Pull’em All!

Author: Lion Studios

500K+ install


Let’s pull them all out!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 19, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kartik Gupta



constant ads



Laxmi Karki


Jeathrob Guling

i like the game but is so burring

kenchee Angeli Cardos

the only thing I don't like about this is the adds

Kamal Khan

I like it good game

Christian Olano

So laggy so 1 star

Arav Bhunbhune

Im going lvl 100

portia nyathi


Fady Shifo

So bad

Ali Awan

I Love It So Much You Are The Best Game Ever

Zander Williams

Pretty fun until you max out all upgrades

Sahine Sardar


Ishika Jain

This is very nice game 🎮🎮



Robert Kivi

Good game

Barnikala Bhaskara rao

The game is bestttttt I like it ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️😂😂😂

Ronald Felix

Just don't like this game because it's repetitive

Andreas Makes Games

Awesome game but I would like you to change the max



Gehan Elsayed


kiranpreet dhaliwal

very good

Sifat Sorker

Awful too many ads

Emily Hamilton

to many adds

Kimberly Rogers

Not a bad game but could do with different things to pull up beside what they got and so far it only goes to level 100. I haven't been able to get any farther than that.

Jayden _j37

It is actually unbelievable how many ads are in this game

Om Jain

Yes he game is boring other level same and is game rating is

fhed manalon

this has many ads so I rate it 1 star

nerdy girl

Ads right off the bat

Harry McDonnell


Amber Spencer

I paid for no ads the highest one and it did nothing!

holly oakey

Too many adds

Shruti Diwase

Stupid game

Killer Magar


Leuhan Beol Zaid


Jemark robeniol



Terrible game. Crashes the phone everytime, Doesn't pass much time since it's boring, Same levels, Ads on every 2 tries, Short game looks like it was just made in just a day, and pretty much no originality since you come across games like these on every mobile ads. Overall: There was nothing good about every feature added in this so, I would give it a 0, If I can.

Johnlee Cañotal

its buggy and its keep crushing

Evin Baker

I like it

Atticus Doyle

Good concept, i was maxed out in about 30 minutes tho.

Marina Daprosa

wow ganda naman po

Lavita Wilson

It's all that good but... They can make it better like if they change level 50 to having a weight then it would be amazing

Joe Sauce

3 ads in the first minute of play? that's annoying af

Edward Mayen

it's a fun game👍


very laggy and slow

Laxmi Shankar Sumankar

Haptic motor vibrates for no reason even after task is over

Brittany Fouse

This game sucks! Don't download it. This game is so aggravating. This game is so hard and I don't know what I was thinking because it was a bad game.


This game is a virus

Pranay S

Lanja munda game Asalu sex chesa game talisa andika nanu install cheystha waste ga undi dont Install

Emmanuel Cunanan

I give 5 star because it's cool game

Nisha Dhall


Eric Perry

1 pull and ads flooded me, 2nd and 3rd time too. Trash game not worth any second of time to download.

samantha Merino


Leonis Yggdrasil

Idk what is wrong with this trashy game, but it doesn't pick up on when you touch the screen. You have to tap a bunch to get it to register, and then when you lift your finger off, it keeps pulling whatever is on screen. You need to completely fix this dumpster fire

Janie Hoff

awesome 👌

TheSniper 101

Interesting but repetitive

Amy Pilkenton

Who would come up with such a boring game? What in the world was I pulling up, a headless woman? Why did you waste your time creating this?

Destiny God41k


Nicole Buczkowski21

No music and very boring game and ADDs please FIX

Charlie Learmonth

I love the game

Khaled Apl

LOL It's super easy


good game

Allison Reid

Great day and also will test your skills as well

Mohammed Khan

The game was awesomely i never play this game 🤠 Wow

Allison Reid

good game to test your strength

Minakshi Nuhani

It is very good game I like it

Michael Isham

I love the game

Mahesh Gaming


Kevin Wong

Mostly I don't recommend this game bc at level 2 it shows a button then I taped it but then my phone giltched, and made my phone almost broken 1 star.

azahaina abu hasan


Dilip Bhadeliya


Danvir singh Jaura



this game made me delete 3 apps i just cleared my storage how MUCH THOSE MB COST LIKE WHAT A THOUSAND

arnold ay-ad

Idjt Oo5

Kenzen YT

Boring😴 I beat it in 1 hour...can you put 1.000 strength level but can you make it harder

Suraj lowanshi

Behat bekar game he coin nhi milte koi download mat kro 😡😡



Joseph Clark

Boring and too easy for me

Carlos Garcia

This game is trash add more updates I already beat it



Ana Vyizigiro

I like it 🙂 but not to much


I haven't played it but it's really good

Darcy Fluter


Jessica Beam

It wouldn't let me pull the first level and it was so hard I was just like stopped and stopped

Jodi Smith

Pullem lookednlike a good game but it's not and every second an ad pops up it's annoying I do reccomend this at all.

Moin Ilyas


mistory ott

Meh I maxed out all stats easily then played expecting a boss level but I got to lvl 100 to no supprise just the same gosh darn levels

ponnaganti venkat


John Fuller

love it so far it gets 5star

Duhawmi Duhi

Soo hard 😫 very fake gamesss i ever play

Lauren Black

Good game. But I was maxed out by level 42 (in like half an hour) and now there's nothing left to do but earn more money I can't use.

layton harry09


abegail delgado

This game is a bit boring and very laggy. When I first started playing it wouldn't get onto it quick enough and was slow. It also didn't give clear instructions on how to play the game only after. And after every game it gives you an ad. I also couldn't do any upgrades without watching an ad, which was annoying.

Salem Mohamed


Gary Lloydd


julz macdonald harvey

The game it's self would n't start it said (Pull'em All has stoped

Gerome Tionquiao

It's a virus

Shayan Azad

Waco lemon

Fuoy9 Y9ugyu

It's a decent game but the problem is ads. Like every time you fail you watch an ad, every time you complete a level you watch an ad, come on, your game is good let me play that instead of watching ads every second.