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🕪 Air Horn: Funny Siren Sounds and Fun Games with Funny Sound
Prank apps: Horn, Siren Sounds – Air Horn Siren Sounds has many free funny sounds to prank your friends. Mini game: air horn, fart sounds, haircut joke, car horns, scissors, razor, jokes etc. Treat your friends and family or even pets with loud air horns, siren sounds, car horns and prank games. Air Horn: Prank Siren Sounds really useful and funny when you want to sound, scare or wake up your friends, or even surprise them with a hair dryer. Choose cool air horns or siren sounds and wake up your friends. The best mini game with funny voice for you and your friends.
💨Fart Sounds: Jokes – Funny Games
Become a fake hair buzzer with fart sounds or a funny voice. The best siren ringtones and car horn effects will make your friends more fun with prank apps. Use a mix of mini-games and fart sounds or shave prank to prank your friends and watch them fart endlessly. Turn your phone into fart sounds, joke sounds and joke game machine and reset your friends.
💇‍♂️ Scissors and Razor
This fake razor includes real hair clippers and vibrations. Its sound is modeled after real razors and changes when you move the device over someone’s head. You will also feel the vibration, similar to a real razor. With this shaver and razor, your friends will really think their hair is cut. When you see their surprised and angry expressions, you can’t stop laughing!
🕪 Air Horn and Pranks for Fake Hair Buzzer
Impress or prank your friends and family with this super loud siren sound. This app contains funny sounds and many realistic horn sounds like train, ship, truck, car, police sirens, air horn, fire engine, hairdo prank and fun games to fool everyone. Joke air Horn fart cutter so awesome!
💇‍♂️ Haircut: fake hair summer
Bored? hair clipper and shaver to prank your friend and become a fake hair buzzer! Some funny sounds make you smile with a hair clipper stick. Wig buzzer spacer and red face! This hair cutting app can perfectly simulate the sound and vibration of a real hair cutting machine.
🕪 Funny Prank Apps and Funny Games for Fake Hair Buzzer
Air Horn: Prank Siren Sounds: Haircut Whistle, Fart Sounds, Car Horns, Razor Police Sirens, Engine Sounds, Door Bell, Air Horn and Burp Sounds in prank apps.
Airhorn Prank Siren Sounds features of this funny prank sound app:
👨‍🦲 Prank Air Horn Fart Clipper
👨‍🦲 Various fart sounds for high quality prank songs and flash
👨‍🦲 Sound
👨‍🦲 ‍🦲
👨‍ 🦲 50 fart sound and sound effect joke
– pop it style game! Perfect game!
– High Quality Relaxing Sounds and Fart Sounds
– Playbox Simulator.
– Bubbles: Pop bubbles and enjoy these relaxing games.
– Ping Pong: This mini-game is the perfect stress reliever!
– Stress toys. Anti-stress 3d stretching.
– Corn Harvest
– Razor Dot
– Dot Air Horn Fart Cutter
– Fireworks
– Break the gift
– Nailed

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Current version: 1.0.2
Require Android: 5.1
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