POLYWAR: FPS online shooter

Author: Azur Interactive Games Limited

500K+ install


Tactical online 3D shooter without auto-shooting! Fight with thousands of players from all over the world, upgrade and customize weapons, trade skins on the marketplace and win!

All weapons in the game are available for free and unlocked by player level! Become an accurate sniper, a daring shooter or surprise your enemy with a shot from a grenade launcher!
The more you play with the gun, the more modules you have available for it! Use scopes, silencers, skins, trinkets and more to customize your weapons to suit your playstyle!
Build your collection of skins and trinkets, buy and sell them on the marketplace together with other players!
Standard and tactical reloading, different magnifications of sights, recoil, smoke from the barrel and many pleasant little things help to immerse yourself in real action!
Customize the controls to your liking with 3-finger play!
Thanks to good optimization, the game takes up little memory and shows high FPS even on weak devices!
Shooting range, Team mode, Gungame and even Duels: choose a mode on your taste!

A rich arsenal with a lot of weapons!
Use killstreaks to get an RPG and a Grenade Launcher!
Dynamic gameplay, low TTK and easy control!
Constant updates and an active community!

Attention: the application requires a constant connection to the Internet

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 3, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Azur Interactive Games Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Caden Myers

I beat someone in duel 23-4 and they won

Marco Paulo

Its a good game. I really enjoy it and I wish it have sniper mode.

Daniel Asomugha

Really good game,It's like kuboom but better,the only problem is pls add Zombie mode ,It's gonna be more epic.Thanks

Jamais Davis

It's actually fun..sorta like a cod game

Bilarab Al Siyabi

Great game

Reitu M

It's a great game but it would be better if it had auto aim and auto shot options...also the ability of changing the button setup...adding more snipers please ...more protection..bullet proof vest and helmet with more characters please

Easton Ware

Nice game


Good experience

Dhanraj Koli

It's a good news to kuch kam hai to cycle se likhni hai na to kuch bhi bhej de hai to abhi Kara y do I y not like this to abhi bhi bhej de na ki aap se 3 ho gayi thi aap se likhni hai ki nahi hua tha aur aap ke sath hi sath ho gayi baat kar u can blood doc bff dii cycle functions exim tching TV ISS coc Cox uff

Khan Khawaish

good application and game

Here's My Stories

Yes finally a good fps at the same time i takes less space and no auto shooting ( which is ruining every fps now and then ) i hope more player play this masterpiece :>

Santa Klaus

I like it its a very good fps game but the graphics is not the best please improved the graphics

Husain Edayadan

I love it

Nakul Dalakoti

Finally I've found a good FPS game. It's really fun and I have been playing this for last 20 days or so and I am so much into it that I've reached level 10 and unlocked Dragunov. Even reload animations are good. Waiting for Bomb defuse mode.

Michael Van Scyoc

Needs slight enhancements like auto or aim assist.

Mjeyll Psalm Verzo

Best yet underrated game I've played at the moment (I hope more people play this game). I would be happy if you add offline mode where we can fight zombies or bots so I can play when I'm outside, I have nothing much to say but my only issue is that when I shot someone with a sniper from a far I can't kill them otherwise I shot them for the 2nd or 3rd time, why? Is it a bug or something? Lowering it to 3, I've been using sniper for awhile and most of the time I had to shoot my target 3-4 times.

Suyash Chavan

It's an excellent game. The only point is some times we shoot at enemy with a sniper but he won't die and some times he die but after causing a bit damage. Pls kindly fix this

Kyler Karjala

Seeing as I literally can not do anything like damage other players and not like I'm missing but like the blood splash but no death. The enemy team doesn't seem to be able to see or damage me either and the only way anything happened is if I threw a grenade and all that did whas kill me

kathy nesmith

Good game

Kehinde adeola

This game is quite good

carlos sanchez

LOVE thy game but the real question is why do I SEA the name KEVIN more then others #botbullshit


Its god i play it a lot but there is a problem once i was using a sniper wich normaly one shot players it took me 3 shots to kill the enemy sniper i dont know is it my internet or a bug and also in the gun game you need 2 place and the 3 becose its hard to always get 1 place, and geting frags and other granats is hard as well as geting silver so i think you need to give us more of it anyway the game is awsome and add more maps.


Bad don't download

MD aalam Khan


Om Banjare

Hard to find opponent


Gameplay garbage, gunplay meh.

Keyikedalube Ndang

Customized layout gets reset when app is closed. Ultra graphics has jagged shadows. Looks like we're mostly playing with bots because there's always someone named xmen in every team death match. Love the poly graphics.

Jeric Arce

Its ok good grapics

Yogesh Malla

this game is nice

Epic hoodedbacon

Don't play it's just unfair even roblox is better than this


If you're a low end device user like me do not worry, this game runs very smooth and it is quite enjoyable. Please though add bigger maps the core gameplay mechanics are good but the fun is limited by too much close combat


Im rating it 3 star why, mainly because of hackers aimbot, esp, xray, etc, im only ask you to get rid of the guest login it makes the hackers join the game easily please mention me creators of the game please solve the hacker issue, i enjoy youre game a lot if you dont solve this problems im deleting the game mainly because it is not going to be fun. Please 🥺

nerissa marquez

The graphics are so good and its much better than call of duty irate this 4 start because to many adds

Toni Mckenzie

The game is very good

Evijs Mengis

This game looks nice

Joseph Verzo

Apparently the higher your rank is the higher the deley the game response to your kills. And the knife range gets shorter as you use it.

