Pirate Inc – Idle Clicker Tycoon

Author: tinysaur

50,000+ install


Pirate Inc – Idle Clicker Tycoon – Join the fun adventure and become a legend!

Detailed info

File size: 121M
Update time: August 23, 2021
Current version: 1.32.476
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: tinysaur
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kris Serrano

Hook line and sinker

Briley Michelle

Good 😊😊😊☺️☺️☺️


While the game's ripped off completely from Hooked Inc, it's a nice traditional clicker that could prove fun in the long run if you're into it.

Lazy Lightning

I wouldn't think a game this basic could run this poorly, but he we are chugging along at 5 fps. I get better fps in Lineage 2 rev. than I do in this game. Plus the game is crazy with IAP.

GalaxyFrod 101

Addictive, i like it

Patchy D Pirate

This is literally just a re-skinned version of many other poorly designed idle games.

Jarrod Carmichael

5* on gameplay but 3* on loading as I need to restart my device and so that's why I give 4 stars

Katie Campbell

Well I haven't played the game long enough to find not enjoyable the only problem I have is sometimes it lags other then that I really like the game.

theresa sayeedi

One piece

Hamish Steiner

I enjoy the game but every time i change app to reply to a message the app wont reload. Everything is blue and it refuses to do anything no matter how many times i reload it

David Carruthers


Connor Roark

Fun time waster tap game. Ads are optional, could be slightly more rewarding with the gems but overall not bad. Would recommend if you like tap upgrade games!

Jay B

Fun time killer game.

Lucas Acheson

Is great 👍

XL Deeds

Really fun relaxed game

Lily smith

half the time the game doesn't start loading and the other half when you do get it to load the save is corrupt so you don't get the offline rewards so you just lose progress over and over and makes the game basically stop moving forward

Chocolate Sweets


Mervilyn Dionila

This game is good but there are some bugs like i can't hit chests and can buy upgrades.

Travis Rossman

Good game.

van dang ngo

Except lagging on chest rain, everything is nice. Can we change captain appearance in future updates?

Adrian Berntsen

Good game

Matthew Boehnen


Juliette Stander


Ymir Farhadi

Why would i access you to edit or delete my account!??!

Clyde Arrow

It's honestly really fun and well paced. I dont get bored or tired of it. Really well made thank you

Doug Johnstone

Was good until I could no longer play app was a blue screen.....

James Kilpatrick


melanie perron


Austin Hare

The game itself is nothing special. It is a traditional kind of idle game where you can tap to defeat enemies or wait around for your passive damage to do it for you. There are numerous stacked power systems including prestige point bonuses, loot box bonuses, and ad watch rewards. This game charges an absurd amount to remove ads, and if you want to play efficiently, you will either need to pay the $20+ or watch literally 40 or more ads every session. Out of space, but there are other key issues.

Kyoki Kai

Very cute idler, might even be my favourite atm. Very generous with the premium currency but you do need to "work" for it a bit by watching ads.

Ginopietermaai Boxtel


Sarah Slazer

Just started. Easy and cute


Cute and simple game tho i havent played yet, just let these stars here cuz imma lazy

Asma78 Hamad

It's like hooked Inc Bye

Rabbie Dee

Fun but way too addicting haha

wisnu rahadian


god of death

I keep running into the issue on occasions when I open the game and it just a blank screen sure it fixes it when I reboot the game but the fact that I have to do that to begin with is a little annoying and on top of that when I come back to watch an ad to get more of a bonus from away time it will never load because it would just keep saying connecting to internet and I would lose it because I would have to restart the game but after the restart the ads work perfectly fine

Brandon Matthews

It's OK 👌

Derek Lutifer

Fun game to play between vape sessions.

Hugo Roriz

Very satisfying clicker, heavy on the ads/p2w but completely f2p


Good and simple game. Reminds me allot of the mechanics from Hooked Inc. Cute animation and not FILLED with ads. Except for when you want to watch them.

lol Angdika

Omg the pirate talk too much wont let me play nicely. very unnecessary. Uninstall after 10 mins.


I mean it's alright but it is a little Grindy though

Jon Baatz

This is quite fun all u do is attack treasure chests and bet gold from it sorta like the idle fishing game set i found like the crew and the ad spins which is neat but imma have fun with this 😉

scullus hail

terrible game, have to watch ads to buy crew... the only way to progress is ads, it's a terrible game

Brittany Brydahl

What a fun way to spend my time. Really fun game!

