Pro League Soccer

Author: Rasu Games

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Pro League Soccer – Mobile Football Game

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File size: 51M
Update time: August 15, 2021
Current version: 1.0.13
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Rasu Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Abdulateef Mohd jamiu

It was fantastic and marvelous but the players name was not spelt well

Lerato Panyane

Thanks for letting me know

Sammy Mutisya

Only change on correctly spelled name for the players and let the game have transfers for the players

ainul huda


Brighton Ngwenya

Nice game

Elliyah Papa

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Yelin Naing

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partha indio

Gameplay is too smooth... awesome game💙

Constance Mafanele

This game is not cool but is super cool.l never stopped playing it.😊😊😊

Kwakyewaa Evelyn

I loke the graphics

zain Shendy

Good game, great graphics but the player names not real but if there is community i well rate it five star thanks a lot

Isaac Odonkor

This game is one of the best games but needs a little improvement on the graphics it also needs commentry I also wish there will be bying and selling of players but in all one of the best football games

Junior Vanreil

It a good game it is ez to play and you can play online 😉

Arwa Qurux


NaGod Forglory

This is so nice

Olusoga Ajayi


Sphesihle Mthmkhulu

This game is good

Abdullashebin Quranlove


Wissam Allaw

Great game. But we need a career mode : budget and transfers

Sunny Anunobi

Very nice playing well

Mehul Vishwakarma

Best game ever I played of football

David George

دي جامدة اوي

Grace Quansah Ahuble

Nice game

maramoja junior

As far as football is concern,, the game is enjoyable,, the graphics are good,, but I want the developer to include commentary and improve on the graphics of fans,, please please include commentary

Charles Oppong

Very enjoyable

Noeline Erasmus

Junior 💗💕

Anthony Ahenkan

Most annoying game i have ever played. waste of bundle

Y Pranesh

Nice Game

Carlo nyaga

This game is good the only thing is that when yu pause the game you cant subtitute

Zorina Chhangte

We need more information about player and for online class

Mody Mohy

So beautiful

zakaria Assila


Phiwokuhle Nqiqhi


Anindo pandit

Great game,Good control ✌️

Resad jawarun

Hello my favoriti Game Faiz Zayaan

ahmed sherif

I like this game but I think it will be better if you made multilayer gaming it will be so fun

Kamarunneesa Shafeek

Very fun😂😂, i like it,

Doctor Khalid

Good 👍


Well this game is 1 of the best games but this is why I rate it 3 number 1 team mates thay just stand and whach you and when I'm playing as ronaldo I want to shoot but my team mates block the way so the ball hits them. 2 Ronaldos ratings are to small. 3 The kits don't work and when I upgrade the game manchester united stopped working and I want to make it fully upgraded but it doesn't work. And can you please put the real madrid adidas 3rd away kit 2017-2018 and keep up the good work rusugames

Mat Lapham


Victor Ozioma

Pls Update the app ,I love the game and pls add new features 🙏🙏🙏

Amit Sinha

It's a great game no doubt about it but you should improve the gameplay or atleast just give a feature in which we can buy players and sell them like a real manager mode

Joseph Eapen


Leeman Chifwala

This is a prolific game I enjoy playing it...I wish it had a transfer market were we could have access to a range of players 🥳

Clara Chulu

The game is fine Z

Harsha Dutta

Why messi is not in Argentina squad?

ahmed_abd_ osm


Aniruddha Paul

good game

bravine ochi

It is a great game , the graphics and game play modes are all good

Mois Zrrrqj


Fafa Addo

Awesome. Just awesome

Mohammed Alif


Stella Chinedu

The best football game.


Unbeatable bot bad graphycs, and its like the bots control the game wherever u kick dont instal dont waste time like i did disapointment is your waiting for.


I like this game a lot but the players names used to be normal like for an example it used to be ronaldo but now it is rulando so please make the soccer players names be back to normal.

