Pull Him Up: Brain Hack Out Puzzle game


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Pull Him Up: Brain Hack Out Puzzle game – If you are smart, play this super hack brain up damage puzzle game, test your IQ

Detailed info

File size: 85M
Update time: September 14, 2021
Current version: 2.4
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rekt Ded Rip

It forces you to watch an ad after almost every damn level. Even the intro levels are followed by ads.

Taskeens M

Nice game but horrible ads🤬

Henco Bezuidenhout

This keeps my very busy every day This is graet game😋😘😝😘😜😒😳

Relebohile Setai

It's cool 😊

Akhtar Ali

Borst game in this game too many ads coming when I play game

Lalit Saini

Chutiya game adds came after every level

Philip Bailey

It's ok I supposedly passes the time.

Iahaisgh Laoahwk

Plz remove ads

Rahul Kantwa

Ad Tube

Lima Rani Jena


Prem sagar Prem sagar

Nice game but not good

Anush Riya

Op game

Dinesh Britto

6+ Nice

Mphefane Nikiwe

The game 🎮 was pulled many people ❤🤎🤎❤👰🏼

Magdel Barnard

To much lov3 to easy

Nesee Lenoir


John Repp

Great fun

Dennis Van niekerk

It's cool

Asanti Dimpho

One of the worst games in this country kai

Belinda Doyle

I'd give it more stars if there were more levels. 463 and going nowhere fast.

Nancy Church

The game has an ad every time you finish a level

Eric Benoit


Terry Boren

Really IS Fun, but A~D~S ! ! Not only frequent but RE~PEATS are way over board.


While I understand you need these ads to help maintain the game, if you need THAT many at a time to help you out or for us to pay to stop the saturation, maybe consider not releasing a game untill you are finacialy better off so maybe you can half the amount of ads so we can enjoy the games you make. Because this one really is a cute and super fun game when you are able to enjoy playing it. Thank you.

mohan mumena


Ndi Lovely

Very relaxing and beautiful game..I can play it all day...problem is the ads

Mercedes Jayne

Ads are excessive. Game play not worth it.

David Bulfoni


karthi keyan

It's look nice game but too much advertising, really it's very irritating

Syeda Fatima

Good but too much advertisement

thameem ansari

Very nice

Sphamandla Syanda

Yeah that's what up ❤❤

Bhavesh Jayant Walvekar

Data eater, ad begger game. Dont install this nonsense

Margaret Young

In answer to the developers question, yes I am fed up with the annoying ads so why don't you do something about them like showing them less frequently, this could be a really good game if not for the ads. Reached level 463 but can't get any further as the game just keeps repeating the same level, I'm guessing this is the end. Update 8/6/22, same response from the developers, can't think up a new answer, the problem is not the ads it's the game has stopped at level 463.

Sarah Marie

Far too many adverts, level 3 and I've had enough already.

Divyansh Dhakad

Ad in every click makes you so entry.....

shubham kumar


Bertha Williams

Just started but really has my interest..so far no problems


Too much adds

Mhairi Crum

Far too many ads to make this game enjoyable. Uninstalling.

Guddu Trigunait

Fun but too much ads

Goodwell Junior

Perfect 🥰

Daphnie Balolong


Ann v

I love this game

Min Phone Pyae

ပညလငလ ွ ည့

Sabita Paul

I want to give it 5 star because it is a good time pass game. Good job

Parmeshwar Nawale

So much adds, it could be better user experience if they removes adds. This is not a game instead of they could have named it advertising app. Very frustrating app don't even install it.

John John

Great for young children, except to many ads, they would get bored waiting for the next puzzle. Better if they only had ads every 3 or 4 puzzles not after every one.

Ghazi Mahbub AL Nahad

Good app

Botha Barend


Thomas Griffiths

It would be a good game but you need Internet so cannot play

tinok baby


Onthatile Mosweu

Ad pop-up after every stage makes playing unpleasant.

Roger Fadel


Mahes Suji


Wikus Grobler

Too many ads!

Etienne Thiart


Kelley Yakusik

Fun game just WAY too many ads!

Torrie Simpler

Too mam too many Arabs

Mohamad Ken


avi Avinash

My suggestion don't download this aap. Lot off adds each level. disturbing entrie game. I'm uninstaled. After play 4 level.

filmy seen

It was the worst game ever. Too much adds. I will give you 0 star rating but luckily giving you 1 star. And uninstall now.

Marchel Johannes

Like the game but too much ads.it would be nice if there are less ads

Anna Crump

Ads after every level! More time spent in ads than actual game play. Uninstalled.....

Lisa M

Too many ads!! Pulled first pin and was hit with 2x 30second ads!! Couldn't even make it to second pin before I deleted app

Marion Pimm

Very good

Thomas Williams

No exaggeration, I have a high tolerance for ads but playing two levels and I have 2 video ads and 6 pop up ads. Wow. No thank. Play for 9 seconds, get a 55 second ad.


Too many ads? Ok, turn off your wifi.... BUT NO! You can only play this game connected, so you can see an ad per level....

Natty Tempest

A fun game with a great number of levels... But dear god turn the net off before playing. The ads are too much! I could pay, but I'd rather buy the game and not have to deal with them at all. #DenyForcedAds

Zawi Aron

I like this game it to easy

Kaleem Mohammad

Ads are more

jemlech marcella

good game, challenging

Millie Muriuki

Too many ads.....

Neo Nekhwevha

This game is fun and I would like to recommend it to you

Jose Leo Cañaveral

too many ads, can't play the next level unless you watch it😡

Marlon Mudau

Why does it need data to play But an way it cool in all

Jhonrie Cutad

Many ads

Sara G.Tharagan

It was fun I and my children also like this game thank you for making this game It was a awesome every one should try this game this is I give 5/5for this game

bhrant kumar dandoutiya

Advertisement app, there is no game

Jyzel Rayner

Too much adds but the game is good

Joe Boe

Awful game, there I'd absolutely no challenge, and don't get me started on those ads, constantly popping up. Do yourself a favour and DO NOT play this poorly made game.

Syed Hashmi

Best app

Sanjay Sanjay Saini

Nice games

I am Alipp

After 1 stage and another stage, huhh!! So much ad

Gerald Kock

Is i nxa chandie die

Ginalyn Delos Santos

Best games

12 34

Very nice game

Mike Shields

Great game

Noe Almaden


Rey Manzano

Barin po

Azimah Sis

everything good, just boring seeing ads Everytime want go to next level.

Anup Pramanik



Awfully annoying ad renderer

Erdi Tesfamaryam

Temesgen Tsfamarjam

Sabitha selva Manda


Sbongakonke Hlophe


Kate !

Too many ads

Atlehang Morupisi

It helps me to get smarter then my sister

Vishwas Surgimath

3class game

Melchor Gasmin

Ang saya