Pet Rescue Empire Tycoon—Game

Author: Codigames

50K+ install


Would you be able to run your own pet sanctuary and succeed in your veterinary hospital?

Show your passion for animals and take care of them! Expand your premises to host as many animals as possible. Cure different animals (both domestic and wild) and upgrade your vet offices to have the best materials and the most advanced technology. Diagnose and treat your furry friends and reinvest your profits in your business.

Trace your growth strategy and open a rescue center, new veterinary consultations, or rehabilitation area for injured patients.


Improve your experience treating different kinds of animals. Gain prestige among pet owners nearby and expand your clients’ list. Don’t forget to buy new medical equipment, build operating rooms, X-Ray machines, etc. Every effort is worth it to cure as many animals as possible!


Host abandoned and lost animals in your sanctuary and provide them with a healthy and happy life until you can place them up for adoption and find families eager to have a new cute friend. Take care of kittens, doggies, little birds, and all other animals that may need your attention. Help adult dogs and cats that deserve a second opportunity! In short… Make your community happy!


Offer complete assistance, not only with your veterinary hospital but with other important departments like the rehabilitation center, pet grooming and training area, or the outdoors pet leisure zone so they can recover from their conditions faster.


Find and manage the best possible working team in all your departments. Have a competent pet rescue center thanks to making the right decisions. Hire vets, veterinary technicians and nurses, receptionists, and volunteers. Take the great challenge and make it work!

If you like management and idle games, you will enjoy Pet Rescue Tycoon! A casual easy-to-play game where strategic decisions have to be taken to manage a veterinary clinic with profitable results. Improve your empire starting from a modest medical clinic and unlock visible progress in your premises. Transform your small business into the best vet center!

Main Features:

– Casual and strategic gameplay for every player
– More detailed management system
– Dozens of objects to be unlocked and upgraded
– Lots of characters and interactions
– Funny 3d graphics and great animations
– Management of a successful business
– A small living world in miniature

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 13, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Codigames
Price: Free
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Customer review

Damnit Mikki

I've been playing this game for nearly about a week. I personally do enjoy this game and I'm all for spending some money for help out developers. However, I literally just about almost finished with the game and really wanted more different locations to be unlocked. Looks like there isn't any. Also, the long wait for constructions and research is a bit much. I'm keeping this game installed, just so that I'm waiting on the next update to have more locations and breeds available.

Victoria Walsh

Ads reduce too little time to be worthwhile. Otherwise game is very cute and fun+

Gaming Gemale

Not sure if bug or not, there are no reports for rescues. I already maxed my shelter and no fur babies in it.

Andre Carvalho


Dea Andini Putri

I give additional stars for the cat and dog, this game is so bad. All you had to do is waiting. 6 hours? 8 hours? This is crazy. And also, I interested in this game bcz of the rescue, but the rescue call only came once for tutorial, and the next all from watching ads. I thought I will get rescue call often but NOPE.

Serena Langlois

Just started playing and a major glitch is preventing me from continuing. The money will not exceed 2000!! I've claimed a few rewards and watched an ad, should have at least 5000. It won't budge. Reading all the reviews about other issues with waiting/building times, I guess I should uninstall. Such a shame. Love the concept.

Kayla Howard

The upgrades take way to long

EvilWolf Angel

it's a rlly cute game and I like it cause I love animals and it's entertaining for me on the road and it takes my mind off of stuff and sitting in the car for a long time and it's something u can do and have fun.

Annie Campbell J.

I like this game a lot! Although I am VERY impatient. I hate that I can only build and research one thing at a time and have to wait so long for it to finish. I ended up buying a few gems lol - but I wish we could atleast build 2-3 at the same time. :--)

Musz Tank

need to spend money to enjoy the game

Mask of Smiling

Icon makanan, bola, bebek cat & dog terlalu kecil jadi tidak bisa dilihat dengan jelas. Untuk konsep game sudah bagus

Bhadz Seminiano

nice game

Lana McMillan

It's a good game could do with either extra builders or less time too upgrade or you lose interest

celine woolvett

glitchy it keeps freezing and i have to restart the game

Cristina Loveday

Edit: in game report feature tells me this problem is an issue w/my internet connection. I could be sitting right next to my router or on my phone's internet, which has no problems w/other CodiGames, & I'll still have to watch ads countless times before the bonus or time save initiates. - Fun game but watching ads doesn't always generate the time/money bonus or cut down time; meaning you'll have to watch ads multiple times before the game registers whatever bonus you initiated.