Cheng Suk Han

Regarding this game, it has a major flaw, and that is that most or even all the UI and even some of the features is ripped off from a game from Lion Studio, thougth I must admit that it does also has nice design and a slightly altered gameplay, so this doesn't goes straight into the deletion. Overall, this game is pretty mediocre and I would rate it 3.5/5 (More on the lower side)

Christopher James


Khalid Uae

This game is about 60% watching adverts and 40% playing, it's fun

Iuhno Wisco

Super easy, good time killer When the achievements pop up for gems and "special"points. Just hitting the lit up numbered tab while having multiple things to claim and it just auto finds it... *chefs kiss

Max Jones

Tell me how unlucky this is when I just download the game I have to update it.

Jason B

Ads. Many, many ads. Sure they're all "optional", but skipping them means it'll take 50x as long to get anywhere, if at all. Disregarding the ads, there's also ads, and some more ads, then you can get a bonus for your ads by watching an ad.

Faustina LAI

Gets repetitive and boring quick

Matei Tirsu.P.

Is ok

Caren Boga

Too many ads. But 20$ to remove ads?

kratos ahmad

The game wont open

Tyler Robbins

Good but feels like a complete copy of hooked Inc the fishing game just pirates instead of fishing which is weird cause it's not the same devs

Tiffani Johnson

I love it

Shannon Emerson

Some time wasting fun

Booka Ruskie



Twenty bucks to remove ads. C'mon, man.

Andrew Zhen

Docked 1 star because the rating reminder doesn't go away till i give a rating. If you force me to rate, then I'll rate you down for that!!

James Wang

I love this game

Shawn Verg

So its not often that i right a full review unless im really pleased or displeased with a game and this time im very pleased so not only can you play and be just fine without paying or watching ads but when watching ads not only do they give you the said bonus for watching but they also give you character ex for the time your away from the game so far im extremely pleased i may even make an in app purchase to help further support the game and for all the benefits in game i hope this was helpful


Fun game with good graphics.

Gavin Ferris

Great game and concept no spamming of ads. I feel more encouraged to watch the ad when it's not forced

Moshe Moses

It's an OK game but you need to watch way too many ads to get gems, and the cost to remove ads is extremely high

Mike F


Michael Davis

Simple game, Easy enjoyable but $20 for ad free. That's ridiculous especially with other paid packs/boosts.


Watching ads upon ads upon ads time and again and again gets old really fast. I wish there were more things to do than just watch ads or lose money.

Justin Sane

Generally a good clicker game. At some point you stop gaining points so it really doesn't matter how strong you are there is multiplier to boxes each box is 1 point it would be nice to have 1 x 1.05 depending on your stage etc. Also for the past week it was impossible to watch ads it'll just come up with a note connecting to network. My current quest is to watch videos for gems and that's literally impossible. Have cleared the cache already to no avail.

Michael Mercado

Actually enjoying myself for a change

Hulk Gamer

Decent clicker game, but no leader board, of really anything to do but watch a ton of ads... although they are good in that they are not forced and give value...I found myself wanting the bonuses so very little play

Kyle Arbuckle

It's a great game and a good time burner but I started running into a problem that chests will stop spawning and I'm just sitting there. Restart the app and I get chests but for like 10 seconds then nothing.

Mac T

Tries very hard to get permission to do something with your Google drive account. No thanks, that's an immediate uninstall from me. You have no reason to do anything with my Google drive.. regardless of what you may think.

Nick szucs

Pretty basic idle game. I "beat" it in less than a day since theres nothing else to spend gold on.

Brendan Jakaus

Doesn't work. Got about 2000 coins then was told the was improperly working and to restart or connect to the cloud server. After that pop up notice the screen is unresponsive leading to force shut down being the only solution.

carl hoilman

Evertime i go into the game, it states that the data save function is not working and then all other functionality stops working. The game will continue running, but I cannot click on any buttons.

Devin Dore



I completely love this game. That's probably because it's suspiciously alike Hooked Inc. (Love that game). To now (Like 2 min in) i haven't seen a single bug! (Nice)

The FredRock Show (Duke Rock)

Loading simulator?

james gregory

Cool game

Christopher J Kim

Simple, cute, and fun game. Swiping can be tedious but the one-click upgrades is a nice qol feature


I like the concept of the game but twice now it hasn't saved my progress and I have had to start from the beginning. That makes me not want to play it because what is the point if I have to start over all the time? If you fixed this I would give a higher rating.

Miles Davy

Fun, easy to understand but equally unoriginal and having to swipe rather than tap is really annoying


Awsome game. So much fun.