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We are here with our 100% domestic project that we have developed for those who love police games.

Police car driving gets more action with this new game. Criminals are everywhere, HURRY UP! Get ready for a brand new police game simulation.

Get ready for the best presidential protection game of the year with the police game convoy game, which is the most perfect for car games lovers. Guard the President’s car with the police bodyguard team. Those who like gendarme games and police special operations games can also download our other games.

The police car simulator Real driving in car games is specially designed for android phones launched for the people who love car driving games

With the President Car protection game, you can protect the president’s car and make your time fun with the driving simulator.

You will guard the President’s car on the streets with the police bodyguard team. This mod breathes new life into police games.
Mission Mode: In this mode, you will guard the President’s car with a police guard escort team or alone. Take our President safely to where he wants to go by completing the tasks successfully.

* Country flag selection
* Different police cars and jeeps to choose from.
* Best police car simulators!
* Audible left and right signal
* Realistic police cars

Police car games in modern car lots drive classic car safely and park safely at police station. Enjoy the real driving in Car Games and Police Games.

Hold the steering wheel in the most favorite police car driving simulator – police expert driving adventure 3d and hard to master car & car driving 3D.

You are asked to fulfill your protection duties by following the president’s office car with plain police cars. In a big and crowded city, you will protect against dangers by accompanying the president’s office car. You can have fun with the latest model office vehicles, police cars and sirens.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to become a Police Officer in our realistic police simulator game. Install it now!

Free download now Police Car Simulator President Game now!

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Update time: Jul 1, 2022
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Customer review

Umesh Bhatt


Rashida Rashida


Gavin Graziosi

I don't know exactly what the story is or what the scenario is, but the flow of the game is seriously designed.

Jude Gavrilov

If you want to play a real police game, I highly recommend this game to you. The game is really well constructed in terms of fiction.

Al Rabell

best quality police game I've played on mobile. The mode of protecting the president and its story are really enjoyable.

Seymour Waycaster

A game that you can rarely see among police games. It is a mobile application that deserves to be at the top in terms of game classification.

Alphonse Shurman

The difficulties you experience while protecting the President give you new excitement all the time. You can't get enough of looking for a reason not to give the game five stars.

Hyman Barben

It is obvious that the game has been put into effort, the game is seriously successful.

Lauren Raffety

There is no reason why I shouldn't give the game 5 stars. A perfect plot, great scenarios and more.. Good luck with your efforts.

Rodolfo Vandergiessen

It's a game that I really like in terms of performance. We are grateful for your efforts.

Orval Snorton

you are looking for a Police game, I can recommend this game to you. The performance of the cars is quite good, they have different mode features.

Connie Gleim

A feature that is not easily found, the unusual modes in the game increase my addiction to this game.

Joaquin Glyn

I can say that this is my favorite game among the police games. This game with head protection feature is much better than other games.

Wiley Makins

The risks you take while protecting the president are in fact a symbol of how reckless you are.

Alfredo Terlizzi

It is a game that I play with love. I would recommend it to everyone. Perfect!

Garry Elliff

There is nothing you can't find in this game! I don't think you have a reason not to give five stars 

Claud Stockham

installing the game, you will enjoy playing. I can highly recommend this game to you.

Cletus Koffman

After playing the game, you will come to comment anyway. So I guess I don't need to say much.

Charley Stulce

It's almost like a cure for my free time. How can a game be this good?

Luciano Bryd

It's a game I've been playing for 3 months. I'm always wasting my time on this game while waiting for dinner 

Robt Vastano

Graphically very, very good for a police game. I not only recommend this game to you, but download it, I say 

Tom Pummell

I love the image quality in the game. Even on PC, there is no such graphic quality.

Tanner Kafer

If you are someone who likes to play police games, this game will be like a medicine for you. This is such a beautiful game.

Neville Leboeuf

If you're looking for a game to protect the president, you can't find anyone other than this game. The game has an excellent plot.

