Princess Tale

Author: Gamepub

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Princess Tale – Careful, It’s time for the cuties to take action! idle princesses starts now!

Detailed info

File size: 86M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 1.7.03
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Gamepub
Price: Free
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Customer review

Christianne Kyomoto


Angela Billings

you can't win so many new princesses they're all so cute download princess Tales today all of them are so so cute

sefs sfsefs

its alright


More guild content such as guild buff and guild research.Add more unique charcters.


I LIKE THE GAME! More events please! More codes! More girls! More prizes to help me go through the game.

Arren Marlin

Half of the "epic" units are useless. Also the epic drop is very rare, you can expect multiple 10-pulls and you get no epic unit. The game lacks event and progress are extremely slow. AFK arena is still way better. The only good thing is the character art but even the design are easily forgettable.

Jon copley

Please make it so we can skip guild boss fight it takes forever to sit there and watch it at if not at least let us turn off character animation so its faster

jonathan alfonso

simple , facil de aprender y usa muy poco de tu tiempo en el juego y con eso ya progresa casi solo.

Sadaki Kuromi

warming music and cute princess. great combination.

Jeremy Rose

the games painfully mediocre, if you've played any other afk/idle game you've played this game. there's genuinely no reason to play this game over other idle games, besides maybe the character design but even that is mediocre. overall very uninspired and there's nothing special about it. it's like if you got an ai to play mobile legends adventure, idle heroes, afk arena, and princess connect, then told the ai to make a game based on its experience.

brian bushard

Still early on in the game. I like the concept will edit after more game time to see if I hit that famous paywall

Simp SONY Gaming

nice game

Tracy Blanchard

AFK Arena-like with actually really good summon rates and neat designs!

Yuko Yoshida

so cute

evilgodz dereck



All characters are cuties!~

Dustie Thurmond

I love the concept of the game. The characters are adorable, but for some reason it keeps kicking me out of the game. Fix this and I'll change my rating.

Peter Bartlow

Essentially an AFK Arena clone with an emphasis on female units. It's fine for what it is in the game play department. Nothing new or unique in my opinion. However my issue with the game is the constant crashing. I've played games with better graphics and a larger file size with more effects on screen that don't crash at all. Because of that and the fact that there's nothing new here for me, I'm going to opt out.

Michelle Harrison

It's cute but a bit busy

Genshin Impact

WOOOOH IM BACK, For years of not playing Finally found it again

valmarie volschenk

Fun game , gets a little tedious sometimes but still pretty good

Philomi Rajadhurai

Realy amazing game


Returned after a hiatus and the game is still going strong! Lots of things to do and updates, even for small spenders like me :)

cᴀɴᴅɪᴄᴇ `

Game is ok, it's just too slow and boring. The difference of this game and other games like mythic heroes is huge. And the game modes is not really my type of thing.

Donald Kue

So Far, I really like it! Same concept like every other game but it has its own uniqueness! Job well done! I could see myself playing this game forever lol

Пилип Орлик

така убога гра але лагає і фрізить як якась ААА ММОРПГ.... видалено

stop 10 years ago

im sorry but this game is a copy of afk arena i mean the art is beautiful but this game a copy tho

Never gonna Give u up

This game is good, but if you're asking why I rate this a 1 star? It's because it's a copy of afk arena. This game could be amazing and good if it isn't a copy

Korone -Doggo

You guys are so generous,Happy 1st anniversary

Melissa Emerson

Great time sink and super cute

Эри Mill


Nur Aqila Zahirah

It's a good game and I really like it. What bothers me the most is how the game crashes whenever I play for longer periods. I hope this gets fixed since I don't think it's a problem that I'm facing alone.


low-quality incel bait

alexandra gaane

I'm still new. i like it though.


I think this game has some problems. But I must need to say that it is a great.

Kittikat Takesabreak

Game contains violence

Sam Bailey

Imagine caring about the "fTp eXpErIeNcE". No thanks. I'm here to actually support the devs. I understand they need to make money. Being ftp is cringe af. Case in point: The Ambush review below..

Dipmala Phukan

Cute game 💕💞

Vernon Sampson

Game is fun to play and good if you really dont care too much and waste time. Not so good if you invest time and money.. often has new bugs, existing bugs not fixed, unfair promotion system, broken censor software, poor language translation and starting to get confusing with poorly implemented mini games and enhancements.. your choice really

Michael Elda

I like the graphic and the gameplay. The character design is great, not too sexy but proportional. The game mechanics is simple and the developer is very generous. Thanks a lot for anyone who make and helped this game move on.


good game

Riski Afdhal

first impression for this game from me is this game is pretty

Captain Zoro

BTW that afk arena they copy the game but make it trash . One Star because the summon is trash the only game that getting a purple is 1/100 not funny. Make the summon better. And I have five s team I lose in the story line because the time end.


hay vại👁️👄👁️✨✨10 đỉm

Brian C Miller

excellent to very good game. to fair (summing different heros) but other then that small nitpick, I'm cool with this game.🙂

Настас _алжир_

So cute

Ricky Tan

Great game, waifu material 😆 , I Love this game 👍❤️

Jesus Serrano

In short this is a pretty good idle game, in fact it's the kind of idle rpg that puts me in a good mood If you know what I mean❤️😏❤️.

