Author: Habby

1,000,000+ install


This story takes place in a once barren land, where Zeus created civilization. Over time, Zeus grew lazy and an evil Shade appeared and wreaking havoc, bringing waves of evil to all.

Now, a lone mage, pretty and strong stands alone as the only savior in a quest for light over darkness.
Follow her on this Roguelike adventure; don’t lose though or you’ll have to begin from scratch again!

Use magic and more in this new and unique gameplay with various skills and super fun world!

– Spin-off from Archero’s IP, opening an all-new form of adventure
– First Roguelite + RPG combined with Block Breaker Gameplay
– Super easy controls
– 100+ Skills with infinite combinations!
– Thousands of stages!

Customer Service: punball@habby.com

Detailed info

File size: 179M
Update time: April 24, 2022
Current version: 1.8.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Habby
Price: Free
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Customer review

Botick Lion

Heres a reason to play this game every day: Because yes

Nazruddin Hisyam

Great game but balls disappearing out of nowhere in the middle of a combo makes it really really bad.. Asided from that, this game helps me sleep.. i always fall asleep while playing this game. Byebye insomnia

Donald Whitley

I did give it 4 but the game becomes tedious as you progress, now it's time to spend money to get stronger, creatures go up in levels faster than you.

Daveon Webster

Unlike most mobile games of the current times ads are essentially optional and its a very hard game to put down

Shivam Rohilla

the ball just comes back even if its doing damage after sometime

naveen kumar


Majid Moro

Absolutely amazing and super fun to play really love it also unlike other games easier to get gems when playing

Gimme Da Win

not a bad time sink. just wish gems werent so hard to come by naturally.


One of the best games in the biz....Like I'm on level 85 and still am not even close to getting bored of the game... it's so much fun!!!

Christian Ruiz

Playing since day one and just love it, cant wait to see new thing like characters and stuff.

Ray G

Love it


Fun, but very cheaty and annoying. I've never enjoyed hating a game so much. A time killer that has the energy level of Candy Crush. Just want to give the devs some suggestions: figure out better hit box collision, as the ball will bounce weirdly if it hits the corner of the enemy. Stop taking the ball off screen if it's doing damage. Half the time the ball times out even if it is hitting an enemy. Why?! This has caused me to lose on an already limited play time.

Liam De Paux

This game can get hard after a certain point, but there hasn't been a time where I've felt i needed to purchase anything to progress. Love this game

Haze Westmuckett

Been having a really good experience so far! Progression does slow as the levels go up, but keeping gear upgrade helps a lot. I'm nearly in the top 1% of players! I'm hoping I get a unique reward for getting there! It been challenging that's for sure!

Chee Pong Choong

Two thumbs up

Ratnesh Sharma

Absolute time consuming,addictive


Fun game, ads aren't too obtrusive. Would recommend :-)

HadesFlame 93

Pretty enjoyable tike killer

Drew Kilheeney

Level 12 is a wall meant to stop every player. My equipment is near max all my abilities are max for my level and I'm nowhere near getting close to done with the boss even using max revive. The enemy placement is also incredibly rigged only placing them in the way of the only decent shot or purposefully blocking off entire rows to it takes 3 full shots to kill 1 of them and by that point I'm taking over 10k in melee damage. Otherwise this is a solid game but the wall is ridiculous

Norsyamsi Sahmad



False advertising

Jonathan Tavares

Disgustingly monetized. Most of the game and levels are realistically gated behind paid upgrades. Avoid this one.


Game started out great, but after months of grinding dailies and other challenges I have finally been worn down by the hyrda event. I must be the unluckiest person as I get horrible minion placements, on a good game I get 700 million on a bad one I get 60 million (which is most of the time). I have great equipment, awesome pets and pick the balls that give the best adv. against the hydra and minions, but my luck gives me a three layer stack of minions to eat through. Game is not fun anymore.


Kinda fun game, yet badly designed. Like you have to play every game that is obviously lost to the agonizing end which can take several minutes in order to get resources. And even then just before death you have to pick a power up if you managed to bump into one by accident. Just don't like the game farming design otherwise good, and not too much adds.

Radin Calabia

I love the game but how do I save my progress? There's no "Connect to Facebook" or "Connect to Google" menu. Please make this in the next Update because I want to safeguard my accout thank you!

