Pool Blitz – Challenge your friends, enter pool tournaments, and go head to head against players in real-time. Shoot pool with ultra-realistic physics, breath-taking graphics, and play online with friends.

Pool Blitz, has a variety of games modes, something for every Pool fan. Choose 8-Ball for an authentic pool experience or New Blitz mode for a no-wait multiplayer experience. Pick your mode!

Show off your 8 Ball pool skills in 1v1 matches, or enter tournaments to wipe out your opponents and move up the leaderboard. It’s 8 Ball just the way you’ve always wanted to play!

No-wait Multiplayer pool, clear the table before your opponent, but watch out because every ball you pot goes straight on to your opponent’s table and visa versa! A fun and exciting mode with lots of twists and turns, look out for those Power Balls!

Choose up to 7 Facebook friends to play in Pool Blitz Tournaments. Heckle your friends as you spectate each other’s matches live!

Play on Pool Blitz tables against players around the world in real-time. Awesome 3D graphics!

Pool Blitz uses solid pool physics which means you can smash opponents with killer skill shots!

Stunning, hi-res graphics
Super-easy control system
Portrait pool game – play with one hand!
Classic 8 Ball mode and fast-paced Blitz mode
Play games with friends – invite up to 7 friends to multiplayer tournaments
8-Ball and Blitz Tournaments – complete with spectator mode
New shot system that makes playing 3D pool as easy as 2D
Range of special Power Cues to help pull off super shots!
Collect and upgrade cues, balls and player avatar masks
Banter with your opponents using chat and emojis at the end of each pool game

Whether you’re a pool pro or a wannabe pool shark, Pool Blitz has lots of pool game modes for you!

Get ready to BLITZ the competition in 2022!

A network connection is required to play this pool game.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 5, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Cherry Pop Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Joshua Wanland

Game is questionable at times. I've had games where the time ran out even though there was no count down. I've had my last shot freeze on me just in time for the opponent to score and win the game by a point. It definitely needs more monitoring and updates or regular maintenance. I've emailed support a few times and apparently they don't care about responding to the people that play their game.

Seth Pollard

fun cool game

Can Oksuz

It doesn't update over the cellular data despite of it has permissions. It is waiting on %0 in the game. The game is really good.

Can Oksuz

Don't update over cellular

Cornelius Mitchell

A little painful but I don't know what this game p

Robert von Giebel


Dean Harvey

great 👍

the bond man james

I keep pulling back the cue but it does,'nt reach the ball,?????

Erik Angsuvarn

Best pool game I've come across so far.

Lawaina Graciidis

still learning, I love it

Darlene Hardison

I would give it 5 stars, but when you say a tournament starts in 1 day and 7 hours, it should start in 31 hours! I love playing in your tournaments, but please start them when it says you are starting them! It now says 7 hours which where I live is 3am, I'm not up at 3am!!! Please fix.

John McClintock II

Has some flaws you never know when you might win I started out when I first started winning about 70% of my games the more I tried to collect great stuff (cues) Etc....the more I thought it would help me win games it's always a toss up rarely do you win more than a couple of games at a time! It would be interesting to know who has the most games played and won in a row! This app doesn't do that you can buy the best and play and it's a roll of the dice if you even make a ball on the break.

a f

Garbage game, all you need to know, I'd rate it negative 5 stars if I could

bkboo marshall

Simply put, the game is too easy 🤷🏼

Gretchen Myers

I have not had any problems with the game I enjoy the graphics and the play. Good game

shauna ellison

really enjoyable and quite frankly addicting. love the game.

Graham Burgess

it's a good game but it has lots of adverts.

Mark Aldin

awesome game

Redoxic view

Lovly graphics n good it .

Phil Haynes

this is a great little game and can become quite addictive but since the last update i installed ( 19/09/2022 ) app wont load anymore. it gets stuck at the initial loading screen after it shows 100% loaded.

William Scudder

Great game

M Renn

Fixed fixed fixed. Not real competition. I can win without even aiming and other times lose no matter what. They move balls around during the game so you can't set your shot. They'll surround you with balls you arent allowed to shoot so you're forced to foul. This isnt because you put yourself in that position because of shots you made. They put the balls there. Also sometimes won't give you your stick and let you shoot. Youll be sitting there after sinking a ball and you can't keep shooting

Andrew Duckworth

This game would be great if you didn't have Ad's after Ad's, you can pay for NO Ad's but not for me

Joka Wild

Easily the best pool game.

