Pixel Tap: Color by Number

Author: Inertia Software

500,000+ install


Pixel Tap: Color by Number – Relax and wave goodbye to stress with Pixel Tap

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File size: 27M
Update time: March 17, 2021
Current version: 1.1.3
Require Android: 4.1 and up
Developer: Inertia Software
Price: Free
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Customer review

Gretchen Workman

Love the app but it needs more picture packs. Cross-stitch World gets tons of cool packs. We want some too!!!!!

Megan Uhlig

I would give it 5 stars but I can't. You have to spend real money to get packs because they don't give you enough coins from completing the pictures. I bought coins using real money and it didn't add any to my account. Hoping this gets fixed otherwise I wasted $20 on nothing. This is why you get 1 ⭐.

Suzanne K

It is a fun, calming way to spend time with my 5 and 10 yr old grandchildren, they especially love turning their own pictures into pixel art and the different shapes your pixel can be. 5 yr old boy likes crossstitch and stars ones while his sister likes the pixels and gem styles the best. Only negative is how little coin you get for completing a picture and it cost so much to get a set ie approx 20 for completing but over 1000 to get a new set and 750 to make 1 picture out of your own photo


What is up with a new change where there is now intrusive ads. So we buy the coins to pay for the patterns then in turn have to watch ads to play them. How does that make sense. That's not how it used to be. I don't like multiple ads popping up in the middle of a game that's supposed to be relaxing when all it does is become startling. Anything but relaxing.

Jay Nicholson


Denise Schell

very addictive

Sarah Causey

It's a good game to play...also relaxing...

ziva david

I love this game you can change it to gems or Diamonds And a few other things it's better than the others.

Kevin Gagestein

Terrible. I purchased 10,500 coins for 9.99 and never received them. What a waste of my hard earned money on your stupid app. You want a better rating, give me what you owe me. Otherwise, your app sucks.

Virginia Stephens

I love this game it's very relaxing and I love that it doesn't have any ads!

samantha Stout

this app is awesome 👍 you can color your own pictures & send to family or friends, I'VE GOT IT ON MY PHONE & TABLET/LAPTOP 💻 IT'S FREAKING AWESOME 👍😎

Chloe Joyce

fun and addictive game to play I love this game

Jodie Verran

l like Google play

Kandace Breding

This app is one of the best pixel coloring out there. No Adds I give 5 stars for that alone, pics are great too. Keep up the good work.

Dawn-Mark Crutchley

Very nice game.

Dennis Doneburgh


Mewmew (Naknak)

Has a stupid currency mechanic in it even though it's a coloring app

Stacey Dauel

Since updating the pictures I start don't save correctly. They show more colored than I have done. And they don't even show the completed colors with a check mark. Was good till yesterday. Now it's irritating. I updated it yesterday

Sharon Shadbolt

please do these cause they are fun to do even teaches children to colour


Actually a decent app I've been using for a while, some good images and options and colours. They just added ads. I'm fine with ads between puzzles or optional with rewards (altho this one is stingy). I can't pay cash and besides, I never like every pic in a pack, and devs need to eat. But noisy video ads every ten minutes disrupt my relaxation, interrupt my music or podcast, bother my household, and basically make playing it pointless. Sadly, I'm uninstalling.


I really like the game I love that you can choose if you want cross stitch or pixels etc. Love how you don't need a subscription to color ads don't bother me that much even though they can be innoying.

Mary Armond


Gabi Hagelstein

I used to love this game so much for relaxing before bed. Now the game includes insanely intrusive ads that cut you off in the middle of coloring to play an extremely loud ad advertising action games. This is especially annoying when I've fallen asleep coloring only to be scared to death with this obnoxious ad. Please change it back. This change has ruined the whole game for me.

