Puppy Color: Sort Puzzle

Author: Game4u Studio

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Puppy Color: Sort Puzzle is a fun and addictive puzzle game! Try to sort these cute little puppies until all the puppies are in the same type together and taken home by ufo. Are you a big fan of sorting puzzle games, but tired of boring pouring and sorting water color games? And who doesn’t love cute puppies, right? This new style of sorting game with all types of cute puppies from corgi, shiba to husky and pug will definitely a challenging yet relaxing game to train your brain!

• Click and move any puppies, arrange them and group the same puppy type together.
• The rule is that you can only move the puppy if it’s linked to the same type and there’s enough space on the cliff.
• Use your brain, find your own way to solve this entertaining sorting puzzle.
• Try not to get stuck – but don’t worry, you can always start the level again and undo at any time.

• One finger control.
• Multiple unique level
• No penalties & time limits, you can enjoy these fun and relaxing puzzles at your own pace!
• Beautiful 2D Graphics with wide varieties of Maps and Puppies.

Can you pass all levels and bring all the puppies home safely? Challenge your brain now in Puppy Color: Sort Puzzle. DOWNLOAD NOW!!

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Update time: Jun 22, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Game4u Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

GuGu DiPalesa Zinhle' MJFlowers

The game is excellent. But that three eyed alien creature it uses. To remove the puppies. Truly isnt necessary! Another way to discard of them, should be considered! ASAP! This Ol school Consumer HATES that part of the game. Demonic in it appearance. Sounds like a brainwashing undercover 🥸 decision.



Ethan W

It's REALLY fun game! I love it. And it's adorable!

David Bulfoni

COOL game ,while it does make the game more challenging but it would be nice to reuse the old lines. ( Thank you very much for the COOL new improvements anticipate more. ) Please make the hidden gift screen removable,or at ieast accessible, now the only way to remove it is to exit game then return.

David Bulfoni

Good but why close a used line

kuwar sa

Kunwar Sa

Lakshmi Lakshmi Lakshmi Lakshmi

Lakshmi Lakshmi LAKSHMI

Dora Baumbach

Love this game! I've been looking for dog sort game for awhile and it was worth waiting for! Puppies are adorable and the barks too if you're a dog lover highly recommend this game!!! Give it 20 stars!!!