Chris Bell

Very nice. Shame not many real players. Would be good to have 9 ball too

Andre Bell

Trash. Gotta pay to play.

Guy Devlin

it's great

Mike Hughes

Excellent graphics, and not a bad game overall. However, there's a few issues that really do need sorting out: Every game it says it's lost connection however, you can still see the other player carrying on playing, behind the warning box?? If there's no connection, that wouldn't be happening, and I have fibre-optic, high speed WiFi so I know it's defo not that. The pockets are far too wide, so much that 2 balls will easily fit along side each other and go in, making it far too easy. Please sort

Trequon Rowland

Besides 8 Ball Pool from Miniclip, this is another great 8 ball pool game that I was really able to enjoy to the fullest with all my heart!!!!!!!!!😎


Finally a game that appears to have really good physics in terms of cue ball control but doesn't really provide the opportunity to use it. Blitz is Pl v Pl as to how many balls you can pot. The other game mode is 30 secs a shot. Would love an untimed one player clear the table mode so you can really mess around with cue ball control. Could maybe introduce an extend shot time token, one use per match or something too.

Housain Ramadan

very fun & challenging game play

Dez Dixon

This is the ideal pool game to pass some time. Can't really go wrong with it as it is smooth running 90% of the time and it has easy control with skill levels to suit all!

Antony Watts

Bug after bug. Latest bug fix,match making, has not helped. They have a similar score to me now but still play almost perfect matches. It's boring and predictable. Every match is the same, you have to clear the table or the merciless bot will clear up. They will make a single mistake to give you a chance but that is it. I've stopped wasting time on tournaments for this reason. I'm losing money and will shortly be relegated from my league. Haven't got enough interest left to build back up.

Doc Tolson

love it,


lots of fun

Aaron Torres

How do your put your picture on the profile?

joshua Hess

love it


Find another pool game. This one was good now its just stupid. It makes u watch 600 videos just to play. If you are playing someone and their stick has special powers and yours don't it's no way u cab win.

Paul Maltais

I've tried and given up on many other 8-Ball apps. This One is the One! Thank You for the Great Graphics, Accurate Aiming, Good Competition. The Fun is Back in the Rack. 🎱 🎱 Still Having Lots of Fun. So Much Fun I've Almost Given Up (Lost Interest) on Golf🎱

Parnell Paradysz

Play out very well.

Macbobber McEvoy

very good

William Miller

I just became part of the high rollers and became a king of the billiards!!! Awesome Game! Good graphics! Low latency multiplayer! 5 stars!

Glyn Davies

Once you get to a certain point you can't play without purchasing coins. Disgusting

Casey Weeks

Great looking pool game. But very disappointed there is no offline local modes.


extremely awesome game

Keith Calhoun

best pool game love the physics needs other modes is only complaint

Tese Scaife


Mark Allison

Very addictive, realistic ball roll. Just great fun to play 😃

Lee Plant


This Guy

Overall, it's a fun game with better physics than most. It seems like the issues I brought up in my comment were actually addressed and amended in the update the day of me posting my review. Bank and kick shots are accurate, AI skill is more appropriate, 'English' is actually usable. Haven't come across anything else keeping this game from being exactly what you want out of a mobile billiards game. Definitely worth 5 stars.

W Turn

great gaming,the blitz works your mind faster

Petrus Purnomo

Can't use the cue ball effects. Can't back, left, right spin..

Terry Patrick Foster

Best pool game on Google play. Been playing it for some Time gets better each time.

Ayaanah Johnson

love it!!!!!


Update: I hope the glitches from the latest update are resolved soon. :/ Love this one! It's so much better than any other pool app. My only suggestion would be to add 9 ball as an option as well. :)

William Osteen

Do yall even no how a pool table works???