Jesse and Ebonie

Super cute. Unfortunately, the 'no ads' button sticks around. I press it but it only goes to the shop with no option to purchase. Are you poking fun?


I really love this game. Recommended game if your into Pet rescue & vetenary. I will continue playing this game. Will rate it 5 stars! Thank you developer.

Jeremy Ting

Building upgrade time too long


Pls release something like fashion tycoon games..your games are great

Kayhm Reese

Cute but... The upgrade durations pretty loong for level 2/3 ??? Which makes no sense.. also why do i need to upgrade money vault?? Thts a first. It should be infinite just like other game tho. whts the point upgrading equiments and stuffs if the money i gained gonna be wasted because i have exceed the vault's capacity?

Blurry Grass

Its really good but the downside is i dont really like to wait an hour for the updates than you only have 1 builder so you had to wait.

Janet Kirkpatrick


lilybeth James

Right now im gonna be honest HONESTLY this game starts of boring but dont give up its worth it i enjoyed this game really much it is really fun but one problem is the builders the builders aren't enough so we can only build or fix 1 thing until it is done .very fun game i think you should download this game .for people wanting to become a vet this might help i said the problem is building one thing at a time .But im really grateful for this app .i cant wait to see the next game

Joshua Hurdle

Construction times are way too high to only have 1 free builder. The majority of the time I can't even play the game with maxed out money cause I can't build/upgrade fast enough.

Tawon Ar

สนุกดี ภาพสวย ให้เงินน้อยไปหน่อย มีคนงานก่อสร้างแค่1คน เลยอัปเกรดหลายๆอย่างช้า ตู้เซฟก็เต็มบ่อย

Tania Van Staden

Extremely disappointed in this game, all upgrade videos restart the game, can't hire more builders accept when you buy with real money, upgrades take too long, 3 to 4 hours. Would have been nice if it was like prison empire or mental hospital where you have certain amount of staff to hire with game money. This game want to rob people with real money

Ian Craine

What a beautiful game for every animal lover! Rescuing , treating and feeding abandoned animals and finding a home for them - what could be more heart-warming? The gameplay is easy and relaxed and the graphics are simple and cute; a game for both young and old.

Your Pet Commute

Fun game however you spend more time waiting for builders and research than actual play! Also, on purchasing gems; you never receive therfore you must contact support for refund. The game developers should update this game for a more pleasurable experience.

Zick Van

The game concept is good and graphics as well but the workers are too limiting and with high time frame to do things. You can't actually enjoy the game due to high waiting time. Unless you pay for extra workers and watch ads to lessen a bit of the time of your research and construction, you have to wait. Also, the distribution worker does not really prioritise. It could have been good but cant enjoy it due to what Ive mentioned above.

Rizwan Ali

amazing add more things

Markus Mouse

Enjoy the game but I have a few problems. I opened up the pet store and now all my distributors only focus on the store. It's annoying when I have a sick dog that I rescued that needs help and they can't get their medicine because the distributors are only focusing on the pet shop. In my opinion the sick dogs from the rescue should be top priority for them so I can actually get their traits developed and then adopted. Also needs get really tiny to the point they are unidentifiable.


Interesting idle game. Like it very much. Gameplay performs quite well.

Esme Van Der Merwe

I like it a lot

mary stone

Initially it's pretty fun, except ads are very long and very frequent... you can pay to remove them. Then eventually through natural game play you will hit a pay wall and be unable to finish/max out things with out paying to expand vault. Very frustrating, don't like pay walls, also feels unfinished or not enough content since I've been playing less then a month and maxed ALL my research, did all missions, almost maxed all the facilities (except the last few behind paywall) I play casually.


I am a pet lover and the thing I love this game is that there is no ad that will interrupt you! I love it!!!

Vince Dela Cruz

amazing game

Lakeita Stevens

Absolutely love it

Purple Rose

Have to buy builders and investigation team, costs gems otherwise and gems are hard to get.... Myself I may have uninstall game, I don't have money to put on games, after my bills are paid I have less than 5$ a month to live on I don't mind watching ads but give us gems for watching My vault only allows 50 thousand dollars, but I get money over that and it disappears, wasn't added to my vault, that's unfair.... So only 1 ⭐ Make changes so it's easy for me to play or be uninstalled


i think it would be nice for future games by you guys to use the old upgrade system rather than the level system, since it can get a bit tedious having to spend 5 mins continuously tapping if you have a lot of money

Ashley Falkenstein

The way this game is designed, it will take forever to upgrade, animals take too long to rescue, and only one at a time. The vault feature is ridiculous, and impinges progress. I'm uninstalling.

