Port City: Cargo Ship Tycoon

Author: Pixel Federation Games

1M+ install


All the ship simulation enthusiasts who love everything ship transport related, unite! It’s time to put your ships on the waters and build a port city! Become a ship tycoon and enjoy a beautiful ship simulation journey full of surprises, city customizations, achievements and challenging contracts.

Discover and collect hundreds of famous real life ships. The better the ship, the more cargo it can take, the easier your build strategy becomes. It can become quite challenging sometimes, but as a ship tycoon looking to build the biggest empire in the world you’ll find a way!
Shipping the required cargo and completing various contracts is the key to develop your port city.

Upgrading ships comes in handy because an upgraded ship fleet is way more powerful when completing contracts and can save a lot of time! Did you know that there are ship rarity categories in this tycoon game simulation? Rare ships have higher transport capacity! Bending rules of a port city tycoon simulator has never been easier.

Port City game tycoon features:
▶ Build popular ships from history of maritime transport
▶ Collect famous cargo ships, upgrade them and reach their full transport potential
▶ Meet interesting contractors and complete ship freight transport and logistics jobs
▶ Coordinate and transport your ships according to your own build simulation strategy
▶ Enhance your port city and build bigger and better transport facilities and docks to fit more ships
▶ Explore & build global regions as your ships travel the seas through bridges and islands
▶ Play new events every month in the Port City Ship Tycoon game
▶ Team up with fellow ship tycoon enthusiasts during events & work together
▶ Compete in leaderboards to rule the biggest ship tycoon game
▶ Dispatch freight ships to collect resources and transport those to your contractors & build city

Are you up for a transport challenge and ready to collect ships, to build and manage a global city and become the biggest global tycoon in the Port City world?

Have you encountered a contract which does not suit your tycoon game strategy? You can easily swap the ship transport requirements, or cargo requirements to get a better fit for your sea transportation needs.

PLEASE NOTE! Port City is an online free strategy transport tycoon game to download and play that requires a network connection to play. Some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want to use this feature please disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Do you have any suggestions or problems in your port city? Our caring community managers would love to hear from you, visit https://care.pxfd.co/portcity!

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Privacy Policy: http://pxfd.co/privacy

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 6, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Pixel Federation Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Carl Nance

This is a fun game. The proplem now is in region 2 I have 7 ships but none of them can transport steel. I like the game, it's relaxing and passes time, but when you can't complete projects apparently can't handle the load itakes me want to uninstall it. Same with Train Station 2 in region 3.

Abhishek Sarkar


Vitor Goncalves

Everything takes time but it is a funny concept and I enjoy it

Rahul Rajan


Satyam Das

Better than Train Station 2

psycho Gramps

Fun becoming a shipping magnate

ITrinityy NZ


Tyler Knight

Edit: Increasing stars as the developer adequately explained the issue via support. Enjoying the game, but it's super annoying how battery saver keeps re-enabling itself. Can you please fix that?

Tyron Grant

Good game

Anthony Troutt

The game seams good to begin with, graphics are good for a moblie game. And it's easy to learn. The one thing that made me Uninstall is the ships look nothing like actuall cargo ships. Some of them I could see being oil classes. But the rest are like pirate ships somehow carrying containers... And the coal island produces containers. Although coal would be in bulk. It just kinda seems like they made the game with no knowledge on the subject.

Daniel Edwards

Good so far but being playing trainstation2 for awhile now they are kind of the same

Mallikarjun N


BESHR Alamir

Timed game or pay to speed up

Koko K

Very fun game

Nasser Baba

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Jerry Searcy

It's a very cool game

Ykpa accounting


Abhishek S Chauhan

Really a nice game ..... enjoyed alot

James Mark

Very good game and addicted

Neil John Abay-abay

Nice game

Dominic Jonica

Just good and got chill to play this game

Jason Guinn

Not bad. Plus side, no vehicle repair like other games in the genre. Ads aren't excessive and it's fairly easy to play. Everyone has the same complaint about mission times being an hour. You get use to it.

Andre Whirlwind horse

Keeps me busy

Tim Gleason

Love Boats, you should try it.

Peter Langton jr

I love this games

Siti Hamimah



nice game

william Youmans

Cool game

Johnny Siegeler

Good game

Alfred kostrzewa

Very Good Just Started Today

Robert Aiken


farid wan



Good enough idle game

Larry Sibley

So far so good

Justin Potts

this game is great i love the graphics but i really need gems.