Feel No Christ

Excellent game, no forced ads!

chaotic black stallion

The game is pretty good and has a armor system in it to where it does open it up to a new level Honestly a pretty good game


Good game


So far so good! Well now there's 120 seconds limit but it's better than nothing and hydra seems tolerable now

Fanny FyFy


Sneha Swati

The game is good but it doesn't let me watch ads to get rewards

Scot Forsyth

Didn't receive item paid for and having to wait too long for a 'tech team review' despite solid proof provided. Still no refund or item

James Mojal

Nice game!! optional ads. Less stress.

Sebastian Tovar-Morales

Awful game

Charles Peck

Other than the massive amount of in game purchases and ads for those in your face constantly, it's not that bad of a game. I've played for 6 days in a row by now, I like the game play, and trying new upgrades is fun. Having to use energy to play is kinda dumb, but it keeps me from playing non-stop, which is fine.


Fun and addictive . Of course you can purchase skills and upgrades but you can progress without if you're patient. My only concern is that there's too many rewards to claim every day, spending minutes clicking here and there.

Wenqiang Jason s chen

Nice game


Ever since the update, whenever I launch punball, once it loads in my screen gets frozen, can't turn off my phone or do anything other than restart. This does not happen with any other app. Very disappointed.


Company is very money hungry. Immediately is trying to make you spend over $20 on this rushed PoS game. Developer definitely peaked on Archero.

Bart Decoutere

Nothing like the publicity showed

Jan Kowalski

The game is fun, but the amount of rng that screws you over is too big to play consistently. Also the game is full of microtransations. There's actually more icons for "offers" than related to the game.

Justin boswell

save your time don't download not like ad and goes from learning to unplayable very fast

Pezal Panda

Love the game. So addictive. But the energy used for one game is big. Have to wait long time.

deimantas venclovas



Any Game From The Creators Of Archero Is A1


too hard and grindy right after the first 5 levels you get op bosses

Jaypee Mardrigal

I'm loving the game . Remove energy please

Emmanuel Palogan

Great game!

Salman Sing


Hafiz Alfarabi

Love this game, enjoyable

Robert Hoerz

Just plain addicting.

Gregory Storm

Don't get suckered into spending money. Not worth. When you have a good run, and get the balls going for a long time, the game will crash, and put all the blocks back. I don't have a bad phone either. Note 20 ultra. If you set a good position where the balls bounce alot, game will crash. You are punished for doing well. Avoid this game if you're not a fan of frustration. Uninstalling.

Adam Greenwood

Brilliant for passing time, F2P feels pretty fair. Could do with having exclamation marks removing after looked at, kinda annoying always being there.

Kitty K

Really good game I am really amazed to be honest its like candy crush but waayyy more fun and its really challenging once you get to like level 9 or 10 im not sure but there's where I am now 😂😂😂but yeah really impressed keep up the good work guys

Nader Jahangiri


Sirajuddin Far

Stage 94 seems impossible to beat, since there are plenty of spawning Summoned Skulls that block all the squares. There's no space. I've tried so many times, using countless energies. EVEN I had skills such Strength, Extra Life, Invincible Cover, 100% Dodge from pet, and HP Recovery also from pet, they're all I got once at a time, still couldn't hit the boss because of the skulls wall. The worse thing is that the balls always been pulled back automatically. You need to update it.

James Edwards

Love the game but... The advertisements are loud and repetitive, there is no mute button on the ads and they are very very long. It's embarrassing to be waiting for an appointment or in a quiet environment only to have a loud and obnoxious ad play forcing you to quickly lower the volume on your phone.

michael paner

Lacks character growth.

Elijah Poh

Get to the mid stages and you are set to die... because they fill all the rows with 10k hp min enemies and you got not enough damage. Pay2Win game.

Ernesto Garcia


Nicholas Walper

Fun up until you get to phase 15. Then good luck getting past. Quickly overwhelmed and killed. Can't even get a pet until phase 18 so basically unless you spend real money your gonna be stuck at phase 15. EDIT: After some grinding and playing I was able to progress. It gets really hard but don't fret you just gotta grind. Quiet nice after a while and the pets help a little.

