PetrolHead : Traffic Quests – Joyful City Driving

Author: Lethe Studios

1,000,000+ install


Taste the new most realistic driving experience, be a legend by challenging your friends in many different competitions!

Petrolhead: Petrolhead will provide you the high quality graphics and the driving experience you are looking for. Test your overspeed skills and drift skills on asphalt. Push your limits and step forward to become a master driver! Complete the missions, own the best cars and challenge worldwide drivers!

Improve your driving skills with Career Mode. Complete the quests and expand your garage day by day. Test yourself in miscellaneous modes with your skills! Push your limits in these tougher modes. Dominate the streets by different cars and exhibit your skills to the world! Be ready to compete with the worldwide master drivers in a huge multiplayer map!

Own more than 80 cars that you’re fond of with the high quality graphics. Use the workshop to find the best fitting colors, decals and improvements. Show your dream car to everyone in this world and enjoy more! Make the best cars amongst all various combinations and rule the streets!

Don’t get bored! You can take side quests in this huge map and drive your car to the eternity! Find and complete all the missions in this map which is waiting for your exploration! Drive your car freely while you are waiting for your mode queue. You don’t even have to stop having fun!

Complete the quests, get achievements. Get rewarded by a badge according to the combinations of your achivements. Collect the badges of your masteries and exhibit in your profile! Let everyone see your masteries!

With this realistic graphics, feel like you are in the streets for real. Enjoy the high quality graphics which is containing natural light. Let your self in to this reality!

You are free to drive your own car as you want by this realistic mechanics. You can join a drift race event or you can get in an engine power race! In this endless driving experience you can do anything you want that you want to do in real life!

Show your driving skills with this close-reality mechanic design and pyhsics. You are in control of your car as in real life.

Accelerate like a beam with this free limitless weaving graphics! Feel your motor to join a cool limitless competition and free yourself in every shade of reality. Join some cool missions for an exhibition of your motor. You will be fans for this limitless competition!



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Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: September 12, 2021
Current version: 3.1.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Lethe Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Al Duckylol

Realistic to the point where it's not fun,and alot of micro transactions,I do appreciate the effort though

Darin Bahroz


Umer Tanzeel

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Yasir Khan


Ilyasse Chakoude


Anand Badagi


amin911 hekmat911


Barry Allen

Great game, good graphics, big variety of cars. (Pls add Honda/Acura NSX Type-R)

Manish Tokas

Updates come very late, very disappointed 😞

Sky Prod.

Best game i have ever played on android devices .. excellent work by the DEVELOPERS .. online part is best with relastic graphics n mods .. even there r no ads ... it looks so great to drive or race .. it will be a perfect game after 2 3 more updates... 5 out of 5 starts .. even i want to give 10 stars out of 5 .. its ultra legendary game ..

Swapnil Shrivastava 8D

Great game

Savita Chauhan

If we buy petrol head club pass then how can we use that cars in game


Game is good but, when u brake half the car skits and goes out of control and pls update your graphics of buildings.and there is too much stiffness of suspension even in sports car also lower the stiffness of suspensions.

Khaled Othman

i love it

Khalil Khalil

The game is very good and you also thinks that your in life playing

Tay Gar


Usman Shahabuddin

Usman vs King 👑🇵🇰🔥😠💪🖤

Aanie Syeda


mojtaba mirshafiee

Please increase the power of Supra Supra is legendary It must have high power

Zohaib Videos

Please add some cars in Land cruiser lc200 &lc300

Mina Alizadeh


Abdelrahman afifi

Asking for weird permissions uninstalled

Benyahia Hocine


Dhruv Gamer

This is the best game in my life

FaZe Soar

I did what you told me to do with a new phone and it does the same thing

Rohit Kumar Rohit Kumar

Best game graffiti games

arfeen tauseef

I didnt try the game yet but i read all the reviews and i think im ready to install this game 😉😁

Arish Royals

Updated. All issues solved by itself finally I can play without na issue great game.✔️ Old issue..Stuck on internet required screen of course my internet workinh fine. Tecno camon 16 premier , 128/8GB That Huawei is my old phone with same playstore account. I don't know why you can't see updated details. Where I can share screen shots with you guys ?

Man tough

I hate it because i have a amazon and everytime i log in to it it crashes please make it available amazon 7 9th generation

Luta Robert Gabriel

E foarte tare.


This is a nice game but i gotta say that you actually make money hard

Krishna SHARMA

Op game but i wan5 range Rover plz can you give me petrol head developers

Aktar Khan

Your games is best i love

Soni Kumari

Game is excellent. I have a 12 gb ram mob. And the graphics is very good I really liked this game

Bimla devi Singla

VERY VERY GOOD GAME 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Shubham Kumar Sahoo

Everything was exceptional but add some maps we are bored with same maps

Harun Mahic


Ibrahim Faisal

Hi lithe studio it is my request please add HONDA CIVIC 2021MODEL and KIA SPOTAGE 2019 please I know u can do it Kindly add these cars in this update sir iam waiting for these cars GOOD KEEP IT UP 😊

gg boy gaming

I know you have a lot on your plate but do you think you can make the car hoods and doors openable. It would be a nice addition for multiplayer car meets. If not that's cool.

