Peppy Pals Social Skills

Author: Peppy Pals

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Peppy Pals Social Skills – Peppy Pals is a colorful and safe app filled with joy and playful learning.

Detailed info

File size: 84M
Update time: May 28, 2021
Current version: 2.0.22
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Peppy Pals
Price: Free
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Customer review

Michelle Irene Garza-Rodriguez

I would rate the game more better if all the stuff in the game were free.



Margaret Adorno

Its so. ADORABLE 💞 and I love it 💖

Always Tired

Gender neutral isn't real

Adrien Agreste

I love this app and its lot of fun

Maddy-Brandy Sweatt

I like the way it sounds but I can't even install it please fix that That's all

It's Emily

This game is so laggy. Everytime I open the app it always has a blackscreen. So I uninstalled the app.

vayadi ponu

It's very good to play

miriam Quetzal


Abdul Khan



Horrible. Extremely laggy and I'm very disappointed! After several attempts to reload the app, I finally uninstalled it. I had very high hopes for this one and am frustrated it didn't work out.

Ron Spence



This game is really good right now but I play with it and I tried I tried to make I want to be a Pokemon master of making Pokemon I saw this game and I didn't know what it what it is how to use a new game but it wasn't bios keep kicking me out of 5 stars can I give you five stars because could you update it can you make a game on Roblox please please please please please please you might get money from Roblox real I really like it too thanks $$$$

Peggy Waddle

I love it

ridouan agzoul

This for kids 5 years old and 4 years old

Markie Garcia


Vanessa P

D please could you fix it

Smokey Arsonist

I enjoyed the app, the animals are very cute and relatable. Sammy is my favorite because he's a horse that sounds abit like Goofy. Even though I'm not a younger kid, I enjoyed this alot

Christine Shindel

It won't let me open it

Jessica Trimble

I dont know were to go to go to make faces

Masked Sweater



as soon as I got the app and it was loading it kicked me off and then I went back on it didn't kick me off but the app said there's technical difficulties this is such a crappy game do not get it 😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬😈😈😈😈👿👿😈😈👿😈😈👿😈🤬🤬🤬😡😠😡😠🤬🤬👿🤬😡👿

Latanja Campbell

I like it I think its great.

Andrea Najarian


Puro fan i am cringe

Played it but to laggy

Phoenix Glassman

Thank You! Miss Glassman And My Family of Two Grateful And Learning Better With The Helpful Learning Devices of Considerate People As Yozrselves.

Bieanca Solomon

Izzy love it !!!!!!


Peppy Pals is a cute game with cute characters and I've loved it ever since I played it. ❤❤❤❤