Project Runway 3D


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Project Runway 3D – Walk to Beauty

Detailed info

File size: 89M
Update time: August 23, 2021
Current version: 1.4
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: DORA STUDIO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Balwinder Kaur

Anoop 👩🏻👩🏻‍🦰

Surbhi Kapsi

A little longer the road would have been a little more

Cassiopeia Sapan



It is full of ads

Leigh Fraser

🤬Forced mid game ads totally ruin the flow of the game 🤬UNIMPRESSED & UNINSTALLED

Yumi Chansy

I love the game but the controls are hard to control I still like this game and I don't mind the ads but the other reason why four stars it's beacus the hair are cringe and please fix it update it make this game better still I like it but when I want to equip the things I can't see it and the girl you need to kick is beautiful and the character of mine is not one like her not much good.tho I like it I really need this to update the clothes and the shoes pants:)

Sbongokuhle Jali

Love this game! But fix the bug issues and all coz it sometimes freezes so... But other than that, i love it

Gayathri KJ

This game is Amazing 👏 😍 🙌 💙 👌 ❤ 👏 😍.

Cathy Smith

I love it

Morena Nacario

Awhhh is the

Jay Johnson

Everybody is right there are ads each level etc but its not super glitchy and it does not kick you out that is why I rate it a 3 Ok

Jessica Fuller

this is amazing love it

Almetta Cruff

it's ok

Alivia Wilson

this game is so fun to play. i tlove this game.

Laxmi Khatri

very nice 👌

Bharat Tejal

l) l) l

Arvin D'Cunha


Qarira Khuzama Khareza

Karna Itu

Ainah rose Joson


Ruvarashe Natalie

This game makes my phone stick

Nilesh Rabadiya



Way to many adds I'm not playing this thing again

sri sri

I am giving 3 stars bc this game has too many ads...

Rahsiya Williams

It goes to ads and glitch and it makes girla uncomfterbal

murari saharma

So good game

Juan And Rebecca Lopez

This was terrible every 2 seconds it would give an add this sucks

M.s Nivetha


Liliana Sanchez

there is way to many ads

Jayleen Wise

Every time I try to play an ad came every time


Its alright not the best

Bella Leonard

I didn't even get to play it didn't let me in I was so excited I'll just wait until it works😭😭😭😭

magen avila

It goes to an ad every time you try to play I will never play this game again

Bharathi Dmk

tu tu tu tu tu tu 🤢🤮 no one

Cyanide Supreme


Prakruti Sahu

so beautiful game

Janak Radadiya

Nice game

sankareswari s

I love it

Shannon Gabriel


Najib Zakaria

Good game

Tija Naam

can't even quit the adds

Shailendra Kumar

Bahut achcha

shrgh 18

Just 10 levels and then it starts repeating. Not much thought put into this game. Not to mention the nasty ad at the bottom

Brendan Dowton

It's a good game but, Way to many ads

Human Vibez

I couldn't even play the game. it would never load in and when it did there was like 5 ads in a row. and when I actually got to play the game it was so glitchy

Samriddhi Srivastava

I give this game 1 ⭐. because this game always as TONS Of Ads so im deleting this game.

Forg0tten Memory

Bruh wouldn't even open

shraddha singh


Karina Toney

One star one star bbg- I couldn't even get past the loading screen hunnie. SECOND OF ALL it kept closing the app even after I uninstalled it five times babe..... It's not giving wut it's supposed to gaveeee noooo I wasted my timeeeeeUH

[ GaChA tUbEr]

The game is vary laggie and it's hard to control but the concept of it is great.

Janet Jati Ram

Amazing game for me

Kiyan Dixit

good app

Andrea Hernandez

Ok this game is bad because i do not know how to lose when your in the wrong outfits im not sure why and you just win when your in the wrong outfits pls make this better when you lose in the wrong outfits 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Poornima Gaur

Game is hang and too much advertisement.

Jamencey Jam

Do you really need to look nice/perfect?? I give it 1 star because it's super laggy and glitchy

Anthony Hairston

I played it before sometimes it goes backwards but I still love it I don't care what other people say about it

Rima Dixon

I can't even finish the first level because of how laggy it is. And the game keeps saying "unfortunately project runaway 3d has stopped working" like every single time I go through the cross I just disconnect, I don't know if it's just me but this also teach 's a bad lesson 1 star 😡

Babli Devi

😍😍execellent game


Not that fun

La’Ray Jade

It gliches way to much as soon as i started to play my screen went blue .

Babu Sonkar

This games is pretty 😘😘

Sumit Kumar

This game very cool


I will give it a 1 star bc 1st of all its hard to control and 2nd it makes kids/even women's unconfident bc u need to choose the "better" clothes so judges would vote higher votes for you, so i dont really like this...

Rekha Jaiswal


3 Cutie kiddos vlog

Its so glichy😡😡 pls fix this😣😣

Samantha Nadal

yes have been a long way from receipt or next day or so ago and the 2 a few days and cyber

Vandana Singh 8

It's a beautiful girl dress up I like this game it is very nice game I so so much like and love this game I like his dress up

Zahra Alya

This game is horrible. 🙄😡 first time i think it would be best but its too horrible its even moving !!!!!!! Don't download this game

Roblox Acc

I am so weakness 😭😅😅

Melody Smith

I AM SO GOOD AT this game

Joseph Quiroga

I gave it a one star bc it has way to many ads and thats all i know rn

Saeed Al Kurd


Ella hogan

Thanks for breaking my phone!

Miley Taylor

I give it a 3 because it glitches and I just fell and it never restarted.

Sharon Williams


Miss Mikay

This game is really glitchy and will randomly push you off the pathway and you'll have to start over completely.

Lene Tietz

I can not say ANYTHING i hate it.i hate it . I hate it

Bae Autumn


Khian Charles Garcia

Level 3 is so glitchy i cant play this..


The first 0time is a boy scout and a friend on a different day ink'that is

ainul adhwa

I HATE THIS GAME, It was very laggy! And it won't let me walk! That's why I gave this game a 1 Star

Isabel the Candy

I give this game a one star because first of all, it's super glitchy. Second of all, it has an ad after every level and to get a new hair style you need to watch an ad. And lastly, It's also can get very boring because it's just the same clothes each time.

Moro Olukokun

I love your game

Diamond yates

Its fun

Carlee St pierre (CreateC)

Pretty good and fun game but theres one thing, sometimes when you go down a split thing it glitches out so thats why im giving it 4 stars.⭐⭐⭐⭐

Akansha Ghosh

Nice game and it is very helpful for us

Abigail Calderon

The game started out a good game but then it started to glich and it keep kicking me out of the game.

Mafia Girl

It is so glitchy

Thomas M

I agree

k k

I agree with all the people who said it was laggy because it is i can bareley play it😡😠Delete!!!⭐

House of Pan-Cakes

It won't let me open the app.

Mila Poncho

It's fuy

Addison Gomez-Bargas

Keeps kicking me out, sorry 😞

Ella Gutt

It's laggy, crashy ⭐⭐

Hannah “HannahTheInternetHobo” A

won't even let me open the app

Dominique Kamara

This is the most laggy glitch game ever im sorry 😞

Ernestine Sojourner

It has to much glitches.

Maria Tefel

People have bad internet and it's not leggy it's not glitching so Ima give it a 5 star rating

Essense Rachel

I love this game I love all the games that are like this


This game is very laggy and slow I'm deleting it sorry

Elizabeth Young Lawyer

Horrible. Every time I play it glitches. DELET.