Dwayne Dillon

Best pool game so far! A few things need too be tweeked and it'll remain best for years to come! 5 stars if the bugs get removed

James Underwood (Ogre the Dark)

Best pool game yet keep updating the awesomeness

Paul Rowe

This game was killer until the last update. Balls don't really break off the break anymore, it really ruins the game play. Such a shame

K Raoul Daniel

Things are inconsistent. Cue stats are changed without any notification and you have to change your game. I think it's a design issue where someone decided they wanted to change stats but didn't tell the users. Auto refill on the cues doesn't work correctly. It's very frustrating when you're in the middle of a game and things stop working.

Adam Tillman

I like the graphics and it's a good challenege compared to most pool games.


Was great till the new update. Now it's meh. The initial break no longer has enough power even with the cue being fully charged. Another issue is why don't the cues recharge over time? Enough ads and other in-game money pits, at least give us that free.

Ashwin Sookroo

Feel Awesome

Edward Kleinfelter

just. fun to play


cool and amazing to play! It definitely passes the time when your bored!

Stewart Seaman

Just ace...

tm399. Edwards


Charles Severson

Love the game, disappointed in how much it costs for an epic or rare cue to be activated 2 mil, 800k. Sheesh I get that you want people to play and earn the advantages but at those prices one would probably get bored and quit before ever getting one.

Dean Taber

cool game

ᏒꂅᕱᎵꂅᏒ 1

Was fun to play but the way prize are handed out made me lose interest, uninstalled.

Zayuri Payen

Relaxing game improve skills and love the challenge

Nathan Howard


Ronnie Ray

The game needs a little more tuning

Edward Galentine

fun game

Truth Teller

excellent graphics and fun

Chris Wright

*edit* happened 4 times in the last 24 hours* This was 5 stars but occasionally when starting a game it restarts my phone or turns it off? I know it's not my phone as it's updated and it's new 🤷🏻‍♂️ Other than that annoying thing the gameplay is great, the graphics need a little work but this doesn't hinder the game to me personally at all

Jobbo Michalek

Nice game if not fcuking Ukrainian flag everywhere, there isnt more countries in this world??? Uninstalled

Red Man Mathura

I love this game but a lot of times when I reach down to black ball the game don't give me the option to pick a pocket & when my time runs out the other player get the option to pick a pocket & win the game that is so unfair I would give 10stars, I am getting frustrated and if it's not fixed soon I will uninstall this game the problem didn't fix so I am uninstall this 4king game

Bill Schubert

Easy to maintain long term involvement without spending lots of money. Head to head games in a safe social environment. Outstanding, responsive support.

Will Taylor

top game

Isaac Wheeler

cool as F.

Mr Drip King

Game is garbage. It does nothin but cheat and takes too long. Worst game ever

Chris Quebec

really great game

Cory Beck

Best game on this side of the multiverse.

Fabian Crooks

Had to change my review about this game because they're is something inherently wrong in the game for fairness or unfairness in playing against certain other players. The physics of the ball rolling certain ways just don't add up to real ball rolling physics. Rampages are just too easy at times because the other player have less balls on his table to contend with.Why not even up the tables if fairness is to be involved. They're times when I clearmytable withallballspocketed andstillnorampages.

J Ll

very relaxing and enjoyable

abdul hameed

Funtastic superb very nice

chris outlaw

smooth gameplay

Danny Dowding

Great stuff

Paul Jones

Great game but ultimately spoilt by players who pay and you just cannot beat . Paying players cannot lose they can use unbelievable shots . Played this for about 4 months or more but its a game you cannot win unless you pay . I will now delete it unfortunately

nathaniel hammond

in a lot of ways it's actually better than the infinity 8 Pool app game it's actually very very fun to play this game you get multiple different views of the table and aiming seems to be more accurate versus the other application

Benjamin Eagles


Michel Adams pool game out there!

Dave Lynch

This is hands down the best pool game I've played on a phone. The graphics are brilliant and the choice between pool and pool blitz adds fun variety.

Steven Miller

Game will not load anymore. It was fun for a bit but now it will not load past the 100% loading screen. It just freezes there.

Mitchell Bradley

it's amazing game

Jonathan Hall

🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️I'm wasting gems on chests with no items. Fix this.

Robert spooner

good game enjoy playing it

james cooper

Awful nonsense

Daniel Briese

Great game,but it won't finalise the update,eont even start the update. Keeps giving ne notifications but it won't start the game,not even if uninstall it and download again, shame cause it was my favourite pool game by far