's good and meet a lot of friends but when your grinding and the monster your farming has a stun is annoying fix nerf the stun of some monster I got stun 3rd Times please nerf it

Rasor Velasquez

Alot of mb


Crash can't play. Not f2p friendly unless you spend your life on it.

Mr. Nobody

If you didn't fix the crashign bug of this game then you should just,delete it that's the best way to fix the problem,idiots

Goldy Soo

Unable to open the app after downloading. Keep crashing during loading.


How do I get cart Titan?

Ian Pacot


Allan Masire

Love you Game

Lazeil Rosal

Its a good game but i hate that it always crash on me and its hard if there a event and more but the worst is you don't give new players a totourrial how to do it ok i now how to play but its hard to lvl up if you dont now what your doing and if your a new guy your ganna miss the really fun event like this 1 right now sea what i mean ols give something to help the players ty

Roslizawati Watim


Letecia Sangalang


Metz Jillian Diaz


Rhay Barsett

This game is not f2p friendly

Waterlink 9080

Titan event is the worse event ever, make it fun like slime event pls


nuverse staff noobshit

Koe Hong

I can't open the game...wat the problem

Loki and Friends

My Wi fi is so low ahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaabbbb. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Abdul Hadi

When downloaded the game crashed and just showed a blank screen. I can't even play the game. I tried deleting and reinstalling but it doesn't work

gabgab iblasin


winanti karyati

Aku suka gem ini

A Google user

This app is so Slow

Leila Armantos

Dear Developer. After the Update we cant enter the game anymore. Please fix it!

Ez Ra

Belum download tapi Cobain Dulu :v


Bruh i cant play the game it keeps closing and stopping. I can't even enter the game itself like wth.

Nick Keoh

After update then cannot open more?

Jerovic Tacanay

0/10 this games it's so slow download all system

Kennedy Kerani

I love the game 😂😄😋😍

Jan Marie Alipin

CR gkkkkaki7

Livez Einzweil

Wow 4.4 and some of the 5 star reviews are negative? Amazing Now to the actual review: If I could rate this negative I will but sadly I can't. It still contained the past problems but somehow made it more worst, how they did that is beyond me. It's because of producers like this that the mobile platform is full of trashy games. Every rate is worst now at every aspect. This company makes EA looked like a good company when it comes to microtransactions.

gwan pektjin

Event aot sangat buruk

mang aliga

1 year experience, still 1 star for the game, alot of bug in game, update 3 times a day, failure collab event, in game pack not worth to spend (the item inside we can get in 2 days playing), collab gacha box is scam (300 box got nothing),anniversary event must spend a lot of money, what should i boast about this game? 1 year decreased quality.

Melanie Pineda

I love this game cause is atack on Titan 😄😄😄

Chairul Rizal

Stuck at loading game on my samsung galaxy note 10 android 12. Please fix it.

WukzZz TV

I did not received the Mechaspeaker Mask I payed 499 pesos. What happened?

Drexel Calderon

Why does take so long to loding just why

Ayzianie Ayie


Bartolome Catalan

... Cool games .

Christopher bubosa abal

Life enough app only allow


Pretty decent game, but the devs are having an idea down from the sky into their mind to milk SEA server hard. Impossible events for F2P and massively expensive even for mediocre spender. Annual Event gone from worse to worst. What an achievement. Much love such wow!! I wish there's another game similar to Ninokuni but not gender lock. Imma put this game out of my phone immediately. The only good thing you have is not gender lock.

Ashraygaming Ashrayyan

The loading so long I can't wait to play and erorr everytime I'm so axited to play but the loading is long pls fix this 😃

Nurul Jannah


Scott Koh

Fix game compatibility for android!!!

Florenda Simisim

Cool game

Arceli ArceliZm

Bdoe bciqjfobe Nid fieyocdnpnc rmc

Herry JR


Justin Zachary Cacay

I am trying to find aot

Roxane Barboco

I hate this game its new bug its kick me when i play

Yu Yevon

Card card no drop, event gacha 🌟

Jhorllyn Green

100 % new costumes, new events, wow nice one request please fix some lag issues

Amanda Qis



I don't even have to explain

Bayu Prasetya

Odin box hilang 50 @100 odins. Wtff... dev tidak mengakomodir untuk dikembalikan. Bukan kesalahan player tapi player dirugikan. Dev hanya butuh topup tanpa memperhatikan player. Worst game ever.

Kanetsugu Noeh

Its a nice game, also no need to spend much money for game currency you just need a hard work and grind to get rich, i give it 4 star because there is still a missing feature it is better if you add trade between player so that we can exchange item and sell them directly to them.

Teo cia hao

Drop rate card sana kok ga ada

Handoko Jiang

Tidak bisa buka d samsung zfold3

Kirito Asuna

The same like other games..it is not an interesting to grind to play.

Clarence Mauro

Thank for adding attack on titan in Ragnarok I truly want aot

ruN maysiH

well if play casual nowadays is become common and great to play as customer service is really helpful and helping solved the problem if acquire eventhough your just f2p..hope in future got alot new content to do so the games can feel it much betters..keep it up dev.


Gaming not bad

Rama tama


Sean Prince Ronald


Lesther Sardia

Great game

Oreon Peregrino

Lowered the rating. After the update, the game won't even start. Using Galaxy Note 10. Already cleared the cache. Didn't work. Uninstalled and reinstalled, didn't work.

Andrew Delica

Kamui amaterasu sharinggan rasenggan chidori kirin futon rasenshuriken

Nino Michael Delos Reyes

Too many servers, lost too much players. Anybody can think of just making 1 server?

Gerald Tayag

Worst Anniversary that I ever experience.

Kelvin Chin

Unable to play since update


Not responding on my s21 ultra Why??? But playable on my xiaomi mi 10 🤔🤔🤔🤔

gaijin buster

The game is so auto, afk arena have more player interaction.

wafiq rifqi

Nak bukak storage pon tak boleh


AOT event not worth paying for. They will mostly give you converters, pvp pots (merchants are useless this time). Top up is a waste of money. The game is like RO eternal love

kenken abut

-updated - now they have aot event not even worth paying for. high rate of exchange are converters, so what's the use if you are a priest or wizard? even if you will exchange for more than a hundred mostly are converters. There were pvp pots so no use of merchants then. Still even if a month of 24/7 afk, NO CARD. Do not even think of top ups, they will just give you a fail on refine and upgrades

Riku Aoba

So far the worst Collaboration I've ever seen! not even worth the time to join the collaboration!