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Grow a character and defeat monster through growth and research system!
Grow a character and try cooperation content with combination of psychic powers and equipped effects!

Game features
– Available to grow and research through materials obtained by auto hunting system.
– Enlightenment and quantum jump are available with materials obtained from dungeon.
– Customize growth system through ability, special ability and more.
– Summon equipment through jewel to merge and equip it.
– Upgrade ability through nano machine and set effect of equipment by grade.
– Decorate a character with 300 types of various costumes.
– Cooperate with other users through multi content.
– Build a community by interacting with other users in town.

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Detailed info

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Update time: Aug 16, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: mobirix
Price: Free
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Customer review


I like the game, however the most recent update with guild battles needs improvement. Stop adding time gated events!!! Some of us can play when we can play... This is absolute garbage of a design to lock me out when I can play. It should be available to me within 24 hrs whenever I want to play. Your server time is already terrible for Americans and other people. Make it make sense!!! Good lord terrible design.

CyOxide TM

I love the intro music can just sit and listen to it for hours.

Jerry Martinez

It's a great game if your bored, and I would sometimes spend almost an hour on it not realizing. I guess it's that addictive

Phoenix Coll

Not bad for now, I just started, let's see how it goes

Vir-Pyre (virpyre)

Game is decent from what I was able to play however it is a battery hog. I'd rather play something that doesn't kill my battery.


Great game, been playing a month.

Frank My tee



Probably the isometric idle game that most matches my aesthetic. Nothing bars your way in terms of special power gains with the monetization, as always with these types of games, I recommend buying the Remove Ads pack. The only problem I'm having is the difficulty curve spiked a lot around the third chapter because I can't leave the game open to idle. In the end, it never hurts to just download it and try it out.

Kooks Kooks

Nano particle doesnt seem to increase the cp. If this is a bug then why not fix it?

trisha Dua-Sakyi

The game is really fun, but it gets hard because your chances for getting a good drone is 0.001% getting good is hard too tho and getting gear is either spending 300 gems or 100 or 10. And getting to new zones is hard because you'll have to do a lot of damage to the guys in the zones. And fr it's really fun but when you get everything it's boring because all u can do is just brag in the chat or say u have something and you know it's really good but your going to act like it's really terrible.

Jennyrose Oli

This game is beautiful

Andres Martinez

It good that all

Samantha Hodgson

So far it's keeping my mind busy, and it's a fairly good game to keep you interested as well. Thanks for the "Break Time" kinda game!

HotelHideawayQueen slaughter Race

I am obessed with this game it has so many things i have not seen

Allessandro Vandenburg


Mflh S. Abo Swereh

It's fun and good for spending time

Kevion Kristoff

This is the game what i looking for this year

Khris Guese

Great game

rhexy christian nurman

Good game i love it

Matthew Cariglio

Ui is so cluttered its ridiculous

Jose Loven Batalla


Luis Parrilla

Good game honestly have no complaints

Metzelder Ivan

Nice game👍🏻

Saleh Maraheel

Little choppy but lots to do. Alot of potential. Fun magic idler

Denver Danniel Reyes

Good game. I like the graphics not overwhelming. Nice UI easy to understand. The game run smoothly. Good mechanics you can progress without spending any money. Overall good experience. Anyone who read my review just please give this game a try. If you like idle game this one is for you❤️.

Ken Doman

Fun game so far.

Ron Ed (RonIsreal)

It's a nice game but literally a phone buster. Every time I play it my phone just heats up like crazy. I stopped playing it because otherwise it would ruin my device.

Joshua Ayson

Personally, I'd give this a 4 star review. Game is nice and had a lot of potential. But when I saw that devs took critiques into consideration, I'll give an additional star in advance, since I'm sure this would soon develop into a better game

william smith

The game design wise looks very good. If you want a short description of what this game is, is you're on a rail of wasting time, but I recommend it well for people that don't have anything to do with their life, the overall upgrade option is limitless in this game, it is good because there are close to infinite ways you can improve, but like I said, you are on a rail, the upgrade is only one way and you can see all the game has to offer in 5 minutes of play.

Stylianos Chaidas (Star Captain)

Forced tutorial ads

Razqa Dee


Chee Boon Lim

Good game. Sufficient resources. Uninstall cuz didnt give jewel after completed the survey. 5k jewel for survey is just a jokes👿

Kameron Bennett (catboomfat)

For some reason when I chat in game the chat goes to slanted and everyone thinks I'm a hacker

SoulBoundDoll (Soul)

Another game that locks the animal eared option behind a paywall. I'm skipping this one.

Lady Rose


Nick Carbonara

Does not let you play the game if you have your device modified in any way. I have a custom rom and an unable to play this game as it refuses to launch giving some error about modifications being unsafe.

Tony Smith

Good so far

Bruce Astbury

Its okay

Michael Ladd

It's an idle game. Gives you plenty of gems. At least in the beginning, there's even some character customization and the graphics are nice.

