Pop Animal Party

Author: davidliuppp

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Pop Animal Party – Pop Animal Party:The game you can get relax and challenges.

Detailed info

File size: 45M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.0.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: davidliuppp
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nancy Mitchell

The game is fun but you never get to cash out! You have to wait your turn to supposed to cash out but never get to and then they make it to where you can't check to see why!! Don't waste your time!!

Jaclyn Keymolen

Scam -5 stars liars

Ambah O'Brien

so far so good

Lynda Trero

Hope this game will give what the players earned

mia mia

Nine app

Lanferz Fernandez

Nice game

Eric Estabrooks


Efren Pateño

Im enjoying the game, i think it is liget

kathy dillenbeck

I've been looking h g for a game that will increase my income most games you never get to the goal of receiving money on your paypal account I'm hoping this will be the game I'll come back and let you know the graphics seem to be nice the game moves right along the animals are cute then after writing my review I went back to game and found a glitch when I'm claim my diamonds and paypal points the ads stops and I can't figure out how to start it again

Carrieann Rockwell

When I use PayPal l always use my email address. I don't know how to use the phone number. Since the pandemic started we are having a hard time affording things and this is why I started playing the games to try to get a little money to afford glasses for me and have a decent Christmas. I enjoy playing games and I am searching to for one is more truthful and this would be the game I do play and tell my friends about how good it is. Please let me know I can use my email address.

Mahabur Molla

Gud apps

Valerie Williams

So far seems good but for paypal why do i have to wait 15 days i don't know about that i would like my money sooner

Karen Adams


Gabrielle Williams

Not worth my time

Tone Locc

Hopefully it pays out fast

Philip Monk

Easy, fun and rewarding. My bank loves me I love this app.

Brett Smith

Just started the game so far so good.

Rana Shahid

Very special day for you payment received the confirmation

Dieudonne Aringha


Magdalena Maldonado

Did everything it said now it says that my reward failed and I can't get the money and I can contact anyone

Kelly Schwartz

Love the game.

Connie Dewhurst


Karen Lee

Haven't played game long enough to rate. I just hope when I go to redeem my winnings it doesn't tell me it failed.

Lisa Jones

Love it to the fullest 😊💕💕

JoAnn Campbell

So I played this game I got to the point where you could redeem could redeem I waited and now it's telling me failure let me failure has my correct information which I'm going to change these games are all about your baloney they lie to people just to get you to play the games they don't cash out which they should be ashamed of themselves. You don't need to tell people that you're gonna cash out our money and then don't do it don't do it as now it just says failure.

Tammi Strouse

So far it's cute.

Yvonne Dunning

Game is fun if you don't mind all the ads. Don't know if you are going to get any money from the game yet they ask real early.

Geri Steck

I just started playing so I can't give my input yet.

Mary Raeburn

I am waiting to see how long it takes to put money in my account other games keep me going days with no payment let's wait and see (hopeful)

Linda Danthony

Games great if not like other that do not pay

Stuart Earls

Very entertaining

Steve Chance

Great if I really get money so far 25 apps over $500 each no money we will see

Coraine Baveresbi


M.w&J.w& T.p&R&A&moobobbi Higgins

Great ! For the little people in our fam to game on !

Shemi Fathimi

Is it real cash game

Sherman Keysor


Ileashia Hines

It's alright 👍

Patricia Myrick

It's still new to me so need to play little longer

Lisa Cole

Great game

Zed Nature And Cook

Good for spare time

Teroba Tiroa


John C. Serrano


kenneth Rae

Great game, money builds up very quickly.

marge Moore

I am liking this one.

Valli White

Different kind of pop game

Joseph Harmon

Great fun and fun and exciting

Teresa Sacal

Very nice game easy to play,while spending to relax.

Rico J

Easy to play . Instant cash out bull ... Deceptive add miss leading to get paid cause you advertise other adds. I smell lawsuit. Im not watching 20 video so you can yet paid you said instant pay out no adds etc . Lie misleading theres laws againts false advertisement. You got paid for your adds. Now kindly send that money to my account. Not in 15 days but instantly or you will have lawsuit on ypur hands and ill be informing the ftc fcc about play store and this app. I know how you get paid.

