Pixel Tap: Color by Number

Author: Inertia Software

500,000+ install


Pixel Tap: Color by Number – Relax and wave goodbye to stress with Pixel Tap

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File size: 27M
Update time: March 17, 2021
Current version: 1.1.3
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Inertia Software
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lisa Gniech

Had for many years and still play it everyday.

Josephine Williams

I like this app because there are no ads and I like art.

Sarah Aloof

Sometimes when creating ones own picture they are free, if they were free all the time thats when i will give it 5 stars, otherwise i really love this colouring app, because there is a choice between block and cross stitch some pictures look nice in tapestry

Patricia Burke

I love it keepin it brilliant

Yuffie G

I love this app! the only thing I wish is that the block style reflected the finished picture. I would love to see how the emerald style would look like! 😊 EDIT: I've found that you can save which block style you want to. On the share screen tap the ... and you can select the style you want. This app is amazing!

HoNeYy _00

Loving it so far.. great app!!

Lisa Greene

I really love this app!!!!!! Thanks to the tech people or whomever told me what to do, I got it all back and I am so happy!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Virena Baker

adictive game, Ive played it for several years!!

Amanda Pooley

love it makes me chilled out

Holly Remillard

great game. I'm addicted to it !

Madison Santero

It is very good color-by-number game, however, there could be some changes to nake some gameplay smoother, Like adding some better controls. overall, great game.

Lavonne Smith

Love the pictures you can choose what you want for the pictures like pixels or cross stitch .

Brandy Smith

Absolutely 💕 Pixel Tap! 💙 😊

Lydia Wolfe

Been playing for a few years now, couple minor issues over that time but there always fixed very quickly. Thanks for having an app my hyperself can focus on for a decent bit of time!

Jordan Johnson

It Is A Really Fun Pixel Coloring Page App.

carol mason

Best colour by number game I've played

Stanley L

I would honestly give this a 5 star if our didn't have to use in game cash to create larger frames for your picture. It just seems like your setting huge limitations if a picture couldn't fit the free price and had to be paid. Not only that but its bloody expensive. Do something about it like make it much cheaper. Edit: I forgot to mention how the game stops and alerts you if you do the wrong number. Can you please take this away because its so annoying having to stop all the time.

Tracy Billings

Awesome and addicting game! This game is still one of my favorites because it is very relaxing and there is no pressure on getting your pictures done. You can take all the time that you need and no worries! Because this game is one of my favorites? I am going to give you for today a 100 * star rating. ENJOY!!!😃😁😉☺😊

Emily Hinojosa

This game was very fun and relaxing its is a lot more better that any other game i have played

Diane Martin

Awesome and extremely fun

Jim Kyle Salita

I dont what you say

Janet Schneller

I love the game because I have learning disability and autism. It keeps me from having a autistic fit.

Brittany Flanigan


Kristy McCullough

This is probably the best quality app of this type on Google, I love it

Nicole Rodanhisler

good coloring App

deathly shadow spirit


Missy Fogel

Having trouble with pixel tap

Lesley Harding

This game help to control my anxiety

Pamela Hawthorne

I really love the Pixel Mystery Paintings they are a lot of fun

Elaine Salers

Love this game

Olivia Thulin


Debbie Hyde

great , all different pics to complete and very relaxing.

Matthew Hall

great game I love how you can purchase sets from the store. also I love no adds in the game

ebby merrell

love this game. keeps me relaxed when I'm stressed. I love cross stitch for years and I think my grandma would have loved this game and that's saying a lot☺️

Mamuka Tet

It is soo good

Rebecca Kelly

Love it

na ta

I really enjoyed playing, but now after a few days it doesn't let me enter the app. The screen keeps flashing & I don't know what's wrong.help!

Michelle Larson

Lots of pics to choose from. Create your own. Simple to more complex.

marina sardina

I love this because it's it's a fun game and you can just color and and you can just tap uninstall this Please so show me and me bye so just listen to me ok. By selene


Pixel Tap is a great app! Have not seen any ads. They have many pictures to choose from. So far it's the best Pixel app I have found! Think I'll stay with this fun Pixel app, I love it! Thank you Pixel Tap 😊.

Janice Marshall


Антон Богодвид

I can't go through tutorial. The game stucks every time after I paint the head of the fish

Brenna Poncin

relaxing and soothing. hard to put down sometimes! costs a lot of coins to make your own canvas which sucks

Kaitlyn Bonilla

Good if you like to color but you are not good

Jo-Anne Murray

very relaxing and so much fun!

Horacio Robles


Donna M Miller

You can change the type of coloring pixel, crossstich, gemstones, and more. My favorite is gemstone.

Wanda Cannon

Bast game in the world

Patricia Mcgirt

To it may Concern I like the Pixel Tap it is a lot of fun I enjoy it I love it it relax me thank you for the app.


It doesn't work

Heather Ray

I have tried to contact Inertia Software severalvtimes since April 14, 2022. It is now April 19, 2022. FIVE DAYS AGO I purchased a ten dollar pack of coins to use in Pixel Tap and I have yet to receive the pack. I have emailed Inertia Software about this, I have left messages here on Google Play...nothing. No email back from them, no messages here on Google Play... They have sent NOTHING back to me to tell me they received my messages. I am perturbed!

