Protect Balls
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Protect Balls
About this game
Look at these joyful balls they are in danger of evil wasps ready to attack them.
Draw lines to protect the balls, you will need all your wisdom and imagination.
It’s time to help them! Can you protect them?

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Update time: Today
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Qaibo Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tc Wan Ahmad Izhan


Anisul Haque

Repeatative levels. Too bad

Mr bluesky

What happened with the achievement I liked those

Dolourous Haze

cute but I can't solve level 68. Game should have optional hints in exchange for ads.

Patti Lamberton

Only one I really want a party to thisAre freePlay up to apart 10 is a 10 out 10

Family Webb

Very entertaining game. But had adds that you MUST see after pass every level

Laura Miller

This game is so good I love it thank you for reading this bye-bye😃😃😃

Frazheel Taulan

This is incredible and amazing!!! l

Imonise Hilaire


Aubri Ehhh

This game is ok but after every level there is an ad. It's so annoying. It would be way better if they gave an ad after a while but right after youre do is unacceptable. Plus it shows the same ad everytime.

Ifeyinwa Doris


Jada King


Cheryl Dawsey

killy willy

Patti Ann

Game closes after EVERY level!! Tried uninstalling and re-installing... didn't work. Waste of my time

Lisa Gabele

often I have to go to the time to get a new one for the time to get a new 🆕 and really shrooms and I are going

Archit Jain


Sherlyn Cordova

Hi I am Amy I like dis gim

Ani Sims

I had so much fun with this game and played a version of it many years ago. I even convinced my mom and sister to play! I'm sad that I'm finished but hope that the next levels come out real soon.

Dylan RG

Hello ok I can gets to me and the other side ☺️

Joe Poole

Ya NO! Do not download this game! 1, there's pop up ads after everytime you win & 2 when I finally said the hell with it to take it off. It would NOT let me close it out. Had to restart my phone just to get rid of window.

Braeden Garcia

Love the game! You basically draw a line to protect the faces from the bees. That's why I rated the game 5 star's.

Adrain Holmes

I like this game

Bertha Williams

Great games but having ads interrupt while playing is rude

breanna mattson

The game is really fun.

Ellen Davis


Joel McClure

protecting balls from bees

Shabeer S.h

timepass game

Erhembayar Erhem

what game

Kanchankumari Kanchankumari


Matthew Cabrera

this is the most funnest game ever

Afzatahir 1122

nice game

Jean-Marc David

Too much ads

Suganya . K


Aniket Madane


Akshay Manke


Samuel Udayakar

Worst game ever don't download it Too many ads

mandy rogers

I loved it

Abhijit Pawar

abhijit Pawar 👑

Nisha Naveed

Too much advertisements..even after every level there is an add of atleast 1 min...

Brendy Baptisme

nice 👍

Tahir Amiza

Bakwas har bar ad ati ha isliye game nhi khelnne ka man nhi krta


I got an ad just for clicking on the options. they also came after every single level, and every time I pressed reset because I messed something up.

Mega bimz

Ads every 7 seconds, no premium option, 27 minute unity game, don't bother

Zuber Deshmukh

super game

Gabo Beltran

There's way to many ads and the gameplay is overall boring. I don't recommend this game.

Roshan Kumar

Bekar ha 😡😡😡 ye game

Daniel Gordon

Very cute, very challenging, very fun!!!

_Subbu Bhai_


Harsh Singh

Nice game but level 56 is very boring

Jordan Emmitt


Gulla killer gamer

This game so nice

KOTTAM Satyanarayana Reddy Kottam

Game is not good it is not giving any not not

Aaron Wishard

Horrible advertisement filled nightmare. The puzzles themselves are okay, but if I wanted to watch an advert every 30 seconds to a minute I would be watching YouTube.

Bharpoor Singh

Teri behen ka land

Ajay D

I completely okay with Ads which you showing in game. because you developed the game with hardwork. But ads in every stage, every retry is worst logic you put in. please remove ads in every stage or every retry.

Larisa Frolov

It's so bad I can't even discribe it lol!

Dee Cee

Clever Little Game. Gotta Think Twice, Before One Moves.

Bret Carruthers

This game is really interactive a d fun!

Sagar Sonkamble

Your bren

Sakib Warsi

Lots of add after every level ...I recommend you not to play this game 😑

Bolormaa Tuul


14 Brijita


Erik Schaefer

This game is impossible

Lisa Thompson

Too easy and gets super hard butload of adds and I have too turn wifi off to play it do not download.

Clocky Plays

I love this game alot. Well about the ads... I put my tablet on airplane mode so I don't get that much ads. It's just how fun the game is, on each level it get harder and harder that makes it fun cuz it makes the game little of a challenge and interesting. ❤️💙💜


Irritating ads

Amaan atif


Rohan Ambhore


Jay Bero

It's cool buttttt why is the name called protect balls why not protect emojis

Rakesh Banapuram

Very nice and beautiful 🤩🤩 beautiful

Colin Raymond

Too many ads.

Sally Gacha Cat lol :3

Bruh _^_


very nice game

Crizelda Narciso

You know this is an ad just kidding but it is protect balls just rate 5 stars, and so only if you are playing this rate 5 stars.

Kayleigh Manning


Yash Jadhav

very bad game 😡🤬

Susie Holkko

wow tells me how to do the cup game that does the same thing you just need to get water in the cup

naheed iqbal

5 star Ok

Pranab Sarkar

Contain lot of ads... Ads after every level. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.

Im The Best


bosozoku rx7

Too many ads.

jebin j nath

Lots of ads..

alexrosa angulo

it's amazing I love the sounds the emoji makes when you win

Esther Howard

the name is sooo sus and ay yo

salman ahmed

very good 😁🤗😚



Vishnu Akula

Super Game

Arjun Khanna

LOL XddDDDDD lmaooo backfill!

Mark M.

The amount of ads in this game is unacceptable. Every 2 or 3 levels you will be bombarded with another ad even though there is an ad banner constantly running at the bottom of the game. I even got an ad at one point from just clicking on the options. This is one of the 2 major reasons mobile gaming gets such a bad rap.

krish sharma

Worst game ever only adds pops up

Fred Allen

This is a simple, relaxing, fun game.

Heaven beauty salon

very nice game

8w Tuwshinbileg


Ercy Ibarias

if there wasnt adds I'd give it a four star

yishu bansal

Reapeated levels

Praveen Allu


Zoey Elmore

Weirdest name I ever heard Like what kind of balls😏OK I'm just joking

Ali Hamed Moosavian

There are just too many ads, and the game is not that challenging either. So one ends up watching more ads than playing the game.

Kimberly Sevillano

it's 👌

Chassidy Swisher