Prison Escape: Pin Puzzle

Author: Genix Lab

10,000+ install


Prison Escape: Pin Puzzle – Help me! Help me please! Poor misjudged Andy need to scape the prison & get home

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File size: 49M
Update time: August 28, 2021
Current version: 2021.55
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Genix Lab
Price: Free
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Customer review

Joseph Yarrow

This game was also doing the same breaking that everyone is saying. There is also some odd lag now in the game. Its like the code is being altered to make this game more unplayable for Tapjoy offers to be completed.

Nathan ray Laguit


Ramesh Tiwari

Thank you

James Deery

40,000.00 tokes to earn a reward from Tapoy, only 120 tokens at max awarded per game. After every game is an ad or two, multiplier doesn't always award as the ad is not ready. Although you might select 5X multiplier you may only get 2 or 3. My time is valueable and do not have precious time to waste. Maybe with a few less ads and a little more speed it could be a better game and experience. Goi g to remove now after posting this review.

Then They Came For Me

Don't bother. If you're here for the pay wall or whatever you'll never get 100,000 coins. The most you can get it is about 90 coins per round which includes watching a 30-second ad which is always longer than 30 seconds. So to get 100,000 coins you need to watch more than 1,000 ads.

Vicky Vignesh

super game

Arin Jatav

Bad it

Grant Sterling

What happens in prison stays in prison 🤔😏

Trent Rooks

Ive reinstalled 3 times cus anytime i hey close to my goal the game gets to a point where it stops saving where i am. And i get looped at a certain level

Thor The Thunderer

Runs so sluggishly it takes several minutes to even load a level and coins from the town no longer stay.

Payal Rawal


July Pinpin

It's fun to play


Basti game

Angella fraser

As I said in a previous review,the game keeps starting over at 91,once you get to 7000 coins,it's the trick to get you to watch more ads,they got me,from now on am reviewing every game before I play,these people who make these games are like the games they make

Demir Eren



TRASH!! Played to 40k coins for an offer, game started freezing. When i came back i was down to 37k so made it back to 40k again and progress was again lost when reopening app. Total scam for ad revenue. Very sad and disappointing to waste so much time and effort.

Mary Jane Victore

This kind of game is a waste of time....uninstalled😣

Jaden Ballogan

Ur game have many adds


I'm not even gonna say anything. Scroll through coments and u'l find what u need. Developers if u see this ur game is trash, the game playing is ok but u have rhe nost ads on all games, it's a scam that u can't colect ur money every 4 hours after level 75 ig and the game after 2-3 days it's really buggy and the images freze like 30 seconds every level and at the end of it and begining. Thats like 2 minutes staring at the screen for 30 sec of playing eith ads 4 minutes for 30 sec of playing.

Arun Salim


Rajat Biswas


Margaret Ziacan

there is bug, it would not let me pass 91 even I have been playing until 103. it would not save itself.

Rid Hamzah

The game gets stuck each time i play it! Not to mention the ads. Very annoying!

Holly M

Ads with game breaks in between. Puzzles get repeated constantly. I only downloaded to claim an offer for another game but I couldn't complete it because the game keeps glitching and deleting my progress. Garbage app, do not recommend, not worth it even for completing offers.

Stacy Ambrose

The game has been stuck on level 77 i have played that same level over and over and occasionaly it lets me go to level 79 but alwaye takes me back to level 77 and it wont let me access the town to get my coins but its been like this for along time time now and there isnt any way to contact a support person ir anything

Shikhar Srivastava

very innovative

Arpit Bhai

Save Your Time, You Cannot complete the offer. This game is fraud as they stop your progress after some time and cheat you, The developers will be rotten in the hell as you cheated the people for money.

Nicholas Boler

Downloaded the game to earn 40k coins because of another game I have had an ad for it and if I complete I earn for the other game. The ads are how they make money and when you complete your goal they have to pay. They dont want you to complete your goal. Currently the game is stuck. I can level but I can no longer access the city where I need to collect coins every 4 hours. Don't waste your time. Their license is free and no time, money, or effort went into this game.

