A Truly Novel Gameplay

Phigros is a “laneless” music game with dynamic judgement lines and four different types of notes, bringing you a refreshing rhythm experience like never before!

A Curated Music Library

With more than 25 high-quality tracks of various genres licensed from musicians around the world, Phigros will immerse you in aural delight.

Beautiful Illustrations

Each track comes with a beautiful cover art drawn by our talented artists which fits and enhances the song’s mood. Also a feast for the eyes!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 6, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: PigeonGames
Price: Free
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Customer review

John Kenneth Pedraya

This is one of the best rhythm games I've played, the songs are good the game mechanics are good. The only problem is you can't save your data online, I really wish you would make it savable because it's tiring to start from the beginning when you switch to other devices. Also, please make it easier to unlock Rrhar'il in IN difficulty, I can pass any of the requirements but it's so hard to get an A on Chronostasis. I only use thumbs so please...

Raegan Christian V. Peruelo



As A Rhythm Gamer, This Is Definitely One Of The Best Rhythm Games. The Beatmaps Are Changing Yet Fun!


It is a good game to be at the point but the problem is that there's no cloud save just like any othwr games. Please just put a cloud save file for your game cuz when you delete the game then re-installing it will delete your data and start from square one at the game.

Qwerty Bot account

Couldnt even find a way to give the devs my money lol complwtely free great game ( also pigeon games if theres any place to support you please let me know)



Muhammad Fadhilah

This game is really great ngl. But there are some bug when you cant scroll the musics because you press exit too early before the animation of the reward end. I hope devs can fix it somehow. This will be really helpful for those who want to speed run the whole chapter, maybe. But overall, this is really fun but hard at the same time, which make this game even better. (p.s: be sure to have some experience on quick tapping before playing the game, can't spoil more than that.)

Blob choco

Definitely an amazing game for sure but there's a problem.. account. As a person who use alot of accounts in one device, it's triggering that I had to start over again if i use another device, even that device have my phigros acc in it. Please add log in/register buttons ,it helps ALOT. And it would be nice if it had favorite button, because I have some favorites but without a favorite button, i would had to find it, adding a favorite button would be very convenience

Rifqi Surya Putra

Pupa & Conflict when? :(

Saicobose Zrh

Nothing to say , one of my favourites rythme games

Diego N

Great game love the look and feel. Would be cool if there was an option to load custom songs


More update


Ok,so..I bought a new phone and put in my old email. the fact is that phigros didn't save me any of my previous progress and that's why I'm starting the game all over again. I was on spasmodic and got an A in 15 IN,but it doesn't let me unlock the next package .. I can't move forward.

Cook the World

Why is it Chinese? 😡


This IS the game.

CkingDum 2

Best mobile rhythm game

Md Danish

It's a great experience, perfect for f2p players who doesn't want to spend money on rythm games though I feel bad that it's free. You should try it out.

Jacob Choi

This is my best game ever


Good game but it need a tournament and live online chat and put chapter 4

Nagito Komaeda


Djasmine Andrea Jamon

Been playing this since 2020, never failed to entertain me. The charts and graphics are getting better and better. This is one of the best rhythm games I've played. Another reason I stayed playing is that having a low end device like me, this game is so nice because it doesnt lag. The only thing that lacked or I think should be enhanced is the cloud save in case ppl will transfer devices or accidentally reset the phone like me. I've restarted playing this for 3 times already, tho I didnt give up

Gunz gunzn


Oliver Karakcheev

osu but actually good

SealInwza4725つ うく

gimme more

Jeff Jeff

Can't save the data That's all

Kurtboy Peña

This is a good game. The problem is in Legacy mode the 3rd level or the "credit" level has some kind of bug and I can't perfect the 150 combo it just disappears even though it hasn't passed the white line yet. It this a bug? reply immediately. So I get notified. 4* stars review for me but after you explain I will reconsider my review.

Viony Lie

Probably the best rhythm game I've played so far. it's so unique, and different from other rhythm games. And this game is Free! No ads, no IAP this game is pure free which is amazing for the quality. 100% recomended

Ode Gaminq


Chixken Rice

amazing game that i always find myself coming back to


100% f2p

Clouddy Vibes

Out of all rhythm games i played, this one won my heart! I am inlove with this game and I don't care if im bad at it. I just vibe and watch my fingers dance and thats one way to describe how much i love this game. But now the update is increasin more MBs and my phone won't be able to handle any further big updates:< Edit: I recommend you add data transfer and skip tutorials :D that would be a huge help for everyone! Pleaseeee

• Lunarishk •

What i really love about this game is that everything is free and no ads either. It's just about how much you progress and it is really fun to play

Yuuka Doodles

First time player: I like the gameplay style. It switches the read line up in harder difficulties but only really starts at lvl 7+. there aren't enough songs and I personally don't care for the kind of songs available so far. Solid gameplay but meh song selection.

