Puzzles & Commander

Author: RJoy

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Puzzles and Commander is a war strategy game combined with match 3.
SLG vs Match 3!
Solve the puzzles to kill the Satanic Legion and save team Thor!
Build an Impenetrable Base!
To survive you must build buildings, train troops, produce resources, research technology and recruit heroes with different abilities. Build an impenetrable base and create a safe haven for your allies.
Survival of the fittest!
Join or create an alliance and fight for freedom and justice.
The will to live!
With formidable enemies and a constantly looming crisis, it’s do or die.
strategic battles!
raid bases to maintain your raid base with a wide range of troop types, extensive hero skills and powerful attacks combined with different battle strategies.
unique heroes!
Realistic and interesting hero models featuring survivors from various walks of life. Recruit talented heroes to defend your base and help lead your troops!
Commander, are you ready to report for duty and raise an army like never before?
Puzzles and Commander is a free mobile game with in-app purchases.
A device with an internet connection is required.
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Detailed info

File size: 444 MB
Update time: 2022-11-29T13:52:55.000Z
Current version: VARY
Require Android: VARY
Developer: RJoy
Price: $Free
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