Shahanie Villegas

aneed a online

Timothy Park

Not worth it you have to pay for everything

andrew magdaleno

I'm consistently getting kicked for connection. When you fire frames drop. Bullet hit reg is like battlefield 2042 at launch. Weapons aren't balanced.

Ivan Minnick

I think it's a wonderful game but I wish you can use Bluetooth controllers that's why it's a 4 star and not a 5

Tate Kifer

I love tbis gaem

Desiree Teñoso

its an idi9t icant download this game

iliya molaei

عالی نیست ولی خوبه

Cloud Music

Overall needs work if these issues are fixed would give it 5 stars first getting levels for guns sucks because if someone has a better level they have better guns making it hard to play. Having gun levels sucks to by the time i get my gun to level 2 im at the next level Buttons are way to small when you first play i got killed multiple times while trying to fix this Last thing make it so change weapon button you dont have to rotate it just click it saves time im uninnstalling until it gets fixed

Nico Labro

Nice game

پیام یارکرمی

Is great

peter web


Abdullah Zahid

Sniper hits sometime don't kill

Teigan Burns

Game is an absolute joke. You play on any server that isn't Russian, you get matched up with players with terrible connection which you can't kill. Awful awful awful.

KamRaan Khan

Nice game but improve servers and aslo in gungame if we run out of ammo on pistols . then we have to quit..no other way of killing..pls do something

Krishna giri Giri

The is a Best app yes gema sabase Best hai

Ratna Kumari


Md Arif

Th century

Antonio Sthillaire

Could be better

MD Rashid Alam



It's fun but don't like the pixels

Dasari Bhanu Prakash rao

Game is good but .we want just a small improvement..and the sensitivity is not good ..

Maria Angela Adame

Best Mobile game I have played honestly keep up the work :)


Very good game Please add killhouse map of codm


It's like kaboom, cool.

Mukul Dahiya

When I look this game I think this is bad but after playing amazing this game has big map cases like cs go this game is literally cs go better than cs go😀😀😀😀😀😘😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


Good, but not great. Needs a lot more unlockables and rewards if it wants to compete with triple a titles.

Jignasa Pathak

Nice game op


The Graphics of the Game is Good, I Hope in the Next Update they will add Zombie mode and Bomb mode and add more guns, knives, new maps

SHANE buiscuit

Amazing execution of foundations of a great game. Graphic options for all kind of phones. Network can improve tho. Add more skins and cases alongside s few more weapons. Needs some smoothening around the corners as bullet hits the wall even tho crosshair is on enemies head while using sniper. Update- way too many bugs, some render game as unplayable like game became unresponsive to my touch input during last 39sec of match. Game continues on after 50points in death match.

Dharma Rajaa

Very excellent game... Super graphics. Controls are good. Pls add some extra maps and weapons. And give airstrikes or nuclear launch for killstreaks... It will be very awesome then... If you add enough time, then add a story mode like adventure of being a soldier in wars. Thanks for your nice work !!!

Shyamkesari shyamkesari

Gad for gam play

sarha gonzalez

My expierence is great! I have a recomendation add either a hunting rifle, basically the first sniper you get but without a scope. Or make the scope on the first sniper optional.


Gun fire animation are realistic with no lag...it's a very good game.. sniping is also fun.. please keep developing this game so that it can make me to pay more...and also it's not a pay to win game....


A player vs bot game with the slowest progression system I've ever seen.

Fernando Ferdin


Iker Gómez

Nice shooter and you can play for hours

Mannu Patel


Subandana Mahalik

The game is very good. Worth to give a try. But there is one issue. It shows error screen saying 'cheater found' in first. Then second time, three teams were chatting as Team 0, Team 1 and Team 2 and saying unity engine failed. After this issue, in shooting range, staying for a long time I hear strange noises like any two people are quarreling. Please fix this as it give a type of fear of getting hacked. But the game is too awesome.





Ali Akbar Amhouspand


Shashwath R

I have net but it is saying I have to connect net or wifi I have turned on my net I can't even login this game 😭if there is option to give this game a O star I could give

Robert Miller

Great gameplay!! The graphics are second to none also.definitely a lot of fun!

Ricky FF

this game is very good i enjoy it but need some update and im playong in emulator bluestacks 5 good aim

diraj bora


தமிழில் அறிவிற்கான தேடல்

😂 o

Ajay Kumar


Good game so far ! A little than what I usually play gyroscope is missing as most of the 2022 games have it (I meant FPS games) still it's not bad control are responsive and good hope to see gyro in future it's a good setting

Bri Fashion House

I enjoyed playing this game for two days I can't wait for the 1v1 matches and more maps

Ainul Hoque

Noor ahmde


Fun fps, noreg here and there, needs more maps, overall, this is a pretty solid fps


Pubg like game

Arsh Ansari

Nice game


Definitly needs an improvement on ui and could be better with aim assist other than that game needs small improvements but for a new game it is definitly really good

Jacob Tenorio

It's really good

Jordan Blake

I ended up unexpectedly loving this game! Can't wait for more features to come🤘

Rouaa Shwaykani

This game is the best 😊😊😊👍😊👍👍👍 game 🎮🎮🎮

Kenzie Aryasuta

Game yang bagus banget

Computer Link


Charlie Phillips


Lyndonna Thomas

This is an amazing fps game that has potential to be great I generally like the flow of the game but I'm wondering if there will be a battle Royale mode in future updates

Loki Whitney

Good game the macanics are good the garghics good I wish that they hade loudouts but all in all good game I recommend this game

Aly Saddick

Do not download this at all

Rob Malon

Difficult to control. Prtty locked up marketplace unless you pay