Rinoa Sylviez

Worse game I ever played, just because of tapjoy reward I forced to play. The graphics & control really bad. When I played only a little & built some house, next reopen game my coins become negative. When reach lv75, access to house area blocked until reached lv200. Too much ads, difficult to pass lv when it keep pop up every attempt. When I played offline to lv130, it return to lv78 when I reopen, records doesn't saved. File size large. Wasted my time and can't even get reward.

Dull Machete

This game is a trainwreck. A quality assurance tester's nightmare. It stops working eventually. If you backup the files to reinstall and recover it kinda used to work but no longer does. Now theres another serious bug. Before you used to have access to the town after 4 levels played but a new bug makes the number change from 4 to 200! That means no leveling up buildings anymore. Devs need to get it together. Stay away until they fix it, which may be never. It has gotten worse with each version.

Madeline Murphy

I'm trying to reach the 100,000 coins for appkarma offer but I can't seem to get over 76,000 coins, my progress keeps deleting when I go off and back on the app. Meaning both levels return to level 365 and money gets reset to 71,000. On top of that, I struggle to even collect coins anyway with how often the game freezes and stops working after I complete levels.


invested my coins to level city at the beginning for faster progress. when i reached level 129 can no longer access the city to collect the coins. restarted the app many times still can't access the city.

Harish V

Now the app prevents from collecting coins from the buildings after we reach 10000coins. This is a good tactic to make us play. If the game is not developed fully then you should not release it.

Roby Suttle

awesome 👍😎

Ngurah Nixen


R Sudheer

Full of adds, it's impossible to achieve 100000 coins with adds

Omkarsingh Kahar

Stops while playing. Unable to complete task

Alex B

Game was okay, but after last update it won't save progress anymore and is extremely slow to respond.

Gonzalo Antonio

Scam if you are here for the offer don't waste your time at some point stops saving your progress so you will never reach 40 000 coins


The game is okay but I'm trying to collect coins from my buildings and everytime I collect more, the total returns back to just over 13000.


This is the worst game. I'm trying to earn 50k coins. I made it to level 339. Now there is a glitch that keeps repeating the same level. UPDATE : I updated the app as told to do by the developer. It still has the glitch. Nothing was fixed. I REPEAT DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THIS GAME. Anymore useful tips?

Dhruv Choudhari

Anyone who's playing this for the sake of rewards, listen up. This game stopped saving my progress after 10 days. So the no. of coins I have starts from 13000 every day no matter how much I played the day before. Edit: I updated it. The no. of coins is still getting resetted.

Mark Justine Baay

Bad game lot of ads boring👎

Satirtha Mahato

Nice app

Ronald Paggao

Games is resetting and my progress is getting back and not progressing anymore.

Ajay Nath


Most Vicious Players

Scam app for rewards offer

Mohit Das

The game is good

Manish Pandey

This is fake 🖕🖕

ashley moodie

Doesn't let you collect coins after 40k

A Google user

Ad after everything you do, can't make any progress at any level of speed

Patrick Spellman


Prasant Shukla

now this time is a best i think

FourOneThree Clique

Stops saving your progress. Gameplay is very repetitive especially after the game decides to make you re-do levels



Dhruv Joshi

Impossible task given on jumptask.

K Frerix

Pointless unless you want to watch ads. I installed this to gain rewards for another game, but it's just not worth watching 1 minute of ads for 200 "coins" Most ppl would be best advised to just spend a few bucks in their game than to take up a deal with this app. SUCKS!!!

raja kavi


Andy Macias

Game will not progress after a certain level. Waste of time and energy. Avoid.

Louis Swanigan

Lots of fun.


I get the concept but it's to slow paced for me.....

Eddy Davis

I understand that you need ads. But after each level is bull. ◇

prince Yadav


Shashi Suman

Game is faulty and software is not working properly, it stops wherever it feels like it, totally wasted.

Pann Pies

Like many people in the reviews, my level is stuck. Mine got stuck at level 155. Please dont play. I wish I have seen these reviews earlier.