MythicForce YT

I love how every songs in this game are well charted , all the charts are so creative and challenging. However, it would be perfect if they put a cloud save to prevent data loss. Other than that, it's all cool. Simple yet hard.

Phang Caden

Nice game

Narrator Fox

This is perfection. No ads. No limited life system. Good looking design and great songs. I couldn't ask more for a rhythm game

Arrayyan Ansar

This game....... Oh my god, it's crazy!, The song, the tiles and anything, it's very cool and i very really like it :)




The best free rhythm game ever!! A bit hard but other than that nothing out of the ordinary



Kuro Reiko

Literally one of the best rhythm games i've ever played (and still do). App and in-game content are all FREE, that includes collaboration packs and etc. Gameplay wise, it is very fun and intriguing! Love how the 'judgement line' can move freely and just not stand in the same place/going up and down repeatedly. It gives a sense of freedom and pave a way for more awesome charts. Songs are fun to play to and accompanied by amazing charts it is just 😔👌✨

rael is


Tania Morales

I love this game so much!! it's so fun and simple to understand!!


Phigros is an amazing f2p game. However I noticed a serious bug. After I got B for We Are The Miserable AT, and read the log, Stasis AT didn't show up. Please fix this bug I really want to play the chart thank you!!!

Ghost Young

It's about chapter 6 I don't see any of the fake notes I try everything

Jay Maquiling

Loved it 😌😌

George Harrison

Great game with easy and challenging levels. The creativity catches me off guard however, I want to know if there will ever be custom levels.


It's pretty funky as always of course, also I love the new update though. Also are you planning to put some touhou songs or something like that in here?


About a year ago, I used to play this game daily. Whenever an update was announced I was so excited. Nowadays though, and it hurts to say, the game's charting has dipped in quality massively. Every chart after update 2.0 ranges from mediocre to awful with plain uninteresting patterns to garbage memorisation that's a pain to sight read. Problems even the Legacy charts avoided. I can only hope the devs learn how to chart again. But, if you're new, play this game!!! The older charts are amazing!!!

Kate Hilario

Rrhar'il unlocked! Again, the game's very amazing!


Waiting to new collab or new song

Decks and Porches

Good game

Neko AMV

The best


Got a new phone, now it runs perfectly. I love this game


Doesn't work launching the game uses too much ram and forces to crash -_-

Yustin st

Can't wait for new singles

Kaurin Akhter

No saving data options.... I've gotta start from the VERY beginning if i uninstall the game😑😑. Pls do something about this. It's a great game

Gavril Ng

Truly one of the best rhythm games veterans can download and play. Though there is a limited content of charts, I hope one day the developers of Phigros, hear me out🙏, make a section where the Phigros community can make their own charts and publish it so that there would be more diversity. I am looking forward to seeing more new content as the years go by👍

Billy Dobyns

Pretty good game I caught it bad just today I don't know why I can't get 1000000 on lirith in IN its weird I'm getting 1232 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 and I'm getting 999932 thanks

thisis a dump

Not only this game is fun to play but it is also free and can play offline! Could've rated it a 5-star if not for the progress where if you uninstalled this game, all your progress will be lost. Good thing I have another device and I almosr deleted it if not for the tip. Hope you guys could make this possible! Kudos to the Creator and the Team!!

June Selby

honestly the best mobile rhythm game it uses the mobile device to its advantage with the use of flick notes and screen rotating the charting is alaways amazing with a majority of the charts being memorable and unique i would reccomend this game to any competative or casual rhythm game fan all it needs now is a custom chart creator and multiplayer

Squeezey Lemon

Wow...this game is perfect for those who can't afford finding a song they want in another rhythm game because of it being locked behind micro transactions. It runs smooth on my device and it is fun to play both online and offline. However, this game is just not for me, I'm not huge fan on alot of the songs and the playing spot changing drastically makes even easy mode difficult all of a sudden. But of course, take this review with a grain of salt because if you enjoy it then that is great! 👍

xiong alex

I think this game is an amazing game


Probably the best rhythm game that I played so far, But the game isn't perfect. Don't get me wrong here, the thing this game lacks is the way of storytelling. Some players tend to miss what the actual story of Phigros, and tho there is some way of storytelling by looking at fragments obtained by playing songs. Maybe by putting some mini-cutscenes and story illustrations into the game will probably make the game a bit more better. (and also rip cloud save)

jaylem mcleod

Best game thats all

Matte Leonhart

I gotta say it's very fun to play!