Sarah Dorssom

The only issue I have is that when using gems to speed up the eating/bathing/playing of the animals... The button says 1 gem, but it takes 3. Fix that and I will add that last star because I really like this game, but I have lost at least 25 gems because of this malfunction.

Christina Findlay

I deleted as you have to pay for more then 1 builder to upgrade things and most upgrades take hours to build. The graphics are well old school for today's day.


a lot of fun and a good time waster.



alyanna dela cruz

I cant watch short videos...

Heather Moon

The tasks get hard to complete. And the game gets boring after awhile.

Claris Richter

Just downloaded it on my phone after playing on my tablet, only to find that my cloud save was about 2 days old. I logged back in to my tablet and now I lost my latest save. Please refund my in app purchase, I'm done.

Olivia Briggs

I don't really know it's not my thing

Christina Gooden

This game is very unpolished and unbalanced. I currently have 14 areas ready to rank up that are waiting on the only builder they start you with. You get too much money that just sits there because you can't upgrade anything else for hours until the areas rank up. There are random language errors. The ai doesn't make sense sometimes. For example, I didn't have a x-ray room open at all but customers were going to the door expecting service then getting 😡 and leaving.

Alivia Higgins

Good game, but I found a glitch where if you were to feed the animal before it puts the timer, you can exit and it would count.

Nicki Galindo

It's a pay to play type of game. You HAVE to pay real money to hire more builders and researchers to progress even 1% faster in this game. That's no fun for people that can't afford it.

Angel Reaper

Keeps crashing please fix other then that pretty fun

Diana & Ken Trojan

Fun game

Emma Cochrane

Not really fun

Shiralyn Labong

ads dont add money when i click it..

R. Alexis Wilchek

Cute concept. Like the art style. In tycoon games you want to have a sense of accomplishment that something is completed. You don't get that with this game. It's extremely limiting. One working crew, and no chance to build up to buy another. You are forced to wait, watch adds or spend money.

Barbara McLaren

Needs different levels and locations already done all the objectives what is there left to do to keep me interested in the game

Jerrilyn Parker

Its a fun game but gets a little boring for me

Kayla Wacker

Um it will not let me download it,like I mean hello?!no app on my phone so EXPLAIN 😡😡😡 Btw,sorry😅😅😅😅😅

Berlee Lynn

The game is fun and cute but the waiting times are ridiculous, some take over 12 hrs to complete and at that point its not even enjoyable anymore.

Laarni Joyce Lopez-Lladones

I really like this game but why does my sanitary storage rooms keeps on disappearing? I have built it three times already and it keeps on disappearing! Please fix this.

Fieza Hussin


Grei Yea

It's so good, I love it but how do I get the ducks and feed my animals?

Carl Reyes

A bit boring, it takes time to play cause you only have one builder

Tamanna Yasmeen


Jessica Polzin

Do enjoy the game so far but a few things is that with the rescues all I have been getting are dogs, we need more of a balance between cats n dogs for that.

Ruby Monnery

A really enjoyable game. Not many pushed ads. I get it's an idle game but I do wish it didn't take past 2 hours for an upgrade, some can take more than 12 hours, which means you can't do anything else unless you pay for more builders and the further in you get the longer it takes to the point it can be you just click in the game every 24hrs which doesn't make it as fun. If the time for upgrades were put lower it would be a 5/5

Amy H

Paid for no ads and more dog and cat beds and then it all just disappeared after working fine. Too long wait times and too many ads

David F

There are almost never any pets to rescue. Vault keeps filling to capacity because building upgrades take too long.

Kristina U.

Great concept, lots of potential. I get that you need to upgrade everything after some time and that it takes a bit. What I don't understand is - how am I supposed to hold interest for the game when I can't play much? I have to upgrade this thing but I can't until I upgrade another. One takes 2 hours to upgrade, another 6 hours. I just barley upgraded the vault and in order to have everything I need, I have to upgrade again except instead of 12 hours now it's a whole day.

