Power Girls – Fantastic Heroes

Author: TutoTOONS

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Power Girls – Fantastic Heroes
Power Girls are moving into their skyscraper penthouse at the top of the city! Fuse fantastic heroes together & hatch new Power Girls from traveling capsules! Complete your cute superhero collection, play fun mini games, and protect the city from villains!

Win mini games and fit the Power Girls penthouse with beautiful furniture and things you can interact with. Would you like to soak in a jacuzzi? Jump on a trampoline? Or maybe visit the vending machine for some Super Power Food? Suit yourself – the Fantastic Heroes’ penthouse is yours to explore!

Fuse Power Girls together to get new heroes and complete your cute collection! Hatch new superhero girls from their traveling capsules and take care of them. Feed them some superfood to regain energy and play!

Pick your favorite character from your Power Girls collection and play mini games. Jigsaw puzzles, creative, adventurous, and fun mini games await!

Download and play Power Girls – Fantastic Heroes today! Complete your cute superhero collection and protect your city’s residents and pets!

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Detailed info

File size: 79M
Update time: April 26, 2022
Current version: 1.0.80
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: TutoTOONS
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sheetal Bharti

This game is soooooooo good ❤❤❤

C Nwankwo

I saw a connection in power girls super city fire,water and plant look the same but younger!Anyway great game Tuto Toons keep making games love your work!XOXO gamer!!!

David Costello

It is so fun!!! But l'm geting bord!

Aye Pu

New power girls 😍🤗🍔🍟🥞🍞🍓🍌🍳🍯🧀🥖🍝🌭🍕🍖🍜🍲🍥🍣🍱🍛🍙🍚🍘🍢🍡🍧🍨🍦🍰🍮🍭🍬🍫🍿🍩🍪🥛☕🍵🍶🍺🍷🥃🍸🍹


So much fun I love you guys that you made game I had it on my tablet ànd I love the game

Nancy Danny

Idk the super heros are good 👍🏻

Sefali Shaik

Nice 👍 game all the best

Nadian Carty

I am just downloading this game I can't wait

Widleine Levy

Making respond you can stop one villain that's still and you can dress up your Heroes

Wilma Shropshire

I didnt download this to my phone. My great grandkids did. Kindly take it off please

Tenilya Lipkins


latoya west

It is good

debra jefferson

Sorry I missed the game today but I know you were busy

big kahuna

This game is cool

Ye Cho


Esmeralda Pallosha


Randi Fritz



Literally I just started playing I already think it's a five because looking at stuff and my favorite thing to do and games is dress people and it has like such cool dresses so I am going to give this a five

Danny Gunz

This is a good game.

Mays Alsawalha

I love this game 🎮 but their body is too small for.

Virgilio Berangberang

This game is so cute and good vibes 😎 and epic👍😻👍

Richard Calimaris


Atik Malik_1

No No No So fin

آرمینا م

سلام اسم من آرمینا هستم و این بازی رو دانلود کنید این بازی بینظیزه حتمی دانلود کنید اصلا پنج ستاره هم خیلی براش کمه

Jacquetta Marr

I like the game

Omphile Dibakoane

It is so boring guys like come on

Najjo Shaikh

Nehaoppgc Tr 8779539

Kelvin Cummings

Send me a comment if you made it because it's awesome it's amazing

Lario Samuels

Looks good 😊 Lario

Nahal Jafari


Sonny Importa


Shyanne Little

Nice game

Spiro Pasarikovski

I really like this game like thanks for adding Fox girls oh yeah and why did you make the new girls cost money I really wanted them why did you need those new ones cost money we just got the old ones not the new ones that's not fair please you really got to make the new ones free you remember kids are playing these games not grown ups

Zain Arshad

Nice and curry game

saeedeh mostafavi

I missed you my game. I played it when I was 3 year old and now I'm 7 . I really missed you 😭😭😭😭😭

Gitesh kuma Gitesh kumar

Hey please give me 😚 🦄unicorn pens and bag Niece game

Zuhair Ali

Good game but there are many ads i would very appreciated if u temove ads

samantha wright

It's fun but the ads are ruining the fun so that is why I gave the game a rating of four 4⃣

Siara Kazi

v vwqs😻💏👍💝👄💙💟andtofora

Ghada Youssef

Love you forever but I can't wait to see you again soon and I hope you have a great weekend

Afsoon Afsari

Dats good.

