Polda 7 – Polda Pankrác returns for the seventh time. And it’s a comeback, as it should be. A mysterious message from Dark Lord Vedra and the crash of a spaceship set in motion a carousel of events that only our elite detective Pankrác can solve. He jumps into action with grace, and you can be sure that the safety of Mother Earth is in the best hands against space junk.
Do you know that things are better together? For the first time in the series, Pankrác is not on a mission alone. He is followed by a sympathetic companion who, using feminine weapons and with the grace of a cat, intervenes where only chaos and destruction remain after our attack on Pankrác. The adventure takes our hero to Celebritycon, a gathering of the biggest stars and brains on the planet. Do aliens want to hijack the prosperity of human society? What are the leaders of the great powers of the world hiding from us? Is our civilization in danger or is everything different?
Join us in a classic adventure game with great dubbing! Polda Pankrác is ready and 100% ready! On a chair next to the TV, beer in hand.
The introductory part of the game is free, after which you can buy the full version. We will be glad if you support us with the purchase so that we can start working on other parts.
– Two-dimensional hand-painted stylized graphics
– State-of-the-art graphics and animations
– More than
0 game screens and hundreds of objects
– Star speech – Luděk Sobota, Bohdan Tůma, Valerie Zawadská others and others
– Game time 12-15h
– Several action interludes (boxing, coin toss, tractor start and many more)
-Nice game difficulty
We ask everyone whose game is not working or has any other problem to write to info@hrapolda . cz. If you get a bad review that says something isn’t working, you can’t be contacted or resolved. Unfortunately, it is not in our power to test the game on all possible devices.

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File size: 898 MB
Update time: 2023-02-08T23:35:16.000Z
Current version: 1.10
Require Android: 4.0
Developer: Zima software
Price: $Free
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