Isiah Ket

While playing the game, you don't realize how time flies. I like playing.

Hugh Uyemura

Those who like to play police games should definitely download it. Thanks to this game, my love for the police has increased.

Preston Hindin

A game that inspired me as a person who travels with the goal of becoming a police officer. Congratulations on an excellent drawing.

Will Smelley

It is a very nice detail to have different flags that we can use on our cars. We thank you.

Warren Hoepfner

Among the police games, it was the President Protection game that I liked the most. I would definitely recommend.

Wayne Maves

You can pass the chases more easily by using the free ride feature. A little advice for beginners.

Jeffrey Gilcoine

As we struggle to survive the attacks on our convoys, we can forget how time flies.

Herman Laverette

The way our colleagues around us intervened in the events was very realistic. I love it.

Aubrey Gniewek

They tried very hard to make the city real and lively, and they succeeded. I would definitely recommend.

Jordon Moneypenny

If you want to play a police game and you want to be satisfied with the game you are playing, I can't recommend any other game than this game.

Sherman Piliero

Sometimes I think I'm in a flowing traffic and go ahead according to the lights. Do not do it, you can increase the risk of assassination, a little advice.

Lucius Pottkotter

Sometimes I can't be sure this game is not an online game. Other npc around can move very realistically.

Felton Silverstone

None of the sets used in the production of the game were taken from outside, each of them was carefully made. They put a lot of effort into this game.

Chuck Eder

If you want to feel like a real cop, I recommend you to try this game. This is a worked game.

Jerrod Bury

The tactics of the attackers can be realized in many different ways. I advise you to carefully monitor your surroundings.

Pierre Climer

The driving of each vehicle feels different from the other. I recommend you try them all.

Edward Aurrichio

As someone who has played a lot of police games, I'm sure this is the only game I can easily recommend.

Scotty Wheldon

I felt a sweet challenge while playing this game, which I liked. Some things need a little effort.

Isreal Belnap

This is a police game that can easily relieve your boredom. President Protection is an elaborate game.

Sol Richmann

The tasks are very impressive and busy, sometimes you cannot predict where the task will start and where it will end.

Leonardo Karsh

This may be the game with the most realistic graphics and sounds among the police games, I don't see that much effort in others.

Brice Harton

I think the number of weapons we use to protect the president is more than enough. I would recommend.

Young Agins

This game is not just about driving and traveling on a straight route. It is a game where we engage in conflict when appropriate.

Domenic Winborne

They made a very good game where we tried to protect not only the president but also other civilians.

Domingo Borgmeyer

You can be suspicious of everything in the game. It is very difficult to understand where and when the attackers will emerge.

Russ Provencal

The reason why I like police cars more than other cars is because they look modern and close to the present.

Lemuel Silence

They put a lot of effort into every single detail in the game and even put signal sounds in this game. Details are everything.

Winfred Stamps

If you like games where you can be a cop and a bodyguard. I can't stop recommending this game to you

Sherman Pires

The convoy features that came from behind while protecting the President were very nice and beautiful. You really feel like you're protecting a president.

Ira Calvan

I can say that this is the best quality game you can download among police games. Especially the President Protection mode is very successful.

Benedict Parmelee

President protection game is a very action-packed game. I play with pleasure and love.

Keith Zanco

The cars of the police cars and special operations cops in the game are very performant. I loved this feature.

Solomon Schiedler

I think this is the most unique of all police games! A game that deserves 5 stars until the end.

Gonzalo Fordon

game is just perfect! I don't regret giving five stars, I highly recommend it to everyone.

Florencio Tupper

The graphics and sound effects of the game are very successful, it is a great application, I like it, I recommend it.

Bradley Jovel

You have to be the best police driver title in a real city adventure. I like the missions of this game very much.

Pierre Horsely

An adventure-to-adventure game full of unique missions. The city is so large that the duties of protecting the president take place in different places.

Nicolas Ruehling

It is possible to see all kinds of police cars in the game, I want to try them all.

