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Description is a 2D multiplayer game that allows you to experience the feeling of eel & snake hunting. During the game, you need to absorb, rise up, grow bigger, earn points and take the top 1 spot out of all 200 players. In short, all you need to do is quickly eat everything around you and grow up, otherwise, your opponent will swallow you up!

Here is the play rule: absorb and eat everything, grow bigger, be the biggest and get the top #1 position. You can tell this is a rather new combination of two different game genres battle royale and io game.
There are two ways for you to start snake hunting and rise up: eat food around you (cake, candy, sweets, etc) or absorb your enemies.
Eating surrounded food is quite easy, you just have to go through them. However, devouring your opponent is a bit more complicated. You need to make the other eel’s head touch your body. This will make them explode. Conversely, if your head touches the enemy’s body, you will explode. So what will you be? Being an eater or being eaten? It is up to you!
The easiest way to win is to start by quickly eating as much as you can. Then find smaller enemies, curling up to trap them, making them explode. And last but not least, absorb them!
After each snake hunting match, you will receive gold, the longer you survive, the more money you will receive. This money will help you buy skins and turn into rattlesnake, coral snake, etc.

Similar to most other io games, the gameplay of depends on two buttons on the screen: the scroll button and the speed up button.
Be careful with the speed-up button since you may accidentally crash somewhere.
There are some bonus foods besides normal ones, which will give you special powers for a short time.
In the game, there are a pretty rich amount of costumes. In addition to eel, you can also become an eater with rattlesnake or coral snake appearance.

Don’t forget, in, you have a chance to win even if you’re tiny. You can swerve in front of a much larger player to defeat and absorb them, no matter how big you are! Download now and try to become a smart eel eater! Good luck!

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Md Saiful Islaim

11111 😂😂😂

Thịnh Trần

nice game, you should make more skin cz i have collected all skins in the shop

Doan Phuong

The game is very cool, but I noticed that it enters me into random servers where the ping is very high and it delays responding to the movement. That is why you should make a list so that we can choose the right server for us🥰