Piper’s Pet Cafe

Author: Tripledot Studios Limited

10,000+ install


Piper’s Pet Cafe – Follow Piper and Bean’s journey to build the best pet cafe!

Detailed info

File size: 178M
Update time: November 19, 2021
Current version: 0.14.1
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Tripledot Studios Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tammy Stutes

Is a doing this game to something different

Carmen Christians

Hi there, awesome game, don't mind challenging gameplay,want to see how story is going to end....love the fact that characters can talk😊🌝

Fran Varnes

Very addictive game!! I love the solitaire game and story line. Great game.

Deborah Girardot

Like 8

Amanda sanders

Fun game

Khadija Nadat

Its to hard and bring lives to play and get rid of chest and add daily tasks and also add daily bonus

Becky Burkert

Piper's Pet Cafe is a really awesome game to use to teach people how to read & how to spell as well. I would recommend this game to anyone.

Dawn Hobin

It's fun to play so come and play

Christy Vance

Love the game

carlina cornell

Just waiting for new levels. Hope u come out with more.

Leeanne Green

Great Game

Jennifer Niebolte

Game is actually awesome good job however paying coins to play a level is simply outrageous when you barely win enough coins to play next level and that's when you win a level 2hich is few and far between. I think having 5 lives is a better way to go if you lose a level you lose a life. And over time your lives build back up again. I think that would make gameplay more enjoyable.

Glenda Pitts

I love the game but I won't keep it long if no further updates

Joanne Stewart

Like others have said, it gets too hard, too fast. Each level costs money, and the price goes up. I'm flipping over like a dozen cards and can't use a single one, which means either starting over or paying for 5 more cards (which also gets more). Story is cute, and you earn money, but very slowly and it runs out quickly. Playing for ten minutes and then having to wait almost isn't worth it.

Marlena Brown

I like it but now it says I need to update but update won't show

Brianna Dinkins

I am injoying this game

Tasha Mckinion

Love it

Kevin Pangadjaja

Very fun casual game you can sit down and play at length or for short bursts.

Estela Hong

I can't play because it's not loading. You should fix this if you want more players.

Yvonne Hood

Sorry I mind have to delete this game it's been running real SLOW for a couple of days now can you fix please thank you ?

Michelle olsen

Love the storyline but uses alot of coins just to play a level need alot of coins for extra cards end up with no coins to keep playing and following the storyline Love the decorating

Aiman Aizat

I like cafe.

emma bloom

Love it!

andrew effendy

Had a really fun time playing this game '-') it even has a very cool story that makes me interested troughout the game

Kristofer Thajeb

Great game! Interesting characters with a fun story overall.

Elfira Ho

Enjoy playing this game

Erika Tania Michelle

Great game!

Jean O'Dett

Going to have to delete. Never have money to play anyway. Was a good game thou. Bye. All i can say is bye have fun with your game

danyelle mclean

Love the game



felix wong

the pet is cutee

Tommy Lie

Good game, so far I like it

Linda Stelle

Really cute game, BUT, the levels get hard super early (like level 20) and you have to keep paying for more cards. Uninstalling. Good try guys

Fatto Panda

this game so cool!

Revvo Tersaa

Game nya sangat mengasyikkan! Recommended sekali

Erica Fransisca

An engaging, story-driven game that's really fun to play throughout the day. Can't wait for the next chapter updates

Dimas Pramana

A great casual game with engaging storyline. The art is really good, and the characters are unique. Definitely recommended for gamers looking for casual game

Haq Ghifary

Diminta ibu Erika untuk bintang 5

Zanuar Fitrian Ardi

fun to play

Octsonandi Vorgias

good game