Hello, Chef! What is your dream?
Cook the best dish ever? 🍣Become a Meowchelin Chef? 👨‍🍳 Be recognized by audience from the world? 🏆
Welcome to the Meow Kingdom’s City of Food — Gam City!
In the “Purr-fect Chef”, you will be a successor of a legendary gourmet and your goal is to become a Meowchelin chef! You will cook yummy food and beat strong competitors to earn operation rights for more stores!

A Different Cooking Game
🐶 ·Warm and lovely characters, cute animals will bring you joy
🍳 ·Close to reality cooking steps, learn to make all kinds of dishes
⌚️ ·Time management gameplay, start whenever you want
🐱 ·Unpredictable orders and fun game design
🥗 ·Hundreds of collectable special recipes, master the secret of cooking
🔨 ·Remold? Refurbish? Get a new look for your store!
* New offline mode! Run your stores at any time!
A unique simulation game

·Bowtie, chef hat, or round eyes? Create your very own meow style! 🐱
·Upgrade your kitchenware and purchase device to enhance your cooking. skills! 🥄
·Serve clients with food that can touch their hearts, listen to their stories,
share their pain and happiness 😊
·Follow the main storyline to discover the secret of the legendary Meow’s Supreme Cooking. ㊙️
·A hole on the floor? A chair broken by a BIG client? Lifeforms hiding under the carpet? As a qualified boss of many stores, you surely can solve all these issues purr-fectly! 🪑
Prepare the cake base🍰, whip cream🥛, decorate with fruits🍉——
To satisfy all clients ‘requests, Boss, are you prepared?
Décor and remodel your store, unlock more delicious recipes, and conquer all the challenges to become the Meowchelin Chef of Gam City! 🎉 🎉 🎉

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 13, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Supernova Games Alpha
Price: Free
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Customer review

kyla mae

I hope i can play this offline coz its supperr addicted...right now i dont have data so i cant play this game😢

Elisha Miller

I was expecting a typical time management game, but there are so many surprises - by far, I enjoy the cooking mini games and climbing up the different leaderboards the most. I also like the fortune teller. The story has a lot of outlandish characters - basically you play a depressed cat who lost all his previous businesses and has to start over; then in turn he helps cute animals through their hard days. Lots of prizes to win so it's pretty addictive and I'm happy with that.

Qi Qi

A very unique time management cooking game! I was surprised to see a new game like this, not just another cooking game with repetitive core gameplay, but you can experience different mechanics with your in-game progression, like a casual version of "Overcooked"! Not to mention the storyline is great too, I cannot wait to find out what happen next.

Zhaara Lee

The food, the furniture overall cute. lots of task and quest to do. 1 things im not really fond off and its the cat features i cant change to something more cute.

Neetu Raj

Really really cute game love it but it forces me to spend gems and coins which is bad and some levels are really hard because of so many things and for me it's ok :)

Ash Alpha

Super cute everything is cute literally EVERYTHING is cute for someone who likes cooking and cats like me. Some levels are challenging which makes the game not boring. I really like all the side missions and other activity. The story is funny and has some depth. Really, dev team you did a great job. I also like to thanks the artists and the music maker behind this game. Your arts and music are amazing. I hope to see more quality game like this in the future. Amazing job guys ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Sabrina Frajnya

Cute games. 5 stars are not enough, it should be 1000/5 stars ^^

Janet /Shannon

Fun. Goofy.

Xx Unnotic3d xX

Just the cutest game. Absolutely loving it.


Cuteee ❤️❤️❤️ Nice graphic 🥺

Tuyen Le

I want to play this game on ios device please!

Nadiah Nordin

I love it. But the touch sensitivity is a little too low. I find that i have to touch a sprite a couple more times to get it

Coral Liew

I enjoyed the game at first, nice graphics. Then come level 23 of Light Meal store. Requires 9 guests, but the game only allows 6 to get in the store. Forced me to watch an ad to get extra guests, still not enough to get through. Then force me to use 20 diamonds to get through again. I am only at my 3rd store, so looks like this is the last store for me as I will not get through to any higher level eventhough i have upgraded everything.

Thương Hà

Purchased in app double times but i received no diamond ????

Sin Ying

I'm so addicted to this game


Okay it's really very fun to play and it's a very entertaining and sweet game the graphic are absolutely fine... Kinda think that it's an underrated game tho...


I really like this game..BUT..there so much bug..i paid for the discount things but i didnt get what i paid..and the booth at the rank 7..everything froze..the customer is not moving..when i tap nothing appeared..if this keep going to uninstalled it soon..

hfuwh Hoa

Omg its so cute 😍

Jill Lim


Michelle Angelyn

Been playing this game for awhile and I can say this is a very good and fun game. I've been looking for this kind of game and this game didn't dissappointing at all. There are plenty of game modes to play and a lot to explore. Good game!!!

Dahianna Olivo

Me encanta la animacion, es muy tierna y entretenida, ojala y puedan agregar el idioma en español(=^‥^=)

Liping W.

The art is really cute and gameplay is great! Story is interesting too, and keeps me engaged throughout the stages. There are plenty of things to do and I'm happy to be kept occupied. However, some of the words are really small and is hard to see..


This game is so adorable so cute. Love the arts and the animals are such cutie and the story is nice and funny. Everything about this game is just adorable and enjoyable. Thank you for making this game. ^_^

Michelle Ann Gonzaga

I just bought 15 gems a few minutes ago. How come it was not reflected on the game even though I was notified that my payment went through?

A Google user

Hello the game was so beautiful and the graphics are comic-ly designed and the bgm was relaxing thath suits cafe vibe. I hope the nect update you can make countless campaign which it we reached 40 level we can repeat it again and again so we can manage to generate gold. Apparently I finished japanese sweets in 40 level and I am not able to play anymore, I hope there is no end in playing levels.

Chen Procyon

cute game i love the designs

zhayne hidalgo

Addictive game

Valerie Ganzo

It tells me to update but when I go to play store, there is no new update. ❓❓❓

Irish Arianne Romero

Good game but it's a bit inconvenient for it to be played online.

Naomi Diana

Great graphics like anime foods.. I like the story... Hope to update for more resto.. :)