Planes Control – (ATC) Tower Air Traffic Control

Author: Rarepixels - Indie Games

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Planes Control – (ATC) Tower Air Traffic Control – Be an Air Traffic Controller, direct planes to runways & avoid collisions!

Detailed info

File size: 19M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 3.0.4
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Rarepixels - Indie Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Purushottam Kumar

Good game but need to add more levels.

Aravind S

best game I've played in a while

Ali Erisian


Zion Ezealaji

It's good but monotonous. Ill prefer if it has interesting levels

August Hjertstedt

Top game 🎯

Mrinmoy Ghosh

Dammi game chau


Very hard on easy model as well in starting it's ok but as 30 seconds boom there r planes and planes n planed all over the screen. Plz make it more easier n plz don't tell that if u r bad at the game then it's not our problem yes I m bad at this game but not any other atc control games ur game is good really good and gud graphics too but hard . Please make it little bit easier I know that u want the game to be realistic of job of atc but please let the game be a game. Please easy the game dev.

Aryan Chandore

This game is so bad bcoz plane accident is on corner of display not on centre of display.

Amna Khalid

Maaaannnnn i lovedddddd itttttt i loveeddd itt...

Ishan Anand


Daniel Kabaku

It okay this game keeps you playing and playing

Haunted Seed

Best landing game I've played, hasn't got 3D graphics but it's a good idle game

Rushabh barhate


Lesley Julian

Best and such a fun game to play

Ibna Botuta Munna


coby pisesmakornkit

Love this game

Makarand annewar

Random crash

Eric Great



Super nice when you get the hang of it

Igo Dyounot


Devang Shah

Great game

Dylan Morris

Big balls in space

Kenny Dangler


Om Jii Shukla

Excellent Game with best graphics

Amaobi Ukachukwu


Benjamin Burnett

Great game, fun and complex

Sugam Dangol

One of dumbest and stupid game ever you play your for ownself make some timing sense in game you moran

Shreyas Kuthe

good game helps to think more and more

A Google user

This game is too difficult edit I am using easy mode now!!!!!!!

Valix R

classic gameplay, has ads but they are short, entertaining and can be challenging or easy if you want.

Julian VandenBerghe

This game is super fun! One thing that bugs me is I haven't found any benefit to putting out fires / shooting down enemy planes. It counts how many you got, but it doesn't really help you or affect your score at all. Also, planes spawning on the very edge and immediately hitting your planes that are flying along the edge before you can reroute is super annoying. It would be so easy to make it so that new planes will not spawn within a certain distance of existing planes to prevent this.

Shyamal Saikia


gireesh chollangi

very good game. not at all boring and not a time killer not addictive.

Natalya Gunn

Great game!

airplaney mation

Really fun although it takes so long until you really get to the fun part

Muhammad Ayyan


Hussain Salman

Such a fun game. Thank you for making this. And also please add the f22 raptor (ally plane in combat levels) because it is my #1 favorite fighter jet. Oh and also add the F5 tiger. That is all.

Kaushikkumar Barot

Nice game

semir malic

Add the hd on phone

Ro-E Vaknin

The best!

rais shaikh

boring game

Frøsty “Levi”

Very epic

Indhuja Ganesh

Super awesome 👌

Ayush Gahlot

Such a beautiful game Its make you jump on you r seat Moreover its make you feel really responsible , since you have a responsible job now , now you Navigate planes mannnnn!

Sushma Dhanuka

It is fun & addictive

Abdulrahman Bakheet

الحمد لله أني ما أشتغل في برج مراقبة.. 😂😂😂😂

Dev solanki Dev solanki


Ej Vega

The game is so stupid 😤

Vlad P

Very nice game, gg to the develelopers

Pratik Dole

On of my favourite games i every played . must try it

Pravin Khemkar

nice game

Subhankar RoyChoudhury

Tremendously addictive and awesome game.

Wiaan van Aswegen

Needs a tutorial mode but nice game

Saarth Desai

great simple game

Jerome Neidigh

I'm a controller in real life and I have to say, this game really doesn't do our job much justice. You can't bring the planes very close. Once you get above 25 aircraft arrivals, there's too many aircraft on the screen to separate them. Better suited for a large tablet, not a mobile.