Jerry M.

Unique playstyle, The songs are great, some songs rated difficulty IN is still kinda of playable by beginners. F2W friendly as well.

Kyle Batobato

Its totally, the best F2P rythm game on mobile. I first saw this on a youtube video of EK playing this game. Now, I've been playing this game for 2 years and its really nice to witness your growth that you even had an official track from Team Grimoire, Se-u-ra and rabpit despite of being a full F2P rythm game...

Nicole Dajac

Wow good ig

gracellyo william hinrich

Best (rhythm) game ever


Cant even open it:(((

Isaiah _

Really good, just wish they allowed community made maps.

Kyaw Nyi Nyi Tun


Raine Redoblado

I like the design of the game and it was Good,but the reason I gave this an 2 star's is that whenever it stays for a second it would automatically close the app itself.i don't know if it's my system or the game itself. But Good Game though!.

Ana Bella

No cuz' i loved this game and have been working on getting better for one year and a half and i change my phone get everything back log again in the game and everything is gone 😐 i worked so much just for it to disappear even if i log in the progress is all away they game is a 10/10 but your account settings are the worst thing ever i really am questioning uninstalling the game cuz' when I see how much progress i lost makes me wanna punch something

Diorjina Marcelo

ITS. THE. BEST. NGL. 🥳🥳😧😧😧

Jennie Carolinn

The game is fun, but i would recommend to add new note to make it more challenging

Mudit Verma

Definitely worth a shot. A good challenge for people who wanna take that extra step. Genre of songs is pretty wide, which is a def plus point. Simple AI. Not too hard to learn, and yet some songs are a nightmare. Definitely would recommend. Only issue I found is that the combi count isn't correct. Idk if that's just for me, but I may hit a combo of 372, and my best combo shows as 250 or something like that.

:p :p

Cool but u can't play this with my crusty small phone el em ma yo

Achmad Muhari

If you like challenging rhythm games then you'll definitely like this game. I like how the line is dancing but the game is so hard. Deffo recommend this game

oo zas

Good rhythm game

Wee Shou Xiang

Fun af

sleepless shadow

it would be absolutely perfect if i could change my damn name, which was autoset to "imadick101", like seriously what the hell, i have a different account which is just fine, got set to my apple account yknow whatever, but then on android its this. goddamnit i just wanna play on a larger device with a normal name


Bugged. Charts keep on stuttering, slowing and suddenly going back to normal speed – so annoying.


Excellent game


This app is the best app I've ever had. First, there are no ads. Second, it's completely free. Third, the game is really great.

Himanshu Dhurwey

This game is epic but please don't remove sp chart after update i also want to them 🥲 crew pls pls pls 🙏🙏

Imogen Clarke

It says that that is a Pause but it is no pause literally the music scale likes to move so it makes you struggle hate it

jayvin chen

Amazing, but certainly needs a scoring system revamp, and a fix to the GP updates. The gameplay really makes up for it. That's pretty much it, though


I love phigros


Very great rhythm game, i enjoyed all aspects and utilizing the judgement line in many different ways makes this game more exciting. Yet, my only problem is i want to transfer my data to my new tablet, but i cant really transfer data to that device. Please make the game save/load progress via the google account when you log in.

Yui Hirasawa

Add cloud save please

ISU ka

This has to be the best rhythm game out there. The mechanic is super fun,the songs and illustrations are super good too. Really enjoy it so far.


When passion is behind a rhythm game, Phigros is the result


I LOVE how this game manages to be completely minimalistic, only notes and judgment lines, yet still almost every level feels unique. Especially the insane difficulties are astonishing! Simple, easy to learn, hard to master and without any micro-transactions or ads & keeps getting updated. This is an absolute gem.

Rimuru Tempest

Clean ui, nice collection of pieces and the gameplay is unique to say the least. Everything is free with no ads. Definitely give it a try.

Đức Đoàn

Perfect game


I just love the game, i do get bored sometime, but i keep on coming back and re installed it!

Hu Ch

no ads, awesome music, and unique beatmaps for each song basically if you're a fan of rhythm games and you're not afraid of difficult beatmaps this is the game for you. (of course there's also an easy mode) honestly the beatmaps are wild and they follow the melody perfectly also so far ive never been asked to pay for a song. when you clear a song you unlock a sort of story? but its more like you collect these futuristic poems and i personally like it. there's A LOT of songs!


I really love this game, but for an unknown reason I entered the game again and it's just black screen, please fix it, I'll definitely give a 5 star