Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator

Author: Ariel-Games

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Pocket Bees: Colony Simulator – Forage resources, improve your nest, make an army, fight other players!

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File size: 66M
Update time: September 11, 2021
Current version: 0.0047
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Ariel-Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Julian John

Edit: fun game good graphics thanks for fixing the unexplainable deaths i was experiencing now its more fair wish wax and propolis was easier to get its not clear how to get those it will take me years to get 750 propolis for the next upgrade i feel thats way too much of a grind ill keep trying but hope you can do something there. Loving your pocket ants and bees both worth checking out!

Charmaine Naidoo


Martin Tadia

Its sow biotifull

Katie Husband

When I try to get bee guards I need pollen to do that but the only pollen place is GUARDED BY THE ENEMEY BEE so I can't get pollen. I even reinstalled it and still not. Please make more than one place to get pollen, and a bigger map. Overall it's a good game. This is just me being a little picky, but the worker bees only fly and don't walk making them faster than you when walking. Thanks for reading my complaints. (Sorry for a little lack of grammer) -An eight year old child with 100 games

Nessa Fernandez

i Like it but pocket ants is Beter


It's so hard to get guard bees the pollen is always guarded and when I get over there to get the pollen the bee kills me can you fix it to where it has pollen next to your nest and that the pollen is not hard to get if you don't do that your game won't succeed like pocket ant


The battles are terrible. They're turn based, which is boring. There's Northside tutorial on how to battle. They're way too hard; I can't even beat the computer.

Kenneth Tyrone Pasoquin

This is great I got a homing bird😁😁:-\

Atharv Aryal

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Annette Foster

I love this game so much i can not wait to see if they update it.


I eventually got stuck at this one part, and it was physically IMPOSSIBLE to get through it. Can't remember which part, but eventually this game gets ridiculously hard.

Malco Gaming

Fun at start but getting boring after a few days.

Jairhielle Caronan


Kevin Sampson

Carnt get any nectar keep getting killed carnt breed and soldiers as carnt get nectar

kaden davies-stewart

just bad

Mireille Soubhieh

I can't even know how many stars I'm gonna rate because it's NOT EVEN LETTING ME PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cyron Joya

I like this game

Scorpio Goddess

Was great until an error kept popping up at the top saying it can't log in. My wifi and data work for everything else, so internet connection isn't the issue. It's a shame. I really did like this game...

Sappyewe hello

cant even get polen when you first start and such a stuip way to because hornets hate bees and the worst game i have ever played in my life even tho it is in beta i have played beter games that had even worse controles but still this is by far the worst


So i played the game once, then editted it completely to go eat. But when i try to open the game again it will not load, I don't even see a loading bar

Yi Heng Gwee


Smoked lungs

Doesnt work

Agung Jaya Group, PT

Always love it went you don,t ban the hacker clap fo ariel game for not ban the hacker

Mihai Marinescu

The battle isn't good, but it's a nice game.

Alejandro Archila

So good I like and so fun I play the game so all

Siona Fowler

In the battle It only let's you use 3 of you creatures even when you have more and it sucks

Charleth Luyao


Angela Rocha

I really love this game, but there is a bug you should really fix. When I enter the enemy bee's have, some bees are stuck in the wall, and stuck so far in that I nor my bee guards can get them, making it impossible to defeat the hive. Can you please fix this? Thanks!

Louise Du Toit

Hi develpers there is i bug ven the bees not a enemies creatures the bees not attacking enemies creatures please fix this please

Matt Jhonas Sombillo

The game is really good and hard but it always crashes

Noah Hoodenpyle

Another good game the best.

Taylor Cornell

Can't attack


Help I cannot play the game because there is no start button how am I supposed to play the game if there is no start button

Shelli Smart

The tutorial is not very good. I don't understand how to get certain resources and what not. Nothing is clear so that makes it frustrating. I might just delete it if I can't figure it out. This game has so much potential so I hope you do a massive quality of life update starting with a better tutorial. Much love ✌🏽

Thushara Sandamali

Not loading, Very bad

Kavishka Lakshan

That dirty game not loading

Cindy K Delk

Fun for like 10 minutes until it just says "login error" and doesn't let me play.