Leonier Second

I thought I will enjoy this but this game is not really kind of rpg for me to play. Cause this game need to play in auto and I'm not fan of auto quest or auto fight, I can't feel playing it also I can't aim using manual i need to set semi-auto to aim my attack, it's cool and have potential to grow but again this is not game for me thanks😅

D Hdz

Fun and simple 🤓🤓🤓

Amr Tantawii

the game is just perfect.. I broke up with my gf and I wanna keep playing this game forever

Elynaer Taylor

If you like games with a large amount of progression systems, you'll love this.


Game is good but the unskippable tutorial parts are just too much. when will developers know this, their games aren't unique, we know what to do, and this much of no control over the game gets really annoying really fast.

Jerymie john Sumohid

Good job great game

Angel Delgado

muy bueno

Beello X

Another good idle

Grox Linx

This game is good.. Bruh


W game w experience gun

Mark Reno

Really fun thus far. No forced ads!

Chee Hong



Forced review

Edward Chandra

Sk game

Bill Heff

Way too much all at once. Feels like I'm being thrown into the middle of a game I haven't played for years, and trying to pick up where I left off. One thing at a time please.

Polar Bebe


William Johnson

The reason that I uninstalled is the daily mission to play one hour per day. That is absurd in an idle game.

Robbie Carreon

Iam stuck at sign in thing😑

Err Bot

Good game and easy to play

Gerry Baksys

Forces you to login with your google or apple account. No thanks, i don't want you to have access to my personal info.

Lotte Jaraiee

This is a good game but I don't know how to control the characters soo I just use auto mode

Zach “Devil” Akai

Now A Game Like this Deserve 5/5


This game is super fun please keep updating and add new stuff! It has alot of potential....


Can't even play the game.......when I try to log in the button does nothing when I click on it......mobirix games seem buggy because I can't even make any purchases on their other games but non mobirix games have no problem and I can buy stuff

Anime KnightYT

Good game

Alice Soria

Perfect game

Yuan Licas

Good game 10/10

ZerN NaN



No way to play game without logging in to either Google or apple account. All this means to me is the dev is only interested in mining and profiting off my personal info. Hard pass.




when is saw this app, I wanted to download it, it finished installing but the button still says "install", is something wrong with my device or what?



frank castle

Just started fun so far


Very addictive game i played and i love the graphics.


Idle is a stretch, none the less entertaining

Ruka io

Game is okay, kinda repetitive, wish there could be at least quest if possible, dungeons, house system, pvp, boss battle, tower dungeons, more skills, trade system if possible. Auctions.

Main Vayne420

Game is absolutely boring asf xD but what do u expect from an idle game haha

Ben Anderton

Y'all got to be out of your mind if you think anyone can leave an honest review of their game play experience after playing the game for just five minutes. M

Jonah Tinsley

Great game really great this is awesome I do think there should be more costumes though that way you can decorate yourself better

Reva fbaby504

Awesome tutorial and amazing game

Mark Pariss

not interesting everything to quick

John Byron

5 stars why? Because i like this game, thats all any problem 😂

Daniel Calderon

Not bad at all


another unpolished cashgrab. animations suck gameplayloop suck gacha sucks you have multiple different gacha rolls weapon armour drone bots and more. dungeon entree consist of you watching an ad or buying packages. music is a 20-30 second loop that drives you nuts. just a rushed game with gacha elements for your wallet. not for your pleasure there is no experience with this game just disappointment


I cannot stand games that halt my gameplay to show me a tutorial, especially every ten seconds. If you want to show me how to do something, don't FORCE me to tap it. Just make it glow and let me go there when I want to. Stopping me after every achievement to show me the level up menu, the skills, etc (all RIGHT next to each other) is completely unnecessary and annoying. I know how to go into a menu, you don't need to hold my hand.

Zz_ Mortal

This a good game butt can you add a boss raid battle?

leo ramirez

I would love to be able to play, sadly the game freezes on mission 10 (the one where you have to equip a drone) and crashes. And yes, Google play says the app is compatible with my device, ergo, there shouldn't be any issue from my understanding

Tugstsogt Noob

Really fun to me farming ahaha such a good stereotype

Simon Ford

Great game i enjoying it

iyen bestante

Nice updates, events and totally playable for F2P. Goodluck idlers

Victor Westphal

Game is not bad, but it's also nothing new. You lost me when you forcefully redirected me to the store page to wrote a review.

atmos gaming

Repetetive game though idea is good. Some ideas. Make the characters look different specially when they are wearing high ranked gears, Ingame purchases you guys offer are extremely lame and expensive. Add more effects to the character to compensate the repetetiveness of the game. Overall, good time killer game

John Everhart

Thank you so much for fixing the lag problem and as I said before my last post I look forward to seeing better our games like this in the future but I think you should add a multiplayer just a idea 🤔🤔🤔💯💯😁

Andi Yhasef

For now

ẞattøusa¡ Sama

Great game indeed just some simple fun pixel game


Fun experience with auto grinding and cool effects.

Axel Sinni

Unskippable annoying tutorial is always a 1 star

arman abasolo

Why not

Wan Masri



please optimize the game, i thougt this game is light because of small memory but when i play, the game is pretty laggy •́⁠ ⁠ ⁠‿⁠ ⁠,⁠•̀

Paulo Francis (breadchankawaii)

Suddenly I can't play the game because I have Lucky Patcher even though I have never installed it ever.