Danre Jouberr

The power girls it's so fun but the ads annoys me so 4 stars

Richard Wells

This game is so fun I had a game like this before and it's so fun and I just love to play this game

Oeja care Pvt. ltd

I love this game

مهدی فلاح

خیلی خوبههههههههههههه😎😎😎😎🤎🤎

Ching Chung Liang

best game Ever new doll are cute

Naemi Asmerom

This game is very good

mercy abardo

It's not working for me😠😡

Brenda Moose

Love it

Sherma Raymond


aly agee

I first got this game and I'm like ooh this can be very fun cuz I thought it can be all powery and like Bandy cuz I could see it as like a band name and I first got it and I'm like oh this is so fun but it's not how I imagined it to be but then I got more and more and more people which were very cool and then I started to kind of feel in and stuff and it was really fun so I definitely recommend this for all of you kids out in this world that's why I gave it a five star

shella angoy

gshh the other side of

Kathy Hunter

Grandkids love. I don't understand

singledom boredom

I love tutoo toons so much i love playing it sooo muchhhh

hasan zarabi

سلام من این بازی رو قبلا داشتم

فاطمه سعادتنمد


Melly Marilyn

diana zara emily nastya song🎤🎤🎤🎤

CJ Catral

Its nice but THE TIME!!!


It's a very good game in my life 🤤🤤

Jose Ramos

😍😃😇💗♥️🌹✨❤️ I like it so much this game is 😎👍 how do you design it it's the best game ever by the way I'm in third grade everybody can do whatever they want but they do have to listen to the parents but this game is so bye I like it LOL this is so cool scary ever

Andrea Fortoul

6.30am and shine on your own face and make your life a perfect solution to the problem and the best way for kids and children for your kids is the fact of life and shine on your face to the world and the way that I feel about it and how to be my little girl is a new thing and you are the only person who 5th and I will be able and not be my little girl and shine on my face as you see it as I am going to draw a little bit more of my life in my life I have been a little more than a little bit more

osaretindys Osagie

It is a nice game.But in the collection there is a empty space so i thought maybe you can add a lot more new powergirls .And that we can merge random powergirls to create new girls.

Lucy Marsden

I have a bug I need you to fix it please 😢😢 two decisions can you give this another update or can you add a unicorn pet that don't change the cat keep the cat but I I just want you to give me another pet which is unicorn please I really need you to fix this bug it's only a little bug it's not that bad just like kind of lags and I really don't like that because it makes me fail the game I don't like this bug at all I desperately need you to fix it please bye 👍 👍

Roses Sitinati

I love


Hey hey this is a good game hey hey this is a good game but there's too many ads

anima gurung

This is great I give this 11 out of 10

Alex Wilson

I like this game, it's funny and cute

asm kurdish11


Jannat Mollah

I like the game

Kamrul Ahasan Mony

Good but expected better.This game is more likely to smolsies,fluvsies. Most of the contents like hatching eggs,playing with them, changing costumes are just alike smolsies. I thought it would be more adventurous, saving the world,about super hero life but i found the same oldly content.It disappointed me a lot.I thing you should make a change here.I hope you will do better as we always expect the best from you.

Dean Mcleod

In my opinion it is and fun game I had lot of fun

Gwendolyn Williams

Game is so much fun like furniture you get new superheroes girls and you even get new pets that aren't even superheroes I just love it and that's all bye

Rahim Banaei

نسرین رئیس

Yashwant Patil

Cool 🎮

m piri


Derby Derby

It is a nice game


This game is very fun I love it but whoever made this game should have put more things into it like more levels because after I merged all the superheroes I was not doing anything I couldn't do any thing fun and soon it started becoming Boring in fact so boring that I deleted the game and now after month I am again downloading the game to see if they put anything new in the game so please put something new

Doros Loizou


Pat Russell

It is great i have got all of the heroes

Sandra Warden

My granddaughters love it

Ali Ghasemi

خوب است

Zewdu E

I like this game is so so good i havedownlod the aother game keep it up

CJ hot TV

I will send you a copy of my updated version

London Mejia


Rose Singleton

It is a good game for kids

Cecilia Zottor

The best game ever but how do you explore the penthouse feed the girls what they want do the actions they think of and collect furniture

fatima fatahi


Jon Toomey

It's awesome

Makanaka Suluma

Love this game

parmis khademi

You are not good

Paulinah Mohlakoana

Love it

Victoria Iruonagbe

PPPLLLEEEAAASSS and the other is the best way to get a hold of me for a few days to get to the top of the other day that we are trying to get the most out of the world and I am very excited about the opportunity for the position and would like to get together for a few hours to get to work in the position and would like to get together for a few hours to get to work in the position morning and as of late night is that I have a new job in the position that you are looking forward to it

Fatemeh Dashti

Aali aali aali aali aali🌈💜

Sakura 16

This game are so cool I love all the character cute character and so meny to do thaks for this game bye😄

Juniel Lewis

its a very very horriable

Jade Kei Abayan

i love it soo beautiful❤😘

Lissette Guevara

Dan da da! My power girls to the rescue! yahoo I love this game so so much I love to dress 👗 up my characters 😍

A Google user

It's fun but I have nothing to do can you add more characters

Kerry Smith

There is to many adds but it is crashing to much.

ElmerandGloria Valladares

Boring 😡🤬