Prince Escabarte

It's laggy it glitches out when I play the game

carlos apodaca

This game gets really boring over time and when I had to get guard bees it was impossible the wasp killed me instantly please fix this until then I will not be playing the game I recommend play if you like getting bored

dinero doulgas

F this stupid game just because I don't mummify the creature in time does it mean it just disappears that's why I don't like this game I'd rather play Pocket ants then this trashy so can you fix the mistake you made in the game or at least tell me an example or explanation cuz that is very stupid people that are reading my comet Go download Pocket ants not this

Sangita Das

This game just like pocket ant

Antony Trokhymenko

Okay, okay. I played pocket ants, so i approximately know how to play. But the main thing: I cant collect that pollen because it isnprotected by wasps and i cant breed soldier bees because i have to upgrade the queens chamber but it costs 3 pollen and i can take it from quests, but to make those quests i have to have soldier bees! Its impossble!!! (but the desing is nice)


There is issues with match making and performance, it's not fun to play this game and it's a long time since the last update

Asiel Travels

Bad game Do not play this game 😡😡😡😠❌🤬💢💢💢👎

Ernie Prades

This game is worst the wasp is hard

Collin Hardin

It doesn't even let me play


It locks you in the tutorial as there is now way to get pollen or nectar without guard bees as there are many wasps around the flowers and if you want to get soldiers then you need both of the items

Raivin Curl Beltran

It is a great game it is like ant sim but better because you can capure bugs while you stun them but i have some suggestions please add more bugs and make the graphics even better but good job on this game 🤩🤩🤩

Manohar Singh

bast game

Dragon Warrior

The game is good and very enjoyable but when I exit the game and try to play the game again, it won't let me into the game for some reason.

Brian Smith

I guess you have to make an account to play. Not doing that.

Chantelle Pare

I love this game so much but on like pocket ants it you can't battle other people's nests overall great game love it so much

wade Mcknight

Game is nice, yet I cant play it or pocket ants, please fix it

zin you god

this game is amzing! alll my friends like this

Ren P

Loses the rustic charm that pocket ants provided in lieu of a cheesy mobile game tutorial,complete with a human mascot. I am not a fan,and the game play seems restrictive.

Zoey Reiman

Its good but I gave 3 star because its impossible to get the pollen flower because the enemy bees are all over there if u changed that feature I would change it to 5 star thanks so much if you read this also the water is so hard to aim aswell I hope you have a great day and hope your journey of the game creator expirence is going well so thanks

Caitlin Nicholson

The game is quite adorable but the turtioral is not helpful at all. I had to look up certain things to work out how to play. Resource management is simple but very slow. Its an offline game so it doesnt collect resources while the game is closed. It takes forever to get to the next levels after the turtioral phase. The pvp system is very unbalanced. You're put up against very high levels. Not alot of variety after a while. Fun for a bit. But gets boring eventually.

Kamlesh Devi

i am dicardind 1 star because it confuses a little bitni n commands

ZharedTough Ullalim

Hello ariel games can you make a termite simulator game just like pocket ants but whith more creatures

Daniel Crow

Meh. Similar to pocket ants but different in only bad ways. The battle and matching system is straight trash.

Spandan Sigdel

Very good game. I loved what you did now than before, before we had to wait for the workers to collect the resources at once but now they come one by one. Overall I LOVED THE GAME and I can't wait for further updates

Bian Montana


Gail Bratcher

I like pocket bees , and I have been working hard to build up my army. But I can never get a another player to play against me. I can have it on battle for 30 min or more and cant get anyone to battle with. I'm sad

gigi marie

On April 30th I got this game!!!!!

