Pirates Duel

Author: ZZ Joy

500,000+ install


Pirates Duel – Return to the era of navigation and enjoy the sea duel

Detailed info

File size: 125M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 1.1.1
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: ZZ Joy
Price: Free
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Customer review

Braylen Alley

What happened to this game, it was amazing barely any ads, got to battle as much as you wanted, was awesome! Then whatever you did messed EVERYTHING up, you can only battle when you have missions, an ad after EVERYTHING, honestly am extremely disappointed, absolute do not download

Peyton Stidham

If you know what it like being overruned by ads this is it

Willy Wonka Corporation


Yuli Ho

Like the game,but make it easier and add more ships and weapons

Jonna Sagowitz

Turn off the internet if you hate adds

EPIC studios

When i play pirates duel the pirate game i cant place anything except boats pls fix this -epic studios

Exhius Constantinescu

Sad ads every where you look and after ever fight

Garrett Wright

Gameplay is ok, not bad, but not great. Way too many ads though

Robert Pitts Jr

Not bad...

Mimi Nool


Ryan Napa


cody hewins


Rima soufi

it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

Cole Hill

𝕴𝖙'𝖘 𝖌𝖔𝖔𝖉 𝕴 𝖑𝖎𝖐𝖊 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝖞𝖆𝖒𝖊

grace malwagay

oof 9

Jacob Walters

the ad looks cool but it's not what the ad looked like

David Swifticliffe

Too many ads, don't waste your time trying to play this game.


I'm pick 5 be it's fun offline game



Muhammad gamer

Ads ads ads stupid ads

Harrison Cord

If I could put no stars I would, this game videos dont load and the app even does the same thing.


Good Game :|

Jezeliazer Ezra Jerry


Dick Hazard

THREE SECONDS OF GAMEPLAY BETWEEN EACH AD!?! And what the worst part is, the game could actually be good if I had a chance to play it. Dev team must have a crack habit and need money immediately without caring that everyone is gonna uninstall after a few minutes.

Ouroboros Da Corpse

Woooo this is terrible

June Nuchjaree Persons

I Like it so much that i think this game is fun.

Raven Paul Nolasco

I like this game I rated it 4 star bc theres so many adds

Mazhid shakbazov

Too many ADS

Mhai Vergara


Sue Winter

This game sucks why did u copy the original game

Jing Heng Chan

This game is to Sus

Hamza Abo Roza

The game has nothing got to do with the ads

Mariah Johari

Eww this game i not like

Michael Berner

Ads before I even played once. Avoid at all cost

Firash Hakimi


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serene chong

Super good

Pacman Proctor


ME Panaga


Leah TY

What you see in the ad is not true the graphics are horrible in this game and it is not fun DO NOT DOWNLOWD THIS APP !!!!! IT IS A WASTE OF STORAGE

Jewel of Asia

No game it so boring

Mohammad Salbani

Mama gel chubby bunny

Bharti Nebhwani

So cool game and great game 🤗😎😎😎😋😋😋

alan apolinar


Darren Parkinson

Ad after the FIRST game, oh and it is also a mix of about 10 different games you can choose from, only 1 related to the actual name of the game, 0 stars.

Chang Sin sui

Bad and bored game

Justin Jay

Originally gave it a 4 star review because it was fun, but not for me. Now it's a 1 star because of the uninstallation. It hides a folder on your phone and keeps all its music files. To delete it go to your storage and look for com.piratesduel and delete that. Thanks for clogging up my phone

Carlos Rodriguez

Its a rip off of pirates battle

zia haq

It say pls allow limit restrictions or some functions are not avibale

Michael Vincent Arellano

full of ads not recommended

Darion Jackson


Edgar Allan B. Ollagon Jr.

turn off your wifi or mobile date befor playing this game ads will sart playing after 15 or more seconds

Cristina Maning

Im russian so borgar

daniel perez Iv

6 seconds in ads also too easy and copy!!!Dont buy

Niño Apollo Abiog (yourunorudie)

It suck

Thirdy Sabandon

I like this game but my brother love it more may sister play all my friends That's all

Marsha Balajadia

Wow that's great😝🤪😜😛😀😀😀😀

zach andrei Balaaldia

Good but its have adds

Adrian C



All in this world if you say many adds becuz you can now right this game like idle so if you dont like adds again so play game gamer

saadiah mohd rosalan




Rotondo Young

Best time killer...... Pirate duel is the best the other games suck donkey balls

Selina Kwarteng

We do SC do

La Ba


Marcus Stubbs


Edward Edison

Is a borong game

Dakota Ebel

It is just bad All it is add and bad just remove this game or make less adds

Donny E

TRASH!! why do you need access for my files and photos? Yeah, you don't. Also, this game is garbage and is just to get you to watch ads

Dustin Stoor

100% ad infested cash grab. Way to ruin a possibly good game


This game is AWESOME. The tip is: 1. Since this is offline game, turn off your WiFi ater download this game. 2. This game looked like Pirates of the Caribbean to me. 3. I just want to save my progress to my Google Play Games account. Nice one.

Brar Baldev

Don't download

JJ Stark

Full of bugs.

dominic mikus

Just bad

Landon Chase

It's an ok game but u rage a LOT in this game. It has a lot of mini games which it never tells u and when u try to upgrade some of ur stuff in the pirate mini game I have to watch a ADD. Don't get this game

Ario Dony Putra


Alfie Jess

I gave it a 3 because it's not my full taste but I like it

Eileen O'Marra

It is not loading the way It said it would!

aku.dia.dan. kehidupan

Bes 👍👍👍👍

Irshad Thohier


Allan Diago


Nova Dream

It's cool game love it but there is to many ads, after every battle there is a ad plus after about 4 or 5 videos I have to close and reopen the game because the ads start making it lag

Rachel Mibb

I love this game but to many ads thats why i gave this a 4star

Josiah Borne

HuvbukyxbwihlcWDbd and all 8th and then the rest are 7days and we are all in a hurry

Muhammad HI

Its difficult to download this game

AJA Emang

Ads are aids


Absolutely horrible game. DO NOT install for the sake of your own sanity, this game, without a doubt, had SO MUCH opportunities and newfound stuff that can make the game so much better, if it was not for the ABSOLUTE RUBBISH amount of ads and false advertising. Huge disgrace in my view, and a representation of the horrible future of mobile games.

20. John Joshua

First there is no tutorials and first look is really disappointing like i thought its one game only. But no theres tons of games inside and each time you win, you instantly get ads

Jeffrey Clement

Barely got into the game and was attacked by ads. If the game won't give me a chance to play then I won't give it a chance for this review.

WeiXin Lim

Very good

Gauge Jenkins

this stupid game it should get a zero stars the cannon balls dont even make it before it touches the enemies is it disaperase

Kate Woods

You liyer

Tanaya Kent

I love it

Warren Somerville

30 second ads after every 15 second level, making this "game" just unenjoyable. Uninstalled.

Simon Kenniford

It look's like a good game so i am giving this a 5 star

Alisa Martin

Somehow it makes the cannon for the enemy dive towards your pirates but your cannons are like shooting spitballs at the water. Garage And there are so many ads

Jenn Nagunst


Morgan Hopkins

the complete opposite of the add i want the exact type of fun game play as the add if not i will make all of your games one star ok. (i want a resonse)

david elliott

Ha I'm the first 3 star review

sandra cukela

Way to may ads