Aiden Ojo

Well the game is encouraging and I haveing problem with the brakes

Heena Ansari

Incredible game and graphics like realastic

Shaikh Arshad

Very best game I like this game

Qypi Ruci

Joeli Ruqi

Sara Hedayatpour

آلی بود

Pushkar Sigin kushwaha

Verry verry verry verry verry nice game

Manvir Randhawa

This game sucks not realistic and not fun

Devthilina Silva

Plz add weapons to multiplayer mod


This is a fun game though I feel that some parking spaces just won't fit certain cars I use..

Anwarpk Tizki

It's a nice game, but I think you have to add a free girls' character as well because all the girls' characters are expensive

Bilgilendirici Kanal

Hello, it would be much better if there was an option to buy a house in the game, villas and so on.

Shavonne Perera

I love this app it is so cool

Choudhary Omer Farooq

This game is great 😊 I really enjoy 😍 5 star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Anthony Macharia

Add free mode offline

Yash Samaniya

Bekar game

John Cena

Its a pretty game

Nini Bella

The best android gamr i have ever played

8B 25 Nikhileswar Nath Pydala

Good game


i suggest you put free mode like driving around the city, that would be fun i guess.

Phogat Jitesh

4 star

Jasjit Kaur

Good game

stephen gago

Good quality

Minakshi Verma

Good for playing and good graphics

Samuel Lalrinchhana

Discuss game is nice nice good good

Rudhra vignesh


Mahmoud El Deeb

Why the game insist to get my Media and photos. Not fair to take my privacy to play a game 👎👎👎

Jay Harrison

This game is actually stunning only one complain, we need offline free roam mode because when I'm offline, I want to play free roam mode

Misty King

Definitely needs free roam mode that would be fun otherwise the game is marvelous

Simon Ogeto

Hi I like this game and stuff, but can you add role-playing mode?

Syeda Afra Ayman

Buddy .....I love your game......can you make the game a bit more uhhh you know more fun like add some challenges ...^_^...and then add this car koeniggsegg jesko ...:)

Paul De-blunter

Wow it's a perfect Game where you can just refresh yourself, like it's fun.


Game is Awesome, A Request to Developers Please Add More Rims into the Game that can be bought with Cash/Gold. Thank you!.

Sabi Sohal

I like game but size is very large

Love you Love you

Car game super excited


Needs better ai.... Plz also add free roam mode with better ai, and a multiplayer traffic mode....

Cac Mah


Kirti Soni

Please add new weather

Shad sazvan

Cool game




I love ❤️ this game

Kai Hallo

Best graphics recommend it🌍

Liz Opollo

You can come by to see you guys in the morning and get the road do they have the road do that you have the update the update on pc I can do it again and alot I think it's just the morning 🌞🌞 I can come get a chance can you call my phone is it rilist I can get the road trip to have a bom you one day I love I am so e and I can get it rilist I am so e and I can get you a picture when I am so I can come get the update the update the road and alot the road do they have any questions let I can come

Alu Gujjar

Your game is realistic but you don't add open world no free mod

Dhruv Mistry

This game is very nice and good I like this game. I play it game because I like the game. The open world game The game is like gta v so game is very nice

Benish Sheeraz

The game is very nice and fantastic because the cars was beautiful and

Ritabrata Datta

One of the best realistic driving games ever made.. 👌 Loved playing it, The graphics are awesome with smooth lags. Lethe Studious keep up the good work.

Xtlish Numan

I have 5 Star but no graphics qauti is so good but map 🗺️ is so small plz fix this problem and no opne in word car driving ok so I don't like this 🤬

Daris Sabotic

Best gem

mahdi Shah salaei

بازی خیلی خوبیه واقعا

Unique Fiction

Game got

Rami I


Emaan Shahzad

Game is good i like it when we recovey our car got glitch add new car in money price nitro is not working in this update add a car fast than bogati in money price not in gold add new big maos open world

Sweet treats For you

Best game in the world but so much storage access best to play this game I give 7 star rating

Mehran Ghanbarzaei


Sharad Ali

I love this game, but the thing is, i changed my phone like 3weeks ago and whenever i download the game again and again in my current mobile, it doesn't let me to log-in to my real account. It just auto logs me in another account -_- PLEASE PLEASE FIX THIS!! I REALLY WANT TO PLAY IN MY ACCOUNT PLS MAKE AN OPTION FOR "LOG IN"

Zaib Un Nisa

ھخد8ع جسی

K Usman

So a it is a great game but it just takes so long to load it just puts me off it

Naomi Porter

Bad game!!😠 i cant even play it on my tablet

javonta Gilmore

Love it

Sai arkar Min

nice gaming

ad kr

Game not open and play Game m kuchh fault hai