Pocket Monsters Rush

Author: HyperHoop Games

100K+ install


Gather cool monsters to your team! Pump up their power to defeat all the enemies on the other side of arena. It’s the best time to get a lot of rewards while you are running through obstacles with your new monster friends. Hey, whose monster is the strongest?

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 18, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: HyperHoop Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Hayden Luxford

Advertisement was fake. Advertisement clearly shows copyrighted Pokemon in the game. Flagged and reported.

Vignesh Vignesh

I played I playing today only I like this game everyday I play to this thank you for this game

Eds Automotive

Played once. It's decent.

Jafer Ali

very very very super game


Ads after ever single level.

Tuesday White

Very interesting game

Tegan Harbot

Ok game I guess

Krishna Parmar 5b

Hmm nice game 🙂☺️

Adriane Metcalf

Best not official Pokemon game I've ever played


Lots of bug, and you better name it as pocket monsters rush x2.2

Darwin Cuellar


William Schubert

Games garbage. Ads are terrible and worst of all if you turn off data to remove ads you can't unlock anything and are forced to stay with the original monsters and such. Over all terrible game but so is everything they make

Ramesh Karki

Bahut hi achcha game hai ho gaya

Sujon Khan

Ash first game

Jeffrey B


jesse bong

Anybody who put 5 stars is a bot account hyping it up. This ap is a AD farm where you get more ads the more you play. Plus if you're gonna make pokeballs you might as well make some pokemon as well. Like the designs are lame and pointless. Not fun and recommend everyone to uninstall.



Chaotic fantasy

Not a bad game tbh

Samuel Lawhorn

Way to many adds.

Jeremy Melnick

This Pokémon game is trash 🗑 just littering me with fricking adds like always but in the car, freedom with adds everyone play roblox there is no adds not even 1 add play roblox now. But this fake Pokémon 😒 game is frick frick 😤 make a fricking better game frick you creater of Pocket Montsters Rush frick you 😤 THIS IS THE WOST GAME EVER

Dane Mulliner

To many adds

Razor Sharp Graphics

Ad showed pokemon, game has fakemon, to many ads

Christopher Beaulieu

Not pokemon


Very bad game

Charles Hayse

Lol this game

Antonio Tyler

just started it it seems cool tho

Jamie P

Typical of a simplistic game model. More made to make money from ads than being a replayable time waster

Abby J


Nk S

Fun just no ads pleas I sad because of the ads

Oriann Holmes


alberto ontiveros


Connar Wheeler

Ad free version is still shoving ads down my throat, very repetitive. Save your money and time, this game is trash

Mayank Mishra

Stuck at second lever

Lori Mueller

Jo mama

Mario Zavala

Ridiculous amount of ads. Do not recommend this game to anyone unless you want to spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game.

Joey Rivney

Really fun

Mark Wang

Fake Pokemon game.

Taylor Sears

False advertising

Jacari Wilson

It was click bait

tierre hamer

I hate this game

Pedro Quinones

I love Pokemon


Op pro

Nabeel Nabeel


Vani Samaroo

The ad used real pokemon. The game does not have real pokemon. The ad was a lie and the developer is untrustworthy.

Umbrella Cloud

Good Best


Nothing but a cash grab too much ads if i could rate it lower i would

Cristie Hoffman

Parents - beware. This game is rated E for Everyone, but runs ads with adult content (example - an ad using phrases like "co** sucker" for a game called Hyper Evolution).

Julie Wilkie

Love it

Stacie Bennett


Clay Ruble

Not real pokemon like what was shown on the Instagram add. Without the pokemon nostalgia this is a very weak game..

Mailaram Yugendar Mudhiraj.


William Rogers

Kid game 9 and up

Noe Cortez

I like this game

Belle Gilligan

i just Bot it and i alradey love it

Sharkar Pⱥndeψ


Nikki Ballantyne

I love pokemon

Wahid Ali

Nice game

Hifzan Ali

Nice game

Rayyan Ali


vikram singh

Singh Shndu

Madan Singh

Himanshu HERO

Amanda Harp

I do not like this game it has to mene ads🤬🤬😡😡😡😡

Elliott McLachlan


Yatish Bhoir

I love it 💜

msufiyan shaikh

Disgusting I saw an ad of this game and in that ad Pokemons were shown and I love Pokemon and that's why I downloaded this game and after downloading it don't know some unknown creatures are in the game total fraud game



Om Chatterjee

Whats up with the false advertisement. You show us actual Pokemons in the ads and then give us weird random monsters?!! Clickbati!

linda rodriguez

This game is a lot of fun it's like Pokemon but it is Pokemon

Alessandra’s World

Great game, my son loves it!

Abhinav Yadav

This game is very beautiful


fake pokemon fakemon

Camo Spider

Really fun

Kamlesh Kaur

Very good game

Savannah Doran

I,ve got more and more pocket monsters

Alec Chance

Get this game

A Google user


Amit singh


Olga Ocanas

It a nice game i love it

Harsh sangeeta

Pokemon hoenn

Ariel Henderson

Amazing content!! Well thought out very engaging. Non expensive

jhal Dollentes

Whack out ver pokemon dush bag devs no originality beach assssss low quality mind poor mental ability disfigured head

Elme Tabassum

Unfortunately quite buggy!! The game crashes from time to time!

Faisal Sayyed

Best game

Aliya Dessormeau

I love pokemon there where a lot of ads but it's a cool game!

Dattu Patole

This is a bhangar game

srisaisaran mass

Very good

Kartick Bag

So sorry I am first try

dustin robinson

Very boring game. Don't waste your time

Shadow Gamer


Heather Flannery

Great game you should play it.

Sangita Rai

Beat game ever

Milla Noxitonel

The hats are concerning. There's the Jamaican hair, you go to the next side and there's an afro with a comb stuck in it, a native hat with feathers from the top. I don't know if these are necessarily racist or anything like that, but it is quite concerning to me.

miss Miskiyah

So besar

raymond villanueva


Dirtie Did That

Cool Pokémon based game kind of like temple run fun time killer

Jack Josh

So cool

Kakashi Zaua

Fine gaming

Christopher Smith

This is a very fun game if you like games like I do not know. But if you play this game I think you will like it like me!

im just YoUr UsEr

Man was watching pokemon and and thought "I make it a game!" 👀... Hate to burst your Bubble but it's bad.

Ravina Singla

Game is good