Dylan Milne

Fun and simple.

Jordan Desr

difficult but fun

Shahram Kr

It's soo hard. 🌹🌹🌹👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💐💐💐🏳️🏳️🏳️👑😎😎😎 But very good game. 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐🏳️🏳️🏳️👑😎😎😎

Will Jesso

Love this. Had it on my iPad back in the day. I'm glad to have this in 2022. Thank you guys.

Sabiha Rashid


Arulraj Dharshini


Let's see to find out

Great game. Haven't found a bug or anything wrong with it.

John Heinlein

Great concept and even better scenarios. Too small to play on a phone. And the random planes crash into one another before you actually have them on the screen. Potential to be a great game.

Alisha Murri

Addicting and relaxing and challenging all in one.

Elizabeth Barber

Hard is easy, but lots of different levels.

Tactical Faux

Doesn't seem to be anything scummy or particularly horrible about it, but I sure got bored of it very quickly. Not very fun.

Harrison Jones


Bobby P

It was ok, a time killer for a few minutes, but nohing to really get deep into

Rohit Kumar


Amit Bhide

Good.. But too many planes too early..

Justin Lansdell

played 4 a day or 2 really like the game so far the more levels I go thru the harder & more complex the game gets. but I have to say it's a fun game that gets ur brain working at a good clip. I would say this game is a 70/100

Smelly Candle

Challenging on all difficultys, simple and easy mechanics where management is key. Overall great timekiller.

Faisal Omara


Brenden Gilbert

Aren't you copying a four pixels games app ? Air control

Jeremy Vigil

It's way too hard easy is like really really hard

Brandon Desbrough

need different typ3s of planes

Arman Babaei

It stucks on the first page (the blue page with the logo) and the game doesn't load at all. (Review from Iran)

Victor Rodriguez

cool beans

Bharvi Chouksey

I played it once in my childhood and didn't knew it's name and now i found it again, it is a time killing game of your wanna take a break of few minutes than this the best game

MD Raisan


Mukul Rishiraj

nyc game

Ashe White

Simple, solid, and fun. It's nothing too fancy, but the extra levels throw you some real curveballs. This is a good game for when you need to kill a little time, or maybe on a work break. I enjoyed it enough to buy the ad remover, which for me says a lot about a game's quality. (Frankly, I feel like making it a paid game for a dollar or two would have been just fine.)

Alex Almeida

I used to have it bur then I got a new phone and now I have it the page does not load (the starting page) and I have tried restarting device and downloading multiple times but it does not work this problem needs to be fixed because how am I supposed to play and give any other feedback.

virgil is real!

Good game very challenging

Lake Huron

Crashed my tablet. But before it did it was pretty good game.

Munir Ahmad Swati

Amazing Time pass Game

Azaan Khan

It's unusual but according to app size it's wonderful it's not too bad it's not too good furthermore, they should have improved a lot in graphic whatever keep doing 😋

arleen cano

Now will you add level editor Also the desert canyon was the easiest level for me

Aditya Mainali

Very good game has some issue

Rosalie Santillan

I lovein it

steve boyd

just do it

bandi bharathkumar

i love it❣️

Dikshant Sunil Pohregaonkar

Amazing experience challenging and engaging games

VM Bar

wish my finger didn't have to cover the whole screen while guiding the plains.

Miles Pittman

fun time waster.

Jayde Williams

Dude the planes crash outside of the screen and it causes you to lose. Lit can't unlock the next level because I cannot get more than 8 planes to land without something crashing outside the screen which I can't see. Fix it. Doesn't matter what difficulty I play either.

Nonso Abadom


Nick Jabbour

Love it! An excellent adaptation of an old favorite. The dev's replies to some of the idiotic reviews is priceless 😎

Miggy Arcedera

The easy is bit hard there are airplanes and they crashed plz fix it but it still counts good game!

erin eisenlohr

it's fun and stressful if i could rate more i would do it