Jared Klotz

it's rilly fun and I give it a five star

Nick Will

I like their selection of pictures, but I'd prefer to not have to zoom in all the time for every picture. It's difficult to enjoy when you're limited to only seeing a small portion of the picture at a time.

Akira Almaguer

This app is so relaxing and I play it when I feel stressed or out of line or when I am lonely or when I am anoyed or angry and when I play it I makes me feel bubbly and then I am able to calm down

Mark Pent

I love it 😀 😍 ❤️


G00d game very fun😄

Marvelous May

Good, fun app.

Dawn Cowles

When I put a google card on the game it never showed up. I messaged them and got no answer. This is not the first time a google card did not show up.

Michael Hoeflich

the absolute best paint by number app

Sam Ryan

it is great game to play

Ellanie Cook

I love this game there are no ads,the game never crashes and can be played offline. I recommend this game to everyone reading this.

Hunt3r Ch1ck

Love it! But not enough free puzzles to get coins to actually buy more puzzle packs...and when you do get free puzzles they barely give you any coins for it...it basically is making you use your own money to be able to get more ☹️

Madelyn Stefanowicz

I have tried so many colouring apps and this one is my favourite. Gameplay is good, the lack of paid subscriptions is my favourite selling point (I've ditched other colouring apps due to this) and the pictures are nice.

Lily Man



HiZabrinafeob. R. Moitan

Pamick Southon

Play every day good for passing the time but a bit addictive

John Ray Rivas

it's relaxing

Purple Tulip

great fun game the only draw bank is if you try create your own picture to get great details it cost you a lot of coins and you only get 25 coins a day

Helena Mcgarry

I really love this game and I also enjoy colouring the pictures there is a great variety of packs in the store as well

Rose Jensen

i love the fact that you can change the pixel shape. the one thing it needs is a zoom in and out button

Angie Jamieson

I love this app and have had it for along time. Alot of pics to choose from. The 1 thing i dont like is since the new update i have had problems saving my completed pics. I have uninstalled which was a mistake due to loosing everything and having to start all over. I thought i figured it out and then the samething happened again just the other day so now im back to not being able to save the pics i complete. Other then that i love everything about this app.

Rory Dunn

Dear, Grandpa. My Nanna and I, save in my home. Whatever happening to me? Darth Tyranus and Darth Kitty Galore and the Droid Army with Order 66. Only you can help Peaches and the Republic, defeat Darth Kitty Galore and her Tie Fighter and the universe. Love from, Rory

David Teesdale

I love this game.

Brittany Mcgaughy

I want to corloring

Indira Multani

This is a really relaxing game and I use it to pass time

Sam C

It's AMAZING!!!!! It would be good if it told you how many pixels you had left of each colour when using them, though.

Darlene Davis

Still a good app. Best for passing the time away for me 😁😊

Becky Hughes

my favorite Ap. love it

Annie Lovell

It is fun but it gets uncomfortable for my fingers when I am on the app



Georja McDonald


Terry Tully

I've played this game for years. Today it won't open. Just sits and says loading. I've uninstalled several times, tried connecting through facebook and amazon, put nothing works. I'm on a fire tablet 8.

Jennifer Harrison

Love using this app I play it through both the app as well as through facebook

Padmaja Ch

This game have a problem ok please clear the problem

Tracy Billing

Awesome and amazing game 😀

Nellda Ruiz

love the game

Caryn Mcmurray


Julie Moffett

a lot of quick and easy pictures and some more involved but beautiful pictures.

Emma Common

Love this app. Have used it to make cross stitch patterns from my photos. Excellent support as well

Shannon Wichman

Update: I must have picked the wrong choice in my options. Ty for helping me fix it Pixel Tap. *************************** Pixel tap was great until previously finished puzzles started showing up with those that haven't been started. The old ones have checkmarks.

Emilee Lloyd

Love it

Tracey Zwicker

love it

Chris Morton

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Pixel Tap!!! ❤️

Shaunnie Quinn Weiss

love this game no ads rarely n tons of pics no need to buy coins cause you receive coins for pics n there's tons that you can afford just by coloring the ones for free you get I'd love to test other games from this developer n you can choose to not have cross stitch n you gems n other patterns instead crossstitch n gemstones are prettiest you can also download your own pics n make them into cross stitch pics for a small fee which previouse pics you should have coins

Lacey Enzor



Lost my collection of games

Karen Saunders

This is by far one of the best!!

Dougald Hooker

so relaxing, and a joy to see your finished picture. Thanks for the fun.


I really wanted to rate this game higher because it is so, so much better than any of the other pixel art CBN games, but the error system is just awful. It adds absolutely nothing to the game and just makes gameplay tedious. I don't know why you decided it was a good idea to stop players dead in their tracks every time they slightly bump an incorrect square but it needs to go. At the very least there should be an option to disable it in the settings menu. Great game otherwise.

Elle Sophia The Vlogger Girl

Easy and very fun