Protect the VIP

Author: Lion Studios

5,000,000+ install


Run, jump, slide, flip, and tackle your way to save the VIP.

Play through various scenarios to rescue or protect the VIP.

Can you help a VIP that continuously finds himself in precarious situations?

Detailed info

File size: 85M
Update time: October 22, 2020
Current version: 1.19.1
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Lion Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

E. Cordero


Harry Patrick

Dis game for de homies 💩P.S i havent danlowded it yet

Renzo Tesser

A LOT of ads and its not that fun

Marjan ahmadi


Marc Anthony Nzengu bishima

Is fun 🙂💓👍

Νίκος Βεζδρεβάνης

You just protect the VIP guest. There's also a bunch of minigames to make this game more fun! And if you watch an AD, you can get Special Agents and protect VVIP guests!

King Cobra


Janaki Nair


Shumila Imran

This is best game 😘😘😘😘😁😁😁

Kingxhris Gaming

Love game

Shifa Ashraff


Arumugam Murugavel

Thi game is fun

Magel Hanna

Fun Game

Muhammad Arham


Khaizar Hussain rehman

Very good quality and excellent service and good game


No idea

Koustav Das

It is very nice 👍 game

Kunjumon TK


game kachannel channel

Bad game


Very waste game

bhavik shah

Keeps going back to app store

Santa Saha


Subbu Makineni


Ramya S

Awesome great game in the world

Prateek gaming


Muhammad Ali


mosters beware

Idk just kinda fun

Mostafa Farid

Excellent game

Cooper Mechler

It fun

bushratul jannath

Awesome game in the world 🌍

Harmoney Delain


Motion Pictures

Tooooo many ads

abdullah Tariq

Nice game

John jelo Martinez

This is a good app but it's so many ads can you fix that thank you❤️

Corey Stewart

Get rid off adds and it a 10 from me

Arsh Mhamad

this game is nice and comedy😂 and this game is good for heart😂😂😂😂😂

Pratush Kumar Naik


Little Toto

i love this you guys just play it you well love this

Pritam Raj

Best game

Yunish Thapa


charlie teodoso

Papa ela ela papa lela lela annnnnnnnnd Tai

Meena Kumari

This is not so intersting game but the red one hero is amazing

Kenechukwu Ingram

Wow the best game ever I really enjoy it my brother is like hiring too be a bodyguard so it really teaches him too protect thank you keep up the good work(:

rao kameswara

It hefeysiscd

Jo Willis

I love it so Mitch

John Mannheimer

I love this game please add more levels and things

Nagaraj Subbu

Man tapp!!!!!!!!

King Hamzu

The game is good to me now and you doing today ☺️

Atharv Udyawar

Nice pics 👍 nicest game 👌👍

panda gaming

So nice game

Abdurrab Khan

Good game

Melvyne Mapfumo

OK at first, but so repetitive and monotonous

Sabeen Khan

I love this game

The Holy Spirit My strength


Andrae Morgan

Wow just wow

theo akouri


P Salvador Rodriguez

Good game

Kanta Grover

Better than the other games

Trevor Maina

Nothing good

Sreeraman Karuwath

I Love this game and this is so easy and there's no add also

Jamia Fleming

This is the best game

Ahsan Ahmmed

Very awesome game

Liam Oliver

Like it

Abbie Kaminski


Carmen Copado

It's really good

Odie Gunnarson

I am enjoying the game but it really does have way too many ads and it is starting to change how I feel about the game because of there's an ad after every mission and before you can get the new one started so I am going to say this please take out most of the ads that you don't have to watch for the purposes of unlock the vips and the bonus stages otherwise the game is a winner

Roselin Shah


syed shahidul islam

I play this vary cooooooool

Melissa Trice

Love the game so far

Aaron Lawrence


Kristin Jeannoel

I love this game 🎮❤ u know what? I love all 🎮 and this game is just omg simple and I am on level 186

Zaar Ahmed

So funny when you die

Yaa Boaten

3 star because he doesn't care about us

gaming with eri


Desiree Martinez

I am going to love this game because I have because one of the days I have saved the VIP that's like protest the VIP that is this game and I like it so much I get to do it the right time and dump the right time

Clement Noah Lie

Good game👍👍

Crystal Grace

It's not Bad at all

Soulat Zahid

I love it. 😀

Aditya Anila

Excellent 👌👌😊😊👍 Game.

Roxanna Vasquez

Idk what happens but here u go 5 stars

Wendy Foster

To be honest I want to do zero stars! Couldn't play....downloaded it than went I went to open it it kept crashing! So bummed love these kind of games and really was excited about trying it!!!

Rosalia Carroll

This game is so entertaining and fun

Bint Al-alawi

Its a good game keep making new cool updates

Sage Mitchell

It is fun play it now I love it

Teresa Cook

Pretty dang good.

Robert Alarcon

This is a very cool game thanks

Richard Gray

2 adds after every round but the gameplay is very good

cool heavy

Love game

Tyree Smith


Amour Yusuf

It is a very cool game😍😍😍😍🤗🤩😻

Terry Ickes

Too repetitive... It goes back to the same thing after a few levels.



Udayankar Chakma


N.M.Nallaswamy Murugaian

not so bad very nice

Devon Wines

It's fun


Looks like I have to save the VIP

swastika pradhan




Sandhya Vasanthan


Mariano D'Souza