Puppet Master: The Defenders


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This is the edge of hell, the border between life and death, without a sign of life……
Life exists after death in the form of souls, they are either absorbed by the puppeteer and merged with the puppet. become a super powerful puppet that fights against the devil or is felled by the devil swallowed into a puppet that has since disappeared from the world ……
You, the puppeteer, collect souls and feed these puppets, awakening their abilities and enhancing their power to fight demons!
Western cartoon style and 2D magical hand drawn focus on the “doll” theme. The doll design is a “mask of unique symbols”. At the same time, “Western caricature” is used to show the difference in appearance of different dolls, creating a sense of mystery.
Various Maps
There are 26 different map paths available, and new maps and new bosses are unlocked as players level up.
Strategy Challenge
Different maps and different puppet locations in battle require mastery of all puppet skills and general battlefield layout, strategy is key!
Random Luck
Maps are updated randomly, as well as summoned and combined in battle, making the battle full of uncertainty.
PVP Mode In
real-time PVP battle, both players face the same enemy, and whoever can fight to the end wins! As a puppeteer, you must choose 5 puppets to form your own unique formation to defend against an evil attack.
Co-op mode
Play online or cooperate with your friends to protect the devil. The more you protect, the more soul stones you get to unlock the unknown world.

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File size: 292 MB
Update time: 2022-12-28T10:16:41.000Z
Current version: 1.2.22
Require Android: 4.4
Developer: TTHOA GAMES
Price: $Free
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