Brentwood Williams

The way it round is the same layout and it's super hard to do any combos is the killer for me. Each world should have a better lay out not just a 4x5 boring straight down.... C'mon do better

Shaelyn Frisbee

Super addicting!

Joshua Sioson

I buy pet but i dont see where the pet help me to know where

James Gritti-Cromwell

absolutely love this game. It has been like the number one game for me for a few weeks now. I saw complaints about energy but honestly it recharges so quickly that you barely even notice it. The ball recall thing people are mentioning happens every once in a while but i only really notice it when the balls are less frequently hitting monsters (spending more time travelling and hitting walls/obstacles). It happens pretty infrequently tho. My only wish is there to be a larger variety of pwer balls

Brandy R

Really enjoy this game. The only issue I have is it doesn't explain all the items very well.

Aaron Black

This game is freaking fantastic .. though it does take awhile to get anywhere .. and gear and pets could have. More events for .. but this has become my daily game

Mohamed Asrul


Adam McAllister

Actually good, my only real complaint is when you get the PERFECT angle to bounce into an amazing combo but it takes a bit to get to actually hitting the mobs the balls will just disappear and waste your turn.😞

Ako Si Manskie

Great game

Myzja Shydaliaa

Only at room 10 and so OP that i dont even try anymore. First 3 rooms was some challenge. Now boring. Half tempted to remove gear for some form of challenge. Got an armor that literally makes me untouchable. I feel like a cheat god.

Schu Rich

When I saw ad I expected everything I usualy get from advs games. But instead I was quite pleased and even purchased things. Game doesn't have forced ads which is quite surprising and reliefe to see. And it have some interesting content. Even though as it appears advs have some fake gameplay videos, game is still quite good. Otherwise I wouldn't leave review, now would I? I gave it 4 stars because there is no forced adds, ingame purchase aren't overpriced but it have energy system which sux

Giahung Vu

Ok good game


Don't idk y it has so many stars

pooja agencies


Charlene Thompson


Samuel Scime

Changing to one star they need to fix their healing boss the soft locking and then losing all your rewards is awful! Love this game fun to play. The dailys scale to your current progress not your level so if you are too good and under leveled they are really hard kind of annoying. Just allow us to back out and not let a half hour of our life be for nothing!

Restie Gadia

Best bouncing game ever .

Gabriel Frisko

TOO MUCH DIFFICULT!!! unreasonably difficult. it does not make sense!!!

Akinsowon Peter-Thomas

Great game. Love how you can decide the power add-on progress by selecting the options during play

Latonya Williams

Famous awesome it gets four stars so I can give it five star

Jeremy Filan

More update and rewards pls, need new hero (character) and more additional pets and equipments 😊😊🥰

Gamer Boy

nice game

kuo thien wai sam

This game is totally BS, why so blood sucking Habby? So call game of the year for Archero, but only that year, later become more blood sucking, good to you kiasu blood thirsty Habby. Reply: Nah, you won't get a single dime from me!

Corey Watson

Great time burner lol and it gets harder as you go

Aakarsh Tyagi

Hate hydra, dumb devs don't know how to retain the players.


One star for a misleading ad Update after dev response: No suggestion for you devs, just your marketing team. Don't make ads for your game that show game play that is not in your game. Pretty simple.

Jhay Escopete

I thought it was great at first. But as i made progress on equipment and so did the monsters, though it is given. Monsters most of the times are way to tough and the only way to defeat a stage is to get better equipment. Which means i have to play and play the same stage and fail until my equipment finally caught up to the monsters toughness. And it kinda bores me, it loses the excitement there sadly.

Don Ronald Giron

Great game. Gets you hooked real quick just like archero

Josh L

Addictive and challenging

burhanuddin bahrodin

Very entertaining game.

Vinh Nguyễn


Edwin Madera

Funnier than the ads

Vikkor Jules

Jolly good show 👹

Declan Jardine

Fantastic game !

Blake Shelvik

Loving it so far is kinda like achrero and bubble witch saga keep it up

Hartono Zhuang

Good time killer game

UAung Thaung


Jose De Jesus

I love this ga me i I thought it's going to be boring but came and resolved this is more fun what the video looks like

Leron Holmes

Very fun and simple