Taylor _2192

Its a good game but it could be a great game the problem is it has quite a few issues that make playing it not even possible after a few hours #1 issue is having only 1 builder and then 8 hour wait times to upgrade but then you can't progress because you haven't upgraded #2 I don't like that the money is limited and you have to upgrade that to be able to store more money.

Robyn Bartomioli

Everything was fine until just about 2 days ago all of the research that was done previously got reset. Now I cannot move further in the game because I have to redo all of that research.

Aurora Games

pretty good tycoon game, so far i havent gotten bored of it. i love animals, so i like that i have a collection album of different breeds to find.

joshua c

I can't install it idiot I deleted 3 apps!

Himanshu Agrawal

Doesn't move past the banner

Tina Wheeler

This game is interesting and fun. But the build times are a little excessive. I don't feel like I am so much playing the game as I am waiting. Also recently the distributors seem to be glitching and are not distributing so I am stuck and losing customers. Very disappointing.


good game

Lela ann Thompson

love this game

desiree campbell

I made two in app purchases and never received the packages, then when I went to support and tried to send the screenshot of the purchase I kicked me out of the game, it did this twice, I called the bank to stop the transaction.

Alodia Yvonne Azul

I love the game bit i cannot watch adds to even refresh my adoption and rescue list.

J. F.

cheaters! the ads dont almost always give the promised rewards i.e. new set of vet applicants, double rewards, etc. cheaters!


Great idea, bad execution. Wait times for everything are way too long. Rescue and adoption requests should come constantly throughout the day. Building and research wait times are absolutely ridiculous for only having one team for each. Obvious money grab that makes such an adorable game very frustrating. Would love this game because it's cute, but it is such a blatant manifestation of greediness


Feels like a slight edited version of their hospital empire tycoon game. Be creative guys

Marissa Baughman

I paid for coins and it said waiting for server I closed the app after 20 mins waiting for server message . Now my game won't open and I'm getting very upset I was liking the game but it keeps doing this to me

Joyce Mossy

Fun and enjoyable until you have to wait for your one builder to finish, and getting another builder is expensive and theres no way to get more gems to buy them like by watching ads. Great concept though but it loses the gaming momentum. The money u get is useless coz u can't expand the vault in time, upgrading facilities is useless because u cant earn more money anyways, it all dominoes

anisia coco

fun! and addictive

Victonda Trent

Game SUCKS 😡😡😡😡

Kara Sylvester

24 hours with no options to rescue. Also contacted in game support with no response.

Dawn Stevens

Awsome Game

Amy Towers

Wouldn't even let me download it, got to 100 percent installing then cuts me off and says to send feedback which I have and still nothing works.

Monika Saxena

not too many ads and it's very very very very very very very veryyyy good

Torie Fritts

thank you

Eme Guta

Some ads open up articles where 2 video ads play while the article scrolls by, and you click X, but it just shows another ad. It's VERY annoying.

James Neal

This is the same as hospital idle game they made. It even has some of the same pictures they used from that game. This is basically a recycled game. Codigames has gone way down hill. I was a huge fan of them years ago with hotel, prison, etc. The style of those games was great. Their new style is 100% focused on requiring micro transactions to make progress.

Sharon Wright


Cas Pan

Great game, few bugs but nothing bad. Timers are still too long but it's a game worth coming back to again and again. But can you please fix the rescue reports? My rescue always sits empty for days on end, and I have had a "Rescue level 4" animal from a video since level 1 and I STILL haven't gotten level 4, over a MONTH ago! lol Honestly, a delightful game, really think you've found the secret.

No Name

Yep....the same as others here. Is it worth even playing this game if you can only upgrade one thing at a time with such a long cooldown? EDIT: Uninstalling, never installing. It is not worth waiting 12 hours for ONE. ONE. single upgrade. If they ever decide to remove that feature, call me guys

Lisa Ornelas

I started playing last nite. 7-29-22 but I'm bummed out five minutes in& it shuts off.

Kathleen buckley

Good evening and God bless to everyone and families and friends ok

Amber Zorrilla

Really cute game but the programing behind the shop option led me to believe no ad benefits were linked to any purchase because if you click the no ads on the main it takes you too the shop only one that takes you to no ads properly apparently is the one in the building menu so now I've got a bitterness behind this and just can't enjoy it now I get it was not alot of money and I used all my points to help but I'm still struggling and this just isn't what I thought I was getting