Tracey Logan

Hi I absolutely love this highly addictive I have a form of autism..I have difficult to ralex my mind so I use this art game to relax..I absolutely love the art pictures that you have in this art.for some reason it won't let me down load please give me back this art pick tap game..one thing this game needs is more different picture please..I really need this pixel tap back please ....I have played this over and over again.. please give this game back I really need it thank you so much 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Stacy Tilton

It is so fun and it don't show mistakes

Conesha Gullatt

I really enjoy this game

Linda Davidson

Gives me ppeace

michelle gutowski

I really love to play this game but lately when i finish a picture and collect my coins i get to the part were it says please wait loading and it freezes, and i have to start the game over.


It is an enjoyable game. You get one free pattern a week. And you can make a pattern everyday.

Charlee Seabolt

This game is so fun doesn't have any ads he doesn't have any hints or anything like that but I don't need any of it it's very fun I love it so much

Katryna Doborzynski

more pictures more dolphins and horses


Awesome pixel coloring book. Very relaxing, and easy to play!👌😃

Sarjil Delvadia

Hello Inertia team, your game work is good - design, free zoom, number pattern options, work progress color & black. Nice 😍 but some problems, 😅 1. 1 finger scroll problem, please work. 2. Please add errors. 3. Add time Keep it up 👍

Crystal Lynn Troutman

fun and challenging to do this

Kelly Crouse

I'm addicted to this coloring app

Emma Agee

it is an awesome way to forget life.

Mona Conner

This should not be considered a "free" app. I have colored every available picture, which should earn "coins" to purchase more, but the cost so outways the rewards that the only way to get more is to purchase coins with money. Since I can neither afford or desire to spend money on coloring, I will be Uninstaller your app. Sadly, since I did enjoy the picture options. Too bad I can only want to ...

Lacey Ha


abbygale peabody

i lickit beckus it is cool

Jessica Ogle

This WAS my favorite *relaxing* coloring app ever. I've played it for years. Then suddenly tonight there was a LOUD ad that popped up right in the middle of coloring. NOT COOL. I HAD HEADPHONES ON AND NOW MY EARS HURT. 🤬 If you are going to market your app as *relaxing*, I highly recommend you chill with the ads. At the very least they should be muted at all times.

Paul Ellam

I would have give it 5 stars if It wasn't for the ads that suddenly pop up for no reason. I have been playing this game for ages now, but reasons unknown ads start popping up and it was ad free before.

George Haley

the best thing ever .

Emily Lindholm

the glitch was resolved, which is nice, but this recent update puts ads right in the middle of coloring. one of the things I liked about this was there were no annoying ads. not sure i can continue playing. I get you need to make money, but do a ticker ad at the top or something. don't interrupt the game just for a goofy ad.

Cindy Lou

I'm now giving this a 1 star rating from a 5 star rating. There are now annoying ads every so many minutes. I've been playing this for a year . Now today you start with ads. I will be uninstalling . Oh by the way your ads are causing stress, so remove that wording from your intro.

Cath Parr

Great wee game, no ads thank goodness. No need to spend money and it's stress free.


wonderfull and atictive game! and you can create you own pixel art projects!

Ainsley Woodmass

It's very good 👍😄


Great variety of topics. Nice pictures. Very relaxing. I have PTSD and this game helps me to relax and unwind.

Amanda Turrell

Good game

Amanda Rice

I like this app in general. However once you finish coloring the original pictures, you do not get enough coins to replenish your pictures. If a package of hard contains 10 pictures and each picture gives you less than 100 coins, you never have enough coins to buy another set of pictures since most hard level packages are over 2000. I am then stuck opening the game daily to get the 25 coins but with no pictures to color, that is all I can do, open it collect the coins then I am done for the day.

Lisa Gniech

Had for many years and still play it everyday.

Josephine Williams

I like this app because there are no ads and I like art.

Sarah Aloof

Sometimes when creating ones own picture they are free, if they were free all the time thats when i will give it 5 stars, otherwise i really love this colouring app, because there is a choice between block and cross stitch some pictures look nice in tapestry

Patricia Burke

I love it keepin it brilliant

Yuffie G

I love this app! the only thing I wish is that the block style reflected the finished picture. I would love to see how the emerald style would look like! 😊 EDIT: I've found that you can save which block style you want to. On the share screen tap the ... and you can select the style you want. This app is amazing!