Mamun khan


susha rajesh

Hello devlopers i like your game very very much but one thing is you have to add multiplayer because thats fun to play more pls its my request overall game is very good but this thing only i need

Satriadi Pradha

Saya kasih bintang 4 dulu deh karena 1.skil nya ditambahin jangan itu aja 2.kiper lawan kayak punya tangan panjang karena susah dijebol 3.pemain nya pendek semua pemain nya harus tinggi 4.tambahin mode latihan 5.nama pemain ada yg aneh contoh:Rulando, kenapa namanya rulando kan bisa namanya ronaldo aja 6. Bisa ganti cuaca dan malam sama pagi nya 7.nama tim diperbaiki lagi contoh:MD White kenapa nama nya md white kan bisa Real Madrid aja. Sekian dari saya jadi mohon developer diperbaiki ya plis

Ramesh sakala


Punitha R


Samuel Oluwaseun

It's quite an experience and relaxing game

Mark Donald

Very very the game is very very interesting I love it,😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😝😝💙💙💙💙♥️❤️

Hadija Ismail

I think is a good game

Ricky Paccy Junior

It is just good

cissy akello

I like the game 🎮🎮🎮

Mthembu Nonhlanhla

This game is great Graphics are great

Larf-a Khiangte


Mubarak Ahmed


Mary Manyoun

I think you need to update it


I just want to say what a great job you guys have done here i have been playing this game one and helf month now and am really enjoying the game but You should please add transfer market the game it will make it more and more sweeter

Fine books

Nice game

Otaku. Metalhead

Really good game but need transfers it gets boring to stuck with a same team

Shardul Sankpal

I enjoyed this game a lot and just want to recommend that the difficulty level should be increased.

Sherriter Azinah




oska basikiti

Cool game

Austine Midila

Kindly the game is very fantastic but try to improve some issues about real teams names

a Kelly

I love it I love it I love it

အောင် သီ


Justine Angeles

So every enjoy playing this games

Chol Ayuel

I give you 5star coz it's good but the player names are written wrongly


Plz add Australian A league .



Sindhu Vishnuprasad

Reaally cool

cute short video

Kim namejon Kimsakjin Noob bys

Khanyisa Tom

It is good


D oxbow choc toxic

Nayeem Islam Anin

Always opponents receive the ball when the ball fly on air. And also another big bugs is when I shoot its never make a goal. Always goalkeeper hand it which is never impossible.

Fattah Syahmi

Bad game

Andy fidel

The game is good but not best🙇 but ...... But.... Some improvements should be done..... Number 1 the name of the clubs and players should be real....... Number 2 Commentator should be added ..." COMMENTATOR " should be in🤞included...... Please work on this 3 issues so that the game could be Superb .... and best

Mahendra Hembrom

Very very interesting application


Please add Bangladesh 🇧🇩 team as well.


I like the game

hazieatul saidi

Stupid game

Ryan Hill

This game is DOPE! I think it could be better if they allowed users to keep track of their precious seasons so they can see their game progress and their teams history over the seasons they've already played. Also, make it to where users can actually use the XP for in game upgrades, like different style uniforms. You all should also allow users to create a player or even create their own soccer club and allow them to compete in the league of their choice. Also create a career mode!

Percheila Shaik

I like this game its very nice to play

Marvin Minamor

Great game I felt like it's fifa I always love to play this game and i will always like to play tjis game.It is sich an amazing game and i bet my cjildren are also going to this game and continue to play. God bless the producer,editor,designer,developer and all tjose who controbuted in creating Pro league soccer. I relly appreciate the effort you used to creat this game. I wish you could creat more of this game every year and everyone will jusy love playing it because of how great the game isKIU

Maisha Maloka

The game is fantastic,the only problem i have with it is that you can't upgrade your player skills

Genzo Pham

Nice game 🎮

Steven Lukyamuzi

It's a very nice game