Omer Walezak

Perhaps the most perfect among police games. I was also amazed by the graphics of the game, the best I've played.

Guy Onyeagu

I don't think you've ever played a better cop game. Missions graphics are nice and quite successful in the whole simulator.

Tyron Crabill

The most successful graphic success you can see in police games is in this game.

Jean Imada

It's nice to be a cop, running from mission to mission. The task is very graphic, sounds good, I changed profession, I switched to president protection mode, thanks, it deserves 5 stars until the end.

Otto Cantillo

You can use police vehicles from the in-car view. So you can do the tasks better.

Lonny Garcea

It is a police game and president protection simulator game that offers a unique experience. I really enjoyed doing policing duties.

Cyril Allessi

Due to my interest and interest in police games, I tried multiple minibus simulator games, but this game is by far the best, guys.

Adalberto Woodand

In the police games mayor protection game, I can say that there is a real city structure, the game map is so wide that my mouth fell open.

Rubin Kissi

A very fun and beautiful application, a game that I play all the time in my spare time. If you are looking for a police game, you should definitely download this game.

Cedric Murnane

I finally found the police game I was looking for! It's a very good game, I want to go in and play every day and protect the president now.

Geraldo Pingel

definitely recommend violence. Try it, my friends, it's the best game you can see on the market. You will love the head protection mode.

Newton Sheller

You must be a skilled police officer. Because protecting the president will not be easy.

Harrison Hamming

Be sure to heed this warning before starting the game. I say be careful in traffic while using the police car, do not crash into other vehicles.

Burt Thaut

can say that it is the best quality, most advanced game I have downloaded because it is much more than a simulator police game..

Rickey Tiogangco

It is one of the rare beautiful games with a game mode with President Protection in Police Games. It is recommended

Myron Ngabidj

Among the Police Games, my favorite game is the President Protection game. Others are very plain.

kenan ŞAHİN

I have been playing this game for 1 year, I had to format the phone and all my efforts were in vain. I will download it again now.

Jack Maughan

The graphics are extremely beautiful, the gameplay style and more... I recommend you to download it. My rating is: 10 number 5 stars.

Sophie Brisbane

The police diagram in this game is not even in GTA. It is a thoughtful detail that other drivers give way to you.


I think we can say that this mayor protection game that I came across among the Police Games is the best domestic game ever.

Samarj Pavagi

The graphics and everything in the game is awesome. Missions to assassinate the president can get harder, but it's perfectly normal for beginners, of course.

Charlie Hughey

play is actually a production that deals with how a president is protected. We play hard.

Georgia Uspenskaya

game is ideal for such a game in terms of very good graphics. The story modes are very good, of course, some more scenarios can be added.

Blasius Rolph

The game wraps up very well, whether the story, game dynamics etc. I liked many things, I recommend it, it's a great game for those who like games with stories...

Karp Moore

Thank you to everyone who contributed. Especially for bringing us together with such a beautiful game. I recommend anyone who is fond of police games or cars to download it.

Shanti Muzumdar

game is enriched with different modes and car models. It has become a very enjoyable game. Successful game.

Indiana Wilkins

As someone who is interested in police games, it was my favorite police game. Driving police vehicles and being a bodyguard is very enjoyable.

Grace Tranter

feel like I hung around like a bodyguard and really became a bodyguard. Sometimes I feel like I'm protecting the president among realistic police cars, it's very enjoyable.

Chloe Marie

It's surprising that there are such advanced graphics for a president protection game.

Ahmed Logan

there is a very advanced map in the president protection simulator, wander around never ends

Stella Wylly

an advanced user-oriented simulator game. armored police cars are also in the game

Gabriel Smith

Pictures look great. Would love to be able to play but when I downloaded it immediately tried to download again. Not able to play at all. Bummed out. Try and fix please.

Ankit Ji

ANKIT Daihya


Very nice game



Pahadi Boy

Try this game one time

Ejaj Ahmad

Good game sensitive gjb

Piyush Bhatheja