HoNeYy _00

Loving it so far.. great app!!

Lisa Greene

I really love this app!!!!!! Thanks to the tech people or whomever told me what to do, I got it all back and I am so happy!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!

Virena Baker

adictive game, Ive played it for several years!!

Amanda Pooley

love it makes me chilled out

Holly Remillard

great game. I'm addicted to it !

Madison Santero

It is very good color-by-number game, however, there could be some changes to nake some gameplay smoother, Like adding some better controls. overall, great game.

Lavonne Smith

Love the pictures you can choose what you want for the pictures like pixels or cross stitch .

Brandy Smith

Absolutely 💕 Pixel Tap! 💙 😊

Lydia Wolfe

Been playing for a few years now, couple minor issues over that time but there always fixed very quickly. Thanks for having an app my hyperself can focus on for a decent bit of time!

Jordan Johnson

It Is A Really Fun Pixel Coloring Page App.

carol mason

Best colour by number game I've played

Stanley L

I would honestly give this a 5 star if our didn't have to use in game cash to create larger frames for your picture. It just seems like your setting huge limitations if a picture couldn't fit the free price and had to be paid. Not only that but its bloody expensive. Do something about it like make it much cheaper. Edit: I forgot to mention how the game stops and alerts you if you do the wrong number. Can you please take this away because its so annoying having to stop all the time.

Tracy Billings

Awesome and addicting game! This game is still one of my favorites because it is very relaxing and there is no pressure on getting your pictures done. You can take all the time that you need and no worries! Because this game is one of my favorites? I am going to give you for today a 100 * star rating. ENJOY!!!😃😁😉☺😊

Emily Hinojosa

This game was very fun and relaxing its is a lot more better that any other game i have played

Diane Martin

Awesome and extremely fun

Jim Kyle Salita

I dont what you say

Janet Schneller

I love the game because I have learning disability and autism. It keeps me from having a autistic fit.

Brittany Flanigan


Kristy McCullough

This is probably the best quality app of this type on Google, I love it

Nicole Rodanhisler

good coloring App

deathly shadow spirit


Missy Fogel

Having trouble with pixel tap

Lesley Harding

This game help to control my anxiety

Pamela Hawthorne

I really love the Pixel Mystery Paintings they are a lot of fun

Elaine Salers

Love this game

Olivia Thulin


Debbie Hyde

great , all different pics to complete and very relaxing.

Matthew Hall

great game I love how you can purchase sets from the store. also I love no adds in the game

ebby merrell

love this game. keeps me relaxed when I'm stressed. I love cross stitch for years and I think my grandma would have loved this game and that's saying a lot☺️

Mamuka Tet

It is soo good

Rebecca Kelly

Love it

na ta

I really enjoyed playing, but now after a few days it doesn't let me enter the app. The screen keeps flashing & I don't know what's wrong.help!

Michelle Larson

Lots of pics to choose from. Create your own. Simple to more complex.

marina sardina

I love this because it's it's a fun game and you can just color and and you can just tap uninstall this Please so show me and me bye so just listen to me ok. By selene


Pixel Tap is a great app! Have not seen any ads. They have many pictures to choose from. So far it's the best Pixel app I have found! Think I'll stay with this fun Pixel app, I love it! Thank you Pixel Tap 😊.

Janice Marshall


Антон Богодвид

I can't go through tutorial. The game stucks every time after I paint the head of the fish

Brenna Poncin

relaxing and soothing. hard to put down sometimes! costs a lot of coins to make your own canvas which sucks

Kaitlyn Bonilla

Good if you like to color but you are not good

Jo-Anne Murray

very relaxing and so much fun!

Horacio Robles


Donna M Miller

You can change the type of coloring pixel, crossstich, gemstones, and more. My favorite is gemstone.

Wanda Cannon

Bast game in the world

Patricia Mcgirt

To it may Concern I like the Pixel Tap it is a lot of fun I enjoy it I love it it relax me thank you for the app.


It doesn't work