Pet Fever : Match 3 Pet Games

Author: Tiny Tactics Games

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Pet Fever : Match 3 Pet Games – Have fun with cute pets in easy Matching games. Match 3 Games for adults!

Detailed info

File size: 113M
Update time: September 3, 2021
Current version: 0.1.56
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Tiny Tactics Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Melissa Earp


Marie Nichol


Judith Olney

Excellent so far.

Jennie Salse


Jimmy Guidry

A fun game

Wendy Fernandez


shaz terblanche

Great game thanks guys

Brenda Wise

awesome game

A Google user

Fun game... Give it a try

Katrina Henderson

I like this game.

Ed Edwards

This game is cute a sweet idea

Vickie Crews

Love it

Charlene Ward

Wow, This game is so awesome. Glad I found this one. Love 💕 the game play too. Thanks for a wonderful game.😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Ester Hall

Great game to play with friends and family 😀

Nora Horne

Some bugs in game but mostly just fun match 3 game.

Rene Strand

Fun fun fun and still loving it after all this time. Great job, creators.

Robert Steller

The game is so good and the teams

Tricia jarvis

I like playing the game

Lorie Cornelius

Fun game.

Marcia Poole

Very easy cool game I like it

Cathy Zook

Beamer Bernhard

This game is so much fun great graphics music & not to many ads

Anton Aslanov

I really like this game a lot I just wish I was able to connect to Facebook to request lives to keep playing I wish the developers did more to promote the company is all the teams are dead people have not played in over 300 days I'm trying to start a team but the Facebook page has no updated listings so you can't create a team I don't know if the game is well promoted but nobody seems to be playing in it

Sherry Stout


Janette Kendall

A fun game to play

jan Mcmullan

Game offered 500 gems for a 5🌟 rating,sooo here you go~ the games fun but I hate when they bribe you to get others to install it~ unnecessary bs....js

marina want

Great fun can't put it down.

Trish Melvin

One of the best match 3 games around. Fun to play and challenging as you go up the levels of play. I'd recommend the game, give it a go 😀

Jashwanth Bhai Gaming

Game is good and super game Good for me to play easy ...,...,...,

Christy Vance

Love the game

Mary Prickett

As fun as any match 3 game but without ad interruptions.

Trish Melvin

Some levels are challenging but it's a fun game

Kathleen Cullen


jermaine curry

"Don't mind if I do!"

Vanessa Henderson

I love it!

Jamie Hill

Jamie ok jamie

kim silcox

Lots of pets and lots of fun

Pamela Hutchens

Its fun to play

Anita Hatfield


Cathy Thomason

love the game

Connie Walker

Fun game 😄😄😄

Karen Dimopoulos

Nice and relaxing game been playing for a few weeks happy so far 😊

Corinna Clements

It's a lot of fun characters are so cute and game is fast paced I love ❤ that

Karen Salvagno

Fun to play

Sharon Virgo

Have just started playing this game about 10mins agp so it's early days

Cc Spess


Molly Sampson

it is fun game

Kathi Bastyr

Can't win without boosters. Do better google!!!!!!!

Lisa Gintz


Theresa Balentine

A good game to get a person thinking 🤔 Need more options to earn coins

Judy Johnson

Iif Os

Daniel Busby ii

Fun game so far. To me it would be more fun if there were more moves but that is the same for every match 3 game imo. The level where the dogs are in an envelope shaped box and you have to rescue them by matching items around them is fun.

Stephanie woodworth


Janet Hall

It is a very fun and enjoyable game thanks frm calif

Patti Thiele

Fun game to play.

Donna Vance

Its fun & challangeing

Ron Snell


Bob Sabella

Fun Easy to play.

Kimberly Mccracken

Great game to play to pass the time away

Toni Rychel

I'm on level 1101, how long do i have to wait for more levels?? Sad. Actually it's episode 22 levels 1001 to 1100. Been waiting for more episodes and nothing. People don't waste your time with Tinytactics, they could care less!!

Vickie Martin

Love the game

Karen MacDonald

Love playing this type of game. I am in my wheelchair most of the day so playing games helps pass the time.

Terry Hamilton

Fun time passing game

Amber Coverstone

Hi it is fun so.far

Katina Bowden


Nandhini chandrasekar


Faye Glaze

It's fun! Come and play!!!!!

Libby Campbell

Cute and fun to play. Not too many ads and only short ones.

jimmy Smith

Fun game

Julie Julie

Fantastic game

Lloyd Beardsley

Love This Game 🎮🎮🎮🎮❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Angie Rangel

I love the graphics and it's not difficult to play and very relaxing.

Elaine Giddensg

Special Love

Roselle Egan


Rupam Biswas

Greatest game ever . This game really cool

edythe miller

Fun and relaxing

Cheryl Brown

I installed this. I went to play and it wasn't Pet Match. It was Candy Corner. I will uninstall and install it again. Maybe that will work. Well that didn't work. I guess I won't play this game. I tried to play it again only to find one level is timed. I can't do timed levels. That's stressful. Unintalled.

Andrew Scott

Great fun


I'm giving you a 1☆ bcuz I'm tired of games asking me to rate them based on only playing 5 levels. We have no idea what the good & bad of a game are after just 5 levels. Work it out people.

Kinder gal

Have play otha games ofyourz and sorry don't want to play b cuz tiny tactics have bigga tactics change it and will give 5 sta

Donna Pace Blahut

PLAYERS BEWARE!!! I have been playing this game for a while now and liked it so much I formed a team. Then started earning the "Team Chest", which was great until we would play hard and earn the chest and receive ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TWICE IN A ROW!!! My best player sent a message about this and NO ONE EVEN RESPONDED TO THE MESSAGE!!! Now my best player quit! So I sent a message to "support" and again NO RESPONSE!!! I'm moving on to a game that developers listen to the players who make them money!

Donna Rise

Fun and quite easy so far. Great stress relief 😊

cheryl williams

Love it

Susan winterbourne

Great game no effort to play

Dorrie Nathan

I've had to watch the same advert 4 times before it would go back to game. Most frustrating.

Teenia Colby

Fun game with few ads

Morgan Valle

Love it

Elaine Newkirk

Good game. Not too hard yet. Cute pics

Kevin Knight

Good game

Rosa Aiono

Love it!

Lois Herzog

Very cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat Ferreday

Good so far


Not bad

Alice Setty

Like it

Pamela Pilcher

Great game lots of fun.

Michelle R. Miller

The game is fine. If I didn't like it I would not be interested in it enough to play it.

Patricia Cook

Having fun so far! Animals are cute and levels are getting more challenging. Ads are very few. Thank you 😊

Brandi Carpenter

Cute graphics, very relaxing and very fun to play

Marsha Caudill

Love this game and fin.

Ofelia Marquez

I like this game