Nguyễn Thị Bình



The creator should really make a new pocket game like... Hmm... Pocket flies.. Or maybe a better pocket ants - Pocket Ants:Colony defense, like u start off as a little worker, u have to protect the queen, while theres waves that u can or not fight or decide to fight it.. And then then the tutorial person will be Naseur, an ant scientist, oh and theres different worlds to travel after like 90 waves.edit:oh and theres a boss every 30 waves bc why not and new ant type every 45 waves bc why not 😂

Doodnath Jankee

How u actually progress is taking water from bird bath/tree resin and stunning the wasp guarding the flower,but it's really boring not to mention, I always get players better than me,so I lose easily,fix now!

Ashis Das

I can not get the nector as the wasps gaurd it as the sttuning only works on one and by the time I get the source to sttuning stops freeing the wasp. So, I can't continue this game

Acis Jones

Luv pocket ants.. bees a bit odd.. need pollan :)

Yuvraj Jain

Horrible Matchamking Sysytem but Great Game

Katriz Vilog

Good Game

Maneesh World

Best game ever

Simren Kaur

Lovely game

Ultra Void

Okay it's really fun to play with and really easy to get rewards but what if like you to add is more enemy hives to target with real players playing and also I'd appreciate it if you turn it into an open world because it's not big enough it's really small space and can add a way to plant flowers and other plants with seeds

Francisca Ayisi

The game is really good and that is why I'm giving it 4 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟

ken :/

It really sucks when i hire a creature then it spawns next to fire then when i tried to attack then fire and the creature will attack us also please fix that

Ronald Pace

getting the Hive from level 1 to 4 is pretty downright Simple, but Level 5 take 750 Propolis, which takes 150 gems a day for 20 Propolis, and doing all the Daily Quest's Per day is 10, only other way to get Propolis, is PVP, I just Finished Level 5 Hive, and now it take 1,000 propolis for next Level, when you Enemies in the Battle are Level 13 and your only lvl 5-6 Battlers, Totally Unfair: ( if I did not love this game, would have given 1 star

Adam Dhomink Reyes

This is the best game. Its like pocket ants. But with bees. I give this game 5likes becuase its Like the copy of my most favourite game: pocket ants!

Nishung Rai

Is there more updates about creatures like adding epic and legendary, More insects like jumping spider, Killer bees etc?

Mj Broesky

I love this game 🤩 it cool

Zedzed Vizcaya

Not bad

Izaiah Matthews

Pretty smooth and fun to play. different fr pocket ants in a creative way but still the same concept. Great Game in general 😁

Sovit Kumar Chakma


Issachar Paguigan


Lungsta nyoni

This colony is great but the creaters are Really good at the capturing the queen Bee lays eggs i have a bee colony in my Home also ants i have game of pocket Ants and i rate it thank you

Leaky Alan

Love the game few things tho 1 need to be able to get a better source of propolis there's no practical way to get 750 for an upgrade in the brood chamber I'd need to be playing and winning so many fight match's a day. 2 on my honey upgrade to 10 its 13 days that's a long as s time for an upgrade idk if I can upgrade it more after but it's way too long 3 there's a tiny bug when attacking enemies hive that a bee gets stuck in the top left wall it you can still kill it that's al thank u best game

Nate Ray

i can't even get 2 pollen how am i supost to stun 5 agresive bee plus waps


Great game to bad there are no more ways to build a next bee hive so you can collet more nectar/pollen

Raeniel Lausing


Therence Pajarillo

Really i can't even play this game

Bee Happy

Its ok but this game its kinda cool do and i will hard work on it when i play this game

Jhapetandbim Sto.domingo


Mhonay Gragera


KATE Woodham

Gets repetitive

Leon Cavé

Crashed immediately after download

Sagar Talashikar

Wasp too op

jonas Carl Bregala

Cool but I can't even go in task but the entrance is like a pocket ants but its 2021 Ariel games. Wait guys do you know how to capture the crab spider?

Nathania Lauren

Not many people like this game buts it's amazing I love playing it i even played there other game pocket ants and my brother loved its style they make good games compared to the other games i found. Anyway keep it up!


Good game like pocket ants

Justin Wehenes

is ok I gust, well I don't like the emeny their just very annoying especially when is a challenge to get stuff for one piece of honey