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Planethalla – Explore unique planets, beat dozens of dangerous enemies and collect gems to upgrade your robot. Unlock powerful mechs and weapons, try out different play styles, find power-ups to buff you in missions and travel to new regions!

Planethalla Arcade is:

– An arcade top-down shooter on spheroids where you play as a robot against alien monsters.
– Three unique regions with different biomes and dozens of locations.
– A variety of missions to complete.
– Customizable robots with different shooting types and swift impactful upgrade system.
– Tons of power-ups to support you in battle.
– Dozens of enemies to fight.
– Eye-catching visual style.

Get ready for the battle and straight on to victory!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 3, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Mirols OU
Price: Free
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Customer review

Samia Afrin

Awesome 👌 👍

Wolfie826 _

Fun game!! Content is just over a little to quick at this point! Looking forward to what the devs have in store!

Ernest Roberts

Got all the bots n guns maxed out... Now whats next? Fun getting here, any new adventures planed?

Amanda Green

Kjjkj Hofydjfjgjh break cuz it's the best game in the world and I love it pretty much it's a good game from Damon

Ethan Brooks

Used to be awesome, fighting other tanks, dodging bullets, raiding bases, no stamina system, the list goes on. Now you mow down a few bugs before stamina runs out and chase the little purple crystals all over creation just to get 3 stars on the level with your preset tank. BRING BACK THE OLD GAME!

Missy Novia

I give this a game a 1 because when i open the game first time its just pink screen everything is pink and when i close all clear all and close the app and turn off and on its still like that

Renaldi Vika

Maybe go for early access is better. I expect full game. And this barely nothing. No ads reward? No irl money shop? Subs? Are you guys doing charity?

I made gilang wedha pradnyana

Not a single in game payment ☺️ pure gaming skill 😁 need more level, monster type, and storyline 😶

Alan Ballos

I like the game but all my stats has been reset to level 1

Ken Backus

I don't have the daily gifts in the game.

Alexey Popovich

Good start, but when you compare it with others, there need to be other game modes, or some storyline...

Станислав _

Wow, it's definitely one of the most simple and boring game I've ever played. Nice visual though.

james grapa

Can you add goggle play and online match please... Great game


I Love This Game So Much Never Stop Playing This Game,The Tanks,Weapons,Graphics And Mission Are So Amazing,(Can You Add Friends, Multiplayer Mode, Or A Private Match),Thank you🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍

John Mark Saez

Good and enjoyable but can't play offline

Michael Justin Rodriguez

Very short game.

bassman dawg

this is addictive

Mac Bari

It's more fun, please need updates new mission, new tanks, and new upgrades I hope it takes action.

Bigmac inyourface

its a nice game.. but it made me dizzy with the small planet thing..sorry

Richard C

Waiting for an update and more levels 🙂

Jirgo Cruz

Already finish up to last stage And max up all Any update? New world new tank? This game is so fun

Ice Wine

Fun fun fun

Rosie Carza

Planethalla is the best game never make u bored

Jallen Matias

super cool game man

Jay John Chiong

I really enjoyed it. Its just that the rotation makes me a little dizzy XD so I have to pause.

Vlad the Impaler

Best game ever👍