Tania Ngamu

it a good game

Markanthony Venuto

They pay out awsome game they are not loosers like these other companys try them you wont be sorry

franco Badillo


Bette White

Just just started this game but so far it's been fun

Jack Schwartz

Every time i was suppose to get a reward it says it was denied for some reason. But it wouldnt give a reason. There just cheating people out of what they r suppose to get and keeping it for them selves. A bunch of theives!!!!!!! I give it minus 10 stars.

Deborah S Bryant

Pgreat game

Richdel Agua

I rate this game of 5 best

Sonya Taylor

I'm giving a 1 star right now as your ad is very misleading as it says money earned will be paid directly into my account and nothing about going to have to not get payment for a certain amount of days until I started playing reaching over $1,000 on the game then to find out I will be having to wait 15 working days I'm disappointed.

annettecolee walker

Fun game to play. The money is very nice to get.

Frances Reyes

Fun to play

Laura Holland

Fun! But don't cah out like it says at All!

d g

Relaxing and fun not sure about the money yet but probably still okay it even if there no real money

Teresa Prunest

Only been playing this game a short while and im already addicted! Its so cute ,graphics are great.Havent tried to cash out yet,hoping its simple and legit,ill update soon But overall so far so good,download it people!

michelle Fowler

Its fun

Kris Marshall

Just started it fun so far

Mohd Zulkifly Bin Mohd Salleh

Super game very easy

Anselmo Sohitado

Thanks this game if it is true to send me in my paypal.

Michael Gearhart


Jane Crnkovic

Try it you'll like it. I did

Pamela Rubin

Like this game

Denise Braddock

Love this game

Gath Hewlett


Tim Snook

Its a fun game

Christina Jaworski

I'm not sure yet I have only played it for a minute.

Paula Butler


Ashley Bashlee

This game is fun. I will direct message developers if any problem arrives

Florence Docherty

This so easy and good great fantastic game thank you for this one

Donna Lamoureux

I am enjoying this game very much. Just redeemed my first PayPal card. Once I receive it, I will revise my rating.

Ricardo Lagunoy

Enjoy this

Michael Pettit

This game dose not pay out

Andre Holland

You watch all the ads thru the game and when you cash out you watch those as well. Then you don't get to collect a penny

Annabelle Robles

Its a wonderful and easy game we're you can play and relax during a break. Its a fun.......

Laura Delawder

So far game is ok waiting to see if it pays off

Jenny Urquhart

The game is cute and relaxing Fun to play and easy to play Hopefully 😊 i get paid and it's legit Once I'm paid I will leave a 5 star rating

Jerry Ouellette

Its fun but difficult when you cash out to get the funds.

Sandra Lemming

Scam Alert another game claiming to pay directly to your PayPal but when you get to the approved figure and try to claim they just add more and more wait time and keep pushing up the number of ad videos you have to watch. I have spent over 5 days and roughly 5 hours a day testing. They do not pay Scam Alert

Brenda Poladian

It's fun to play. All of the animals are really cute!!! It's also very easy to play.

Patrice Morris

This is a scam! I have been playing this game and have won a lot of money. Yet I haven't recieved any of it to my PayPal account.

Byron Calhoun

It's a fun game to play

P Prince

SCAM!!! Does NOT payout! $1000 was to be deposited into PayPal by 8:25 pm. Completed viewing ads. Nothing was deposited.

Thomas Buck


Artemio Eguia


Jodi Browning

I played game, watched videos, and did everything asked and no payment was received. Scam very disappointed

Flower Head

I have not received any of my payments and when i asked for it made me watch more ads and the in game time went back to 24hrs. This is a scam and time consuming wouldn't recommend.

Alfred Peter Soucy Jr


Donna Welch

Very Fun!

Krystal Baldwin

This is a cute little game and they say it really pays.. we will see

Karen Bullman

Getting back to it keeps going to play store and have to go out and back in.

Kathy Brown

Lots of fun

Freddie Holden

Good game

Wendy Adamek

So far so good. I will post more if and when I cash out.

nona jenkins

Big rewards in the beginning. Let's see how long it lasts.