Michael Draven

While the game is fun, it's realllyyy getting old getting the same old ships constantly to the point I want microtransactions so I can buy specific ships! not the same boring ships this game keeps giving me.



Shaurya Sonkar

I have searched a lot for simulation games of ship. Ultimately I came across this game and after playing I felt it is Amazing and I interesting. Must try 👍

mohd kashif


Alexander Schwabe

Its amazing



Ricky Barthelemy

Its a fun game

Paul Fuller

Awesome game

Omar Lozada

Not bad

Dianne Sprudd

Super duper

Anthony Holt

Fun game but somethings take to long just want more money 💰

Tarek Hossan

This game not open do not dwonload

WindDancer C

A great game. Entertaining and challenging, but not hard to play.

Carl Zachary

Great game

Tamara Myers

Very slow to get things done

Bruce Weiland

Love this game.

Edward Adams


Rakhal Das


The only easy day was yesterday !!

Hello there, this game is real fun, only thing though, how the hell do I start a new game...I only saw tips for IOS but not for android, any tip is welcome ;)

Edison Torres

Don't like the long wait times to achieve projects. 59 minute it's to long to wait.

Tonmoy Jyoti Dowarah

Good game

Paul Cole

Fun. First day playing

Me Me

L9ve it just like trainstation2

Aharon Muratov


Sameer fakirmamad


Yuro Shaky

Nice game 👍

Terry Fox

Too much like trains 2, same game only with ships

Shiva Dhiva


Chris Carlton

Fun, but I would like being able scrap out "last ship of the line"

Mike W


Brian Hoss

I love this game and play it everyday ,..

Joe Santoya

Great and fun game

alfredo perez

I loved it

shmuel gremberg


Philip Coaxum

Better than the train simulator. That was a little too dark and bland. Felt slow. This is so far pretty decent.

Carl Drew

It keeps telling me to update

Shahan Ahmed

is,a very very bad gem😡😡

Uday Kiran

Y I can't able to install

Michael Ingram

This game is a very easy way to pass the time. I find the many jobs compelling enough to keep me coming back

Vishnu Polisetty


Aki Akito

Great game n fast support. Recommended.

Peter Mason

I am a novice at this game and am keen on the experience up to now. Looks promising.

Faizul Zam

That game is nice but on thing just ad train it's will be very good Thanks you for response but i was just saying if you add tarin it's will be amazing

Yogesh Sharma

very nice game and very experience game 🎯

Vinod Dama

Game is very good, just have to give some time

Gowtham Raj

It's interesting. Really good

Sakib Ahmed

Good game but 1 hour job make my life hell. Some time Google allow me to skip 30 second Ad but this game glitch do not make me that Opportunity.

Michael David Boyles

You are full of BS lying about not having a network connection! Get your Damm facts my Network is connected!

frep you

fun game slow no forced adds

Matthew Diamond

It's been an ok distraction. Ads are optional and provide adequate rewards.

Murphy Chan

Crash when start the 2rd city puchase the new cargo ship. The support team fast fixed the error in short time. Thank you very much. 👍🏻

Rick West

I really like the game it's very challenging and fun to play the only problem is it won't update

Myles O'Driscoll


Yaga Rudesh

Nice game for time pass

Chintan Raghani

Amazing Game

Eduard Eichholz

Awesome game

T Robinson

Lame......game perimeters no applicable to complete task graphics too small for regular phones game play time is longer than watching paint dry LAME...

FHEMar Marco

This game was Awesome i like and i give 5 star

Chris Hayes

Enjoyable to play. Shame about the long periods of waiting.

Kelly Rose

Great game to spend some time. Im still playing the game weeks later. Its relaxing to play and I love that the developers are looking at the comments, it gives me confidence in the game.

Eve Hagon

Really enjoying this app. Lots to do and excellent graphics

Viktor Velikov

Good game

Joe Fritschle

Fantastic game. Easy to get lost in the stories and graphics. Love it

Ryan Nolan

Leveling up to 10 is broken. It's not worth playing, I can't get my game to go pass level 10. Don't play

Salim Kumbhar

We have been notified by our new Port Managers , that after reaching Rotterdam the game forces them to purchase Supreme container for 150 gems - unfortunately this is a bug as that Supreme container is meant to be FREE as a part of the tutorial ! Please fix it