Pixel Survival Game 2

Author: Cowbeans

1,000,000+ install


Pixel Survival Game 2 – Popularmmos survival game! – Explore, Gather, Craft, Build, Loot and Survival

Detailed info

File size: 52M
Update time: August 31, 2021
Current version: 1.992
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Cowbeans
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kelvin Tan

I cant play it at all! It keep crashing the moment I start it. I'm on a advanced phone


Problems fixed thanks

Odette Van Amsterdam

The best game i ve ever played so cool i never stop playing it

Asher Danielle bliss Santiago

This is amazing game!!!! IT'S KINDA HARD BUT IT WAS FUN 😊😊😊

huican jin

It's good

Yoshiro YT

This is a great game! I love that cowbeans started updating it once more just for their players!

Ruben Ortiz

Good game for all

Robert Flynn

Very good game I have been playing for years and I was happy with my experience until the forced ads came into the picture

sk raju


Jumong's World

Beautiful games

Ayush Dhyani 16-B-20

Unable to connect to server due to that many ingame things are not working


This game is soooo suck wean I just joined every daily was gone pls fix it up ):

Latko Litil

Has mutiplayer ? ¿que?

Ivan amoranto

I almost rated it 5 but the ad chest now kicks my game help me fix it cowbeans I'm sad


Couldn't even get out of the starting area. And I guess that's the "town" or "base"? Just stupid design and I don't even wanna try to figure anything else out. Awful waste of time

Zakery Foard

Used to be a solid 4-5 star game. Now it's just ad watching simulator. I can't even join other multiplayer games because it tries to show me an add that breaks the join button every time.

Jeffrey Hart

It doesn't save game when I deleted it pls fix!!

Mateo Pramparo

I can spaned hours on this game

Hahu Yuha

This is a good game

Shomboo Shomboo



Super cool

Eben Vongoldfus

good game

Price deBarros

Great Now that o come back I do have a request can y'all make it easier to get diamonds

Robby Bishop


Steelers Stats


Sasa Kramzer

This Game Is bad

Justin Rain Ebreo

Bubu laro

Bronwyn Monckton

If I co8ld I give it a 2 because your game broke my installing process

uiokzbs Bolbolpi

Pls player really need you to add some log in and sign up that you can connect into Facebook and email it's so hard to get back my account 🙂

camden bradford


dige lord cool

Dude this is an amazing game, I've been playing it for at least 4 years and I can't find it bad.

Jovan Ng


Orville Melan Roca Quiñones

Pls unban all players that are banned until today

Javerkein Lambino

This game is really good but I was tired waiting the chest and alr 3 days and there's no coming out I think it's glitch

احلا تحفيل - A7la Ta7fel

Perfect game

Ink Gun

This is one of the best games I've ever played great work keep it up

amri mapogi

This game is cool so i will rate it 5 star ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Aaaa A

I. Useing my alt and is so good even 3 part one is good is maybe hard make stuff but i love it btw people are right add cloud save pls so playera can save it and when they detele the game and download it back they can have account saves on!

Waeel Djandal

I really love this game but the trading system is kinda sucks because you cant trade or sell the other item pls make an update that we can sell all the other stuff because its so hard because we cant give our other items

Merry Verdugo

Best game in the world rating is a 5 out of five

Amanda Bailey

Always loved the game and is action-packed.


can you add a add friends back button i lost all of my friends and i am very sad now if u add it i will give it a good rating i am very disappointed after i pressed the clear friends list it was an adcident can you add a a "are you sure" button after went you press clear friends list and it will make some people cry after adcidently press the clear friends list button and most of my friends were very nice

Mior Nasri


ola Madani


Kaiden Blankenship

Really good game very fun

Hammas Gamer

I hack this game hack is op unlimited gems and money op op op game

A Google user

Give me good stuff

Kevin Lucas

Best experience ever in this app survivalists game and tons of items and a little bit of areas witch is cool still

Wei Chong

𝙸𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚎𝚜𝚝 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎

Sean Adrielle

me years ago like 3 years ago I was so strong in this game I unstall this game 2 years ago now I download this I don't have my stuff back my stuff was (moon blade 3 healing staff 2 witch helmet and volcano sword) and now my stuff is(volcano sword healing staff snow dress and moon blade 2

joel mark pro gamer

hey cowbeans can you make the game online I know the has online multiple but what I want is to have a Facebook sign in or Google sign in so that the players don't lost there progress playing it.

