Pop Pop Marine – Blast Game

Author: Genshin ZhongLi

1,000,000+ install


Pop Pop Marine – Blast Game – every click brings happiness

Detailed info

File size: 48M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 1.0.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Genshin ZhongLi
Price: Free
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Customer review

Toe Hlaing


Isty Johani

Pop Pop Marine - Blast Game

chou bro nink

Good game

Elijah Cadugo

Pls not too much ads

gold user


spider man


Linn Linn

I like this best so mush

Cinthia Contreras

I like it cool 😊😇😸👧

Leana Dunn

Pop pop marine is a stupid game i spend 4 days getting 1000 dimonds and watching 60 ads after that i had to watch 223 more ads this is a dump game and wil NOT recommen at all

Travis Veal

Download it for now Or you might get rich Quickly download it

Md E Ruhul Islam

Nc game

A Google user


MD Akram ul Islam Babu


Shawn Warr


John Apple

It actually gets me robux and i like it .

Gizem Ural

It's a lie it's a lie I only have 975 things but it still doesn't work whenever I get 300 is still stays 975 it is a light for me and I will never download this game until it works you better make it work because it was a lie it was a lie a lot of lies and I need this to finish up

Alya Tiara Ananda

This is cool but, i'm collect 10.000 diamond to collect 8100 robux



Omar Gaytan

This so helpful 👌

Arwen Almoguera

is so cool i have robux


This game is a scam it gives me no robux please spend it

Lcs Tele

very usefull

Vimal Elanggovan

Good game

Adrianna Haber

It is fun however it doesn't really give you stuff. I saved up 10k gems to get the 8k robux. When I placed the order it said to watch 60 ads, I did because I thought it was real. I thought it was real because to buy robux you need money and games make money every time they put an ad. I finished watching the 60 ads and it said I had 5 days to watch 220 ads, I watched 60 every day and finished the quest. When I finished It said that it will come in 7 days. It's been 2 weeks, still nothing :(

Kihla NaRaN Kihla Naran


Sky fox Moon

Why make us see 60 ads when we take time to get the Dimond's?!

Md rabbi Hassan

Nice App

NihalBhai Geming

Good app

Then zaw Oo


Alwan Kar Yan

Just a trash game :-)

Brandy Gainey

It is a fun game you can play and you can earn roblox

Aurelia Louie

The adds dont work with internet at all

Myint Zaw


Sonic The Artist

This app is really amazing, its just a kinda sketching game.

Abdelelah Ali

نىتى ن رات شيشش زززسزشز سياسات التحرير والنشر ٦ساعات الصنوبر من الله ربنا يحفظكم ويرعاكم قبل العمليه وهاند باك ضخمه مليانه عصافير الشامبوهات و الدوام لله جزاكم الله خيرا وجمعنا ٦

Alaa Salman

I love this game 😍😍😍😍

Md Morshed

So real game

tun aung

Good game

August Star

Fake game..Never download this game..

Saya Zin