Viani Lorenza

nice game! prettty character and f2p friendly

• Quantum • Quattro •

As a player from early access, this game has never failed to cure my boredom and is overall an amazing game

lisanna islost

very low summoning rate

Bonny Rodriguez

Love this game so much

Angela Lee

so far pretty fun

ft. KyuremID

interesting, but Developer can u add a setting for graphic or adjust effect battle or anything like that, because I play this game in android with 2 gb RAM, sometimes get freeze screen when the ame loading battlle

Bonny Rodriguez

I love this game so much

Radia Vanes Rayya Raharjo


Sergiorel Joy C. Capulso

well graphics are good but the problem is it's too laggy, always stop by itself then it close. I can't even play better it'll close by itselt..

Gianna Forsyth

The beginning of the game makes no sense

Donna Eames

This seems a lot like AFK arena but I love the character designs and the storyline is very interesting and creative

leonard goodwin

Very awesome game

Oriel Gaming

I'll be changing my review to 4 stars. I reinstalled and created a new game and a lot of things improved. I like the new mini games the most as well as those new girls. Still as cute as ever, but my problem is all about game crashing. It suddenly crashed every time I play for longer periods, though it isn't like this last time. I understand that the game is getting larger in terms of file size but can you try to improve the stabilization? Overall I like the improvements, good job devs! ✨

Prixie Chan

I'm definitely enjoying this game. Love the gameplay and gacha system. very generous as well I Love collecting characters. looking forward fore more

Dough Nut

I like this game but I am facing a problem every time I start playing after 2 3 mins game chash please help me fix this

Antonio Dominguez Jr.

Good game, improve the graphics for better and smoother gameplay. There is a lot of fps drop during loading and after the loading sequence.


highly enjoyable it's a cute and fun idle grind and rewards player pretty fairly.

Chronos Aragami

Cute game.

Jayishnu Maharjan

the heroes are easy to get but hard to level can u make it hard to get also but other wise is gg so can u fix it plz.

Justine Idiot

A cute heroes, good graphics, and you can also get good hero for free,

Melon Cat

Awesome characters !! Also the upgrade system is nice, when you get duplicates of your favorite characters it's a good thing. This game is great and pretty relaxing too, I definitely recommend it and it's totally f2p friendly as well.

Patricia Javier

Why tf do it crashes everytime i cant even last a minute in the game cus its always kicks me out its pissing me off really ○_○ ...hopefully u fix this...

Tanner Lundgrin

Decent game, but crashes for me to much to enjoy.

Cool Guy,

pretty great idle game

Nathaniel Alteza

I love the game and the art. But I feel like I played this game too late. Now I think the playerbase is too small for me to play with.

Tracey Karpas

I love this game. ^-^

Austin Scarbro

As generic as anything Ive ever seen. The screen layout, the mechanics, and even the lack of heroes is all too common on the play store. You even start the "story" with the typical "kill who the npcs point at, just because" intro. This game is a cash grab. Nothing more, nothing less. Doesnt even deserve the one star Im forced to give.

Albert Timothy

The game is kinda lack of innovation, yet their game design updates are really slow.

Walter Albert

Good game nice art.

Akku Rawat

How do i change language. This is ridiculous


Somewhat fun, decent art, more interesting than most other idle game in the genre. There isn't really any story if that's what you were looking for.

ayanerua ch.

Fun and cute!

guandong mai

Normal cute girls game. Not impress at all.

C H E R R Y pom

Great game, nice graphic, f2p, great time killer, only problem there is no skip button. That's all

Minh Huynh

cute design, fine story. but game mechanic need abit improve to be more convenience and level abit easier as an afk game.

Emma Munteanu

I love this game so much! It's fun and the characters are absolutely awesome!

Brave Shine

Their updates I am liking it.

Scott Blanchard

good game so far.

Legato Bluesummers

It's a pretty fun little Gacha/AFK game with cute and unique characters and abilities and plenty of free gems for summoning. But it drains my phones battery like it was designed to do it! lol I play without sounds and it still just drains like a sinkhole under a pond i would appreciate some options to run the game at lower settings or something I have another game i can play all day long and barely notice the battery drain but overall a great little game. No one is joining my guild JokersWild

Josh Peckham

Constant crashes. Don't know what happened over the past month, but I hope they fix it.

Įm đá Çıņňąmøřőłľ śâņřîô

So long to update just remove it

Harriet Acosta

So cool

Ștef de chef

super game

Huy La

Block certain auto click app, can't play if you installed them in your phone

Jenna Gozo

I like this game . I just want to recommend a more task ..

Riddhi Rawat

This game is really awesome !! I like it...

Senzawa Pips

Relaxing and easy to play.

Ara Shinpainashi

Im not sure what happened but the sky maze difficulty suddenly went drastic unlike before I can finish the maze up to level 3 but now im stuck even my lvl120 was two shotted with one skill... did they adjust the difficulty to be this hard or to make it easy?

Edd Simoun Poblete

I wish more skin,princess and codes that are last a months.

Doremy Sheep

This game. Is absolutely adorable. I literally can't really find any issues. I just love this game.


I've been a day 1 player and login almost daily but one day out of no where the game refuse to login with an error code. I contacted support & they basically told me they can't do anything about it and it's my fault. So basically lost all that time consuming progress. The developers do not care about the time and efforts you put into the game and will ban accounts just because your too strong so you must be cheating. I wouldn't even know how to begin to cheat, your progress will goDown the drain

Numontia Zephyr Entertainment [NZ Entertainment]

Well, this type of AFK game is always nice. However, The fact, that there is no Auto-Assault make the game progress slow, also mentioning its slow animation in battle. By the time you got the PvP, you will not get far with its Bad matchup.