Andreza Gomes

Bugs hinder progress. After last update, the game resets everything I do. Whenever I close the game and open it again, the progress is back to level 462, coins are back to 42k and buildings are reverted to zero. Simply it is unplayable.

Michelle Ricchiuti

There was no problem until I got to level 412 and now it crashes every single time.

Cao Kiên

Fk y

Amiee Starcloud

This game has serious issues

Ben Heredia

Would give 0 but can't.

Sudipto Dey

Worst game. Not gaining coins from buildings. And not saving coins after 19k...

bubby tumby

Too many ads

Leah LaBree

The games are good for a while, but once you hit level 115 it won't register any progress you've made.

kunal desai

Time waste

Ellen Latcham

Playing this game to 50000 coins for reward offer. The puzzles were fun, although constant ads are irritating. They were tolerable though to progress faster to goal. However, now progress isn't being saved at level 246/247 and aprox 10000 coins (I used a lot to build city for coin payout every 4 hours). But it sure takes the coins from the town payout and doesn't return THAT next login when all my coins disappear. I would play straight through, but now the game runs incredibly slow.

Mary Ann Gotico

awesomeness 😎

Vivek Mohan


Alberto Chavez

Downloaded for TapJoy rewards. Needed to make it up to 50K coins for me to get the rewards. Usually it saves your progress, but after 23.6K coins, it doesn't. No matter how high you climb, when you exit the app and re-enter, you get reset to 23.6K coins. It's been very time-consuming thus far, and to know I won't get tapjoy rewards because of this glitch is very frustrating.


only 20 coins per level what a joke of doing this for an offer so not waste your time

Faraz Khan

Please give mi mk mobile token

Beena rawat Kumar123

its very good game

Putta Jeevan

Supper game

Ren M

Way TOO MANY ads, you get an ad EVERY time you restart a level, an ad after EACH level, an ad in the MIDDLE of the level, this is RIDICULOUS, and the game is boring and janky, it's almost as if the developers put very little effort into making this game and filled it with ads.

Shaif Ali


Jeanne Mccormick

lots of fun, makes you think!

Curlycozmo _E404

Played it to get free rewards on another game and I wish I picked a diffrent game. Ads every minute, inconsistent gameplay, annoying music that I cant turn off unless I mute my phone (the menu mute music and sounds buttons dont work) and after some time it dosent save anything meaing no progressing. Id rather go birdwatching than play this. (I wish I could rate 0/5)

Sunita Mistry

nice game

Joker Jana


Joshua Schendel


Tanmay Bhoyar

I am trying to play this game but its not working. Even if its work its responding very slow and late. Not good.


Got to a certain point and it stopped recording my progress. Loading speeds tripled when it broke. I don't suggest this game to anyone.

Victor White

I ended the day with 25,000 coins yesterday. Today I wake up to 15,000 coins and I didn't spend a single one. I played a little while and ended at 18,000 coins. 4 hours later I'm back to 15,000 coins again. This game is stealing my coins!! I'll lost 13,000 coins already in 2 days!

Thump Wong

It's an okay game, but watching ads often don't register for the reward and the rewards diminish if the watching ad button is not pressed fast enough. So since the ads doesn't register the reward is pretty much reduced to its lowest. It feels punishing for watching ads, not rewarding.

Jojo Martin

Was working really good then I logged in 2 days ago and had nothing but lag takes ages to load and when it does it disconnects

oh nah nah

This app is a scam. If u r doing the levels as a reward offer don't even bother because it will intentionally stop recording ur progress before u even reach the desired coins. Absolute garbage. Hope the developers die

YiTing G.

The coins stays at the amount of 9657, and it increases temporarily when you gain more. But then, when you reopen the game, it returned to 9657.

John Michael

Game keeps resetting me to lvl 288 after I close out no matter how far I get past it.

Vivek M

I haven't seen this type of chutiya game... Game hasn't been saved.. horrible experience

Ian Noome

Fraud app. How come ads are working perfectly but not your game, huh? I'm always back at level 57 when I'm supposed to be at level 63? Lmao, what a waste of time.

Surojit Konai