Akili Blackman

It is a good game should play

Idot Thegay


Geralyn Siason

I really like this bc there's adventure andmanymaps to explore and crafting items to so I like to give this game 5 stars for the adventure and more things to explore

Big Drako シ

Og game

Marki Desono

Why a cant go online if I go I got kick

پویا بازرگان

please add Google account please 🥺

Abrar Abu

Im trade ban

Cat Cat

3 Stars because of - A bot getting my gems after watching an adchest - A bot that is also getting my master key weapons - too much ads and sometimes the ad rewards dont work making you waste another 30/15/5 seconds


It so good

Steven O

When you go to watch an ad for a second daily spin the app crashes and your first spin prize is lost.


Need some updates but fun

Johan Canindo

When i use the spin and get something and then do the watch ads for another draw..it hangs and leave and then doesnt save anything and it doesnt respin.. pls fix

Becca Crosby

This is one of the best platforms I've ever seen and it a great game.


Multiplayer wont work and ads are too much

Adyn Brantner

Good just the craters never answer back

J Orozco

I love it

Reuben Mccombe

haha slime go brrr

Aland Dariush



i really like this game but it became a pay to win game now thats why i rate it three star

Wang Yao

Freaking useless app. The useless creator of the app made this game impossible to play if never update.

Kindo Playz

I with you could save it so if you delete the game or want to restore data you could, but overall the game is great

Naffas Hamed

Nice az at a yary good game

BforBOY thegamer

I got banned and wanted to make an appeal but years later I still haven't got a reply I sent lot of money and that's the only reason I want my account back please help me

Haikal Aiman

This game is very good and this game is very beautiful👍🏻

Ja Cob

I love this game so i give 5 stars :)



Max Bala


Jenny ann Alim

Excuse me i got banned in trading and i delete pixel survival2 and comeback then my account reset my items


This game messes up all the time


I turn 5 star to 1 star because when im crafting in single player it says server unavailable it so annoying pls fix this problem i hope i can craft even in no wifi environment thank you

Mer u

Good game, been playing since 2017

Tristan Recio

Good game

Dark blade

This game WAS amazing to me years ago, this game is still amazing, getting updates every now and then. The game is meant to be hard and a lot of grinding and I understand that. But the thing that makes this game so frustrating is that it doesn't save your progress when you delete it, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. This means you will have to do your progress all over again. I lost my progress 3 times already. Pls Cowbeans, I love this game, I want to get the gear I had 6 years ago.

Emmett Anaya

I have no words for this game its amazing 😍 🙌 ✨️


Add new bosses

datu galdones

Dis game can save the game because no have save account in dis game like Google or Facebook

Yosf Syd

The Best

David Shay

I don't see an intro and am lost after like 10 mins I found out how to get that wall for the book but I lost interest by then

Kenn Benjie Larita

The game just deletes all my progress after the update! Pls help me recover it!

Knowlyn Mccall

No instruction just good luck. it's basically dark souls but pay to win.

js_jaden RBgamer

I love this

Renz Matthew Arce

A fun grinding game but very glitchy, sometimes die and get dealth 985 damage if you hit a roof or fall down the ground, im aware this is like an anti cheat but it sometimes happen when i just need to jump across enemies. Also enemies got a very long range sometimes, weapons got a blind spot (ex.Pole axe not able to hit ground enemies) this glitches are mostly on multiplayer mode.

Suzan Pascoe

So fun

Avery Gruits

I used to love this game, but it's not the best anymore. Could always be better no matter what, and I'm just glad there arnt as many hackers.

Bizzare Macho

I used to play it as a kid and i loved it

Simeon Subba

It been many months since i hve played this game its ok at start but the developer must try and make it better rather than creating multipal games i have encountered many issue such as 1. Isssue in connecting multiplayer 2. Not enough loot takes forever to collect gold and equiliberm. 4. Golden key provides same item as silver key so pls fix it. 3. Master key doesnot provide good reward just same items.


Game keeps on crashing whenever i try to watch an add chest it i can only claim the add chest once a day.A few weeks ago whem i started playing this game i could have watched like 15 adds a day for gems i can barely watch one

iseng aja


Awesome Dude2778

They unband about 2 months ago but I was baned for a month but the game is alot fun.