Perfect World: Revolution

Author: Perfect World Games

100,000+ install
Role Playing


Perfect World: Revolution – PWR is a Fantastic MMORPG with vertical layout! Face the world in a single hand!

Detailed info

File size: 100M
Update time: July 19, 2021
Current version: 1.8.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Perfect World Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

harvey mcdaniel

love perfect world, the graphics and the size of the ppl is awesome

Sahra Roberts

Only downside is I keep getting disconnected other than that I'm enjoying the game

Wes Ovall

Just as good as the widescreen version. But more enjoyable for this form factor.

Kieran Bull

Combat is really generic and I think the devs are aware, they try to make up for it by throwing in neat stunts in the cutscenes. The actual story is unfortunately also generic. It's really just another mobile MMO that doesn't stand out.

Rayme Larson

What's the difference between this game and PW mobile? I'm so confused!

Michael Hughes

Haven't played yet but hear good reviews.

Jo B

Game failed to deliver! Within 3 weeks players were quiting. Any money spent is gone because the ship already sunk. NA server maybe has 200 active players. Devs should refund all for theyre failure!

Daniel Russell

Costly games for rich pay to win...

Daniel Russell

$$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$ $$$ $ $$ $$$$$ $$$$ $$$$$$$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$$ $$$$ $$$$$...

Super Junior

Will be much better gaming experience and fun if we play it horizontally rather than vertical. Single hand too boring... Chinese version much much better than this. So I'm going to give 1 star and I'm going to uninstall this game. Update me if you guys already change it to horizontal.

william hisham

Nice grafic...

majid me

Prefect Game I like this game

Zulhelmi Mohd adnan

Like it

Tesema Wondwosen

Why does it take so long to download it is 100 and it is not finished

Alex Davinsky

Will be Taking the company to court for privacy leaks and false advertising. I will get everybodys money back and returned to them.

Petrus Lotz

Its fun

A Google user

Try it it's always good


Nice game but very disappointed about the screen cannot adjust to vertical

Tammy McDaniel

Perfect world have always been my go to game

natasha elieya

Nice but wish fhe landscape mode is friendly .. skins is too expensive .

Patricia Tutt

Really good game

Nora Storm

Installed&played for few weeks.It's a nice game at first but there are areas in your games need improvements n if u make some of it happen mybe the game will be nice to play n players will stay longer n support your game.Few problems n got more:1)the guild guest some your made a mandatory to have guild players to do it, so suggest give choice either solo it with npc guild players or npc 4 all the guild events.2)screen play, do phone screen. Can't give 5stars n can't stay play, game boring 4 now.

edith tran

I really like this game.


Terrible to play in portrait. Make your original game better not make a new game. Graphics are better than the original and the top up is cheaper. But definitely not a good game.

Abolfazl jafary


Yun Thau Tang

hi g,rg x, and see zvcz 4,dtx,z

Dex Caliber

always a fan of PW


Could have just put in an option to change orientation.

Chris Svenningsen

Good game overall!

Pandora Fox

First of all the graphics are AMAZING. I Love the music and the auto battle function. HOWEVER: There is far too much "Buy this pay this buy this" with real money. Its HEAVY on it. But if you can ignore it, you may enjoy this game. PC is better, cash offers are limited to just Cache Shop which is all well arranged, though maybe lower the prices for pixels, it's not like we can freely edit these items to suit our personalities so why so high in price?

Arien Aatharas

Pretty good but players in each server are to low. Making in kinda boring. Also some events only occur at late night.

John Paik

© says thanks

Chadwick Truchon

Run of the mill, auto quest navigation trash-garbage.

kurniadi saputra

Just "Bad"

Damie Larson

Awesome game, totally hooked

Kenneth Brooks

Camera is way too wonky. It zooms in way to close. Everytime I exit game then go back, it's a black screen. The title menu never comes up. So I have to exit game , force close, then re-enter. Then it works right. Also your response thinking it's my end is hilarious.

Dizzy Doo

Perfect world revolution is just perfect world mobile with better graphics

Michael Constant

Beautiful game....boring as hell. Everything is auto. And just trying to touch the screen durinf a cut acene skips it.


The game has far better image quality for everything then most games but the constant level capping and limited loot chance(s) take a lot of fun away from the individuality factors of an MMO and so does the fact that everything can and pretty much should be done with auto path/attack.... you can only get so much or so far and then you have to spend if you wish to be better and because cannot grind anything at all and all the events really reflect the difference between f2p and paying 40/100

Falak Gaming presents

So far I am enjoying the game specialty flying around is nice