Pull Him Up: Brain Hack Out Puzzle game


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Pull Him Up: Brain Hack Out Puzzle game – If you are smart, play this super hack brain up damage puzzle game, test your IQ

Detailed info

File size: 85M
Update time: September 14, 2021
Current version: 2.4
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Yogesh gothi

It's awesome but I hate advertisement in every level

Brenda Balean

Rabbit Duck Frog Elephant Coffin Dance Song Meme Covers Png Animal Versions.

Cathy Harston

Nice game. But too many ads. Less ads would make it more fun and pleasing.

Muhammad Hazim Hizani Keluarga

I'm Very Love's For This Pull Him Up !!!!!🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

Olothando Thando

It's an adventurous game

Willem Van Hansen


John Mckenna


Mary Swabb (GospelGoth)

I don't know what's worse the ads or the fact that they keep on asking you to buy the game so you don't get ads.

Debbie Easter

Cant get past the first level

Charles Bation

It's beautiful because it helped people to be smart

Greg Barrett

Awful ads.....press two buttons watch 30 sec ad. Press two buttons watch another ad, etc. etc, etc.

Okuhle Khumalo

The aids takes most of thefun

David Ng

Haven't even started the game. Only intro. And had to sit through 3 ads. I can understand having the ads as it pays for the development but right out of the bat even before the game is intrusive.

Brandi Becker

This would be a great and fun game if it weren't for the stupid ads after every level! I mean, come on! I get that the game is free with ads but this is ridiculous! Maybe try spacing the ads apart, like after every 10 or 15 levels would suffice In my opinion!

R. Gayle Hawkins

Logic and fun.

DeWayne Hanson


SWP3 NetworkRail

It's very interesting

Henry bruno

Not bad

Aslam Khan

This game is so bad its force u do unwanted things

Sindile. C Nyakudime

boring! it uses mobile data or wifi to work and so simple and boring.

Seenu Kumar

Wow nice game but.....

Gerald Fitzpatrick

Way too many ads

Prince kumar Bawa


Hanan Mohd

This game is really nice

Vishwanath Bisalahalli

To many ads

Sasinun M

I just love this game

Fareeda Banu

This weste game ever adds is coming everywhere weste game ever 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 so many adds are coming


Kinda weird for the game to have the offline tag when the game forces you to be online to play. Misleading and a waste of data.

Shankar Poojary

Game is but as is more

Susanta Nahak


Dwinz Delacruz

This game is very good if you will play so nice please download this app thanks

Deana Angel

My husband Dean James Winchesters wife Dean girl Winchesters 👧 😍 💕

kelebogile gladys

It's fun but annoyed by multiple ads

Shafiq Ssemakula

Some how fun

Tasha Samad

Need to online😒😒🤬

pens pote

Omw! Add after add.......so annoying...... don't install 😔

murthi79david appu david

This game is so simple but skip are to lait

Naveed Shahzad Ansari

Graphics problem

Roshith boss

lot of advertisement

Alvin Cantu

I love this game its awesome

Brian Jones

Easy enough at this moment


Bekar Game hai Har level me ek Na ek ads aari hai i dont like thi game faltu game

Norzafinas dantho

Its to many ads after you finishing every level😁

Aron Mokwana




Barbara Jones

Too many ads hard to enjoy the game thank you anyway

Kakuli Sahak

Kakuli khatun

m.Jagadish Gowda

Fully advertisement

Digamber Kadam

I love this game

Ajay Sahu

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Jyoti Kushwaha


Shivu M


Sandra Chibvunye

Good game

midhuna Meenu


tshifhiwa phaswana

Yoh this game seems to be fun but the ads

saeid rezaei


Anita Earnshaw

I quite like these proper pull pin games I find them quite relaxing not too much brain power needed ,and its fun

esther chin

Need to watch ad at every level, i just spent few second for a level but i need to spent a minute for an advertisement.

Subha Jana

Good game

Trevor King

There's more ads than game. If you enjoy 10 seconds of game play followed by 30 seconds of advert, then you'll truly love this game. Greedy developers more interested in advert money than gameplay

Chip Perretta

Good game!

Irfan Khan

I just wasted my time to download the game and waste of my data full of ads can't even play a single level for every one step ads ads and ads🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 I got tired to skip the ads but it also shows full ads no even break of 5 seconds the ads will continue till the end😡😡😡😡😡😡😡just don't download this game you will errited with the came by the ads and should not give a single star to this app but it doesn't have the option😡🤬

Ajayvanya070215 Ajayvanya070215


Sangeet Sagar

You can't play without getting ads

Mehaboob nadaf Nadaf

Game is full suppr✨️ Game is best✨️

Vishal Bajaj


Tm Damu

Iam impressed

Dave Cox

Hours of great entertainment.

Datta Sai

worst app so many ads

Fatma Cavkeli


Badri Narayan


Honey Penpeña

She was basic games

Princess Xxxx


Raju Ji

Nice game

Cora Van Heerden

to much and long adds

Syed Rizwan


Sajitha Ibrahim

This is very good game i love it💕💕

Ariann Ramiro

The game was fun but it's not worth it. Don't download or install unless you're patient enough to watch every ad after every level. You watch the add longer than you solve a level. Fun game, but I think it's not really worth it. If there's a zero rating, this game would be a -1000 lol. Ads are okay but this game has way too many ads that you just want to uninstall it. This game will not run offline, so you're forced to watch ads as many as the levels of the game.

Adarsh adarsh


Shantilal Kashid

Nice game try it

Derren Hartz


Ritu Kalta


Sandeep X


Ada Headon

Very good game keeps you thinking

Ifra Chudhary

I not good and it's not my experience I hate this agne

Joann Olson


Tshwarelo Chimole

Good and nice game

Shiva chochi

Super. Game

Suneel Rana


ravindra mundhe


Lialyn delos Reyes


Ed Maddox

Great game

Palesa Qalinge

I don't like it, because when I fail they tell me that I'm not smart instead of encourageng me.

Nur-aini Hambali

Good game

Pankaj Kumar

Very very bad only ads

Akshay Bhai


Manish Kumar

Good looking games

Luzgel Peje

I like this . I Love this game so easy and

Rehan Faizan

It was a nice game but the ads are so irritating

Pruthviraj Karale

Nice game 👍👍